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William Allan
c1860 Bega


Copied from Centennial History of NSW 1888 by Barbara Adams 


Farmer and Grazier, Elmgrove, who is a native of England, was born in Lincoln in 1834 and in 1860 arrived in this colony. He received an appointment as Manager of the Agricultural Farm,  Warragubra, Bega, belonging to the Twofold Bay Pastoral Co.

And for six years  held that position..  In conjunction with  P.H Wood  now of Yarramung Bega and the late James Manning of Sydney, he took over the farming portion of the above mentioned Company’s property, which he worked under a system of partnership for a period of four years

. At the end of this term the gentleman named bought the farming properties of the Company, Elmgrove, falling to Mr. Allan, in the division of the estates, at which place he has since resided Elmgrove is a fine estate of 1000 acres, it consists of twenty four paddocks of which 200 acres are laid down to English grasses.  On the land there is a large cheese factory, which daily uses the milk of 160 cows and turns out 300lb cheese  An earnest worker, Mr.Allen spares no expense to make this one of the finest dairy concerns in the districts, and large parcels of cheese are weekly sent down to the Sydney merchants and produce dealers.  In addition to Elmgrove,  Mr. Allan possesses 300 acres of good grass land on the Brogo River at Brogo, some twelve miles from Bega. The land is of undulating character and is subdivided into nine paddocks, which are used for the rearing of young stock, feeding dry cattle and fattening stores.

About five miles from Bega on the Brogo River he owns another fattening paddock of 375 acres.


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