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Monaro Pioneers Newsletter


2014 Number 8




Hi Folks,


I attended the Sapphire Coast Family History Expo at Merimbula on Saturday August 9th and had a very enjoyable time.  The exercise was very worthwhile and I got to meet quite a number of MP users as well as new potential users and contributors.  To those of you who did take the time to come and say hello, thank you, I am most grateful and your positive comments have refuelled my enthusiasm.  The overall event was very well attended and well organised and those I spoke to thought the exercise to be of good value.  I am certainly very glad I decided to participate and hopefully added some value to the experience of attendees.


I was certainly kept busy - nonstop for 5 hours and at times had a queue of people waiting to talk to me.  Fortunately the Club Sapphire network proved reliable although slow at times and I was able to show off the power and functionality of the MP database and the MP website.  I was also able to make dynamic changes to the information in the database as people provided me with corrections or additions.  I think some folks were a little surprised at how quick changes could be made and the system updated.


I did not get as much time to talk to the various Local Historical Societies in attendance as I would have liked but I did at least determine none of them are really suitable to "own" the MP project long term.


The following pictures show the event setup prior to opening and thus before the crowds arrived.  I never had time to take any photos after the doors opened.



The MP stand - humble though it was with the typical daily screen setup I use when working on adding or correcting information.  The left hand window is my internet browser and the right hand window is my Legacy software program.








Merimbula is a beautiful place and the weather was excellent.


Thanks again to those of you who came and had chat and I look forward to a lot more new material being contributed.




Ian Harvey







Current correspondence:


From: Ian Harvey
Sent: Saturday, 23 August 2014 7:40 AM
To: George Davies
Subject: Your gravestone photos of Bega, Bombala, Cathcart, Eden and Pambula cemeteries


Hi George,


What a pleasure it was to meet and talk with you at the recent Sapphire Coast Family History Expo.


Thank you for the photos you provided of the afore mentioned cemeteries.  I have now been able to process them and upload them into the MP database a little quicker than I anticipated.


I thought you might be interested in the process involved so I decided to attempt to explain what I have to do and that might help you understand why it does take time to accomplish.


Firstly, I needed to edit each individual photo to reduce its file size and to rename the file to reflect the individuals concerned.  My file naming convention is Surname, Christian names.  Where a headstone has multiple individuals listed, i.e. husband and wife the file name contains all the individuals i.e.  Husband's Surname, Christian names and wife's Christian names nee maiden surname.  Surname first is vital to enable the search process to be more efficient.


I used separate folders for each cemetery to make it easier for me to keep track of what I was doing.  Once each photo file is processed and a cemetery's photos are complete I then have to upload that cemetery folder to the MP website.  When the upload is complete, I then have to "add" each photo individually into the Headstones category within the MP database.  This again involves editing each individual photo record to assign it to its respective cemetery, linking the photo to the individual records of the persons listed and attaching it to their Burial event and finally adding the name of the provider of the photo as the "owner".  I then repeat the process for the next cemetery until every cemetery and every photo has been added.


The final result being anyone can now find your photos in the MP database by searching for Media or Cemetery or Headstones or by the individual(s) concerned.  I personally think the Cemetery search is perhaps the most interesting because the software will show all the headstones currently available within the MP database for that cemetery as well as a list of all the individuals within the database known to be buried in that particular cemetery.  Not very exciting you might say, but I found the process quite sobering when looking at the cemeteries of Gallipoli, Belgium and France for example.


Anyway, it does take a bit of effort but hopefully the end result is worth it.  At least your excellent photographs can now be appreciated by other MP users.








From: Jon & Tracy McColgan
Sent: Thursday, 21 August 2014 9:19 PM
Subject: Aboriginal heritage

Hi Ian,

I believe My great great grandmother Emily Wilkie may be aboriginal. I was wondering if you can help me with this?

John Wilkie married Ann ?

Emily Wilkie born NSW daughter of John and Ann married  Joseph Richmond in 1871

Their son was Hugh Richmond he married Elizabeth Smith 1905

They had Mary Ann Richmond my grandmother and 4 other children (Hugh, Arthur, Elizabeth, Andrew)

Mary Ann Richmond married Roy Elton 1927

They had 6 children 3 boys and 3 girls. My mother is one of the 6 children Lois Muriel Elton Mongan.


Any information you can help me with would be great.


Regards, Tracy  McColgan ( Mongan)

Hi Tracy,

Unfortunately, we have no information that might help, all we have is already available on our website.

Regards,  Ian



From: Gregory Thorp
Sent: Thursday, 21 August 2014 5:34 PM
Subject: Ernest Henry WARE

Dear Mr. Harvey


I refer to your reply to Ronda and Jeff East’s submission of 6 July 2014.  As with Ronda, Ernest Henry Ware was my great uncle.


He was orphaned in 1910 at the age of 14 years. His younger siblings  including his sister Lillian Veronica Ware were taken in by their older brother (my grandfather Alexander) but Ernest may have been working by then and  could even have later gone to   New Zealand.


Extensive searching of war  records of both countries does not show his name.  Being certain  of his death in military service in  WW1, I deduce from that he chose, as did many others who could not obtain parental/guardian permission, to enlist under another name. 


What is known for certain is that:


1.His niece Jean Ware still  lives in Adaminaby. Several of his brothers lived with her between the wars and  spoke to her  of Ernest having been  killed in the war.


2.The Manaro Mercury  of 13/11/1925 gave extensive coverage to the ceremony held at Adaminaby School of Arts on Armistice Day 1925 to erect a plaque listing  appx 90 soldiers from the area who fought in WW1. E.H. Ware was listed with the fallen . The very extensive report and list of all soldier’s  names including E.H. Ware  can be seen on TROVE.  http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article128927526


3. His sister Lillian (by then Mrs Quinn of Cooma) received  notice of his death in service  on 23 November1918 (and always  remembered the date because it was  the first birthday of her first child). She gave the date of his death as 11/11/1918 but there is now  no proof of the precise date.


Had Ernest been French he could not have died on Armistice Day because that government altered all its deaths on that day  to the day before.  Front line troops did not get notice of the armistice until well after dawn and there were numerous combat  deaths on that day  before hostilities were supposed  to cease at 11AM.


Under the heading of my great grandfather Alexander Ware would you  now please amend the entry of his son  Ernest H Ware to read Ernest Henry Ware and show his death as KIA  1918 .


Greg Thorp

Thank you Greg,

Regards,  Ian



From: narm
Sent: Tuesday, 19 August 2014 4:16 PM
Subject: William Stegeman

Hi Ian,

Do you have anything in your site about William Stegeman who wrote articles about The Men from Snowy River Recruitment March, and the 55th Battalion in France. I have found part of his article quoted in some old papers that

I have, but cannot find anything about him. 

Natalie Armstrong

Hi Natalie,

There is an article by William Stegeman reproduced on the "War Efforts" page on our website that describes the Men from Snowy River March.  We have no information on the man himself.




Regards, Ian



On 19/08/2014 13:13, Bernard Wall wrote:

  Proposed Change: Wall,  Patrick Bede (I107533)

  Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers




  Description: Patrick Bede Wall was born in Bemboka in 1880

  (1880/10466). He married Ethel May Taylor in Lismore in

  1917(1917/9502). He died in Hornsby District Hospital, Hornsby, NSW on

  26 January 1943 (1943/9776). Patrick was a fettler on the railways.

  Ethel May Taylor was born 30 May 1897 (21123/1897) in Cowra, NSW. She

  died 6 February 1930 (571/1930) Coast Hospital, Berowra, NSW

  Patrick and Ethel had the following children :-

  Leslie Noel Wall, Aubrey Colin Wall and Phyliss May Wall.

  Leslie was born in 1918 in Lismore and died 22 August 1969

  (35163/1969) in Robertson, NSW. At the time of his death he was the

  Station Master at Robertson. He married Valami Lurline Ball in 1949

  (10161/1949). This marriage was recorded at Mosman, NSW. Valami was

  previously married to Neil William Maher.  Leslie and Valami have a


  Aubrey was born in Lismore in 1926.

  Phyliss. I have no details on.


  Bernard Wall


Regards, Ian



On 18/08/2014 23:56, karen wrote:

  Proposed Change: Family: Woodgate,  Edward G./Love,  Florence Letitia  (F4815)

  Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers




  Description: Cecil John Woodgate b ?/7/1912 d 17/7/1960

  m Madge Reid c 1935

  1.  Kevin John Woodgate b c1935


  Neville Raymond Woodgate b 23/9/1920 d 10/11/2000

  m Yvonne Barbara Masters b 7/2/1923 m 10/3/1951


Thank you Karen,

Regards,  Ian



On 16/08/2014 22:58, Ken Alcock wrote:

  Proposed Change: Beasley,  Alfred Roy (I89535)

  Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers




Description: Alf passed away at Bega nsw. He is buried at the Bega Cemetery. He was not a private in the Army, as he was a Dairyman

during the War years he was exempt from service. Anymore information that I can help you with please contact by email. Alf was my Father in


Ken Alcock

Thank you Ken,

According to the WW2 Nominal role, an Alfred Ray Beasley (born Towamba NOK Florence (mother)) enlisted in a Volunteer Defence Battalion - Part time duty which would have enabled him to continue his vital work as a Dairyman.  He would never have seen active service OS.  If this Alfred Ro(a)y Beasley is not your Father-in-law can you tell me to which family he belonged?

Regards,  Ian



On 14/08/2014 23:21, Peta Leiper nee Mckenzie wrote:

Comments (Family Group Sheet for Blundell,  John/McKenzie,  Sarah Ann (F38071) m. 23 Oct 1862 ):


Dear Ian, I am currently researching my family. My Grandmother was Florence May Blundell youngest daughter of John Blundell and Sarah McKenzie. I am particularly interested in Sarah after her divorce from John in 1891. Would you have any information about her life after the divorce? My Grandmother and her subsequent husband took her mother’s maiden name and her son, my father was a McKenzie as are us his children. We would really appreciate any information you might have in this regard.

Thanks,  Peta Leiper

Hi Peta,

The only information we have is already available on our website. We have no information on Sarah's second marriage unfortunately. We also have no information on your Grandmother's marriage or her husband and subsequent family so perhaps you could help us fill in those blanks?

Regards,  Ian



From: Jane Morrison
Sent: Thursday, 14 August 2014 6:25 PM
Subject: CROWE details


Hello Monaro Pioneers database. I note that you do not have much information for Colquhoun Crowe or his elder brother Joseph Crowe or family. I can provide the following:


Colquhoun CROWE was born. c. 1834. He died in his 80th year at North Welergang Station, Upper Murray, Victoria on 19 December 1914 (Albury Banner and Wodonga Express, Friday 25 December 1914, p. 30, Colqhoun Crowe married Blanche Madeline GREGORY at St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria on 10 November 1886. (The Argus, Melbourne, Monday 29 November 1886, p. 1). Colqhoun and Blanche Crowe had the following children:


Laura Maud (Mary?) CROWE (born November 1887, Albury, New South Wales, NSW BDM Births 13837/1887; died 3 January 1889, Elsternwick, Melbourne, Victoria; The Argus, Tuesday 8 January 1889, p. 1; buried 4 January 1889, St Kilda Cemetery, Melbourne--details from St Kilda Cemetery online records)


John (Jack) Colqhhoun CROWE (born St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria 1888; died Albury, NSW 1952 NSW BDM Death 19574/1952)


Lindsay Alexander CROWE (born Tooma? or registered Tumbarumba, NSW; NSW BDM Birth 34325/1890); died Lockhart, New South Wales 1970; NSW BDM Death 37193/1970).  


Nina Mary CROWE (born or registered Tumbarumba NSW 1892 (NSW BDM Birth 35320/1892); 

Died Albury, NSW 1968 (NSW BDM Death 12032/1968)

Married 1. Arthur Sidney MITCHELL (NSW BDM Marriage 9169/1939) (Sid Mitchell d. 22 April 1945? Ryerson Index, SMH 24 Apr 1945, late of Tumbarumba); 

Married. 2. Addison Antill BURT, Albury, NSW 1953; Addison Burt (b. 19.3.1885, Milton, NSW; d. 3 Jan 1962, Ryerson Index; SMH 5 Jan 1962)


Hilda Gertrude CROWE (b. or registered Tumbarumba, NSW; NSW BDM Births 8019/1896); d. 3 October 1972 at Ashfield, Sydney, NSW (NSW BDM Deaths 67430/1972; SMH 7 Oct 1972. Age 76)


Gregory Cuthbert CROWE (b. or registered Tumbarumba, NSW 1900, NSW BDM Births 26887/1900)

D. 23 Oct 1973, Base Hospital, Orange, NSW (NSW BDM Deaths 71165/1973)

Married 1932 at Burwood, Sydney, NSW, Florence BIGGS (1907–1996)


It's possible that the Crowe children registered at Tumbarumba were actually born at North Weleregang Station.


Blanche Madeline GREGORY was one of my great aunts. She was born at Allansford, Victoria on 25 September 1862 (Victoria Births 1836–1913 on findmypast.org) and died at Albury, NSW on 29 January 1929 (NSW BDM Death 19977/1949).


I hope this adds to the information on the Monaro Pioneers Database.

Kind Regards, Jane Morrison

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian



From: Charles Cervone
Sent: Wednesday, 13 August 2014 6:01 PM
Subject: Two marriage certificates and one death Certificate


Dear Ian and staff,

Please find attached the marriage certificate of George Collins (Nimmitabel 1859) and Mary O’Keefe.

Also the death certificate of George Collins (1885).

Also the marriage certificate of William Meredith and Sarah McDermott.  They are the parents of Susan Meredith who married Frederick Augustus Collins (1848-1919) who was the son of George and Mary.  William Meredith was a convict and needed consent but it is not stated on the marriage certificate.

Yours sincerely,  Eleanor Cobain  

Thank you Eleanor,

Regards,  Ian



From: Charles Cervone
Sent: Wednesday, 13 August 2014 5:09 PM
Subject: Thompson, James of Middlingbank 1841


Dear Ian and staff,

Here is the second photo for the family of James Thompson of Middlingbank 1841.

It is of his son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren.


The names are as follows:

Back row

1. Alfred Ernest Thompson (1893-1916)   

2. James John Thompson (1882-1975);

3. Possibly James O’Rourke, a nephew, son of Faith Mary Thompson and Christopher O’Rourke (1879-1977).

4. William Alexander Thompson (1886-1919)

5. Ethel Christina Thompson (1890-?)

6. Lawrence Joseph Thompson (1888-1959) with dog.

Front row

1. Marion Beatrice Thompson (1897-19??)

2. Alexander Robert David Thompson (1895-19??)

3. Janet Miranda Thompson (1899-19??)

4. James John Thompson (1859-1927) seated.

5. Ellen Janet Thompson nee Woodhouse (1855-1936) seated.


Yours sincerely, Eleanor Cobain  

Thank you Eleanor,

Regards,  Ian



From: Charles Cervone
Sent: Wednesday, 13 August 2014 4:38 PM
Subject: Thompson, James family photos


Dear Ian and staff,

Please find attached the first of two photographs for the family of James Thompson of Middlingbank Run 1841.

There is a photograph of his granddaughters Marion Beatrice and Janet Miranda Thompson (James, James) circa 1913. Their mother was born Ellen Woodhouse. Apparently this photo was taken on the day of a funeral.  I don’t know whose funeral.

Yours sincerely, Eleanor Cobain

Thank you Eleanor,

Regards,  Ian


From: Max Rowe
Sent: Wednesday, 13 August 2014 6:31 PM
Subject: Monaro Pioneers


Dear Ian

In the last issue of the MP newsletter KAREN FORLIANO asked where she could purchase a memorial tile in memory of a Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Authority worker


suggest she contacts jill@theoutpost.com.au who is associated with the Adaminaby Snowy Scheme Museum Collection

see www.snowyschemecollection.com.au  where she can purchase a memorial paving brick


Max Rowe

Former Public Relations Officer for SMHEA in Cooma

Thank you Max, I have copied Karen on the email,

Regards,  Ian

Thank you, I have since ordered the brick. Thank you for help.

Regards,  Karen Forliano




By the way, even though Ancestry and NSW State Records have paired up, different transcriptions appear from time to time on both sides.

Ancestry might have people listed as WILLS but on NSW State Records they are listed as WILTS etc.

The only way to tell which is correct is to view the original.

You can use % as a wild on NSW State Records and * as a wild on Ancestry.


Also the BDM Registration numbers on Ancestry for VIC BDM's doesn't always match. 99% of the time Ancestry has an incorrect registration number YET it is the same registration. (I dunno why) Heaps of people have got caught using the rego number from Ancestry on VIC BDM and paying for an incorrect cert. Always use the detail and not the rego number!!!


Most states never got humans to transcribe the old records, they scanned and uploaded using computer generated transcriptions. Hence names like Ashley becoming Asbhy. Then Ancestry reuploads and uses computers again to transcribe and we end up with Asbhy becoming Aslolny...

Worst I have seen was a gr gr grand who died aged 25yo (on the transcription from NSW BDM site and copied to Ancestry) but it listed her children and some were in their 50's??? Looking at the original she was 75 when she died NOT 25yo.


I access a lot of SMH newspapers from 1950's to 1990's free online via NSW State Library. It is free to register for NSW residents and they send out a card (within 2 weeks) and you get free access.

Also "Google Newspaper Archives" has many many Australian newspapers online for most years. Free to access. (actually has newspapers from all over the world for those that are searching)


Hopefully I can offer some sites/advice to help  others who are researching.

You know I'm not keen on being in the newsletter but feel free to use any info sites and put in as you please.





On 11/08/2014 23:59, Blayne William Baker wrote:

  Proposed Change: Ingram,  Lorraine Dulcie (I87885)

  Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers




  Description: Lorraine Dulcie Baker Nee Ingram is my Great Grandmother

  she died and was laid to rest beside my great grand father in

  Muswellbrook, her funeral was held at the Anglican Church.

  Regards B W Baker.

  Thank you,



From: Fred Sheehan
Sent: Monday, 11 August 2014 1:49 PM
Subject: Inskip Family - transcriptions

Hi Ian,

More transcriptions & more coming on another email 

Regards,  Fred Sheehan

Hi Fred,

Wow, thank you very much for the transcription images.  That will keep me busy for a while.

Regards,  Ian



From: Keryn Johnson
Sent: Tuesday, 12 August 2014 3:32 PM
Subject: Re: Your genealogy user account has been activated.

Hi Ian,

I have a photo which you may like to put on the Monaro site. It is of Samuel Cornell who was killed at Hermies during WW1. You have some information on him, so I thought a photo would be good to go with it.  

He was my grandmother's brother. She  is Clare Cornell. Her father Thomas Cornell had a bakery at Pambula. 

regards,  Keryn

Thank you Keryn,

Regards,  Ian


From: Fred Sheehan
Sent: Sunday, 10 August 2014 2:39 PM
Subject: Suggested changes

Hi Ian, 

It was great meeting you & discussing your great work at Merimbula yesterday.


I've been exploring the Monaro Pioneers website today & have suggested a few changes. The transcriptions supporting the suggested changes are attached.


Would you prefer single suggestions, such as these, as I come across them, or genealogy reports that you can work through & compare with yours? 

Regards,  Fred Sheehan

Hi Fred,

Thank you for the information and the images of the transcriptions.  Individual "suggested" changes are fine as well as the images but given the transcriptions contain the same detail I can extract all I need from them.  I also am happy to receive genealogy reports for additional information not involving any supporting images.  Whatever is easier for you.


I too thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet you and discuss the MP project.  Truly the most enjoyable part of the project is meeting the people who contribute so much information.


You can check the database to see your new material for William Inskip and Family displayed there.

Regards,  Ian



From: jim lofts

Sent: Friday, 8 August 2014 4:17 PM

Subject: Mr. John James Murray died 26/8/1915


some more info

trove Robinson Advocate Tuesday 31/8/1915 Mr. John James Murray died 26/8/1915

Regards jim




We regret having to record the death of Mr. John James Murray, a pioneer of the district, which took place at the residence of his daughter, Mrs.

Wallis, Burton-street, Newtown, on 26th inst., from a general break up of the system.

Deceased, who was 76 years of age, left Mittagong about four years ago ; ne was a great sufferer of late years from rheumatism, and his relatives thought the change might benefit him. Born at Sutton Forest, he resided there until about 26 years of age. Marrying Miss Catherine Goodwin, he went to Joadja, and was an old identity in the kerosene works, which at that time were in full swing and maintained a population of from 600 to 1000 people at Joadja. He left there about 80 years ago and opened a butchering business at Mittagong, which he con- ducted successfully for many years, proving himself a very useful and highly respected resident. he took a keen interest in every movement for the public good, and for some time was an alderman of the Mittagong Council, his sound practical knowledge being of great assistance.

Of a quiet, un- assuming disposition, the late Mr. Murray was a fine specimen of the road, old native pioneer, and in his young days was a man of

great physi-   cal strength. He had various adven- tures in the Goulburn

district with the Ben Hall and Gardiner gangs of bush- rangers, and could relate some good stories of those knights of the road. some few years ago Mrs. Murray pre- deceased her husband, and since then he appeared to decline in health. He leaves three sons (William, Moss Vale, Edward, now on his way to England employed on a troopship, and Alfred, of the naval dockyards, Sydney), and five daughters (Mrs. A. Martin, Essex, England, Mrs. J. Ingram, Drummoyne, Mrs. A. Wallis, Newtown, Mrs. J. Isedale, Joadja, and Mrs. B.

Webb, Mittagong), besides 20 grand-children. Four brothers also survive him, viz., Richard and Solomon, Canyonleigh, Edward, Gilgandra, and William, Bowral.

The funeral took place on Friday afternoon, there being a large and representative attendance from all parts of the district. The remains were brought from Sydney in the mid- day train, and were laid at rest in the Church of England portion of the Rosehill Cemetery at Lower Mittagong. The Rev. E. Heffernan conducted the service, and the funeral arrangements at this end were carried out by Messrs. Roberts and Lippiatt, Mittagong.



Regards,  Ian



From: Chick & Lyn
Sent: Friday, 8 August 2014 2:36 PM
Subject: Old Photos

Hi Ian


I have been going through my mothers old photo album, I have found 6 photos may be of interest to you. There Is a number in each photo so you cannot get them mixed up.


Ann Noad daughter of John Noad and Harriet Goodman

Sarah Ann Newman daughter of Richard Newman and  Ann Noad.

William Henry Britten son of John Andrew Noad Britten and Sarah Ann Newman

Arthur Britten son of John Andrew Noad Britten and Sarah Ann Newman.

Thomas Britten son of John Andrew Noad Britten and Sarah Ann Newman.

6   Emma Britten  daughter of John Andrew Noad Britten and Sarah Ann Newman


Has been a pleasure to send photos to you. See attachments for photos

Regards,  Charles Marsden

Thank you Charles,

Regards,  Ian



From: Tim Buckley

Sent: Friday, 8 August 2014 9:43 AM



Hi Ian as a cousin of Patrick  j Clifford from cooma rose valley I would love to have as much information as you can our family grave at has a headstone donated by him also I know from family lore a descendant of his died while in the Australian army in either Egypt or Gallipoli I love details of same also see sine has purchased the probate of him what does this mean ?


Your sincerely, Tim buckley

My grandmother was Clifford from the same family 

Hi Tim,

I suggest you search our Database for all the information and images we currently have.

Regards,  Ian



From: davidknox

Sent: Friday, 8 August 2014 11:40 AM

Subject: Re: Family history

Hi Lucien,

Thank you for the information, Ian will be most interested in any further information you can provide.  Your name will be added to the Newsletter distribution list.

Regards,  David Knox


> Dear Sirs,

> My mother, June Leech-Larkin and I, Lucien Leech-Larkin and I were

> thrilled to discover the Monaro Pioneers Index and would like to offer

> you some further information. We would very much like to subscribe to

> your newsletter.

> It seems there is no current record of my mother's father, Robert

> Leech, who lived variously at Tumut, Young, Yass, etc, until coming to

> Sydney, where he married and lived for some 40 years. Robert  Leech

> was actually born at Adelong His brother, George Leech had at one time

> the fruit and vegetable concession supplying all of Canberra. At one

> stage George Leech was the mayor of Queanbeyan.

> Certainly the Leech family were part of that district, George Leech

> being my mother's uncle.

> My mother is very familiar with the history of what is a large

> extended family, and we bot have studied history at uni/

Hi Lucien,

Thanks for the offer, yes I am very interested in any additional information you can supply to include in our database.

Regards,  Ian


From: Sylvia Aldred
Sent: 2014-08-08 6:29 PM
Subject: For Monaro Pioneers - Tracing land section

Hi David,


Came across an online book that might be a nice link for the tracing land part of the website if you are interested. 

Its dated 1889 which is a bit late but still a snapshot of a time. 

The Read online option is quite nice and you can search inside. 

It puts balloon bookmarks where it finds your search term mentioned in the text and you can jump through the book looking at your specific search term.


The pastoral possessions of New South Wales alphabetically arranged in the Eastern, Central, and Western Divisions ... by William Hanson.

Published 1889 by Gibbs, Shallard in Sydney . 



Regards,  Sylvia 


From: Kellie Brown

Sent: Friday, 8 August 2014 8:05 AM
Subject: Ancestry



In regards to

From: Lesley Egen
Sent: Monday, 21 July 2014 11:22 AM
Subject: Sharing information?


MP has not been mentioned on Ancestry message boards in close to a year now.

In MP's early days, myself and a few other MP supporters (who help on the Ancestry message boards) used to refer many people to the MP site (the old one at the time) whenever they had family tree interests in the Monaro area.

MP was only small then and we were trying to send as many Monaro area researchers as we could to have a look.

As far as these days go, it was September 2013 when MP was last mentioned on the message boards.


I think the reason people think MP is connected with Ancestry is due to the RootsWeb results page after a google search, which states at the top "an Ancestry.com Community"


As Ancestry basically owns RootsWeb, the same rules about submitted content apply to both sites (eg. By submitting Submitted Content to RootsWeb.com, you grant Ancestry, the corporate host of the Service, a limited license to the Submitted Content to use, host, and distribute that Submitted Content and allow hosting and distribution on co-branded Services of that Submitted Content.)


Which basically means all the data submitted to RoostWeb, can and will be used by Ancestry, if and when Ancestry wants to.

A vast majority of RootsWeb/Ancestry's records are gathered/collected and produced this way, by collective data supplied from Family Trees.


Ancestry won't use the WHOLE MP site, but if there are 4 or 5 other RootsWeb/Ancestry Trees, with the same names and details for a family, as that on MP...Ancestry will use that COLLECTIVE DATA  (from all the trees) in their Historical Search results etc.



Thanks Kellie,

That is precisely the reason I only put a limited subset of the MP database on Rootsweb.

Regards,  Ian



From: john clowry
Sent: Thursday, 7 August 2014 5:39 PM
Subject: Transcripts for Thomas & Catherine Clowry's 10 kids

I tried to send you these transcripts in June. It appears that there were too many attachments and as a result the email did not get sent. I will try to send them a few at a time this time. Here are the first five:


- John (born 1846 Goulburn) death cert from 1920

- Margaret birth 1847

- Margaret marriage 1872

- Thomas birth 1848

- Thomas death 1854
Regards,  John

Thanks John,

Regards,  Ian


From: john clowry
Sent: Thursday, 7 August 2014 5:27 PM
Subject: Claire Buchtmann photo album



Did anyone contact you about the photo album that Claire's aunt gave to her. My sister in law was an Alexander. I think her dad was from Goulburn. He married into the Coggan family that owned Coggan's bakery in Braddon.


There may be people in the album that I am related to; e.g my grandfather's uncle, Terence Clowry was a song and dance man in the Star Minstrels in Qbn in the 1880s and 1890s, also my grandmother's aunt lived in Qbn from 1879 until her death in 1905.


I hope someone is able to identify some family members in the album. If no one has contacted Claire yet could I please have her email address so I can contact her about the album.

Regards,  John Clowry


My name is Claire Buchtmann and I have been given a photo album which has alot of old photos in it from the late 1800s, early 1900s.  My Aunt found it at a tip years ago - which I believe was in Queanbeyan. She thought I might like the album as it was so old...although really it's of no use to me, and being a  very amateur geneologist myself I know if it were my family photos I would want to be reunited with them. I did a search on Ancestry.com and saw the records entered by your group for Alexander and thought I would contact you if you know of any relations of his that I could possibly contact (or they can contact me) as I would really like to reunite these photos with their rightful owner.

Kind regards,  Claire Buchtmann

Hi Claire,

We can put your email in our next newsletter and that find a contact among our readers.

Regards,  Ian


Hi John,

Here is Claire's email address 

Regards,  Ian


From: Kiss Kiss Karen
Sent: 2014-08-07 2:41 PM
Subject: Kiss family info -

Hi David and Ian,

Thanks for the Monaro newsletter. I have attempted to email you a couple of stories that might be of interest to others on the KISS side but they have been returned because of their size. Since I saw nothing in the newsletter I have to assume neither of you received the info and I never received a reply that the emails came thru. I will send this off as a heads up and then try and resend in a second email. I might be able to figure our how to zip the files to make them smaller!

Cheers, Karen Kelly Kiss


From: leonypower

Sent: Wednesday, 6 August 2014 8:32 PM

Subject: Buckle us Crossing


I notice in the newsletter Buckleys Crossing is referred to as Delegate when in fact it is Dalgety. The property mentioned is on the road to Jimenbuen it is now called Coonie. 

Thanks Leony Power

Hi Leony,

Thank you for letting me know, of course you are quite correct, I was looking for WW2 soldiers from Delegate when I answered that inquiry and must have confused the two names. 

Regards,  Ian



From: Bruce Mellor
Sent: Tuesday, 5 August 2014 10:03 AM
Subject: Henry James Gibb-Monaro Pioneer


Re your web site Monaro Pioneers please read pages 7 and 8 of the British South Africa Police Association.
The article is about Henry James Gibb who is one of your pioneers along with his wife and sons.
Gibb is reputed to be the eldest Australian killed in action during the 1WW. Interesting that he went from an imprisoned rustler to British South Africa Policeman where he fought the Matabele and Mashona in 1896-7.
Hope this helps with your research. Regards, Bruce, Melbourne.
Thank you,

Regards,  Ian



From: Judy Parrish
Sent: Sunday, 3 August 2014 6:29 PM
Subject: Updates for Person ID 162912


Hi Ian

Please find attached updates in ged file for Jean McPhie  ID # 162912.
Many thanks for updates to the other files as well. :)

The Monaro Pioneers site is fantastic, thank you to one and all for all your hard work.

Regards,  Judy

Thank you Judy,

Regards,  Ian


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