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Monaro Pioneers Newsletter


2013 Number 9




From: garth walpole
Sent: Sunday, 1 September 2013 7:01 PM

Dear Sir

I wonder if you may be able to help I am researching an aspect of the John Franklin expedition in particular that of Lt. John Irving who died on the above expedition. I am looking to trace Irvings residence and wonder if your organisation may know where Irving may have squatted in the 1840s. it appears he first farmed near Goulbourn then moved. Any information would be helpful.





Current correspondence:


From: Shane Donnelly
Sent: Thursday, 3 October 2013 12:29 PM
Subject: Mt Cooper Cemetery Location

Hi Ian,

My great grandmother was buried at Mt Cooper, but I have not been able to locate the cemetery


I wonder if you would be able to send me directions to the Mt Cooper Cemetery?  Also, I note that it is on private property, so can you also provide contact details of the owner so that permission to enter can be obtained? 
Thank you,   Shane

According to the information in the Monumental Inscriptions - Monaro book by HAGSOC that I have, the Mount Cooper Burial Ground is on private property approximately 1km north of the Mount Cooper homestead complex, which is located approximately 25kms south of Nimmitabel or 21 kms north west of Bibbenluke.  Mount Cooper can be located via Google Earth.

Regards,  Ian



From: Jim & Janelle Jefferson
Sent: Tuesday, 1 October 2013 5:33 PM
Subject: Lovelock Photo's


Hello Ian,

I wonder if you could place these photo’s for me  on the MP site the 1st is of Abraham Lovelock No 15 in the Lovelock  descendants id l15839 and the second is his wife Caroline Lovelock nee Whitby ID l15838

Again, many thanks,  Janelle

Thank you Janelle,

Regards,  Ian



From: Janelle Jefferson

Sent: Tuesday, 1 October 2013 5:18 PM

Subject: Proposed Change: Lovelock, Edward (I96193)


Proposed Change: Lovelock, Edward (I96193)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I96193&tree=MP


Description: Hi Ian,

Just a quick note as I notice the photo you have above next to Edward Lovelock is actually of George Lovelock, No 17 and ID 155541.  I checked with my cousin Beryl Snowden and she confirmed the photo is indeed  George Lovelock and in the wrong place and also sent me a couple of other photo's of Lovelocks which I will send by email if it is OK.

Thank you,  Janelle

Thanks Janelle, should be fixed now.

Regards,  Ian



From: Leanne

Sent: Wednesday, 25 September 2013 8:23 PM

Subject: Proposed Change: Christensen, Nes (I74389)


Proposed Change: Christensen, Nes (I74389)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I74389&tree=MP


Description: Do you know if Nes built a Farm house called 'Rosebud' around 1911


Hi Leanne,

Sorry, I don't know the answer but one of our readers might so your request will appear in the next newsletter.

Regards,  Ian



On 25/09/2013, at 5:40 PM, Janet McDowall wrote:


>  Our ancestor is William McDowall Durran Durra Braidwood and note a

discrepancy in your history details. Please could I contact you  and also have copy of your newsletter.

Hi Janet,

Please send your corrections to me and I will amend our records.

Regards,   Ian


From: Sandra Young
Sent: Wednesday, 25 September 2013 2:34 PM
Subject: Worldwaronelink.com.au

Dear Ian,

There is a site WW1link.com.au, but I think you may have to spell out the full name of it, such as WorldWarOnelink.com.au, that is trying to list all the WW1 type Australian projects.  Perhaps you may want to register your Monaro Pioneers' website as an online source of information, especially your War Efforts section.

Regards, Sandra

Thanks, I will investigate.

Regards,  Ian



From: jim lofts
Sent: Tuesday, 24 September 2013 10:25 AM
Subject: William GOODWIN

Hello again,

Death date 15/6/1908 as per trove 15/6/1908 article/119097846

Mr. William Goodwin, -of Cooma, aged 51 years, died in the Cooma District Hospital this forenoon, from enteric fever, with complications. The deceased was

wuDiwN iv Hiv mBiHuuon aoout a fortnight ago, and during the - past week his case has been con sidered serious. The patient took a bad turn on Friday night, and since that time no hopes have been held out for hie recovery. The deceased has been a resident of Manaro all his life, and waB well-known in the town of Cooma ? and district. He leaves a wife, six sons, and three daughters, the youngest child being seven years of- age. The remains will bo placed in the Church of Kngland portion of the Mittagang (Cooma) . Cemetery on Wednesday after noon. Much sympathy is ex pressed .for the members of the family.

Regards jim

Thanks Jim,

Regards,  Ian


From: Janelle Jefferson
Sent: Monday, 23 September 2013 8:59 PM
Subject: Proposed Change: Carter, George Edmund (I42655)


Proposed Change: Carter, George Edmund (I42655)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I42655&tree=MP


Description: Hi Ian , Thank you for changing the details that George Carter was married and his date of death.  I notice you have changed his middle name also.  Although it is listed on the BDM Site for his death as Edmund I believe that the Edmund was wrong and he was George Edward as originally listed on this site.  I am still trying to get the correct information, will contact his Nephew and check and get back to you if it was Edmund but I do believe it was Edward. Sorry if I mucked you around before.


Hi Janelle,

Both the BDM Index and the Ryerson Index show George Edmund Carter.  I would need to see his birth or death certificate to convince me his second name was Edward.



Regards, Ian



From: Anne
Sent: Saturday, 21 September 2013 10:46 PM
Subject: re Family history

Dear Ian,


I wish to correct information concerning my parents  ID 1232530  Milliuvina Connors b.1883.m1904 Lismore to James Thomas Lang b.,1880  they are my grandparents  Agnes Millivina Lang their daughter (my mother) was born at Paddington NSW, we  have her birh certificate- died at Canberra 1999 and buried at Queanbeyan.  Laurence John Ffrench (my father) born 1912 at Junee married Agnes 1939 at Braidwood and died Braidwood 1959.  


I have no knowledge of my grandfather nor did my mother and her mother gave her up for care and placed her in the orphanage at Goulburn. She was taken in by the Kennedy family in Braidwood, there was some contact supervised at the Court House, this stopped after I was born. Mum knew of Edward Bye who was a half brother, served in world war 2 and died Heidelberg Repat Hospital Melbourne. Not sure if Millivina was remarried or jut used father name for son?


Would you know of any Connors or Lang descendants who may help us find the missing limks..


Kind regards,  Anne Ffrench

Hi Anne,

Thank you for the information, unfortunately we have no contact information for that family.

Regards,  Ian



From: Donna Cooke
Sent: 2013-09-18 8:28 PM
Subject: Re: Another Samuel Mead branch located!

Dear David and Ian,

Further to my previous communication(12/9/13)  re; the Samuel Mead tree.
I have now located my grandfather's other 'missing' brother, Joseph Charles MEAD in New Zealand also.
Still missing a few details but i can definitely confirm this is he! I have the marriage certificate.
Apparently he was a miner around the Karangahake and Thames area which was gold country.


Joseph Charles Mead was born 1883 in Bermagui NSW  and baptised on 11 Jan 1884 in Bodalla NSW. Residence 1905 in Karangahake, Waikato, New Zealand. He  died 1962 in New Zealand.


Edith May Digby is the daughter of Rueben Digby and Mary Jane Croucher . She was born 1889 in Sydney  NSW. Residence 1905 in Karangahake, Hauraki, Waikato, New Zealand. She died 1972 in Aukland NZ.


Joseph and Edith May were married on 16 Mar 1905 in St Paul's, Paeroa, New Zealand. They had 3 children.


1)      Eric Digby Mead. He was born 1905. He died on 12 Apr 1982. He married Elsie Evelyn/Elizabeth Caseby. She was born 1903 and died 1963. They had at least 2 children. Eric Donald Mead and Margaret (Peggy) Mead.

Eric then married Amelia Patricia ? and Ivy Mavis ? (still looking for maiden names)

2)      Russell Elwood Mead. He was born 1907. He died 1976.


3)      Ella May Mead. She was born 1909. She married Leon Arthur Wetheral. They were married 1927 and eventually divorced. She may have then married an Arthur Sowerby (unconfirmed)

cheers Donna

Thanks Donna,

Regards,  Ian



From: wayne venables  

Sent: Tuesday, 17 September 2013 8:11 AM

Subject: Proposed Change: Venables, John Sidney (I281178)


Proposed Change: Venables, John Sidney (I281178)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I281178&tree=MP


Description: hi ian..i would like to know if anybody has information about john sidney venables died 1929  he has a headstone at old adaminaby i cant seem to be able to find any thing to  confirm the information on this page that he is the son of john and mary of yass, not the manaro venables and why he is buried in old adaminaby the headstone is recent last 20 ys im not sure if this is the right way to go about this hope you can help

regards wayne venables

Hi Wayne,

We can put your request in the next newsletter.  I agree that this person does not belong to the family of John and Mary.

Regards,  Ian



From: John Gilbert  

Sent: Monday, 16 September 2013 12:13 PM

Subject: Gilbert pictures for web site


Hello Ian


I would like to send these pictures to you for inclusion in the web site as I think it’s important the pictures of Pioneers are displayed


James Gilbert 1810  1886  

Isobel Bain 1809 -1854

James Gilbert 1844 -1926

Annie Gilbert (nee Moyles) 1845 1915

Peter Ignatius Gilbert 1878 -1961-  

Elizabeth Mary Gilbert (Moore) 1883  1966


Hope this sends Ok I will send a picture tonight that has been in the family for years it is outside a woolshed with a dray with wool bales


John Gilbert

Thank you John,

Regards,  Ian



From: Louise Robison

Sent: Saturday, 14 September 2013 7:05 PM

Subject: Proposed Change: O'Hare, Mary Ann (I3101)


Proposed Change: O'Hare, Mary Ann (I3101)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I3101&tree=MP


Description: The Mary Anne O'Hare who arrived on the Ellensborough in 1853 was 21, but this MaryAnne was 16 in 1853, so not sure if that is her on the Ellensborough.  I haven't been able to pinpoint her migration but ruled out this one due to the age difference?

Also in case you'd like to record it, MaryAnne Blake (nee O'Hare) died 4 May 1875, aged 38 and is buried at Tumbarumba cemetery.  She is on the BDMs as BALKE, not BLAKE (typo).  I can send a copy of the transcript if you'd like to see it.

Thanks,  Louise

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian


From: Rosemary Stewart-Beardsley
Sent: Thursday, 12 September 2013 11:31 AM
Subject: Kiosk looking over Lake Eucembene

Dear Ian,


Last autumn a local landowner took my husband and I to his property on Snowy Plains. We stopped to look at the ruins of a kiosk which looked out over Eucembene. We were told that this was once a well patronised cafe and where Queen Elizabeth was taken to see the lake during a tour of the hydro scheme. I understand that it was bulldozed by the Parks Board. 


What can be seen of the foundations looks remarkably similar to the shape of the photos you recently put on the Monaro Pioneers' "Lost Photos" section of the website. Some readers might be interested in how it looks now. 


Regards,  Rosemary Stewart-Beardsley

Thanks Rosemary, I have added your photos to the unrecognised page on our website.

Regards,  Ian


From: Rosemary Stewart-Beardsley
Sent: Thursday, 12 September 2013 11:03 AM
Subject: Men From Snowy River march 1916

Dear Ian,

I thought you might be interested in the research I and a fellow member of the Snowy Alpine Historical Association (based in Jindabyne) have been doing into the WW1 Men From Snowy River recruitment march.  Last year we were awarded a grant from the NSW Department of Heritage for this work. 


Our focus has been primarily on the contribution made by the men who lived within the boundaries of the (then) Dalgety Shire (now Snowy River Shire) but, we have also explored the build up to, and the progress of, the march as it made it's way to Cooma where most of "our" volunteers joined it.  We have been singularly fortunate in being given information and photographs from some of the Dalgety Shire descendants who participated in this march. Unfortunately, without their express permission we cannot share these. At this stage, I have almost finished writing up our research which will be published in a few months time. 


The "Letter in a Bottle" newspaper clipping referred to by Mr Tozer in the Monaro Pioneers' newsletter forms an anchor point for our coverage of the men from the Adaminaby area. I have attached a copy of the article which was originally published in the Adaminaby Advocate. Pte Alfred Tozer was killed on the Somme and is buried in the Peronne Cemetery in Northern France.  The citation for the article is: 1916 'SNOWY RIVER SOLDIERS.', Queanbeyan Age and Queanbeyan Observer (NSW : 1915 - 1927), 31 October, p. 2, viewed 12 September, 2013, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article31672753


Kind regards,  Rosemary Stewart-Beardsley

Thank you,

Regards,   Ian



From: Donna Cooke

Subject: Re: Samuel MEAD tree - the missing branch discovered!

Date: 12 September 2013 6:14:25 PM AEST


Dear David, Ian et.al.,

I am a direct descendant of Samuel Mead and have previously submitted research to this tree. Below is the result of research which I recently undertook on my grandfather’s brother, Samuel Mead (grandson of the original pioneer and son of James William Mead and Maria Hibel) which can now be added to the mysterious blank space on the Samuel Mead tree. It may be of interest to other descendants.

The only information my family has had on this branch up to this point is that “Uncle Sam married Olive. The daughter was Olga. They went to America.” No marriage certificate was apparent, so to start with that was where I left it. Hoping of course that one day the clue I needed would appear. And it did! A chance finding of a reference to Olga in a War Brides Rootsweb archive sent me off on a very interesting journey.

The result In brief…Samuel from Tilba Tilba NSW married Olive Clare Gorman from Stawell in Victoria in New Zealand. Why? Well that’s a good question which has no answer as yet, but her brother was a witness. Perhaps they eloped? Anyway…they obviously settled in Australia and had 2 children – Olga Joyce who was born in Tilba Tilba and Ronald William (who died at 20). At some stage they went to Victoria and by 1943 they were running a café on The Esplanade in Mornington.

It was WW2 and the cafe was apparently visited by US Marines from a nearby military base. Olga met and married a marine by the name of Earl Simmons. About six months after their marriage Earl was sent to the Lae Islands in the Philippines leaving Olga at home pregnant. Unfortunately he contracted an illness and died there. He never saw his daughter, Pamela Earlene Simmons, who was born in March 1944.

In 1946, Olga and Pamela (who was issued a US passport in Melbourne) travelled to Earl’s parents in the US where she was welcomed as the first Aussie War Bride to the Lakeland district of Florida (albeit a widowed one)

There are sketchy details from this point but she remarried Lenton Miles Bass (They eventually divorced) in 1952 in Tampa Florida and in 1953 became a US citizen. Soon after, the family moved to Abilene, Texas. In 1954 Samuel and Olive Mead joined their daughter in Texas where they lived until their deaths. They are buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Abilene.

Pamela married a Dennis Ray McCannon and had 3 children. I believe she may still be alive and living in Corpus Christi.

The details for the tree are below. I have documentation and copies of clippings on file if anyone would like copies of them. :-)

Generation 1

 1.               Samuel Mead He was born on 17 Sep 1889 in Bega NSW. Residence 1943 in Mornington, Victoria, Australia. Emigration 1954 to USA. He died on 25 Jun 1969 in Abilene, Taylor, Texas, USA .


Olive Clare Gorman is the daughter of Henry Gorman and Harriet Emmerson. She was born on  12 Sep 1895 in Stawell, Victoria, Australia. She died on 07 Sep 1992 in Abilene, Taylor, Texas, USA .


Samuel Mead and Olive Clare Gorman were married Aug 1915 in New Zealand. They had 2 children.


2.                i.       Olga Joyce Mead. She was born 1916 in Tilba Tilba NSW. She died on 26 Jan 1989 in Abilene, Taylor, Texas, USA.  


ii.               Ronald William Mead. He was born 1918. He died on 06 Oct 1938 in Mornington, Victoria, Australia.


Generation 2


2.               Olga Joyce Mead-2 (Samuel Mead-1). She was born 1916 in Tilba Tilba NSW. She died on 26 Jan 1989 in Abilene, Taylor, Texas, USA


Earl Simmons is the son of Lou Simmons and unknown.  

Earl Simmons and Olga Joyce Mead. They had 1 child.


i.                 Pamela Earlene Simmons. She was born on 11 Mar 1944 in Mornington,   Victoria, Australia. Emigration Jun 1946 to USA. Residence in USA.

Thank you Donna,

Regards,  Ian



From: Carlene Harris
Sent: Wednesday, 11 September 2013 11:34 AM
Subject: Bibbenluke Cemetery Photographs

Hi Ian,

On one of my trips down south I called into Bibbenluke Cemetery to take photo’s of any McDonald’s or Caldwell’s that I could find for a friend.  There weren’t any, and because of the low number of headstones I decided to photograph all of them, but one, which didn’t have any visible details.  I don’t have a plan of the cemetery or a list of the plot numbers.  I am happy to send these individual photo’s to you with a printed listed, or would you like me to give them to the Bombala History Group.


I would like to congratulate you and the group of people who continually upgrade the Monaro Pioneer Website.  You all do a remarkable job.

Regards Carlene Harris

Hi Carlene,

Thank you for the offer, please send your images and list to me and I will add them to our website.

Regards, Ian

Hi Ian,

My printed index to the photo’s is attached with some notes for you to read and respond to if you wish.  I will attach 5 photo’s to this email and see how long it takes to send.  I will then continue sending several at a time.


There are 68 in all.  Numbered from S3600011 to S3600079


Please confirm that you get them all.

Cheers Carlene

Hi Carlene,

Thank you, I have received files S3600011 to S3600025 so far and you can view them in our database via the following link… http://www.monaropioneers.com/TNG/showmap.php?cemeteryID=100&tree=MP

Regards,  Ian

77 – 79

These are the final photographs.

Ian, were you able to find out if there is an older Bibbenluke Cemetery?

Regards Carlene

Hi Carlene,

Thank you very much for the images, I have now added them all to the MP database.


As I have linked each image to the individuals concerned, there was no need to display the surname only images you supplied.


I personally do not know if there is another cemetery but in the database there is reference to burials at Bibbenluke Lodge.  This could be a local property and I would suggest you contact the Bombala Historical Society who should be able to provide more information for you.

Regards,  Ian



From: John Burke
Sent: Wednesday, 11 September 2013 1:41 AM
Subject: Garnet Allen Legge - family ID 102373


Hello Ian

I found a photo of the above named in my late parents photo album - he apparently sent it to them whilst based overseas during World War 2 the photo has been taken by a professional photographer in Jerusalem

Garnet (known as Bill ) had written a little note on the back

" wishing my parents and sister
 all the best of good health and good luck"

together with Garnet address whilst abroad.

I tried to send an email to Judy Gill who has submitted photos and information to the Monaro website but this email was returned to me.

I felt that I should ask a Legge family member if they would like a copy of this photo.- before I sent it onto you.

I would appreciate it if you could maybe include this into your next newsletter .

Thank you very much for the regular newsletters and great work done on the website.

Kindest regards,  Ann Murray Burke

Thanks Ann,

Regards,  Ian


From: Di Murray
Sent: 2013-09-11 6:38 AM
Subject: Re: MONARO PIONEERS NEWSLETTER - 2013 Number 8


Hi David - thanks again for the wonderful newsletter - it is always a great read and a wonderful resource.


I noticed a request from Ms Colebrook looking for a book called Pioneers of Monaro - I wonder if she means "Pioneers of the Tumut Valley" by H E Snowden? 

This book does have some Byrnes and O'Briens in it but I have not looked through all the connections and I'm sure you already know about this book anyway but thought I'd mention it.  I purchased my copy in Tumut about 6 years ago.


I am happy to copy pages if your readers thinks this is the book she is after

kind regards

Diane Murray



From: Samantha Le Hane
Sent: Tuesday, 10 September 2013 7:17 PM
Subject: Photo Contribution to Monaro Pioneers


Hi Ian, I just wanted to contribute a couple of photos towards the Edmond O'Brien page with the same photo in better condition and also an additional photo. It is mostly in hopes that I may one day get a hold of another relative of the O'Brien who may be able to provide more information about the family. 
Kind Regards,   Samantha Le Hane

Hi Samantha,

Thank you for  the images, however I need a descriptive caption for the additional photo before I can add it to the website.  

Regards,  Ian



From: arnold fletcher
Sent: Tuesday, 10 September 2013 4:57 PM
Subject: place name

Hi Ian,


Just trying to clear up a couple of things regarding the LAWLER family that lived in and around the MICHELAGO area. I have two sisters – Sarah Jane LAWLER nee O’CONNOR (I115943) & Anne LAWLER nee O’CONNOR (I115952) – married to two brothers – John Francis LAWLER (I115955) & Thomas LAWLER (I155956). The girls birth records indicate that they were registered in Queanbeyan Nsw as were their other 7 siblings, however I have found evidence that suggests they were born in or at a place called “Bulga Creek”! Is there such a place near Queanbeyan?? The only one I could find was about 450kms away heading towards Windsor/Richmond.

Cheers,  Arnie Fletcher

Hi Arnie,

I cannot find Bulga Creek on the maps I have but that does not mean the place does not exist, it could be a property name.  Perhaps one of our newsletter readers will know the answer.

Regards,  Ian



From: lynette twist
Sent: Tuesday, 10 September 2013 11:53 AM
Subject: Fred Britten


Dear Ian, I am looking to see if Fred Britten is a member of the Monaro Brittens. Fred Britten escaped from Cockatoo Island with Fred Ward who later on became Captain Thunderbolt. This pair who, together, were the only person to escape from the island when it was convict occupied. I cannot find Fred Britten on any data I have looked at, although this has always been at an earlier date. Regards, Lynette Twist (via Ada Britten & George McPaul)

Hi Lynette,

The only information we have is already available on our website.

Regards,  Ian



From: Nicole Coventry

Sent: Monday, 9 September 2013 9:48 PM

Subject: Comments (Search People)


Comments (Search People): Dear Monaro Pioneers,


Do you know of anyone researching the Watling family of Delegate? My partner was put up for adoption by a member of this family in the 1950's and I am trying to research his biological family tree.


Regards,  Nicole

Hi Nicole,

Unfortunately we have no information that might help you.

Regards,  Ian



From: Frangipani Bakes

Sent: Monday, 9 September 2013 6:20 PM

Subject: Quinlan family


I am a descendant of the Quinlan family that you have listed in your website.  Michael Quinlan born 1806 in Clare is my gr gr grandfather and his wife Elizabeth Campbell is his wife.  Their son Denis married Catherine Ryan.  Denis was born in 1844 in Medway to Michael and Elizabeth.  I have a copy of the birth certificate from the uk (where I am currently residing).

Their eldest son was also called Michael and he was born in 1838 in Canada where Michael senior was serving in the British Army and also how they came to be in Australia.  Elizabeth was born in Gibraltar in 1814.  I also have a copy of Michael Quinlan seniors death certificate to verify this information.  The Denis born in 1827 in Medway is a not the correct one.


Many thank,  Paula Gill

Thank you for letting us know,

Regards,  Ian



From: Paul
Sent: 2013-09-09 7:59 PM
Subject: Fergus, Cedric Holston


Dear David

A couple of points about the James Fergus information.

Cedric Holston Fergus, the son of Abel Fergus, grandson of John Adam Fergus and great grandson of James Fergus, is still living in Townsville.  He is probably the eldest surviving descendent of James Fergus and Jane Stevenson.

Secondly, the church in Scotland were the children of James Fergus and Jane Morrison were baptised was Paisley Abbey or often Abbey Paisley; the entry “Obey” is clearly a misreading of poor handwriting on birth records.  The family were weavers living in a street that backed onto the Abbey grounds.  It was one of the streets in Paisley where the famous Paisley shawls were woven by families of weavers until they were put out of business by a French designed machine that was much more efficient and the industrial revolution in England.

I have recently returned from a visit to Paisley and will send you some photographs as soon as I can put them in proper order.

Paul Fergus
Telephone:       +61 2 9907 7977
Mobile:            +61 409 774 177




From: Francis Robert Salway

Sent: Monday, 9 September 2013 4:43 PM

Subject: Proposed Change: Salway, Francis Robert (I9024)


Proposed Change: Salway, Francis Robert (I9024)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I9024&tree=MP


Description: Born 26 Dec 1896 Cobargo d. 21 Jun 1978 aged 83, late of Cobargo.  There is an Obituary in the Moruya Examiner if someone can find it.  Frank was a teacher and died of cancer.  He was awarded an M.B.E.  He m. Olive Verlinda Dowling 26 May 1923 in Canterbury, NSW.  She born 13 Jul

1901 Eden, d. 1 Sep 1982 Pambula, NSW.  Children:  Gwen and Ruth.  Ruth married 1953 Cobargo, William Ross Shipton (Ross), b. 26 May 1928 Cobargo.

He d. 22 Aug 2013 in Canberra, ACT.


Francis Robert Salway


Regards,  Ian



From: Patricia McGufficke

Sent: Monday, 9 September 2013 4:25 PM

Subject: Proposed Change: Salway, Mary Pearl (I73562)


Proposed Change: Salway, Mary Pearl (I73562)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I73562&tree=MP


Description: Mary Pearl Salway born 28 Jul 1891 Cobargo, NSW, d. 25 May 1984 Cobargo, NSW.  She m. Ernest Spence Blacka 16 Jun 1916 in the Church of England, Cobargo.



"With the passing of Mary Pearl Blacka on Friday, May 25, 1984, Cobargo has bid farewell to one of the districts most loved and respected citizens. Mary spent all of her 93 years in the area in which she was born, with her 94th birthday coming up on July 28. She was born Mary Pearl Salway, the only daughter of George and Martha Salway of Cobargo. At Christ Church, Cobargo, on June 16, 1916 she married Ernest SpenceBlacka and after a honeymoon spent at Eden, the couple farmed at Nutley's Creek. From there they proceeded to farm at Narira, Breakfast Creek and finally to "Mimosa Banks", Cobargo, township in 1958. Not being one to sit idle, Mary turned the family home into a boarding house where many a lonely bank "Johnnie" and school teacher found ahome from home and a motherly shoulder to comfort them. Mary became lovingly known as "Mary B" to her boarders and district folk alike. Her home was always open to all those in need, whether justfor a smile and friendly chat, or a helping hand. One of "Mary B's" lifelong interests was the Cobargo A.P. and H. Society where she was a constant and prolific exhibitor and later her services were sought throughout the district as a fine and fair judge. The Cobargo A.P. and H. Society, many years ago honoured her with a Life Membership. She was also a Life Member of her other interest, the R.S.L. Ladies Auxiliary. In later years she was also a very keen member if the Senior Citizens Club. Her funeral took place on Tuesday, May 29, in Christ Church, Cobargo,with the service being conducted by the Reverend Walter Wheeldon. The Church was filled to overflowing with friends and relatives who travelled from afar to pay their last respects. A guard of honour was formed by members of the R.S.L. Ladies Auxiliary. Left to mourn their loss is daughter and son-in-law Doug and Doris Blacka, only grandson, John Jessop and his wife Maureen and their family, Jodie, Julie and Michael, Mary's great grandchildren. Mary was predeceased by her husband in 1958 and by her infant daughter Joyce. She was the sole surviving member of the family of George and Martha Salway as her six brothers, Rupert, Frank (M.B.E.), Harry, Norman, Jack and Eric predeceased her."


From the family property at Yowrie, Ernest moved on to a dairy farm at Narira, his father's property at Breakfast Creek and then to "Mimosa Banks", Coolagolite. He was a proud and successful exhibitor of dairy stock and a prominent member of Cobargo Co - Operative Society. Mary turned her home into a boarding house and was a life member of Cobargo AP & H Society and the RSL Ladies Auxiliary.

Patricia McGufficke


Regards,  Ian



From: Patricia McGufficke

Sent: Monday, 9 September 2013 4:03 PM

Subject: Proposed Change: Twigg, Martha Agnes (I9026)


Proposed Change: Twigg, Martha Agnes (I9026)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I9026&tree=MP


Description: Martha's birth was registered by her father as Martha Twig, born 28/7/1867 Batemans Creek, near Bega, NSW.  Father James Twig, fencer, born England, aged 30, married 1862 Newcastle, Mother Caroline Ritchards, born Bongonia (sic) aged 25.

Martha Agnes Salway, died Cobargo, NSW 17/6/1952 aged 85.  Widow born Candelo, NSW.  Father: James Twigg, farmer. Mother not known.  Married Bega NSW aged 21 to George Robert Salway.  Children:  Mary P 61, Francis S 57, Harry I 55, Norman A 50, living; 2 males deceased.  Informant H.I. Salway, son, "Wilgo", Cobargo.  Witnesses to burial in Roman Catholic Cemetery,

Cobargo:  F. Cullen and Clem Welsh.

Patricia McGufficke


Regards,  Ian



From: Wire Pics
Sent: Monday, 9 September 2013 10:28 AM
Subject: thomas scott plunkett

Hi Ian,


My name is Jessie and I am from the West Australian Newspaper. I am currently sourcing images for a business liftout that is being put together of the top 100 Business people of WA. Thomas Scott Plunkett is one of the names that could be appearing on this list. My issue is that I have no images of him. After some searching I found a wikitree entry for Thomas Plunkett and the corresponding images of him. I contacted the lady who made the entry and she has put me onto you. I am wondering if you can supply me with these images to include in our publication? 

Thankyou for your time,

Kind regards,  Jessie

Hi Jessie,

All the images we have are available on our website www.monaropioneers.com and you are welcome to copy any that you can use.  Please quote our website as the source of any you decide to use.

Regards,  Ian



From: James T. McCafferty
Sent: Monday, 9 September 2013 9:49 AM
Subject: Monaro Pioneers Project


I saw a post on your web site from Rachel Patterson.  She and I have corresponded and she has been helpful to me regarding my research on James Dick Hill of New Orleans, Louisiana, U. S. A., born around 1832.


I am looking for a photograph of James Dick Hill.  I believe  his only living descendants are in Australia, and I was wondering if you project might have some information on those descendants.  His son, James Dick Hill, lived in Yass – New South Wales, I believe.


Any ideas as to how I might track down the Hill descendants in Australia?


Any help or suggestions you could give would be greatly appreciated.


Best wishes,


--Jim McCafferty

Jackson, Mississippi  USA

Hi James,

All the information we have is already available on our website.

You could try the telephone directory - http://www.whitepages.com.au/ to see if there are any Hill's still living in the Yass area.

Regards,  Ian



From: Samuel Brantsma
Sent: Sunday, 8 September 2013 10:19 PM
Subject: Suthern


Hi Ian

My name Tracy Costello and mother is Gwen Suthern 1283478 and her brother is Ron Suthern  1283478 and sister is  Beryl Suthern 197328 and they are coming as Donald Sutherns children, but they are Amos 143 014 and Alma Sutherns  nee McGregor childrens.

How can we fix this ?

I so very happy to be on this site it is amazing and thankyou so much for your time and effort, I have so much history to look at.

Regards Tracy  

Hi Tracy,

Thanks for letting us know, I will amend our records.

Regards,  Ian



From: Patricia McGufficke

Sent: Sunday, 8 September 2013 6:07 PM

Subject: Proposed Change: Twigg, Wilfred Percy (I144973)


Proposed Change: Twigg, Wilfred Percy (I144973)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I144973&tree=MP


Description: Wilfred Percy Twigg b.26 May 1888 Craigie,NSW, d. 22 Apr 1937 Bombala Hospital, m. Kathleen Olga Niven 17 Feb 1927 St Mary's Church, Bombala.  She born 1904 Maharatta, Bombala, d. 27 Dec 1964 Bombala.

Additional children:

James Lewis Twigg b. 10 Dec 1930 d. 24 Dec 1991 Bombala, m. 1957 Bombala, Joan Mildred Dunn.  She b. 29 Mar 1931 Bombala, d. 8 Jan 2012, Canberra, ACT.  6 children.

William Ronald Twigg b. 1932 Bombala m. Noeline Thelma de Costa 1955 Bombala.  She b. 1932 Bombala,  d. 2001 Bombala.

Desmond William Twigg b. 1935 Bombala m. 27 Feb 1960 Bombala, Elizabeth

(Betty) Pendergast.  6 children.

Patricia McGufficke


Regards,  Ian



From: Patricia McGufficke

Sent: Sunday, 8 September 2013 6:00 PM

Subject: Proposed Change: Quong, Florence (I144974)


Proposed Change: Quong, Florence (I144974)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I144974&tree=MP


Description: Florence Agnes Way b. 6 Aug 1884 Craigie, NSW, d. 2 Nov 1955 Rockdale, NSW, m. John Boyd Lamont 28 Nov 1910 St Enoch's Church of England, Newtown, NSW.  He was born 5 Aug 1874 in Sydney, NSW and d. 23 Dec 1943 St George Hospital, Kogarah, NSW. 


In 1896, Florence and her twin sister, Amelia, were still at school.  The Delegate Argus reported, 2 Apr 1896:  For some six months a number of the pupils attending the Public School here have been engated in trying to win a prize for best kept flower garden offered by Messrs. Yates and Co,, who also supplied the seeds free of cost.  The prize was supplemented by one offered by the teacher.  The result is that four of the eight competitors did so well that, in spite of the dry weather, they managed to raise all the kinds attempted, which were all well grown.  The total prize value is to be equally divied among the four, all girls, whose names are Florence and Amelia Way Quong, Florrie Bruce and Dinah Terry (Delegate Argus, 2 Apr 1896, p3)..

Patricia McGufficke


Regards,  Ian



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