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Monaro Pioneers Newsletter


2014 Number 4





From: Judith Quinn

Sent: Friday, 25 April 2014 2:13 PM

Subject: RE: Proposed Change: Good, Mary Agnes (I269553)

Hello Ian

Would the below be appropriate for the Newsletter? If so, I would appreciate you forwarding it to the editor.


My great grandfather, Robert Allendale Campbell (1862-1939), and Mary Agnes Campbell (Wallace?) (d. 1936) had 16 children together in the Goulburn/Queanbeyan area. In an article on his death in the Burrowa News he was described as an  old identity of Queanbeyan . I would greatly appreciate any information/leads/contact related to this family and especially Mary Agnes who remains historically invisible to me. Judith Quinn cwquinn@optusnet.com.au



From: Robyn
Sent: 2014-01-01 12:17 PM
Subject: Ernest Henry Ware


Hello, I am trying to research Ernest Ware who was KIA on the 11/11/1918,the telegram was received around the 23/11/1918 by his family. My mother Jean gave a photo of Ernest and others  dressed in uniform to me years ago but all efforts to trace his army history have yielded nothing.       My mothers mother was Lillian Veronica Ware  Ernest Henry Wares sister. The photo is very clear  for the era and its age. I was told at the Canberra War Memorial they were dressed in New Zealand uniform but there are no NZ war records of Ernest Ware, yet his name is on the Adaminaby Cenotaph, I keep hitting brick walls ,so if someone knows more I would love to hear from them.


Kind regards, Greg Tozer,0248724750AH or 0428219285 or this email address.





Current correspondence:



On 05/05/2014 13:11, Patricia McGufficke wrote:

> Proposed Change: Kerrison,  Florence Martha (I16638)

> Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

> Link:

> http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I16638&tree=MP


> Description: Florence born 6 Apr 1890, Bombala, died 12 Mar 1971

> Canberra, ACT.


> Florence Martha DOUCH died 12 Mar 1971, late of The Causeway, wife of

> Leo Roy DOUCH, mother and mother-in-law of Jack (dec) & Joan, Jean &

> Tom Kelly, Joyce & Fred Barry, Tom & Mary, Flo & Geoff Radcliffe,

> Aileen & Bert West, Norma & John Langham, Dulcie & Gary Cargill and

> Lance, grandmother of their children, aged 70 years. (Canberra Times)


> Patricia McGufficke


Regards,  Ian



From: Ian Harvey
Sent: Saturday, 3 May 2014 7:04 PM
Subject: Daniel Targett

Hi Wendy,

Thank you for the information.


Now for a controversial hypothesis, Daniel Targett and Mary Ann Sargent immigrated on the vessel "Meteor" July 6, 1853 accompanied by Mary Ann's daughter Ann Sargent (11 Years old) and their two daughters Elizabeth and Keturah.  As you can see from the image below, Mary Ann is shown as 9 years older than Daniel and with a probable birth year of 1818.  I hardly think this woman was still producing offspring in 1875, the year Daniel's last child was born.  From the information you provided, Daniel's wife Ann died in 1909 aged 68 which would make her birth year c1841, the same year that Mary Ann's daughter Ann was born.  I suggest that perhaps Mary Ann died some time shortly after their arrival in the Eden area (can't find any registration to prove it) and Daniel has "married" his step daughter Ann with whom he continued to reproduce.


As I said, this only conjecture on my part without any proof but using medical logic to help draw this possible conclusion.


Your comments would be most welcome.




Regards,  Ian


Comments (Targett,  Daniel): from Bega Court House records:
Ann Targett d:9/5/1909 Tantawanglo,NSW age 68yrs 
b:England bur.:11/5/1909 Weslyn Cem., Candelo.
Daniel Targett d:23.8.1897 Tantawanglo,NSW age 73yrs
b:Wiltshire, England bur.:25 8 1897 C/C Candelo.
Henry Arthur Targett d:30/10/1911 Wagundah, nr. Bega (Warragaburra maybe)age 36 yrs. b:Bega. bur.:6/11/1911
Methodist. Bega.
from Eden Court House records:
Targett William d:27/9/1869 Warragaburra, nr. Bega age 24hrs. b:Warragaburra. bur.: Bega (reg:Taggett)
Targett Jane d:22/10/1870 Warragaburra, nr.Bega age
2yrs 15wks b:Jellet Jellat nr, Bega bur. Bega
(d/o:Keturah Targett)
Targett Jane Ann d:3/3/1885 Towamba age 4yrs 9mnths 
b:Wolumla bur.:Eden (d/o:Mary J Targett)
Targett Mabel Victoria d:1/7/1902 Towamba age 12yrs 6 mnths
b:Towamba bur.Towamba (d/o:Frederick J/Eliza)
filling in some blanks. Thanks. WD.
Wendy Deacon



From: Robert Underhill
Sent: Sunday, 4 May 2014 12:54 PM
Subject: Article in Monaro Pioneers database


Hi Ian, we had corresponded a few months ago concerning some Underhill genealogy.  I am in process of writing an article for the Underhill Society of America's publication "The Bulletin" which is our more scholarly publication as opposed to our newsletter which is somewhat informal.  The article is primarily about Underhill convicts that were transported to the American colonies in the 1700's and to New South Wales and Tasmania in the 1800's.  This currently includes 9 to the US and 11 to Australia.  I am also including some partial info on a handful of Underhills who voluntarily entered into indentured servitude in the American colonies or conversely bought indentured servants. 

Your Thomas Underhill of Bega is well documented and to my way of thinking symbolic of someone rising above the adversity he encountered early in life.  His experience in Australia is the classic kind of success story that resonates with Americans.  What I am thinking is having a companion article about Thomas that follows the convicts transported article I described above.  I am thinking that rather than a straight reprint that I do a new article that draws heavily upon the data included in it.  Amongst the issues are it includes terms such as "ticket of leave" which would not be understood by an American audience being that system didn't exist here and so it would need to be further defined in a new article, place name references which could be confusing without further clarification, an example being Plymouth which I take to mean Plymouth England but Plymouth, Massachusetts where the Pilgrims landed is what would come to mind without a clarification, and certain other extraneous info in the article that goes beyond a discussion of Thomas and his immediate family.  My question then is how would I go about getting permission to use material from that article?  I would give attribution to Mr Burgess and to the Monaro Pioneer organization of course. 

Thank you for any assistance or guidance that you can provide.

Bob Underhill

Hi Bob,

As we don't have a contact address for Bob Burgess, there is nothing I can do to put you directly in touch with him unfortunately.  Therefore, I suggest you just quote the Monaro Pioneers site and author Bob Burgess as your source.  Anything on the MP site can be used with such suitable recognition.

Regards,  Ian

Thank you so much Ian.  This is great.  Bob Underhill



From: Gregory McInnes
Sent: Saturday, 3 May 2014 8:44 PM
Subject: Proposed Changes: INGRAM, Moston Lane I9405



Proposed Change: INGRAM, Moston Lane (I9405)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://www.monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I9405&tree=MP




Name:                     MOSTON LANCE INGRAM                                              

Born:                     16 April 1918                                               NSW BDM 15435/1918

Married:                 31 March 1941 in St Joseph’s Church, Delegate, NSW                                              


Delegate Argus Thursday 10 April 1941 (pg 2)



                 Ingram - Smith

On Monday, March 31st, St. Joseph's Church, Delegate, was beautifully decorated by the Sisters of St. Joseph for the marriage of Elaine Ellen, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. Smith, of Delegate, to Mr. Moston Ingram, of Tombong.  The bride, who was given away by her father, chose a gown of ivory satin trimmed with lovers knots on skirt and train, and added a wreath and veil which was lent by her sister in law, Mrs. Mort Smith. Her bouquet was kindly lent by Mrs J. M. Oliver. Miss Joyce Smith, sister of the bride, acted as bridesmaid, and wore a frock of shadow pink georgette with matching veil, mittens and shoes, and carried a bouquet of pink roses and carnations.  Mr. Stan Stokes attended the bridegroom. After the ceremony, which was performed by Rev. Father Keating, cake and wine was served at the home of the bride's parents.  The three tier wedding cake, which was decorated with pink and white, was made by the bride's sister, Miss J. Smith. The table decorations were also carried out in pink and white. The happy couple left by car for Lakes Entrance where the honeymoon was spent, the bride wearing a frock of air force blue Jersalaine with black accessories.



Service Record

Name                                   INGRAM, MORTON LANE

Service                                Australian Army

Service Number               N267359

Date of Birth                     16 Apr 1918

Place of Birth                    BOMBALA, NSW

Date of Enlistment          2 Jun 1941

Locality on Enlistment    DELGATE, NSW

Place of Enlistment         DELGATE, NSW

Next of Kin                        STOKES, C

Date of Discharge            16 Aug 1944

Rank                                     Private


WW2 Honours and Gallantry       None for display

Prisoner of War                                No


Regards, Gregory


Regards,  Ian



From: Gregory McInnes
Sent: Saturday, 3 May 2014 6:45 PM
Subject: Proposed Changes: INGRAM, Olive Pearl I9397



Proposed Change: INGRAM, Olive Pearl (I9397)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://www.monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I93970&tree=MP




Married:                      6 August 1933 in St Joseph’s Church, Delegate, NSW                                              


Delegate Argus Thursday 17 August 1933 (pg 2)




Mr. Charles M. D. Stokes and

Miss Olive Ingram were married

at St. Joseph's Church, Delegate,

on August 6, by Rev. R. B. McGee.


Regards, Gregory


Regards,  Ian



From: Gregory McInnes
Sent: Saturday, 3 May 2014 5:31 PM
Subject: Proposed Changes: ELTON, Ethel Olive I50939



Proposed Change: Elton, Ethel Olive (I50939)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://www.monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I50939&tree=MP




Died:                           20 October 1928 in the Cooma Hospital, NSW

Funeral:                       22 February 1928 at Bombala, NSW


Married:                      23 February 1911 at St Mary’s Church, Bombala, NSW   


Attached                     Marriage transcript


Additional Child:        Eunice K Stokes, born 1917, Bombala, NSW; Died 1917, Bombala, NSW               NSW BDM 7339/1917


Delegate Argus Thursday 25 October 1928 (pg 2)


Death of Mrs. Charles Stokes


We regret to report the death of Mrs. C. M. D. Stokes, which took place in the Cooma Hospital on Saturday night last. A husband and infant child are bereaved.  Mr. and Mrs. Stokes were residents of this district until a few years ago, and many of their relatives and friends live here. Mr. J. T. Stokes received word of the death of his brother's wife on Saturday night and went to Cooma on Sunday last. The funeral took place at Bombala on



Regards, Gregory


Regards,  Ian



From: Gregory McInnes
Sent: Saturday, 3 May 2014 4:47 PM
Subject: Proposed Changes: ELTON, Arthur Henry I50940



Proposed Change: Elton, Arthur Henry (I50940)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://www.monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I50940&tree=MP





Bombala Times Thursday January, 26 1978



The death occurred in Queanbeyan on 27th December, 1977, of a member of the well-known Elton family of Bombala, Arthur Henry ("Dick") Elton.

Always known here as Dick, deceased was 89 years of age and was the eldest son in the family of nine  of the late Andrew and Kate Elton, of Park View, Bombala. He was born and spent all his early life here until as a linesman for the  P.M.G.'s Department he went to live at Young where he resided for many years.

Dick was a World War 1 Digger and after serving his country he returned to marry Betty Smith, a Sister at Bombala District Hospital.

Deceased and his wife, who predeceased him by five years, retired to the Smith Family Homes, Goulburn, where his wife passed away.

He is survived by four sisters Beat (Mrs Hemers, Newcastle), Mabel (Mrs Elliott, Bombala), Queenie (Mrs Devereaux, Sydney), Marjorie (Mrs Payne, Mt Hutton).

Deceased members of the family are Ethel, Ian, Myrtle, Bill, Edith.

Deceased was cremated at the Norwood Park Crematorium on Dec 28.


Cremated:          28 December 1977 ay Norwood Park Crematorium, Canberra


Regimental number:                      2146

Religion:                                               Church of England

Occupation:                                        Boundary rider

Address:                                              'Quedong', Delegate, New South Wales

Marital status:                                   Single

Age at embarkation:                       28

Next of kin:                                        Father, Andrew Elton, 'Quedong', Delegate, New South Wales

Enlistment date:                               2 February 1916

Date of enlistment from Nominal Roll: 2 February 1916

Rank on enlistment:                       Private

Unit name:                                         55th Battalion, 4th Reinforcement

AWM Embarkation Roll number: 23/72/3

Embarkation details:                       Unit embarked from Sydney, New South Wales, on board HMAT A15 "Port Sydney" on 4 September 1916

Rank from Nominal Roll:               Private

Unit from Nominal Roll:                                 A.I.F. Hqrs

Fate:                                                      Returned to Australia 8 May 1919


No Children from his marriage to Elizabeth Smith                                  

Regards, Gregory


Regards,  Ian



From: helena.ron
Sent: 2014-05-02 1:33 PM
Subject: Re David Hoy (Hay) Clark newsletter 2014 4

Dear David and Ian


Recently noticed in the newsletter an entry from Mrs Pamela Stoneman re David Hoy Clark.  I have some information about this gentleman that may be of interest to her.

Firstly I used to voluntary collect cemetery records for the  Bega Valley Shire and have gained this information from undertakers records and BDM's, churches etc.  Thence a lot of checking and rechecking to make sure they are correct.


BDM's     Death registered at Bega no. 4645  1908         David H Clark            father William    mother  Grace

Bega Court House Records 1871 to 1918       David Hayes Clark           Died 5/4/1908 died at Sea  'S.S. Bega'    Buried Candelo Cemetery  7-4-1908 aged 63yrs born Hobart Tasmania

Mannings  Undertaker records                           David Hayes Clarke died 5/4/1908     buried 6/4/1908 Candelo Cemetery    Peter Manning Undertaker Bega           applicant for funeral - Alexander Robinson

Monumental Inscriptions

Bega Valley Genealogy Society 2011               page 34    Candelo Cemetery Presbyterian Section  Row A  plot 8 (not BVSC records) Grave within iron fence single elaborate headstone-

                                                                                Photograph  of grave in background also one front on but hard to read


                                                                                In Loving Memory of David Hoy Clarke

                                                                                    Who Died On Board The Ill Fated

                                                                                          S.S. Bega,5th April 1908

                                                                                                  Aged 63 years


                                                                                    We Mourn For You Dear Brother

                                                                                         But Not With Outward Show

                                                                                    For Those Who Mourn Sincerely

                                                                                              Mourn Silently And Low

                                                                                   Monumental Mason     Ziegler  Bega


SMH 7/4/1908

SS BEGA Passenger Ship capsized voyage Tathra to Sydney. 12 crew and 38 Passengers and General Cargo.  One person died on Tanja Beach.

Passenger who died had been ill and died while being taken ashore.

The BEGA BUDGET 8/4/1908   page 2.    Can be found at TROVE site

Story................quite a descriptive account of the capsizing on the Sunday night near Tanja just north of Tathra.  Worth reading.


Hoping this can be of some use to Mrs Stoneman

Thank you for an interesting  newsletter, it is a pleasure to receive it each month.

Regards, Helena C Curtis


From: Gabrielle Sutton

Sent: Friday, 2 May 2014 10:52 AM

Subject: Monaro burial records

Hello Ian

First, can I say what a wonderful site you have out together with such valuable information. Thank you.


My query relates to the list of Monaro burial records.  I was wondering where the list was obtained?  I am trying to locate the burial site for a

unnamed stillborn baby in the Old Adaminaby cemetery to enable the 85 year old mother to erect a memorial.


I have approached the Snowy River Council who have searched its records but do not have any reference for the baby.  It records indicate unmarked graves but it has no way of identifying who was buried in them.


However, the Monaro burial records on your site lists the baby as being buried in the Roman Catholic section of the Old Adaminaby cemetery but with no site location.  The baby was born and buried on the same day without a ceremony (so would not be included in church records) and people who organised the burial have since passed away.  I was wondering if you could tell me the source of your burial records or perhaps suggest some other avenue for me to try and locate records detailing the site.


Thanking you in anticipation.

Kind regards,  Gabrielle

Hi Gabrielle,

The images you see on our site are scans of a document supplied by Pattrick Mould and I do not know where the original was obtained or who compiled it.  I might add that those records are not a comprehensive list of burials in the region.

You could try contacting Pattrick to see if he can shed more light on the subject, the last address we have for him is  ..  xxxxxxxxx

Regards,  Ian



Subject: Proposed Change: Meaker,  Harriet Ann (I91866)

Date: 29/04/2014 21:22

From: justine elliott


Proposed Change: Meaker,  Harriet Ann (I91866)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers




Description: Harriet Ann Meaker also had a second child before her marriage to Albert Edward Cowell. (My Great Grandfather) John Meaker Born 2nd June 1875 He later used the name John Meaker Cowell He married 24th December 1900 to Esther White (Spelt eather on marriage record) Their children:

Esther may Maguerite Cowell Born 1901

Harriet Ann Irene Cowell Born 1901

John E Cowell Born 1902 Died 1904

George Leslie Cowell Born 1904

Joseph A Cowell Born 1906

Frank Cowell Born 1908 Died 1909

Edna M Cowell Born 1910

Florence Lillius Cowell Born 1912 Died 1990 (my grandmother) Hilton Cowell Born 1914 Died 1914 Daphney E Cowell Born 1915


I have more information if you require it.

I really wish i knew who the biological father was of John Meaker cowell & William Edward (meaker) Cowell


Thanks,  Justine

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian



From: Dale
Sent: Tuesday, 29 April 2014 1:43 PM
Subject: Query regarding family crest and tartan



I am a descendant of Angus Rankin (see below for lineage) and was wondering if you know the family crest or the tartan colours associated with my family.


Neil Rankin (b: abt 1710)>Angus Rankin (b:1745)>Donald Rankin (b:1783)>Angus Rankin (b:1816)>Samuel Rankin (b:1841)>Angus Thomas Rankin (b:1874)>Samuel Ernest Clifford Rankin (b:1909)>B.T. Rankin (b: 1945)>Me


My sister will be visiting Edinburgh and would like to find these for my father.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Regards,  Dale Rankin

Hi Dale,

Sorry, I don't know the answer to your questions unfortunately.

Regards,   Ian



From: Gregory McInnes
Sent: Monday, 28 April 2014 2:17 PM
Subject: Proposed Changes: ELTON, Albert I84080 & ELTON, Charles Samuel I8706



Proposed Change: Elton, Albert (I84080)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://www.monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I84080&tree=MP




Died:                           6 May 1970 at Sutherland District Hospital, Caringbah, NSW                                              

Cause of Death:            Pneumonia, Congestive Cardiac failure

Buried:                        8 May 1970 Field of Mars CofE Cemetery, NSW

Never Married:         


Attached            Death transcript for Albert 1970


Proposed Change: Elton, Charles Samuel (I8706)

Link: http://www.monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I8706&tree=MP

Died:                           at Bombala District Hospital

Cause of Death:          Cerebral Oedema; Metabolic Acidosis (Kidney failure)

Children:                     1 Rae Elton (F) born about 1924 NSW

2 Vera Lea Elton (F) born about 1928 NSW; Died 29 December 2010 at Bombala, NSW; Married 1945 Vic, Claude Joseph Thornell, Born 1922 Frankston, Vic; Died 10 July 2002 Bombala, NSW

                                                Child of Vera and Claude: Anthony Charles Thornell died 1970, Bombala, NSW    NSW BDM 17797/1970


Attached            Death transcript for Charles 1977


“The Canberra Times Saturday 11 April 1970 page 22



THORNELL. — The relatives and friends of the late Anthony Charles Thornell of Cartwell [Cardwell] St, Bombala, are respectfully informed that his funeral will leave St Matthias Church of England, Bombala, after a service commencing at 2pm today, Saturday, for interment in the Bombala Cemetery (Church of England section). Canberra Funeral Directors, 75 Canberra Ave, Kingston 957838.”


Regards, Gregory


Regards,  Ian



From: SP

Sent: Saturday, 26 April 2014 11:13 PM

Subject: McMinn family


I was checking through your info on the Rootsweb site the McMinn family and comparing it with what I already have.


I noticed you have Rebecca McMinn (age 26 b. 1869 Upper Plenty Victoria) married to Charles William Thorp b. Nelligen NSW (married 6 Apr 1896 Braidwood Pres. ) Information re the marriage/parents from the Braidwood Historical Society 1993.

Rebecca's parents are John McMinn and Jane Mitchell. John McMinn was one of the brothers of David McMinn who was at Braidwood.

The 4 brothers David William Thomas and John and their mother Martha (died

1864 Upper Plenty) came out to join their sister Margaret who had married a William McGuigan and his sister, Jane McGuigan and her husband Robert Brown.   They came from Co Cavan in Ireland.


I may have other info that would be helpful to you

Susan, in Queensland

Thank you Susan,

Any further help you can provide would be much appreciated.

Regards,  Ian



From: Kiss Kiss Karen

Sent: Saturday, 26 April 2014 4:46 PM

Subject: Greetings from Geelong

Hi Ian,

Quite some while ago I wrote a piece on my husband’s father Charles Vernon Kiss and his unusual meeting in 1943 to his unknown family. I have been trying to sort my docs and family notes and rediscovered the article.

Perhaps some of your readers might be interested in the story. Credit and thanks for all the work you have done with this website.

Cheers, Karen Kelly Kiss

A photo on the mantlepiece

During World War II Charles Vernon Kiss (5) served in the Australian Army [Army No. VX 105667 Pay Book No. 490126].  Vern, as he was commonly known, joined the army camp in Seymour, Victoria on the 2nd January 1942.  After camp he was assigned to the SIGs 3 Div on the 25th January, 1942.  His rank at that time was a SIG Co II.  Later he would embark from Australia on the 2nd March 1943 for duty overseas.

After a short posting in Albury, Vern Kiss was sent to Casino, NSW.  The Army had established a Signals Post at either the Casino or Grafton local Police Station.  It was while assigned to this Signals Post, Vern met the local Police Sergeant, a Sergeant Laurence Freebody (early to mid 50’s in age).  As I am sure it was common at the time, this Sergeant invited a number of young 18 year old recruits to his home for a meal.  Each was simply introduced by first name, Fred, Sam, Vern, etc.  Any young Aussie soldier would have appreciated the local hospitality, a good home cooked meal and a family atmosphere.


Vern however was in for a surprise.  Upon visiting the Sergeant’s home after a nice dinner, Vern spotted a picture on the mantelpiece in the lounge room.  You can imagine his shock when he recognized his own father, Charles Albert Kiss in the photo. This young man, Vern Kiss from Maffra in Victoria was a long way from his own “roots”. Soon the Freebody’s family learned that young Vern was in fact a Kiss. Martha Ambrosia, the deceased wife of the former Sergeant James S Freebody had married Martha, a Kiss. The link was there in his father’s photo on a strange mantelpiece.  Martha was the great aunt of Vern Kiss and he was a cousin to the hosting Freebody family.of Police Sergeant Lawrence William Freebody.


Vern moved on and took his fighting place in World War II with the story almost forgotten.

Text Box: Charles Vernon Kiss
In front of the Royal Mail Hotel, Mooroopna, Victoria

After the war and long before his death on March 1, 1973 Vern Kiss would tell his own children the funny story of finding relatives in Grafton, NSW in a most unexpected way.  His children remembered a few of the details but most credit belongs to Vera “Poppi” Hoban, Vern’s cousin for her better recollection of the names and details.  Since then, with a little genealogical “snooping”, more of the details have been unraveled.


We know there was a James S. Freebody (588) of NSW who married a Martha Ambrosina Kiss (585) in Cooma, NSW in 1887.  Born in 1871, Martha was the daughter of William Kiss (552) and Martha Wright (553).  She was one of 12 Kiss children and Charles Albert Raymond Kiss, Vern’s father was her sister. So the Sergeant Freebody of the NSW Police force who entertained the young soldier, Vern Kiss had unknowingly invited his first cousin once removed to Sunday lunch.


And it has only taken us till October, 2001 link a few more pieces [with some final revisions to the story in October, 2013]. But the best bit of all in our genealogical search was discovering that this very Kiss family of Martha and Vernon had links that went back to Australia’s earliest beginnings - to a James Kiss who arrived compliments of His Majesty as a CONVICT.  But then that is another story.



On 26/04/2014 00:36, Lynda Phillips wrote:

> Proposed Change: McInerney, Henry James (I311130)

> Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

> Link:

> http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I311130&tree=MP


> Description: From 'The Canberra Times', 30 April 1946:



> two men, in a bad state of decomposition, were recovered from the

> Murrumbidgee River below the Burrinjuck Dam to-day.  They were those

> of Rupert William Hunter, 49, of Binalong, and Henry James McInerney,

> 51 [sic], of Goulburn.  Both men had been employed as rabbiters on the

> Nangrove Station, and were last seen alive on Good Friday.


> From 'Goulburn Evening Post', 2 May 1946:


> OBITUARY ? MR J H McINERINEY.  The funeral of the late James Henr 

> McInerney, aged 37, who was accidentally drowned near Yass, was held

> on Sunday last following a service at SS Peter and Paul's Cathedral.

> The second eldest son of Mrs M McInerney, of 135 Addison Street,

> deceased had spent the greater part of his life in the Goulburn

> district, where he was well known.  Besides his mother, he is survived

> by three brothers, Alphonsus (Cabramatta), William (Lidcombe), Greg

> (Cowarra Creek, Bredbo), and three sisters, Dot (Mrs Woodhouse,

> Goulburn), Jean (Mrs Stewart, Albury), and Joan (Mrs Walter, Howlong).


> Lynda Phillips


Regards,  Ian



On 26/04/2014 00:15, Lynda Phillips wrote:

> Proposed Change: Phillips, Mary Jane (I230252)

> Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

> Link:

> http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I230252&tree=MP


> Description: From Goulburn Evening Post dated 31 July 1946:


> OBITUARY - MRS M J McINERNEY - The death occurred last Thursday

> morning, at St John of God Hospital, of Mary Jane McInerney, 65, of

> 135 Addison Street.  Deceased was the eldest daughter of the late Mr

> and Mrs Edward Phillips, of Humula.  Mrs McInerney was possessed of a

> cheerful and charitable disposition, which won for her many friends.

> Mrs McInerney is survived by a family of three sons and three

> daughters, the sons being, Stanley (Cabramatta), Gregory (Cowarra),

> William (Lidcombe); and the daughters, Dorothy (Mrs W Woodhouse,

> Goulburn), Jean (Mrs Earl Stewart, Albury), and Joan (Mrs C Walter,

> Howlong).  One son, James, predeceased her by three months.  She also

> leaves six brothers, Jack, Edward, William, Charles, Fred and Ashley,

> and two sisters, Alice (Mrs H Sonnemon), and Evelyn (Mrs D Dunn), both

> of The Rock.  The funeral was held last Friday following the service

> at SS Peter and Paul's Cathedral.


> Lynda Phillips


Regards,  Ian



On 26/04/2014 00:12, Lynda Phillips wrote:

> Proposed Change: Woodhouse, Richard William (I105436)

> Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

> Link:

> http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I105436&tree=MP


> Description: From Goulburn Post dated 15 October 1970:


> MR W R WOODHOUSE ? A Requiem Mass for the late Mr William Richar 

> Woodhouse was celebrated by a close family friend, Rev Father R Flack. 

> Mr Woodhouse, 18 Lagoon St, Goulburn, died recently in St John of God

> Hospital, aged 78.  He was born at Ingebyra and had lived for

> 23 years in Goulburn until 1955 when he resided at North Haven, on the

> North Coast, returning to Goulburn in 1968.  Mr Woodhouse, a retired

> railway guard, was a TPI pensioner.  He was a member of the RSL club

> and in previous years was a member of the Horticultural Society and

> the Central Acclimatisation Society.  He is survived by his wife,

> Dorothy, daughters, Moyua (Mrs Paul Fagan, Sydney), Clare (Mrs Bernie

> Flack, Goulburn), Dorothy (Mrs Ted Tozer, Goulburn), Edith (Mrs Mike

> Traynor, Sydney), Helen (Mrs Peter Halls, Wauchope), and Carolyn (Mrs

> John Royan, Maclean).  Sons, William (Sydney), Paul (Newcastle), John

> (Newcastle), James (Goulburn); sisters Ettie (Mrs Rankin, Jindabyne),

> Alice (Mrs Evans, Stony Creek) and 27 grandchildren also survive.

> Four grandsons served at the Requiem Mass at Our Lady of Fatima

> Church, North Goulburn.  The Rev Father Bouchier officiated at the

> graveside at St Patrick?s Cemetery.


> Lynda Phillips


Regards,  Ian



On 26/04/2014 00:09, Lynda Phillips wrote:

> Proposed Change: McInerney, Dorothy May (I105437)

> Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

> Link:

> http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I105437&tree=MP


> Description: From Goulburn Evening Post dated 10 April 1980:


> WOODHOUSE, Dorothy May ? 9th April 1980 (suddenly) at her home, 1 

> Lagoon Street, Goulburn.  Beloved wife of the late William Richard

> Woodhouse, loved mother and mother-in-law of Moya, Clare and Bernie

> Flack, Bill, Dorothy and Ted Tozer, John and Shirley, James, Edith and

> Mike Traynor, Ellen and Peter Hall, Paul and Barbara, Carolyn and John

> Royan, devoted grandmother and great-grandmother of their children,

> dear sister of Joan, Bill and Greg.  Aged 75 years.  At rest.


> WOODHOUSE ? The relatives and friends of the late DOROTHY MA 

> WOODHOUSE are respectfully invited to attend her funeral to leave Our

> Lady of Fatima Church, North Goulburn, tomorrow, Friday, after prayers

> commencing at 2.00 pm for the St Patrick?s Cemetery, Kenmore.  R 



> Lynda Phillips


Regards,  Ian


From: Lesley Egen
Sent: Friday, 25 April 2014 3:30 PM
Subject: Anzac Poem


Long but lovely............


Have the tissues  handy


The Anzac on the Wall

By Jim Brown

I wandered thru a country town, 'cos I had time to spare,
And went into an Antique Shop to see what was in there.
Old Bikes and Pumps and Kero lamps, but hidden by it all,
A photo of a soldier boy
. An Anzac on the Wall.

'The Anzac have a name?' I asked. The old man answered 'No
`The ones who could have told you mate, have passed on long ago`.
The old man kept on talking and, according to his tale,
The photo was unwanted junk, bought from a clearance sale.

'I asked around,' the old man said, 'But no one knows his face,
He's been on that wall twenty years ... deserves a better place.
For someone must have loved him, so it seems a shame somehow.'
I nodded in agreement and then said  'I'll take him now.'


My nameless digger's photo, well it was a sorry sight
A cracked glass pane and a broken frame  I had to make it right

To prise the photo from its frame I took care just in case,
Cause only sticky paper held the cardboard back in place.


I peeled away the faded screed, and much to my surprise,
two letters and a telegram, appeared before my eyes


The first reveals my Anzac's name, and regiment of course
John Mathew Francis Stuart  of Australia
`s own Light Horse.


This letter written from the front ... my interest now was keen;
this note was dated August 7th, 1917

'Dear Mum, I'm at Khalasa Springs, not far from the Red Sea
They say it's in the Bible  looks like a Billabong to me.

'My Kathy wrote, I'm in her prayers  she's still my bride to be,
I just can
`t wait to see you both, you're all the world to me.

And Mum you'll soon meet Bluey, last month they shipped him out
I told him to call on you, when he's up and about.'
'That bluey is a larrikin, and we all thought it funny,
He lobbed a Turkish hand grenade into the CO
`s dunny.


I told you how he dragged me wounded; in from no man's land
He stopped the bleeding, closed the wound, with only his bare

'Then he copped it at the front, from some stray shrapnel blast,
It was my turn to drag him in, and I thought he wouldn't last.

He woke up in hospital, and nearly lost his mind
Cause out there on the battlefield, he'd left one leg behind.'

'He's been in a bad way Mum, he knows he'll ride no more
Like me he loves a horse's back, he was a champ before.

So Please Mum can you take him in, he's been like my own brother
Raised in a Queensland orphanage he
`s never known a mother.'
But Struth, I miss Australia Mum, and in my mind each day
I am a mountain cattleman, on the high plains far away.

I'm mustering white-faced cattle, with no camel's hump in sight,
and I waltz my Matilda, by a campfire every night

I wonder who rides Billy!! I heard the pub burnt down!!
I'll always love you  and please say Hooroo, to all in town'.


The second letter I could see, was in a lady's hand,
An answer to her soldier son, there in a foreign land.

Her copperplate was perfect, the pages neat and clean
it bore the date, November 3rd 1917.


'T'was hard enough to lose your Dad, without you at the war
I'd hoped you would be home by now
, each day I miss you more'
'Your Kathy calls around a lot, since you have been away,
To share with me her hopes and dreams, about your wedding day.

And Bluey has arrived
, and what a godsend he has been
We talked and laughed for days, about the things you've done and seen'
'He really is a comfort, and works hard around the farm,
I read the same hope in his eyes, that you won't come to harm.

Mc Connell's kids rode Billy, but suddenly that has changed.
We had a violent lightning storm, and it was really strange.'

'Last Wednesday, just on midnight, not a single cloud in sight,
It raged for several minutes, it gave us all a fright.

It really spooked your Billy and he screamed and bucked and reared,
And then he rushed the sliprail fence, which by a foot he

'They brought him back next afternoon, but something's changed I fear,
It's like the day you brought him home, for no one can get near.

Remember when you caught him, with his black and flowing mane?
Now Horse Breakers fear the beast, that only you can tame,'

'That's why we need you home son Then the flow of ink went dry

This letter was unfinished and I couldn't work out why.


Until I started reading, the letter, number three
 A yellow telegram delivered news of a tragedy.

Her son killed in action
. Oh! What pain that must have been,
the same date as her letter 3rd November 1917

This letter which was never sent, became then one of three.
She sealed behind the photo's face
, the face she longed to see.


And John's home town's children, when he went to war,
Would say no greater cattleman, had left the town before.
They knew his widowed mother well, and with respect did tell,
How when she lost her only boy  she lost her mind as well.


She could not face the awful truth, to strangers she would speak
``My Johnny's at the war you know, he's coming home next week``.

They all remembered Bluey, he stayed on to the end.
A young man with wooden leg, became her closest friend.

And he would go and find her when she wandered, old and weak,
and always softly say 'Yes dear
, John will be coming home next week.'

Then when she died, Bluey moved on to Queensland some did say.
I tried to find out where he went, but don't know to this day.
And Kathy never wed, a lonely spinster some found odd.
She wouldn't set foot in a church she'd turned her back on God.


John's mother left no Will, I learned, on my detective trail.
This explains my photo's journey, of that clearance sale.
So I continued digging, cause, I wanted to know more.
I found John's name with thousands, in the records of the war.

His last ride proved his courage a ride you will acclaim
The Light Horse Charge at Beersheba of everlasting fame.
That last day in October back in 1917,
at 4pm our brave boys fell that sad fact I did glean.


That's when John's life was sacrificed, the record's crystal clear.
But 4pm in Beersheba is midnight over here .....
So as John's gallant sprit rose, to cross the great divide,
Were lightning bolts back home, a signal from the other side?


Is that why Billy bolted, and went racing as in pain?
Because he'd never feel his master, on his back again!
Was it coincidental? Same time ... Same day
Same date!
Some proof of numerology or just a quirk of fate?

I think it's more than that you know, as I've heard wiser men,
Acknowledge there are many things, that go beyond our ken
Where craggy peaks guard secrets, neath dark skies torn asunder,
Where hoof beats are companions, to the rolling waves of thunder

Where lightning cracks like 303's, and ricochets again,
Where howling moaning gusts of wind, sound just like dying men
Some Mountain cattlemen have sworn, on lonely alpine track,
They've glimpsed a huge black stallion
, a Light Horseman on his back.


Yes Sceptics say, it's swirling clouds, just forming apparitions.
Oh No, My friend you can't dismiss all this as, superstition.
The desert of Beersheba or a windswept Aussie range,
John Stuart rides on forever there
, I don't find that at all strange.


Now some gaze upon this photo, and they often question me,
and I tell them a small white lie, and say he's family.
'You must be proud of him.' they say I tell them, one and all,
That's why he takes the pride of place

The Anzac on the Wall.

Lest We Forget





On 21/04/2014 12:01, Judith Quinn wrote:

> Proposed Change: Good, Mary Agnes (I269553)

> Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

> Link:

> http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I269553&tree=MP


> Description: I am relatively new at family history research but Linda

> Gunning was my grandmother and she has caused me untold problems

> researching her history. I would be most grateful for any

> information/corrections you may be able to offer.


> From what I have been able to find, Robert Allendale Campbell was

> married to Mary Ann Good (18/7/1883). They had one child William James

> Campbell (b. 15/1/1884 - d. 1884). Mary Ann Good died 26/8/1888.

> Robert then is connected with Mary Agnes Wallace(?) who is the mother

> of the other children (d. 5/10/1936 - her death certificate shows all

> the children but also the details of Mary Ann Good). She seems to have

> adopted the identity of Mary Ann Good. I cannot see a marriage with

> Mary Agnes (the archivist at the Church in Goulburn puts another name

> forward, it could be 'Walsh' not Wallace). So I am at a loss finding

> Mary Agnes Campbell and would certainly appreciate any direction.


> Judith Quinn

Thank you Judith,

It appears you have made significant progress in the face of considerable difficulty.  Unfortunately we have no information that sheds any further light on your problem.  Perhaps the birth or death certificates of the children might contain something that will help?

Your help and input is much appreciated.

Regards,  Ian

Hello Ian

Just a question: do you have a 'noticeboard' (or something like that) that people can post questions/help request? Just a thought I had re further information re Robert Campbell and Mary Agnes Wallace.

Or do you know of anyone who would be willing to share any research they have done that could shed some light or help me with other ancestors.

Thanks,  Judith

Hi Judith,

We have a newsletter where such requests can be published.  Just send the details of your question to me and I will see that our editor receives it.

Regards,  Ian

Hello Ian

Would the below be appropriate for the Newsletter? If so, I would appreciate you forwarding it to the editor.


My great grandfather, Robert Allendale Campbell (1862-1939), and Mary Agnes Campbell (Wallace?) (d. 1936) had 16 children together in the Goulburn/Queanbeyan area. In an article on his death in the Burrowa News he was described as an  old identity of Queanbeyan . I would greatly appreciate any information/leads/contact related to this family and especially Mary Agnes who remains historically invisible to me. Judith Quinn


With many thanks,  Judith



From: Bruce Stubbs
Sent: Wednesday, 23 April 2014 10:51 AM
Subject: Unidentified photos

Hi Ian and David,


I recently discovered the attached photos amongst my grandparents photos which have no identification attached to them.


Is it possible if you can add it to the next newsletter for me?


I believe they may be of the Skipper or Brasington families.


Any feedback would be much appreciated.


Thanks,  Bruce Stubbs

Hi Bruce,

I would suggest those photos are of the same person, they look similar in facial features.   Have you looked at the WW1 Anzacs list on our website for Bras(s)ington and Skipper to see if you can link the identity?

Regards,  Ian


From: Neville Foster
Sent: Tuesday, 22 April 2014 3:22 PM
Subject: Location of property

Hi Ian

Thanks for providing the information “Woolway” via Dugald Mitchell readers response. 

This information is very much appreciated. The Monaro area is one part of NSW where I haven’t been, coming from the Hunter Valley.


I have attached a map of the area you mentioned, to narrow it down further the area of Woolway woolshed. Could you let me know which is the closest A or B, as we intend to visit the area in September this year?


Could I trouble you for a little bit more information; do you recall/know of, the name “Utopia” described as Cooma district.  Is this the name of a property or was the name of a house back in the 1800? 

If you could help me to locate this property/location would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks once again for your help.

Regards,  Neville

Hi Dugald,

Can you help with this further inquiry?

Regards,  Ian

Hi Ian,

I am sending this via you, as then you know what is going on.  Woolway is spelt Wullwye  and the wullwye Creek after it passes Berridale changes its name to Wullwye.  The old woolshed that I have always known as the Wullwye shearing shed is right  on the Berridale side of the creek at B.    From memory I think there is an old house nearby.  I have  not heard of Utopia but I will ask about, my sister is a member of the Cooma Historical Society.

Cheers, Dugald Mitchell 

Thanks Dugald,

Regards,  Ian



From: Harry Napthali
Sent: 2014-04-22 3:00 PM
Subject: tjilbees travels & history


Hi David, I have published a book dating back to 1818 re Michael Napthali, his trial at Old Bailey, his life in Australia, then carry on with

a biography of my own life, having worked and travelled all over Aussie, and it includes several items concerning the Snowy Monaro

regions, The name is as above Tjilbees travel & History. I would like to advise anyone interested that it is available at Dymocks Canberra

and the National Library Bookstore.

If you wish to supply a postal address, I will forward a copy for you to peruse before deciding if it would be suitable to mention in the

newsletter, or use it for any other information you require. 

Regards,  Harry Napthali


From: Helen Ferguson

Sent: Monday, 21 April 2014 8:17 PM

Subject: Family history

Dear Ian ,

I am the grand niece of Monaghan Raymond Hayes , first Cooma boy killed at Gallipoli in WW1 .

My material grandmother was Sarah Anne Margaret Hayes (smith) his sister .

My material grandfather was Isaac  Smith  also from the Cooma area (Rock Flat)  

I note on your web site some history and photos posted by my cousin Ted Washbkrook  in  2004 . Our mothers are sisters ,both deceased .

I know of Ted but have not had contact with him for decades . I tried today to contact  him by the email mentioned in his article but it is an invalid email address . Do you have a new email address for him , if so would you be so kind to pass my email address to him and request that he contact me As I grow older I am becoming interested in family history ,but being  one of the youngest on both sides of my parents(deceased) most history holders are dead .

As maternal side is from the Monaro area I will join the newsletter

Regards, Helen Searle

Hi Helen,

The most current email address we have is .. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Regards,   Ian



From: Robert Gail Cowie
Sent: Monday, 21 April 2014 4:32 PM
Subject: RE: John Downing/ey brother of Robert Downing of "Gadara"

Hi Ian,
I received these clear photos of the Downing monument in the Roman Catholic section of Tumut Old Pioneer Cemetery.
The photos include children of Robert and Margaret Downing, and Robert's two brothers. I feel that as no other clear photos are available that these should be on your site.
Thanks for your help,
Regards Gail

Thanks Gail,

Your photos have been added to the website - you can see them by either looking at the Pioneer Cemetery, Tumut under the Cemeteries option or by searching for Downing under the All Media option or Headstones option.

Regards,  Ian



From: Bob & Gail
Sent: Monday, 21 April 2014 11:41 AM
Subject: John Downing/ey brother of Robert Downing of "Gadara"

Hi Ian,

I wish to thank you for this site as it has allowed me to finally find my 2xgrgrandfather well hidden as he was. I am having a short story published within our Wyong Family History Group newsletter “Tree of Life” in May about him. I also have clear recent photos of his grave, his brother Bartholomew’s and one of Robert and Anne (Quilty) Downing’s children’s grave. Not sure if my information (story) and gravesite can be somehow attached to his site?

Please advise me.

Regards Gail (Downie) Cowie

Hi Gail,

Send your information and photos to me and I will include them.

Regards,   Ian



From: tworobbos

Sent: 2014-04-20 6:31 AM

Subject: Re: MONARO PIONEERS NEWSLETTER - 2014 Number 3

Hi David


In re Rex Harry and Henry Lewis Moon 1861-1928 AKA Harry Moon


Bairnsdale cemetery register records Henry Louis Moon, normally resident at Buchan, as buried on the 27th October 1928 in the COE section. Ref. No. 1819.



Peter, the older of the tworobbos @ Wy Yung, near Bairnsdale


Regards,  Ian



On 20/04/2014 16:49, Judith Quinn wrote:

> Proposed Change: Campbell, Linda (I61451)

> Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

> Link:

> http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I61451&tree=MP


> Description: I am a granddaughter of Linda Campbell who married James

> Gunning in 1915. I don't believe the Linda Gunning who married James

> Gunning is this Linda Gunning.

> Linda Gunning who married James Gunning is the daughter of Robert

> Campbell (ID I209750). Linda's birth was not registered but through

> out searches I believe this to be right. Also the listing for the

> above Robert Campbell shows his middle name as Gordon. His birth

> certificate does not show a middle name, but other records all show

> him to be Robert Allendale Campbell, the son of Robert Gordon Campbell

> (ID I61874) and Catherine Osborne.

> Any acknowledgement of this information would be appreciated.


> Judith Quinn

Thanks for Letting us know.

Regards,  Ian


From: Julie Vonwiller
Sent: 2014-04-20 2:09 PM
Subject: ADDED MPI represented at Merimbula

Dear Ian,


Further to my email below, just to let you know that my husband and I will probably go to Merimbula for that day. I could help on a stall for an hour. If I’m not needed, that’s fine. We will be going anyway.


Regards,  Julie Vonwiller


From: Julie Vonwiller
Sent: Thursday, 10 April 2014 8:59 AM
To: 'David Knox'; 'iansharvey@bigpond.com'


Dear Ian,


Thank you and David for all your work on the MPI.  Even though I have stopped work on my family for now, I still enjoy receiving the newsletter, and value your contributions. In response to Ian’s request, see below.



Julie Vonwiller




The one major benefit I can definitely see is the opportunity for MP supporters to meet and converse. 

[Julie] I agree, and for others to see the MPI – it may have info that they could use.


Perhaps I could cajole more information and photos from the folks attending.

[Julie] That would also be a plus


Therefore, the question is should I participate?

[Julie] that is up to you as your time is not covered by a salary, but if you were interested to go, then I think it would be a good/great idea.


Would any of you be interested in attending? 

[Julie] I am interested to attend but need more time to see if my husband and I can be free around that time.


Would my presence there make any difference to your decision?

[Julie] yes it would. You would be able to talk knowledgeably about the MPI, the software, the MPI start-up, the data, issues and problems that you have found etc. Few others could do that.


Would anyone be interested in being part of the team on the day?

[Julie] I am willing to be there as support, but am not an expert.


If I did attend what would you like me do there?  Naturally an internet interface to show case the MP site would be mandatory.

[Julie] As described above, you could provide a lot of experience and information and may find information in return. Showcasing the MP site would be mandatory, indeed.


Again I ask does anyone care?

[Julie] I’m sure we all do, but people are shy of putting themselves forward. Some of the really frequent contributors may be interested to be on a stall with you? Perhaps ask them????


I look forward to your comments and suggestions.


Should we invite any of the professional researchers that we have used? That could add a layer of expertise. For instance, I used Jean Main from Canberra. She may go anyway of course.


Regards,   Ian Harvey



From: Dianne Snowden
Sent: Saturday, 19 April 2014 6:10 PM
Subject: James Joseph Slattery: correction


Dear Ian

The James Joseph Slattery who enlisted in the Boer War was not the son of Patrick Slattery and Caroline (Reynolds). Rather, he was the son of Mary Slattery; he was born in Melbourne c1881. Ours was born in Cooma in 1873. However, the account of the death James Joseph Slattery son of Patrick Slattery and Caroline (Reynolds) is correct. [Sources: Goulburn Evening Post 24 April 1928 p.4; SMH 24 April 1928 p.12]


James went to the Boer War in South Africa with the 2 Battalion, Australian Commonwealth Horse (Vic). His service number was 618. After the war, James was employed by the Burrinjuck Dam as a powder monkey. A bush fire broke out in the hills around the dam. The locals asked the Dam management if they could help fight the fire. James was told to stay at the powder shed and keep the fire away from the dynamite. As the fire swept down the hills, a tree holding back a large boulder caught alight. As the tree burned the rock was released and it rolled down the hill. The rock hit James and he suffered massive head injuries and later died in hospital from his injuries.


Kind regards,  Dianne Snowden


Regards,  Ian



From: Roslyn Mullen
Sent: 2014-04-18 10:12 AM
Subject: ADDED Photo from WW1 soldiers- Francis Clement Goodwin.

Hi Ian and David,

Thank you for all your work to continue to grow the Monaro pioneers site.  I do not have any photos of my Great Uncle, Clem Goodwin. But on receiving the reprinted  book “In those days….” third print 2012 , written by the Numeralla and District History Group, I found on page 26 a head shot of Clem in his uniform. There are 15 small head shots of Numeralla soldiers in their uniforms from WWI. There is also a short  article written by John Agnew, titled “The Wars”, which gives an account of those Numeralla men and women who serviced in the Boer war and WW1 and  WW2.
The photos are of Clem Goodwin, Joe Ward, Arthur Broadhead, Harry and George Smith, Bob Scullin, Walter Collins, John Henry Smith on horse, Ernie McTavish, Ernie Ward, Arthur Scullin, Hubert Scullin, Patrick Flakelar, Henry Broadhead and Thomas Scullin.
The book was printed by South East Printing, Cooma.

Regards Roslyn Mullen.



From: Leony Power

Sent: Thursday, 17 April 2014 8:58 PM

Subject: Becoming a member


Hi Ian, I have not been to the Monaro Pioneers site for some years having moved from Cooma to the coast. In the past I have made many contributions including the Power and Suthern families. I would like once again to have access to this wonderful site and to be able to contribute once again.

Thank you Leony Power

Hi Leony,

We would appreciate any additional contributions you can provide.

You can now access the MP database directly on the website which does require a userid and password.  The registration process to obtain same is quite simple and is free.

Regards,  Ian


From: John and Jan Elder  

Sent: Wednesday, 16 April 2014 4:52 PM

Subject: Saphire Coast Family History Expo

Hi Ian


For what it is worth I thought I would give you my opinion on the above invitation.  I feel that you do so much already in a voluntary capacity that it would be asking a lot for you to travel to Merimbula for this Expo.  As you mentioned Monaro Pioneers is a site rather than a Family History group. I live a long way from Merimbula and would not be interested in travelling that far myself.


While I am "talking " to you I would like to say how much I enjoy receiving the newsletter each month and thank you for all you do.


Regards,  Jan Elder=

Thank you Jan,

Regards,  Ian



On 12/04/2014 01:19, Leanne wrote:

> Proposed Change: Holdsworth, Frederick Edward (I13479)

> Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

> Link:

> http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I13479&tree=MP


> Description: Frederick Edward Holdsworth and Elizabeth Ellen Appleby


> Their children


> Ellen Joyce Holdsworth 1917?2007 (spouse: Francis Arnold)


> Evelyn Iris Holdsworth 1920?2008 (Spouse: James Leslie brownlie)


> Aileen Marie Holdsworth 1921?1998 ( Spouse 1: Austin Woodman Brodi

>  1912 ? 1947) (Spouse 2: William John HELLYER 1929 ? 2002 )


> Stella Jean Holdsworth 1924?1970 (Spouse: Dale Henry GLASS

> 1922 ? 1983 )


> Doris E Holdsworth 1926 ? 2003 (Spouse: Elwyn Neil CHRISTENSEN 1920 ?

> 2005 )


> Daphne Holdsworth  (Spouse: Roy Glass 1924?1998 )


> Elizabeth Holdsworth 1931 ? 1977


> Eric James Holdsworth 1932 ? 1986 (Spouse:Patricia Ellis



> June Margaret Holdsworth  (Spouse: Kevin Mitchell)


> Kenneth R Holdsworth


> Norma Fay Holdsworth  ?(Spouse: Hugh James Whitby 1925 ? 2001)


> Ronald F Holdsworth  ?


> Robert John Holdsworth  ? (Spouse: Denise Dunn)


> Leanne

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian


From: Richard Summerrell
Sent: Thursday, 10 April 2014 7:28 PM
Subject: Promoting Monaro Pioneers

Dear Ian
I refer to your request for opinions about whether MP should be represented at the forthcoming family history event in Merimbula.

I strongly believe it should, but at minimal inconvenience to yourself, since you contribute such an enormous amount already. I'm not sure your attendance would be justified, particularly given the commitment it would need from you (on top of the breathtaking commitment you give already).

Perhaps we could contribute a banner of some sort, extolling the fantastic resource that MP is. It could be as simple as a poster promoting the website and all the wonderful content listed on the MP Homepage, with a big FREE appearing somewhere on it, and encouraging anyone who grew up in the area, or who suspects their ancestors might have connections with the area, to visit the website. Or it might be a banner. We'd need a local MP person to set it up in the place agreed with/designated by the organisers.

As well as raising general awareness of MP, it might result in more people visiting the site and finding/suggesting/contributing new families or individuals to the pioneer database. A prominent position/venue would be needed to display the banner/poster etc, and maybe you could negotiate that with the organisers of the Merimbula event as to how and where it would be displayed. If we produced a banner or plastic coated poster it could be used over and over at similar family history events being held elsewhere in the state. A member/follower of MP in the Merimbula area could perhaps place the banner/poster in the designated position, and send you back of a photograph of how/where the banner/poster was displayed, for you to check that it was being used/displayed to best advantage (one of the disadvantages of not attending oneself is that one isn't on-site to check such things).

Although I have no background in promotion or publicity, until recently I produced a WIRES (wildlife rescue) newsletter and designed/produced their postcards, newsletters, fridge magnets and banners (eg teardrop banners). I have the software that can do this. When I worked for the National Archives (retired 2005) I wrote most of the content for the 'Collection' pages on their website. God knows that it looks like now though!

As my small contribution to the MP enterprise I'd be happy to pay for a printer in Sydney to produce an A2 poster (for size info see
http://www.papersizes.org/a-paper-sizes.htm) or a pull-down banner for MP that could be used over and over at future family history events. In the past I've used http://www.bannershop.com.au/, and despite the very 'down-market' look of their website, they are very professional and I'd recommend them to anyone. They produce a very professional product.

Just a thought.

Let me know what you think. I'll take no offence if you say 'no, too much trouble'. The 'production' issues are probably the easy bit. The logistics of getting a poster/banner set up, being taken down, and then sent to the MP person closest to the next organised event might be just too much work.

PS - I'm still working on the Browns - true pioneers of the area and after whom Brown Mountain was named. I will get you a gedcom containing their details asap. I'm working on it at the moment.

Cheers, Richard
PS - Sorry my WWI database input ceased. Has it all been entered yet or is there still data to be entered?

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the input, you raise some very interesting points.  I am not seeking any financial donations as yet, just intellectual contributions.

Yes the WW1 input is just about finished, there is the occasional new addition but now I am trying to get photos of as many of the enlistees as possible and hopefully before the 100 year anniversary of the start of that abominable conflict.

I may get back to you to get more ideas if and when I decide to attend.

Regards,  Ian



From: Gregory McInnes
Sent: Thursday, 10 April 2014 4:54 PM
Subject: Proposed Change: ELTON, Harry I84081



Proposed Change: Elton, Harry (I84081)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://www.monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I84081&tree=MP




Regards, Gregory


Born:               27 September 1899, Bombala, NSW                                         NSW BDM Index 10354/1899

Died:               9 November 1962, Lidcombe State Hospital, Sydney, NSW            NSW BDM Index 33312/1962

Buried:            Cremated 12 November 1962, Rookwood Crematorium, Sydney, NSW

Married:          Never Married


Attached            Death transcript for Harry 1962



Regards,  Ian


From: Gregory McInnes
Sent: Thursday, 10 April 2014 10:50 AM
Subject: Merimbula Family History Expo

Hi Ian


As a member of the Heraldry and Genealogy Society of Canberra (HAGSOC) I can only encourage your attendance.  Promotion of genealogy and in particular the MP Site, has to be a good thing.


I’m sorry that I cannot assist with costs and understand what they can add up to. I will be helping to promote Congress 2015 to be held in Canberra in March next year and will be attending Kiama (this coming weekend), Cowra and Taree in May, Wollongong in September and now Merimbula in August, and anything else that may pop up over the next 11 months, all at my own cost!


I also understand that it could end up being a total waste of time in that no-one shows any interest, however the opposite could happen. I’m not aware of any other event like this in the Monaro area, and it would be a shame not to participate, not only to promote the MP site but also to help out the people organizing this first time event.


As mentioned I will be attending at Merimbula and would be happy to assist you on the day when I can, noting that I will be part of the HAGSOC group promoting Congress


I think it would be enough to have a couple of laptops with access to the MP site, so that people could do look-ups; and flyers of course.


If you decide to go I’d be happy to help out where I can.


Regards,   Gregory McInnes

Hi Gregory,

Thanks for the comments, I am delighted that Hagsoc will be represented at Merimbula.  One of the potential benefits I can foresee is to explore the possibility of one of the "local" societies becoming more involved with the MP project and perhaps "hosting" the MP site.

Regards,   Ian


From: Joye Walsh
Sent: Wednesday, 9 April 2014 9:12 PM
Subject: Fw: MONARO PIONEERS NEWSLETTER - 2014 Number 3


Re - attendance at Merimbula Family History Expo??


My brief answer would be YES!


Maybe that is a selfish reply because I know you already give so much wonderful time & effort to this site. However, you have so much to be proud of. It is important to spread the word even more widely.

This site is a truly valuable addition for families with any connection to the Monaro. Much more reliable and honest than any other on-line site I know of.


The reason for my definite reply is my memory of the Castle Hill Family Expo type event way back in 1990 at which I had a "Rixon" table. A lot of people interested in learning of their heritage attended, including many with Rixon connections, so my knowledge of the wider family dramatically increased.

It eventually led to the 200 year Rixon Gathering in 1998 which I helped Helen Rixon organise and the publication of my books "More a Forest than a Family Tree" and "The Rixon Settlers". For this particular family line that day was most significant.


Hopefully your attendance at the Expo at Merimbula will be an inspiration to many other family lines.


Cheers,  Joye

Thank you Joye,

Regards,  Ian


From: jlap
Sent: 2014-04-11 2:27 AM


Hello  David and Ian

Thank you once again for the wonderful newsletter which  I receive each month,

Jean  Lapthorne



From: Suzanne Henry
Sent: Wednesday, 9 April 2014 5:57 PM
Subject: John Quinn

Hi Ian,


RE: Monaro Pioneers Website:


I am new to family history research and have just accessed your Monaro Pioneers data base today.


My grandmother was Mary Coralie Quinn, daughter of John Quinn and Mary Jane Hoffman who were married in 1883, Moss Vale near Buckley’s Crossing.


You have a John Quinn and Mary Jane Quinn (Hoffman) on your data base.


I have the New Zealand Death Certificate copy for John Quinn. In this it states his father was John Lawrence Quinn and mother was Ann Quinn  (nee Cole-moss)


However your data base does not link this John Quinn (married to Mary Jane Hoffman) to John Lawrence Quinn as his father and it doesn't list him as one of their children.


Your data base also does not record my grandmother Mary Coralie Quinn as a daughter of John Quinn and Mary Jane Hoffman however I do have Mary’s NZ Marriage certificate copy that lists her parents as John Quinn and Mary Jane Hoffman. I have not been able to find a birth certificate registration for her in Australia, although she was born in Australia in Dalgety.


Similarly John Harold Quinn was another child of Mary Jane Hoffman and John Quinn (sibling of Mary, Ethel and Margaret)  and I have John Harold’s  NZ marriage certificate copy that states that his parents were John Quinn and Mary Jane Hoffman.


I would like to have this John Quinn ( who married Mary Jane Hoffman)  registered on your data base as a son of John Lawrence Quinn and Ann Cole-moss and am writing to ask you if you would like me to send you the information I have to prove this.


I would also like to have Mary Coralie Quinn and John Harold Quinn added as children of John Quinn and Mary Jane Hoffman on your data base.


John Quinn and Mary Jane Hoffman moved to New Zealand circa 1906 (with their four children) and John Quinn worked initially as a Publican in the Thames Coromandel region and finally in Auckland, New Zealand circa 1912 just before he died in 1914.


I have interesting family photos of Mary Jane Hoffman and John Quinn, in their later years in New Zealand and their children around 1910 – 1912.


I have also found through Ancestry.com a document called the Quinn and Colemoss  Family Tree. This is quite an extensive document but it does list John Quinn as a child of John Laurence Quinn and married to  Mary Jane Hoffman and my grandmother Mary, and siblings, Ethel, John H and Margaret are listed in this document.


I hope to hear from you soon.


Regards,  Suzanne HENRY,  Melbourne

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

It would be a lot easier to add the people you reference if you could supply full details of births, deaths, marriages, spouse names and offspring.

Regards,  Ian


From: Phillip Wheatley
Sent: Wednesday, 9 April 2014 12:30 PM
Subject: re Family History Expo 2014

Hi Ian,

               Just a few thoughts on your ‘Announcement’ in the 2014 Number 3 Newsletter.


               Firstly, in my opinion, I think that there would be a great number of people who care and have enormous pride in the achievements of the dedicated volunteers and contributors to the Monaro Pioneers database, I raise my hand in being one of them.


               I’m sure you would have tremendous knowledge and expertise on the efficient running  of a Family History database and all the interaction that occurs between yourself and the contributors. I would think that in this age most research and recording of Family History by Individuals and Groups would involve the internet and databases which would showcase your expertise. I couldn’t answer what attendees at this Expo would expect to find out so I think that would be best answered by Linda Albertson or others. Your knowledge would be quite a valuable addition to the Expo if this is what attendees would be searching for.


               I would have some interest in attending and if I did I would be most interested in a MP booth. Not sure about having any expertise to offer but would be open to suggestions.


               If you did attend I think that the display would centre on having a fast internet connection and demonstrating the technologies of the MP database and the resources that are used in putting the database together. Maybe there would be some value to yourself in face to face contact with other researchers and also contact with MP contributors.


               If you were to attend I think that your costs could be covered by grateful MP users and I would be willing to help.


               Hope this helps,

Regards,  Philip Wheatley

Thanks Phillip,

Regards,   Ian



From: Frances Ingram
Sent: Thursday, 10 April 2014 4:02 AM
Subject: Re.: Edwin Gregory Ingram

Hi Ian


I was just going through the Monaro Pioneers Newsletter & found this entry: 



From: Patricia McGufficke  

Sent: Sunday, 9 March 2014 5:46 PM

Subject: Proposed Change: Ingram, Edwin Gregory (I87839)


Proposed Change: Ingram, Edwin Gregory (I87839)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I87839&tree=MP


Description: Edwin died in Bombala and is buried Bombala Cemetery.


Patricia McGufficke


Regards,   Ian"


I need to tell you that the proposed change is incorrect.  Edwin Gregory Ingram (my father's brother) died at the Delegate Hospital and is buried in the Ingram cemetery at Tombong.   

Thanks,  Frances Ingram

Thanks Frances, I will amend our records accordingly.

Regards,  Ian



On 09/04/2014 10:48, leah burke wrote:

> Proposed Change: Glass, William (I113595)

> Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

> Link:

> http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I113595&tree=MP


> Description: birth certificate for William Glass 09953 born 17 Aug 1875 at Black Springs

> died later that year 1875,


> leah burke


Regards,  Ian



From: Dianne Snowden
Sent: Tuesday, 8 April 2014 8:26 PM
Subject: Parker family corrections



Another correction with some additional information.

Kind regards



1.    George Daniel Feeney – MP: died in 1937 in Auburn, NSW

He died on 24 December 1936 in a railway yard accident when he slipped in the path of an oncoming train as he was crossing the lines.

George was buried on 26 December 1936 in the Roman Catholic Cemetery at Rookwood.

[NSW Death Certificate 1937 No.002320: George Daniel Feeney]


Goulburn Evening Post 24 December 1936 p.5



Regards,  Ian



From: Beverley Hicks
Sent: 2014-04-09 4:01 AM


Thank you for your great newsletter and I would like you to put into the News my thanks for placing my note last year April and May about coming from Canada to seek Osmond and Sturt roots in Tumut  I had a lot of responses and about 20 of us had a lovely gathering and lunch at the Tumut golf course. Met many people I knew of by name and a lot of new “cousins” 3rds  and 4ths and 5ths  It would not have happened without your newsletter. And even later after my visit I am still being contacted by some who had missed my earlier notice.


As to your request about attending the Sapphire Coast Family History expo.   My personal view is that any exposure we get about families is great. It seems it would be a journey for you to get there but if it could be done I think it would be useful  Too bad someone else can’t help out because I think your site is amazing. 


Thank you again for everything you did last year to help me contact wonderful family members and I am still interested in meeting more if there are any out there you do have permission to print my email address.   hicks@mymts.net


Beverley Hicks, great granddaughter of Emily Sturt and James Osmond, granddaughter of Fred Osmond their seventh child and fifth son



From: Dianne Snowden
Sent: Tuesday, 8 April 2014 11:57 AM
Subject: Correction to Daniel Feeney

Dear Ian


Daniel Feeney (who married Elizabeth Parker) is recorded as dying in Newtown NSW in 1903. This was another much younger Daniel Feeney (b. c1868): he died at the Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown, on 2 December 1903. Aged 35, he was formerly of Station Street, Newtown. He was buried in the Roman Catholic section of the Rookwood cemetery. No personal information was recorded on his death certificate except that he was born in Ireland. [Reference: NSW Death Certificate 1903/015036]


Kind regards,  Dianne Snowden

Thanks Dianne,

Regards, Ian



From: Phyllis Dowling
Sent: Tuesday, 8 April 2014 9:56 AM
Subject: anzac site.


Ian, re the Anzac site.   2650  Bert  Harris  and   2651   Bertie Colin Harris   is the same person.  His proper name was Bertie Colin Harris  but for reasons of his own he enlisted as just Bert Harris. He actually wrote home to his mother and told her this, we have the letter.  His birth date is 15 September 1894. All other details are correct.  Attached is his photo.  He was my father’s brother.

thank you for a wonderful site   Phyllis Dowling

Thank you Phyllis,

Regards,   Ian



From: Kellie Brown
Sent: Monday, 7 April 2014 3:57 PM
Subject: Newsletter


In regards to


From: John Blatherwick
Sent: Saturday, 8 March 2014 6:29 PM
Subject: George Wells Watling


Two Points.

1)"In August 1849 he was granted a Certificate of Freedom  and  later a Ticket of Leave (ref NSW State Records Office)"


Convicts received their Ticket of Leave BEFORE their Cert of Freedom. (not afterwards)


2)The 15yo John EVERETT who arrived 1879 was 'crew' on the ship. He was listed as a BOY (Cabin Boy basically) There's nothing to say he actually got off the ship or stayed in Australia. His 'seamans' records from UK should give an idea of how long his was a seaman.





From: Jim & Janelle Jefferson
Sent: Monday, 7 April 2014 11:53 AM
Subject: WW2 Photo

Hi Ian,

I have been looking at the WW2 List of Servicemen, You have a photo of my father Francis Charles Gatehouse,  which is from the Gatehouse site when he was aged 60.  I have found a photo of my father in Uniform and wonder if you could replace it with the one enclosed.  Two of his brothers are shown in uniform and it would be nice to have his there also.

Many Thanks,   Janelle Jefferson

Thanks Janelle,

Your Dad's photo is now visible on our site.

Regards,  Ian


Hi David


The only comment I can make is that maybe if there is a notice board made available at the event.

A mention of the Monaro Pioneers website and its purpose would be all that is needed.


In my opinion people that go to these events only wonder around checking out other ways for research  to be made easy.


Regards Pat Davis



From: darren &nicole

Sent: Monday, 7 April 2014 10:28 AM

Subject: James Neal/Neale/Neil

Hi Ian

My name is Nicole and

I am researching my maternal grandmothers grandparents James Neal and Mary Slattery.


I believe they were married in Monaro in 1847 and two of their children may have also been born there in 1845 (Richard) and 1849 (Martha).


They seemed to have moved to Tarraville, Gisborne and I have also record of James residing in Flinders street (melbourne) in 1861 when he remarried his second wife.  I think James was a farmer and also a carrier between Port Albert and Gisborne.


I notice from researching on the internet that you have a record of their marriage and was hoping that you may have other information about their lives prior to marriage in 1847.  James was born in 1812 in Surrey in England and I suspect he may have been a convict arriving on the Mangles in 1837.  As yet I have been unable to establish any links with Mary's past.


If I need to become a member I am happy to do so inorder to further my research.

kind regards,  Nicole Jones

Hi Nicole,

The only information we have is what you see displayed on our website unfortunately.

Regards,  Ian


From: granjam
Sent: Monday, 7 April 2014 8:40 AM
Subject: expo


Hi Ian-bit of a dilemma! If you lived there and could attend easily then maybe a yes but for a 3 day plus expenses trip I would probably decline. The folk who use MP contact you as is for any queries and I have always found the site and its function excellent. Perhaps they could display a poster advising of the existence of MP for those who don't know-it basically is self service from the users side. Hope my comments help-regards Judy Jamieson

Thanks Judy,

Regards,  Ian


From: June Love
Sent: Sunday, 6 April 2014 5:26 PM
Subject: Sapphire Coast Family History Expo

Dear Ian 

Many thanks for my laugh for the afternoon, a good dessert after taking in Annabel Crabb's latest offering as main course.


Firstly, I think you might find there's a good deal of interest from our aboriginal families all along the South Coast. Can you send a copy of the 'Flyer' to the Kiama/Wollongong Libraries? (If they're not already on a mailing list).


Secondly, you'd be surprised how many people would be deeply interested in the software side of your/our website. Mainly because it's brilliant.


Thirdly, you'd be sure to get a huge raft of pretty silly questions.


But fourthly, I'm sure there'd be people bombarding you with their stories. So if you do go there, (ask someone to) take a tape recorder/mike linked to a notebook/and ask them to tell their stories in a nice loud voice. (Make a small sign/banner asking people to come and tell their stories???)   {???Power Source???}


Provide a Visitor's Book (a scrap book that people can record their comments in).


Then, there are plenty of families still residing in the Eden-Monaro who would find it an easy trip.


I heartily recommend the meat pies and cup of tea @ former Tathra whaling station (in news recently for sad reasons).


Have previously stayed at Merimbula (lots of retirees there) and Australian (Australasian?) pub at Eden (good hosts, good food on offer).


Could someone produce a meaningful map of all the towns and places of interest (eg cemeteries) re the Monaro Pioneers and have a little printed leaflet on coloured paper to hand out. Internet/Tools/Expertise??


If you needed any assistance to provide paper/anything - just bravely let everyone know via the Newsletter/Website - viz any contributions they may wish to make.


I shall ask my family whether a trip to the Sapphire Coast is a possibility in August.


Thanks again, Ian.     Regards,   June Love

Hi June,

Thank you for the comments, you raise some interesting points which I shall now consider.

Regards,   Ian


From: Maree Myhill
Sent: Sunday, 6 April 2014 8:02 PM
Subject: Re. Expo

Hi Ian,


Re. ‘Monaro Pioneers’ to exhibit at the inaugural Sapphire Coast Family History Expo 2014 on Saturday 9 August 2014 at Merimbula.


I think MP's presence would be a huge boost to the seminar, to let people know about the wonderful website!


I have obtained so much information on my Monaro families over the past ten or so years through the website, I would strongly recommend it to anyone looking for info from the region.


I'm sorry I live too far away to be of assistance. How would you recover expenses for yourself if you attended? You shouldn't be out of pocket, so perhaps donations could be sent for you to attend?


If you are prepared to give up your time, I think so many people would benefit from knowing about Monaro Pioneers, & the amazing amount of information it contains.

Kind regards,    Maree Myhill

Thank you Maree,

Regards,   Ian


From: Barbara Adams
Sent: Sunday, 6 April 2014 9:14 PM
Subject: Re catch up

Hi Ian,

Hoping you are keeping well it always appears from the newsletters that the site is going from strength to strength under your care and efforts.  I think you should attend the Expo, as it may attract, much more info to the wonderful site.  You should get some local helpers for the day. 


  Particularly early photos, which I absolutely adore.

I am happy to contribute $100.00 and I am sure others would too   If you email me your acct name bsb and acc number.

I also have not been able to get on to the site as I don't have a password?  could you advise me on this aspect please.  I think I need your help here> with the new system  Lately have been busy so haven't done more family research.

All my best,  Barbara Adams

Thank you Barbara for your kind comments, you can register for a userid and password when you first try to use the database search facility on the MP site or click on  descendant report link from any of the Pioneers index pages.  As yet I have not considered the idea of accepting financial donations but I do thank you for your very generous offer.

Regards,   Ian


From: jen white

Sent: Monday, 7 April 2014 12:14 AM

Subject: Invitation to expo

Hi Ian,


Just thought I would give you my feedback on the family history expo you were invited to.


I take it that it is funded by the Bega Valley Shire. It says it's purpose is to stimulate interest in family history. Maybe the local historical librarian's jobs on the line! (Joking).


I guess the benefit of such an expo would be for local historians to get together and swap notes about managing the data and new resources/methods for collecting the historical data. I get the sense that you have been at it for such a long time you have all of that figured.


Have you thought about who would become the gate keeper when you decide it is time to hand over the baton? I would only hope that whoever that is has the same transparency, attention to detail and dedication you have shown.


Sorry, I digress from the expo, I would not be disappointed if you decided not to attend.


Regard,   Jennifer White, nee Buchhorn   (Thurbon descendant)

Thank you Jennifer,

You bring up a good point regarding the succession planning and it has been on my mind for some considerable time.  The database development is definitely showing signs of "the light at the end of the tunnel" and will by the end of this year be purely a maintenance and occasional update role which won't require much effort.  I hope I can get either the National Library of Mitchell Library interested in taking it over but only on the condition that such updates will continue as now.  Until I have that discussion I won't know what the possibilities are.


I have tried to make the MP database a comprehensive repository for family information, stories and images for those people who have had a connection with the Eden/Monaro region, either permanent or fleeting.  Trying to achieve the goal of capturing everyone from first European explorers until recent times has been a very challenging and satisfying one.  I think I might have done a wee bit of Pioneering in this aspect myself.  It would be great if the various Historical Societies could share the vision and undertake similar projects which could be linked to form a larger version - state wide perhaps so that future generations could use the "Database" for family as well as other forms of research.  I am sure University researchers could benefit from having such information available i.e.  average family sizes, infant mortality rates etc.

Regards,  Ian



From: Malcolm Blomfield
Sent: Sunday, 6 April 2014 6:46 PM
Subject: Desaillys on the Monaro

Dear Ian 

I noticed an email copy in your newsletter about the Desailly connection with Gunningrah


My great great grandmother was Caroline Elizabeth Susannah Desailly a sister of the George Peter, and Francis William Wisdom Desailly mentioned in the email (below).


The two brothers were very large landholders of properties covering about 1 million acres in NSW & Victoria.


They went bankrupt in the 19th century but owned some famous properties including part of “Boonook” now owned by the Falkiner Company and part of the Wanganella stud, as well as “Pomingalana” on the Murrumbidgee River South West of Wagga.


The sister Caroline married Dr Erasmus Wren, a brother of Henry Wren who lived for a time on the Monaro before going to Candelo to manage the Kameruka Estate for the Tooth family.


I think there may be a connection between Henry and “Wrens Nest “ in Cooma but have not established that as yet.


Henry Wren was married to Elizabeth Dawson whose parents were Robert Dawson ( from Brackley England )and Anna Rebecca Weston. There are many Dawson & Weston Monaro connections


One of Henry’s daughters Anna Rebecca Wren married Henry Tollemarche Edwards who owned Burnima down the road from Gunningrah near Bombala


I will appreciate if you would let me have the contact details for Jeffery Wilkinson as he appears to have resolved the Desailly connection with France that I am interested in.


RegardsMalcolm Blomfield

Hi Malcolm,

The email address you seek is .. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Regards,  Ian



From: Jeffrey Wilkinson
Sent: Tuesday, 1 April 2014 11:19 AM
Subject: Gunningrah

Dear Ian,


Thank you for your website.  I am a descendant of Francis William Wisdom Desailly (1816 – 1889) who with his brother George Peter Desailly (1823 – 1876) , acquired “Gunningrah” near Bombala, some time prior to 1850 as our family records have it.  Your excellent website records the family name as Dascilly. This is an incorrect spelling.  The correct name is Desailly, originally from the French family name,  De Sailly.    We are in contact with other De Sailly descendants in France, one of whom is quite a famous soccer player.  Thank you for your great work.  I would love to see Gunnigrah some time.  Do you know if  the current owners are friendly people open to a visit?


Frank and James Cooper of Lake George took up Gunningrah early in 1833. The Coopers sold to John Terry Hughes. A Mr. McIntire apparently had an interest in the Station and lived there for many years not far from where the present homestead stands. The McKays from Maharatta took Hennings place on his leaving. Hughes Hortiner sold Gunningrah to George P. and F. Dascilly of Gippsland and by them to James Manning of Gamarautra and by them to The Honorable William Graham and by him to the present owner, John Cruickshank.


Kind regards,   Jeffrey Wilkinson


Thank you for the information.

I don't know who the current owners of Gunningrah are so I am unable to assist you unfortunately.  This email will appear in our next newsletter and perhaps one of readers may be able  to help.

Regards,  Ian



From: Kellie Brown
Sent: Sunday, 6 April 2014 6:21 PM

Hi Ian,

Patricia supplied this information once before and I corrected it and you changed it on MP site but now she has supplied it again and you have added it again to MP and it is INCORRECT.



From: Patricia McGufficke  

Sent: Sunday, 9 March 2014 5:41 PM

Subject: Proposed Change: Ingram, Maxwell (I87887)


Proposed Change: Ingram, Maxwell (I87887)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I87887&tree=MP


Description: Max Ingram died 14 May 1970 in Canberra, ACT


Patricia McGufficke


Regards,   Ian

If you check MP you now have BOTH Maxwell INGRAM's dying the same day in ACT.

ID: I87887

·  Name: Maxwell INGRAM

·  Given Name: Maxwell

·  Surname: Ingram

·  Sex: M

·  Birth: 23 Jul 1926 in Orbost, VIC

·  Death: 14 May 1970 in Canberra, ACT

·  _TAG8:

·  _TAG9: 1

·  Change Date: 9 Mar 2014 at 19:10

ID: I316112

·  Name: Maxwell INGRAM

·  Given Name: Maxwell

·  Surname: Ingram

·  Sex: M

·  Birth: 1931

·  Death: 14 May 1970 in Canberra, ACT

·  _TAG9: 1

·  Change Date: 5 Jul 2013 at 12:46


It is the 1316112 Maxwell who died 1970 ACT. His death notice states he was son of Neville and Mary, loved husband of Pam, father of Jane and Wendy. Aged 39years.


Thanks Kellie, I will amend the database back to what it was.

Regards,  Ian



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