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Monaro Pioneers Newsletter


2014 Number 10





From: Bill Hyland
Sent: Friday, 7 November 2014 3:30 PM
Subject: WW1 Decendants

Good Afternoon all,


Can I draw your attention to the ACT RSL website  www.actrsl.org.au 


It now  has a entry for Operation R&R where the RSL is trying to identify direct descendants of ACT WW1 servicemen prior to Anzac Day next year.


Could I ask you to alert your members and if they are interested please to advise the RSL in ACT of their interest.


Bill Hyland

Belconnen RSL



From: Sue Zammit
Sent: 2014-09-26 7:28 PM


Hello David

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Sue Zammit and I live in Gisborne, Victoria. My fathers mothers family were the Smith family from Braidwood NSW. The father was Joseph Smith Born in 1843 in Pinxton, Derbyshire England. He married in 1867 in New Zealand to Mary Jane Granger She was born in 1853 in Surrey, England. They went on to have 16 children. The moved to Braidwood New South Wales, Australia in 1891 and Mary Jane went on to have another3 children, one of which was my grandmother Ethel Dorothea Louisa Smith. One of the Smith girls married into the Willoughby family that was settled in Braidwood. That is where the reunion starts. The Willoughby reunion is to be held at the RSL Club in Braidwood on 26,27,28 Sept 2015 There is a Facebook page under Willoughby reunion. I was wondering if you may be able to put a notice on your web site adverting for any descendents of John Willoughby and Mary Ann Mills. She was a half cast aboriginal. I have loads of information on the whole family if your are interested. I can be contacted at email suzyq14@bigpond.com There should be a very healthy turnout as the Willoughby clan is huge.

Many thanks for your time, hope to hear back from you .


Kind regards   Sue Zammit  (Gisborne, Victoria)




Current correspondence:



On 07/11/2014 12:22, Bruce Stubbs wrote:

> Proposed Change: Hunt,  Albert (I172691)

> Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

> Link:

> http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I172691&tree=MP


> Description: This Albert is Albert Collins ID1303734.

> Albert died 24 Oct 1977 in Orbost VIC.


> Bruce Stubbs


Regards,  Ian



On 05/11/2014 12:19, Susanne Weston wrote:

> Marjorie Elfe Row dob 1903 Queensland the daughter of Dr Linford Elfe

> Row & Elizabeth Maria Mahood. Not parentage that you have listed on

> your website. She married MErion Charles Moriarty 1926 Cooma & died

> 19th Dec 1983 Mittagong NSW. Both her parents are buried at Cooma.

> Hope this helps Susanne Weston.


Thank you Susanne for letting us know.

Regards,  Ian


From: Hello WorldWarOneLink  
Sent: Thursday, 30 October 2014 4:48 PM
Subject: WWI Link

Dear Ian,


I am currently working with the team from Inside History magazine on their project 'WWI Link'. As you may be aware, WWI Link will be an online register of Australian WWI commemorative projects happening over the course of the centenary.


We did receive a submission from the Monaro Pioneers project late last year, and I wanted to check in and ask if you would still be interested in us profiling this great project on WWI Link.


After some delays, WWI Link is due to launch on Remembrance Day 2014 and once launched it will become a resource for media, volunteers, researchers and the general public to find WWI projects in their area or topic of interest.


Entries on WWI Link are divided into 'Project Owners' (e.g. committees, organisations or individuals) and 'Project Profiles' - a brief overview of a project. I have attached two submission forms, one so that we can create a ‘Project Owner’ profile and another form that will help us create a profile for the project.

Don’t worry if you can’t fill out all the fields, we basically need a blurb for you and a blurb for the project, some contact details and a couple of good images. I've also attached an example 'Project Owner' and 'Project profile' to give you some idea of what it will look like.

We have included a paragraph about copyright on the submission forms so that once the website is launched, we can use the images & text you submitted to promote your project through our channels.

If you have any questions or require any further information let me know.


Penny Edwell and the WWI Link team

Hi Penny,

I have attached your submission forms and some images.  I hope this is suitable.

Regards,  Ian

Hi Ian,

Many thanks for your submission. We have created a profile on WWI Link for your organisation and project & look forward to promoting your work after we launch on Remembrance Day.

Kind regards,  Penny & the WWI Link team



From: lppb
Sent: Monday, 3 November 2014 10:08 AM
Subject: No Subject

Hi Ian,


My name Lee Vassallo I am relation to Mary Jane Foley of Bombala  b. 1864 to d 1934. My Grand mother was Louisa Ernestine Quinn who was Mary Jane's Foley's Daughter and Louisa was b.1900 to d.1916 and died after having complications giving birth to my grand father Louis Desmond Quinn. My Grand father was the unknown male born 1916 and died 2001 as he was the result of his mother was impregnated by Thomas Johnson who was Stephen Johnson's brother . I was wondering if you tell me who was Louisa's father is it say's on the B.D.M that it was unknown both N.S.W &VIC. I have searched some places but not a lot and also my family tell me that we are related some how to Ned Kelly on his mother's side as Mary Jane Foley was married to William Lawrence  Quinn and she had children to him and after he died she met Stephen Johnson and had 2 more children . They say we are related to that family but on his mother's side Ellen Kelly nee Quinn. Also Would you know someone who might be able to help me if you are not possible please. I have tried Ned Kelly's world and he gave me a list of family members of Ned's side also my side but they still say we are so please can you help.


Kind Regards,  Lee Vassallo


Hi Lee,

Thank you for the additional information, unfortunately we don't have any other information on our website that could assist you.  However, your email will appear in our next newsletter and perhaps one of our readers may be able to help.

Regards,  Ian



On 02/11/2014 11:04, Michael Hall wrote:

> Proposed Change: O'Grady,  Stephen Thomas (I248456)

> Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

> Link:

> http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I248456&tree=MP


> Description: Stephen Thomas Grady (aka O'Grady) married Ada Mary Gale

> on 8 August 1893 at Charleville, Queensland.


> Children


> Stephen Thomas William Colin Grady (aka Billy O'Grady) was one year

> old when his brother Stan was born in 1896.


> Standish Lockhardt Mathieson Grady (aka O'Grady) born 20 January 1896

> New Angledool NSW.


> The source is a copy of Stan O'Grady's birth certificate 1896/005616

> which shows his surname as Grady.


> Stan O'Grady (service number 952) enlisted WW1 24 February 1915 at

> Liverpool NSW, served with 19th Battalion, killed in action 22 August

> 1915 at Hill 60, Gallipoli.


> Billy O'Grady was born 4 June 1956 and died 23 MAy 1956, buried

> Queanbeyan. Both boys are included as pupils at St John's Schoolhouse

> in Canberra under the surname of Grady.


> Michael Hall

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian



From: John and Jan Elder

Sent: Friday, 31 October 2014 2:36 PM

Subject: Descendants of John Bailey - Queanbeyan 1847

Hi Ian


I recently printed off the chart on Descendants of John Bailey, Queanbeyan 1847 to give to a relative incorporating all the latest changes.  Something has me confused in the latest printout that I wondered if you could explain to me.


After Generation 1 and John Bailey's name and place of birth etc there is a space with TAG4 and TAG 9.  These Tags continue through the printout and I wonder what it means. 


At the end of my previous printout obtained in March 2012 there are the "Sources" which are missing from the latest printout.


Thank you Ian

Jan Elder

Hi Jan,

The tags are used by me for identification purposes and are most relevant within the master database on my computer within my Legacy software program.


Tag 4 indicates the head of a Pioneer family with an entry in the Pioneers index on the MP site.

Tag 9 indicates a member of a family with an entry in the Pioneers Index on the MP site.  e.g.  all descendants of a person with a Tag 4 should have a Tag 9.


These were particularly important when  the old style descendant reports were shown on the MP site but have become less relevant now the Database is online and you can create your own descendant reports dynamically.  I guess I should suppress these tags from any reports generated now and will do so when time and priorities allow.


The only "sources" shown now are the BDM index references to help facilitate each users own research.  These are the only ones I have validated and are consistent.  

Regards,  Ian



On 28/10/2014 22:17, jeanette rapinette wrote:

> Comments: Hi.

>    I am the great granddaughter of sarah evelyn nee jamieson who

> married albert Edward Ziegler. My grandmother evelyn caroline Ziegler

> was born in cooma. Albert was a stone mason down there and the

> zieglers have a lot of work in the cementary in cooma. I  have been

> doing the family tree for approx. 30 yrs on and off. I am now getting

> back into it. I have some information if you would like from sarah

> thru my grandmothers side and a couple of photos of sarah as well. I

> would be happy to send to you. Also I am interested in joining so I

> can do some research. Also I used to have a copy of the cementary book

> but somehow has been misplaced or lost and I would like to obtain

> another copy.                     

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.         Jeanette rapinette

Hi Jeanette,

Thank you for the offer, we would be most grateful for any additional information and images you can contribute.

Regards,  Ian


From: Bill Leane  

Sent: Tuesday, 28 October 2014 2:12 PM

Subject: visit adaminaby website

Hi Ian,


I am a keen historical researcher on the Adaminaby area and have prepared a number of documents for local attractions, e.g. Adaminaby District Hertigage trail, Visitors Guide to Old Adaminaby Cemetery etc..  Information from Pioneers has been drawn upon widely in carrying out these tasks.


I am consolidating the heritage / tourist documents onto the Visit Adaminaby website, and intend to have a searchable register of all known graves and  internees on the site. The work is done under the auspices of the Lake Ecumbene Chamber of Commerce. The chamber receives a constant stream of enquiry regarding the location and status of graves of relatives.


This cemetery register has been provided by the Snowy River Shire Council and has been validated and corrected as much as possible.  I expect that this will benefit many interested readers and other researchers. I would also welcome additions and corrections to the list that families and relatives may wish to provide.


I would like to make reference to the Monaro Pioneers as a valuable resource for historical material and information relevant  to this district. Perhaps you may also make reference to the Visit Adaminaby site to inform readers that this information .


The new Visit Adaminaby website will be finalised in coming weeks, before the Christmas break.


I look forward to your assistance with this project, and to hearing from you.

Regards,   Bill

Hi Bill,

We would appreciate any reference you might make on your site to the Monaro Pioneers Website and will happily reciprocate when your site is up and running.

Regards,  Ian



From: Lorraine Sellars
Sent: Sunday, 26 October 2014 4:18 PM
Subject: Certificates / Transcriptions - Simon Ferry - family ID F49211

Hi Ian

Thank you for agreeing to place some certificates and transcriptions on the Monaro Pioneers, in connection with the Ferry family information.

I have attached some of the certificates & transcriptions, however there are a few more still to come, but I will put them in another email in a couple of days.


Certificates or transcriptions attached are:

Family ID – F 49211

                Person ID – l167291         Simon Ferry                        -  Death certificate

                                                    Simon Ferry                        - Marriage certificate

                Person ID – l167293         Ellen Ferry (Hearlehy)           - Death transcription


                Person ID – l167296         James Ferry                        -  Baptism transcription

                                                    James Ferry                        - Death transcription


                Person ID – l167298         Daniel Ferry                        - Baptism certificate


                Person ID – l356166         William Ferry                      - Baptism transcription

                                                    William Ferry                      - Death transcription


                Person ID – l167301         Simon Ferry                        - Birth transcription

              Simon Ferry                        - Death transcription


                Person ID – l167291         Winifred Ferry                   - Birth transcription

              Winifred Ferry                   - Marriage transcription

              Winifred Golding                 - Death transcription

        Person ID – l167290         Francis Golding                 - Death transcription



I have just been in to the Monaro Pioneers website to look up the person ID’s and noticed you have already made the changes to the Ferry information.  Thanks for that, I really appreciate it.

Regards,  Lorraine Sellars

Thank you Lorraine,

Your certificates can now be viewed in our database.

Regards,  Ian



From: Carlene Harris
Sent: Thursday, 23 October 2014 9:11 AM
Subject: Re: Blacka Graves

Hi Ian, 

I called at the Pambula Cemetery looking for William Blacka, no luck.  Luckily a lady was there from the Bega Council and asked me who I was looking for, I told her and she called me back from her office and said that he was actually buried at the old Bega Cemetery which is underneath the High School I think it was, and there was no gravestone to move to the new cemetery.  

Cheers Carlene


Regards,  Ian



From: Carlene Harris
Sent: Thursday, 23 October 2014 8:15 AM
Subject: Re: 5th and last Lot from Delegate


Edward Downey’s reassembled gravestone is on private property near Delegate.  Thanks to his GGG grandson Darren and his GG grandson Charles the gravestone was put back together and held in place by a frame made by Darren.


It was placed there by his wife Jessie for him and 3 of their children,  John, James and Elsie.

Cheers Carlene

Thank you Carlene,

Regards,  Ian



From: Patricia Marsh
Sent: Wednesday, 22 October 2014 10:37 AM
Subject: Carberry

Dear Ian

Earlier this year there was a Carberry enquiry.  I sent the information about that family.  Nicholas & Bridget Carberry both convict and married here and they finally settled in Gundagai.  Their son Joseph married  Rosannah Byrne my 3 G grandparents. The information came from a very large scroll that was made from the information gathered at the family reunion in April 1988.  There was also a book created By Ann Quinlan containing what information that was known at that time and it was given out at the gathering. 

Regards,  Patricia Marsh

Hi Patricia,

The email address you need is … XXXXXXXXXXXX

Regards,  Ian



From: Lorraine Sellars
Sent: Tuesday, 21 October 2014 9:47 PM
Subject: Corrections - Simon Ferry Family ID: F49211

Monaro Pioneers Website coordinator


Good evening


My name is Lorraine Sellars (formally Ferry), I am the great granddaughter of Simon Ferry and daughter of Eric Ferry.  I have been going through the information on your website for Simon Ferry and his family and have found some discrepancies.


Some of the early information I had for the Ferry family was almost identical to the information on your website, so I guess other people may have had the same information.    


Over the last couple of years however, I have spent a considerable amount of time research my ancestors and have come up with various date & name differences, and a few additions, to the information you have. 


What I have done is copied the information from your website, and where I have verified the information to be incorrect,  have made changes in RED and attached the copy for your information.   

I have also added additional information in RED, which I have found was missing and I know to be correct.    


I have verified the spelling of names, the dates and places of births, deaths and marriages from official certificates/transcriptions that I have obtained,  and  would appreciate it if you were able to make the corrections I have outlined.   Should you require those certificates to verify the information yourself, please let me know and I will forward them as well.


I am hoping you don’t mind me asking you to correct the information that I have found to be incorrect, but I guess if people don’t let you know, nothing will be corrected.


I have found your website very impressive and must congratulate you on your great work.  


Thank you for your help, yours truly

Lorraine Sellars

Hi Lorraine,

Thank you for the information, you are quite correct, if we don't receive the correct information we can never get our database perfect.  If you would care to send copies of your certificates and transcriptions I can add them to our database with links to the individuals concerned.  That way, when you look at an individual's record you also see any documents and photos we have received.

Regards,  Ian


From: Carlene Harris
Sent: Tuesday, 21 October 2014 5:35 PM
Subject: Nimmitabel Cemetery Photos

Thanks Carlene,

Your photos are a wonderful contribution and we really appreciate your support and generosity.

Regards,  Ian



From: Ronda and Jeff East

Sent: Sunday, 19 October 2014 9:38 PM

Subject: RE: Adaminaby Photos in your September newsletter.

Hello Ian,


I have just read Irene Ramsay's email about her friend having photos of Henry West and the old Adamianby Hotel. Henry West was my great grand father and his son William owned the Adaminaby Hotel. I would very much like to see a copy of the photos and also to know who her friend is and where she fits into the West family. Would you be able to put me in touch with her please.


Regards,  Ronda East

Hi Rhonda,

Irene's email address is ..  'Irene Ramsay' XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Regards,  Ian



On 19/10/2014 17:21, Pauline Newell wrote:

> Proposed Change: Eccleston,  John (I39619)

> Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

> Link:

> http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I39619&tree=MP


> Description: My ancestor John Eccleston.  I am not sure where the

> birth in Shropshire was discovered or his parents.  A lot of pages on

> the internet have this information but it has not been proven.  As he

> was arrested and tried in Lancashire I think  that this may be his

> birth:

> Baptism: 7 Jul 1793 St Michael, St Michael's on Wyre, Lancashire,

> England John Eccleston - Son of William Eccleston

> ????Born: 7 Jun 1793

> ????Abode: Kirkland Hall

> ????Source: LDS Film 94024


> Based on this I found:

> 9 Apr 1793 - St Michael on Wyre - marriage by licence - William

> Eccleston, Husbandman of Garstang to Jane Jackston of this parish.  He

> signed she gave her X.

> Lancaster record office -

> William Eccleston, 21, Marital Status Not stated Occupation Labourer

> Township Kirkland, Second Township Garstang, County Lancashire Jaine

> Jackson, 21, Marital Status Spinster Township Not stated, Second

> Township St.Michael, County Lancashire Place of Marriage Not stated

> Township Not stated County Lancashire


> This may be his death

> Burial: 12 Aug 1838 St Michael, St Michael's on Wyre, Lancashire,

> England William Eccleston -

> ????Age: 79

> ????Abode: Garstang

> ????Buried by: William Hornby, Curate

> ????Register: Burials 1813 - 1866, Page 107, Entry 852

> ????Source: LDS Film 1470824

> And they had 6 children including John.

> William Eccleston

>   b. abt 1772, Lancashire, England

>   d. 1838, Lancashire, England

> & Jane Jackson

>   b. abt 1772, St Michael on Wyre, Lancashire, England

>   d. 1840, Garstang, Lancashire, England

>   m. 9 Apr 1793, St Michael on Wyre, Lancashire, England

> |     John Eccleston

> |       b. 7 Jun 1793, St Michael on Wyre, Lancashire, England

> |     William Eccleston

> |       b. 1 Nov 1794, st Michael on Wyre, Lancashire, England

> |       d. Dec 1794, ST Michael on Wyre, Lancashire, England

> |     William Eccleston

> |       b. 18 Mar 1796, St Michael on Wyre, Lancashire, England

> |       d. 27 Mar 1796, St Michael on Wyre, Lancashire, England

> |     Grace Eccleston

> |       b. 22 Jun 1797, St Michael on Wyre, Lancashire, England

> |       d. 1866, Garstang, Lancashire, England

> |     & James Benson

> |       b. 18 Aug 1791, Lancashire, England

> |       d. aft 1841, Garstang, Lancashire, England

> |       m. 11 May 1820, Garstang, Lancashire, England

> |     Joseph Eccleston

> |       b. 19 Oct 1798, St Michael on Wyre, Lancashire, England

> |       d. 11 Jun 1799, St Michael on Wyre, Lancashire, England

> |     William Eccleston

> |       b. 19 Jul 1801, Garstang, Lancashire, England

> |       d. 1880, Garstang, Lancashire, England


> The only link I am still not able to find and verify is his brother

> George who came to Australia in 1820 on the Caledonia as a Private in

> the 39th Regiment of Foot.  He married and moved to Cooma.  The

> researchers from his family all say that they were brothers but that

> he was born in Eastbourne.


> Regards,  Pauline Newell

Hi Pam,

Thanks for the information.  I am not convinced your proposed change is correct but this email will appear in our next newsletter and perhaps our readers maybe able to comment with more authority.

The birth place of John Eccleston (Shropshire) is not that far from Lanacashire according to the map and given the period involved - the early part of the Industrial revolution, it is quite feasible John could have moved from Shropshire to Lancashire in search of work.

Regards,  Ian



On 19/10/2014 14:39, Julie wrote:

> Thanks for the activation.


> I am concerned however that the first thing I looked up gives the

> incorrect information.


> Although John William Lucas did marry Celia Augusta Sheather in 1870,

> the John William Lucas you have on your records as being born in New

> South Wales in 1842 is in fact incorrect.  According to my

> investigations, and indeed the headstone on his grave in Bega gives

> his date of birth of 1847/1848 to have been 72 years old in 1920.

> Interestingly his date of death on the headstone is 19th October 1920,

> whilst the entry in the family bible gives 18th October 1920 as the

> date of death. Investigations that were made

> 23 odd

> years ago for the Lucas Family Reunion held at Cobargo in about 1990

> also showed that the John William Lucas associated with this family

> was born in the UK in 1847, came to Australia in 1864/1865 landing in

> Brisbane and then went on to Sydney on the Lady Bowen.


> He met and married Celia Augusta Sheather in 1870 and went on to have

> many children, all of who are documented in the Lucas Family Bible

> which is in my possession.


> He worked on a property for Mr H. Edwards of Bibbenluke as a groomsman

> and driver for Mr Edwards, and on 25th December 1885 was presented

> with a large leather bound bible which has become known in our family

> as the Lucas Family Bible.  It is traditionally passed from the eldest

> son of the eldest son down the line.  I have it at the moment to

> document the entries and all the keepsakes that have been tucked

> between the pages.  It will then be returned to Peter Lucas, the

> eldest son of Thomas Keith "Keith" Lucas who passed away in May of

> this year.


> John William Lucas's death certificate notes that his fathers name is

> Joseph, but anything further back is proving difficult to locate.


> Please take on board the above information.


> Cheers

> Julie Lucas



> -----Original Message-----

> From: Monaro Pioneers

> Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2014 12:01 PM

> Subject: Your genealogy user account has been activated.


> Hello Julie-Anne Lucas,


> Your genealogy user account has been activated.


> Ian Harvey

Thank you for the information,

Regards,  Ian


From: William Deeley
Sent: Sunday, 19 October 2014 12:57 PM
Subject: Monaro Pioneers


Dear web manager,


How do I obtain a log on and user name to view your web site.


Best wishes,   William A Deeley

Email:  Family History Group of Bathurst   president@bathurstfhg.asn.au

Hi William,

Use the link "Search the Database" on our website and follow the prompts.

Regards,  Ian


From: Tony Pearson
Sent: Sunday, 19 October 2014 12:00 PM
Subject: Re Boloco Church


Matong Station can be found at http://khuts.org/map_data/1885/Homesteads_1885_350K_F.pdf


Regards Tony Pearson

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian


From: Robyn Waite
Sent: Saturday, 18 October 2014 8:11 PM
Subject: Monaro Mosaic

Hi Ian,


I just read about someone looking for the above book.  It is for sale on ebay if she can’t get it through the author.


Regards, Robyn



From: Janise Farrell
Sent: Saturday, 18 October 2014 7:15 PM
Subject: Changes to George and Mary Keeling

Hello Ian, 

I would like propose some changes to entries for George and Mary Keeling.


Currently you have Mary Keeling listed as dying in 1886, but it was actually George's second wife, Ann, who died with George in 1886 in a terrible house fire in Coolringdon.  


Mary Keeling did accompany George to Australia in 1853 and gave birth to their youngest child, Dorcas, in Numeralla in 1855.  I was able to find a death record for an Elizabeth M Keeling in Cooma in 1877, and I think this might be an entry for Mary's death as all the other Keeling BDM entries for Cooma at that time pertain to their family, and George and Mary's daughter, Elizabeth, died in 1907 as Elizabeth Parker.  The mother listed for this 'Elizabeth M Keeling' is Mary, and there is no father named, which is correct for Mary Keeling as per the immigration document of 1853.  


George remarried in 1878 (the year after Mary's death if this record for 'Elizabeth M Keeling' is a record of Mary's death).  He married Ann McMahon.  Ann was born Ann Martin and you have a record for her on the site.  She had previously married John Hanson (you have this relationship on the site) and later, Michael McMahon.  I know of this later relationship from reading comments written by others on various sites, but have been unable to find the marriage record myself. 

Thank you, 

Kind regards,  Janise Farrell (nee Shanley)

Thank you for the information.

Regards,  Ian


Thank you for making the changes I suggested. I notice, though, that you have changed Mary Keeling (George's first wife) to Elizabeth Mary Keeling. This is an error. She was recorded as Mary on the immigration document and also in the 1841 and 1851 English censuses. I think the death certificate I wrote of earlier is for Mary, but has her name recorded incorrectly. Perhaps her daughter, Elizabeth Mary, registered the death and there was some confusion. 


Also, I forgot to tell you that you are missing her son, William Beale Keeling, from your records. William was illegitimate. He and Mary carried the same surname as Mary's mother, so I would not assume there were a deceased husband. 


I'll provide all the information I have on William for the purpose of the newsletter.


William was born in 1836 in Overton, Hampshire and baptised there on December 30, 1836. He and Mary lived alone in Overton in the 1841 census.


He is listed on the 1851 census with George and Mary's new family as William Keeling, but listed on the immigration document of 1853 as William Beal 'the son of George Keeling'. The other children are listed as Keeling. 


There is no record of William marrying in Australia.


William died in 1860, registered as William Keeling, in Cooma. There is mention in the Australian Town and Country Journal, reporting in 1866 on the house fire that killed George Keeling and his second wife, Ann, that "Keeling's two oldest sons were killed not long since when riding from Cooma to Coolringdon", but that is not borne out by the dates of death registered for William and Elias (1869 in the latter case). Perhaps the paper was referring to Ann's sons from one of her previous two marriages?


Could you please update these records?


Thank you.

Kind regards,  Janise Farrell (née Shanley)



Also, the son, Aaron Keeling, was born in July 1852 (according to English birth records) and died in 1853 on the voyage to Australia (as per the immigration documents). 


Please delete what I wrote about the possibility of Ann's sons dying on the ride from Cooma to Coolringdon. Looking at the details for her children, that cannot be true.


Kind regards,  Janise Farrell (née Shanley)

Thank you Janise, I will update our records.

Regards,  Ian



From: Breanna

Sent: Monday, 13 October 2014 11:41 PM

Subject: Pendergast family


Hi Ian my name is Alison and I have been in wonder of my name for many years I have little to go on but I know my grandfather who has passed was Kevin byron Pendergast he was born march 1931 to clarence and Nora Pendergast my pop never spoke of his dad and our whole family don't know a lot I have found a few things like Clarence's brothers and sisters and Clarence's father was daniel and mother Eliza  I have never seen photos of clarence or any of daniel for that matter and was wondering if you had some as I am always coming up with the monaro pioneers site I would love if you had a bit of history for me and my dad as he has always wanted to know things also even birth death or marriage certificates would be wonderful thank you very much

Hi Breanna,

All the information we have is available on our website, including any images.  You will find your Pendergast family tree in our database.

Regards,  Ian



From: Joye Walsh
Sent: Monday, 13 October 2014 4:57 PM
Subject: WW 1 Soldier photos

Hi Ian

Sorry to have been so slow getting to you with some WW1 soldier photos but after being "on the road" for so much of the last 2 years, being back in our own house is a little strange -- and we have a lot of "Stuff" to catch up on.


Is there a size limit to the photos you can use?


Some of the photos I have are already on your site - are you interested in "doubles" if they are different? -eg this first one of Maurice Morgan Rixon with his wife?


I am including here a "large" copy of the WW1 descendants of Benjamin Rixon. maybe that is of some use to you - for extracting better images of the soldiers.


Hopefully this 3rd photo [labelled T29] will be of use - George William Rixon is the man on the right. The other one looks very like a brother but I am not sure of his identity.  On National Archives site I read that George had "Nil" distinctive marks -- contrary to the family story of the terrible scar he had from an accident with an axe when quite young!


I won't include any more in this message - will see how well the system can handle these.

Cheers,  Joye

Hi Joye,

Welcome back, I guessed you might be a tad busy at first.


There is no size limit to photos I receive but I might reduce the resolution before adding them to the MP site.  Therefore please send them to me as large as you can, the photos of Maurice Morgan and George William were fine.  The copy of the descendants photo is not large enough, are you able to rescan that image at the highest resolution you can?  The reason being, I need to be able to read the names of the Soldiers shown and I want to try to "cut and paste" each photo if I can to add to each individual's record.


I appreciate you're busy and am grateful for your help and support.

Regards,  Ian



From: narm
Sent: Saturday, 11 October 2014 11:06 AM
Subject: Photo Monte Primmer

Hello Ian,

I have the edit copy of the book The Men from snowy River back from the printer so it is too late to include any more photos, but because we are doing displays and information days, I am wondering if you can help me. A relative recently contacted our Committee about Monte Primmer.  I have in my possession obtained from a relative of Les Allen who joined the march at Bibbenluke,  a photo of him in uniform with another man, whom she believed may have been Monte Primmer.  Phillip then contacted you and forwarded to us a photo which you had of Monte Primmer, but it was too small to see whether there was any resemblance.  I am attaching the photo I have, and if you have a larger version of the photo of Monte perhaps you can compare.   The person in question is on the left and Les Allen on the right.

Thanking you for your help in the past,

Cheers,  Natalie

Hi Natalie,

I can't be absolutely certain but there is definitely a strong resemblance.  The photos we have show Montie in a Peak Hat whereas your photo shows him in a slouch hat.

Regards,  Ian

Hi Ian,

Thankyou for comparing.  I think we will be able to use it in our display, with the caption “Believed to be Monte Primmer”

You may be interested to know that the book launches and information days about the planned re-enactment march of the Men from Snowy River will be held in Delegate, 3rd. November, Bombala 9th, Cooma 22nd, Goulburn 23rd and Queanbeyan 3rd December. The march itself will leave Delegate on 1st. November 1915, arriving in Sydney to join the other groups on Armistice Day 11th November, 1915.  There will be a parade to either the War Memorial in Hyde Park or the Cenotaph.  Of course it is no longer possible to march all the way as the men did in 1916.  The route and stops have been planned, but of course there is still a lot of organising to do.

Cheers,  Natalie



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