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Monaro Pioneers Newsletter


2015 Number 12




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From: Wally Sue sims
Sent: 5 January, 2016 9:18 PM


I would like to be able to contact Donald Barry who has contributed information on John Stevenson and James Allan in 2012 newsletter as I am descended from them also. Is this possible, thankyou, Sue Sims.

Hi Sue,

We can add your request to our next newsletter and hopefully encourage a response for you.

Regards,  Ian

Hi Sue,

The only email address I have for Donald Barry is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


David Knox

Newsletter Editor



From: Carol Ogilvy-Garnock

Sent: 5 January, 2016 4:25 PM

Subject: RE: Your genealogy user account has been activated.

Hello Ian,

I was researching my mother's family the O'Hare pioneers of Nimmitabel and Corrowong/Currawong via Delegate.

With reference Number on your files re O'Hare William MP255917 Person ID 1255917.

We are sure this person has been mistaken to be Joan Alice O'Hare born 25th April 1925 "Hollyridge" Delegate NSW.

Died 7th May 1985 and buried in the cemetery at St. Peter's Church, Corrowong via Delegate.

The mistake in names is due to the fact that Joan was always called Billie by her family so this may explain the information as to our knowledge Cyril Edward j O'Hare and Mary Harriett Barnes (my Grandparents) only had 4 daughters.

Thanks,   Carol Ogilvy-Garnock


-----Original Message-----

From: ian@monaropioneers.com

Sent: Tuesday, 27 October 2015 7:20 PM

To: Carol Ogilvy-Garnock

Subject: RE: Your genealogy user account has been activated.


Hi Carol,


Just send your additional/correctional information to me and I will update the database.


Regards,  Ian


On 27/10/2015 18:45, Carol Ogilvy-Garnock wrote:

> Thankyou Ian'

> How do I add information to you for documentation on the O'Hare Family

> of Corrowong.

> Carol

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian


From: Warwick McCall  

Sent: 5 January, 2016 4:08 PM

Subject: Canberra Pioneer Families

Hi Ian


Have been given a copy of the attached Canberra Times article. Produced in 2000 and about 40 pages in length. It is a broadsheet format and therefore difficult to scan on my A4 scanner.


Would you be interested in any of the photos I am scanning out of it?

enclosed a couple examples. The articles are brief and give some details of the family members, but will be difficult to scan. If you have particular families I will see what I can do.


Cheers,  Warwick

Hi Warwick,

Yes please, anything you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  Those photos are fabulous.  If you have a current mobile phone with a high resolution camera (12mpixels or above) you could try taking digital images of each page?

Regards,  Ian



On 05/01/2016 12:55, Jill Walker wrote:

Proposed Change: Family: Mayo,  William Frederick/Bowerman,  Clara


Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/familygroup.php?familyID=F68011&tree=MP


Description: Please find some additional information for my grandmother Clara Bowerman.  She died in Canberra on 20 February 2001 and is buried at the Queanbeyan Riverside Cemetery. They also had a daughter Gwendoline Agnes Mayo born Cooma 4 February 1926, married Edward Piper on 15 December 1951.  Gwen died on 15 August 2007 and is buried in Queanbeyan Lawn Cemetery.


Jill Walker

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian



From: Gregory McInnes
Sent: 5 January, 2016 9:04 AM
Subject: Proposed Changes: ROBINSON, Lawrence Henry I11081


Proposed Change: Robinson, Lawrence Henry (I11081)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://www.monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I11081&tree=MP

Died:           9 February 1967; Base Hospital Goulburn, NSW; NSW BDM 15546/1967

Cause of Death: 1. Peritonitis; 2. Toxic Myocarditis

Buried:        16 February 1967, General Cemetery Goulburn, NSW

Occupation:     at time of death, Labourer

Never Married

Address prior to death: Kenmore Hospital, Goulburn, NSW

Attached transcript of DC

Regards, Gregory


Regards,   Ian



On 04/01/2016 15:01, Jackie Nelson wrote:

Proposed Change: Locker,  Pearl Ann Ivy (I49615)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I49615&tree=MP


Description: Pearl children; Charles Ross 1919 -1946 Harold George Rupert 1920-1970 Joyce Rowena (Walsh) 9-11-1926 Linton Herbert 1928-1951.   Mervan Robert belongs to Bernice Mansfield(Clugston and Jack Mansfield


Jackie Nelson (Mansfield)

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian



From: Nuala Goldstein
Sent: 2016-01-03 10:16 AM
Subject: Ancestors from Cooma

Hi David

We have corresponded previously when I found the death notice of our ancestors in Cooma.

I have since got the death Certificate of Dora Goldstein and interesting find is two names as witnesses of the burial 

Also appear in the same street that Dora and David Goldstein lived in the 1891 census (Massie St)

C. Solomon and E Perkins .

I found info on your site that Charles Solomon  owned a hotel in Massie St and E Perkins was the hotel keeper.

Would there be any records to indicate if David and Dora lived or worked in the hotel, Dora died in Vale Street which appears to be an intersection of Massie st. I Belive the hotel was on the corner of Massie and Vale St. 

Thanks,   Nuala Goldstein 

Hi Nuala,

The death notice information we have indicates David Goldstein was a Taylor so I doubt he worked in the hotel. 

I would guess the witnesses were friends who attended the funeral.

I would also suggest contacting the Cooma Historical Society care of the Cooma Library to see what additional local material is available.

Regards,    Ian



From: Teena
Sent: 3 January, 2016 8:28 PM
Subject: FAMILY ID F39938

Hi Ian,

Some additional information for –


Cecil George Maunder  married Gertrude Elizabeth Sarah Pickering 16/08/1919


Issue –

Jack Maunder                                    born 13/09/1920 Pambula            died 16/09/1920

John Henry Maunder                     born 20/09/1921 Pambula            died 11/04/1944 Warrant officer 466 squadron RAAF: cause of death- flying battle: place of death-France : burial- Meharicourt Communal Cemetery Somme, France

Yvonne Constance Maunder      born 21/05/1925 Pambula            died December 2005

Vida Faith Maunder                        born 1930 Annandale        still living


Note: John Henry Maunder is 5th from the left in the back row of the attached photo. His nick name was Lofty.





Parents of Gertrude Elizabeth Sarah Pickering are-

William John Pickering                   born 13/05/1843 Camberwell, London    died 25/03/1914

Elizabeth Constance Woods        born 1858            Murrarundi                         died 28/05/1925


William & Elizabeth were married on 10th October 1881 at St Barnabas, Coonamble, NSW



I hope this all makes sense.

Please let me know if anything is unclear or you require further detail.


Kind regards,  Teena

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian



On 02/01/2016 19:02, Patricia McGufficke wrote:

Proposed Change: Duncan,  Arthur (I108040)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:  http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I108040&tree=MP


Description: Arthur was born in Bombala - his name is on the Bombala War Memorial (check his military records).


Arthur Duncan was given an absolute exemption by the Military Exemption Court held in Delegate in November 1916.  George Thomas Willgoose was given a provisional exemption, and Walter Henry Willgoose (both brothers of Arthur's future wife, Lillian), was given a temporary exemption from service.


Arthur was living with his wife in Mila, near Bombala when he enlisted at the Sydney Show Grounds in Sydney on 9 Oct 1917.  He was Trooper No.4483, aged 25 years, and was attached to the 1st Light Horse Reinforcements.  He was transferred as a Staff Officer for Invalids from 19 Dec 1917.  He embarked Sydney per H.T. Port Darwin 30 April 1918, disembarked Suez 7 June 1918 and was appointed as a driver on 14th August.  Despite some minor illnesses in December 1918, he continued to serve in AIF headquarters in the Middle East until the middle of 1919 when he returned to Australia aboard the Malta on 3 Jul 1919, arriving Sydney on 10 August 1919.


Cootamundra Herald, Tue. 20 Jul 1943 P.2 Mr Arthur Duncan.  Residents of the Muttama district were shocked to hear of the sudden death of Mr Arthur Dunan, of "Glencona."  He had a bad turn about 4 o'clock this morning.  His wife called the ambulance and a doctor, but he had passed away before their arrival. He had been suffering with heart trouble for some time.  He was 52.  He was a returned soldier of the last war, and was one of the original settlers in the Muttama district under the Returned Soldiers' Settlement Scheme. 

He has been on the property, "Glencona," ever since.

Deceased had always been a keen member of the Cootamundra sub-branch of the Returned Soldiers League, and on the outbreak of the present war his son Milton was the first in Cootamundra and district to enlist.  He sailed with the first contingent to leave Australia for the Middle East, and is now back here with the rank of sergeant.  The other members of the family were also imbued with the desire to serve their country. 

Lance is also in the A.I.F., and Geoff is in the R.A.A.F.  The only daughter, Laurie, is a member of the Australian Women's Army.  The youngest of the family, Murray, is going to school at Tumut.

Deceased joined the V.D.C. when a unit was formed at Muttama, but his failing health caused him to dropout of the movement.

The sincere sympathy of the whole district is extended to the sorrowing widow and family.

The funeral will leave the Presbyterian Church, Cootamundra, at 2p.m.

tomorrow, for the Cootamundra cemetery.


Cootamundra Herald, Fri. 23 Jul 1943, p2 Funeral of the Late Digger Arthur Duncan Despite the belated alteration in the time of the funeral of the late Arthur Duncan, of Muttama, to noon on Wednesday, many old friends and fellow returned men of the last war gathered for the service at Scots and at the graveside, conducted by the Rev. W.A. Loftus.  Mourners present included the widow, the son, Sgt. Milton Duncan (of this war) and the daughter (who is in the A.W.A.S.).

His aged mother, residing in New Zealand, is 87.

This morning a lovely wreath reached Sgt.Milton Duncan from his fellow Diggers of the statistics branch of the Records Office.


Additional children are named in the article relating to his death.


Patricia McGufficke

Hi Patricia,

Thank you for the information.  Arthur lists he birth place as Edinburgh, Scotland on his WW2 records.

Regards,  Ian



On 01/01/2016 18:54, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Blewitt,  George (I109407)

 Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I109407&tree=MP


 Description: Sounds like there was trouble in the family"


 Notice. The public are hereby cautioned   not directly or indirectly to interfere with any of the Stock or other Property be longing to the estate of the late GEORGE BLEWITT of the Burra, in the District of Queanbeyan; or to purchase from any person any of said Stock or Property, until the Supreme Court decides as to the disposal of the same, application being about to be made for the deceased George Blewitt's child's share of said Stock and Property, the Two-thirds of which in law said child is entitled to. Queanbeyan, Oct. 29, 1860.


In the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. In the Estate' of GEORGE BLEWITT, late of Lob's Hole, in the District of Queanbeyan Farmer, deceased. Notice is Hereby Given, that after the expiration of fourteen days from the publication hereof in the New South Wales Government Gazette, application will be made to the Supreme Court in its Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, that Letters of Administration of the Goods, Chattels, and Effects of the above-named deceased, may be, granted to ANN BLEWITT, widow of the said deceased.

 Dated this 20th day of October, 1860. ANTHONY S. FREESTONE, Proctor for Applicant.

 Queanbeyan Age and General Advertiser, Saturday 3 November 1860 page 4




Regards,  Ian



On 01/01/2016 18:37, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Blewitt,  George (I109407)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I109407&tree=MP


Description: This seems to be our George:



(From our own Correspondent.)  On Thursday night a settler, named George Blewitt, residing about fifteen miles from Queanbeyan, in the Burra, met with a severe accident by falling into the fire, from the effects of which he died on Sunday morning. The particulars are not known until after the inquest.

Goulburn Herald, Wednesday 24 October 1860 page 3




Regards,  Ian



On 31/12/2015 18:25, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Ellison,  Emily Rose (I17002)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:    http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I17002&tree=MP


Description: Birth

18458/1868  ELLISON EMILY R        JAMES           SARAH          YASS




The death occurred at Queanbeyan District Hospital yesterday of Mrs.

Emily Southwell, relict of the late Mr. Lewis Southwell.

Mrs. Southwell was born in Yass district 68 years ago, being a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Ellison. She married Mr Southwell at the old Presbyterian Church, Queanbeyan in 1888, both parties belonging to pioneering families.

Mr. and Mrs. Southwell made their home in Queanbeyan district up till the death of Mr. Southwell in 1916. For some years the late Mrs. Southwell resided with her only daughter Mrs. J. Johns, at Hayes street, Queanbeyan. She had suffered ill-health for some months and had been an inmate of Queanbeyan Distrlct Hospital for several weeks.

The family of five sons and one daughter, is well known in Queanbeyan distrlct and includes Messrs. Elias, Alwin, Arthur, Verney and Victor Southwell, and Rosabel (Mrs. J. Johns).

The funeral will leaye the Methodist Church, Queanbeyan, for the old Methodist Cemetery, Queanbeyan at  3 o'clock this afternoon.

The Canberra Times, Friday 11 September 1936 page 5




Regards,  Ian



On 31/12/2015 14:33, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Southwell,  Arthur Samuel Lewis (I17390)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I17390&tree=MP


Description: possible son

SOUTHWELL ALLAN BRUCE : Service Number - R39353 : Date of birth - 04 Jul

1928 : Place of birth - QUEANBEYAN NSW : Place of enlistment - SYDNEY :

Next of Kin - SOUTHWELL GLADYS mother, address as Cobargo



Hi Warwick,

His parents are Alwyn Beaumont Southwell and Gladys Thomson.

Regards,  Ian



On 31/12/2015 13:09, Susan wrote:

Proposed Change: Laing,  Florence Jessie (I95544)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:    http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I95544&tree=MP


Description: Florence died 20 Jul 1967 and is buried at Grafton Cemetery




Regards,  Ian



On 31/12/2015 08:47, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Kilby,  Mary (I7703)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I7703&tree=MP


Description: OBITUARY.

MARY (MRS. EDWARD) SMITH. Born 8th October, 1818; died August 7th, 1907.

[COMMUNICATED.] One by one the early settlers in this district are dying out. Every year---almost every month - leaves their numbers less. The men and women who more than half a century agone came and  settled in the Queanbeyan district ; helped here, to "replenish the earth and subdue it;" raised their stalwart sons and daughters, the sturdy yeomanry of the present day; exerted an influence for good on the future of the district ; and then, with hoary heads, that "crown of glory," laid them down and ceased from their labours. Of such was the subject of this memorial. Born at Ramsey, Huntingdonshire, England, in the same year as, but a few months later, than Queen Victoria, noblest of England's monarchs, she passed her girlhood and the earliest years of her married life in the land of her nativity. Her husband was the late Mr. Edward Smith, who predeceased her nearly 20 years ago. He was an enterprising, progressive man, who, from humble beginnings worked his way upwards till he became a prosperous farmer and successful horse-breeder. There was not a man in the district who knew more about horses than he. Mrs. Smith emigrated to Australia with her husband and three children in 1852, and on landing in Sydney came straight away to the Queanbeyan district, where her husband entered into an engagement with the late Mr. George Campbell, of Duntroon.

Subsequently he entered the employ of Mr. William Davis, on the Gininderra Estate The writer first became acquainted with the deceased lady and her family when her husband had just entered on farming pursuits on his own account on Gininderra Plain, not far from the Glebe and Emu Bank. At that time Mrs. Smith was in her prime, a bright-minded, cheerful-spirited woman, a wife and mother in the highest sense of these words. Her practical christianity shone like a halo around her, and one could not be in her presence or enjoy her  acquaintance long without discovering that she was a woman of rare qualities, and whose influence was for good upon all with whom she was brought in contact. At the time of her husband's demise she was the mother of six, three sons and three daughters. Two of her sons, after farming in this district for a while, left for the Richmond River district, where they are successfully following agricultural pursuits. These were Shelton and George Smith.

The other son, Ellis, remains following the same avocation at Wallaroo, in this district.

Her three daughters also reside in the district. They are Mrs. E. Cameron, of Weetangara; Mrs. John Southwell, of Ottocliffe, Hall; and Mrs. Richard Southwell, of Wallaroo, at whose residence the deceased lady died in the 89th year of her age. For the latter part of her life she resided at Hall in a little cottage of her own; and as the feebleness of age crept upon her, was cared for by her daughters and granddaughters. Ultimately she made her home with her youngest daughter, and there passed away as stated. For about 44 years the deceased lady was a consistent and exemplary member of the Methodist Church - first at Parkwood, and then at Wattle Park, and till extreme feebleness prevented her, was always to be found in her place in church.

Her remains were interred by the side of those of her husband in the Weetangara Methodist cemetery, on Friday last (9th inst), and the large cortege which followed to her grave testified to the general esteem in which the memory of this venerable lady was held. A noticeable and uncommon feature of the interment was that the pall-bearers were six of the deceased's granddaughters, viz., Mrs. W. H. Jones and the Misses Alice Cameron, Amelia A. and Adelaide Southwell, and Rebecca and Lily Smith. The late Mrs. Smith saw her children's children to the fourth generation.

The Age (Queanbeyan), Friday 16 August 1907 page 2




Regards,  Ian



On 30/12/2015 16:20, Susan wrote:

Proposed Change: Love,  Ernest Albert (I16554)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I16554&tree=MP


Description: Ernest died 1981 (200575/1981)




Regards,  Ian



On 30/12/2015 15:13, Susan wrote:

Proposed Change: Love,  Cecil Harold (I16553)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I16553&tree=MP


Description: Cecil and Florence divorced between 1940-1943.


Cecil is buried in Wamberal NSW cemetery




Regards,  Ian



On 29/12/2015 22:32, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Hazell,  Ada Elizabeth (I17742)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I17742&tree=MP


Description: OBITUARY

Mrs. Ada Elizabeth Southwell.

The death occurred recently of Mrs. Ada Elizabeth Southwell at the Canberra Community Hospital following a sudden illness.

Mrs. Southwell, daughter of Mr. Charles Hazell, of Gunning, was born in

1867 and came to the Hall district as school teacher in 1889. Two years later she married Mr. John Southwell, grandson of Thomas Southwell, pioneer Canberra settler, and took up residence at "Carrington," Hall, until 1941, when the couple moved to Ainslie. In her younger days Mrs.

Southwell was a well-known equestrienne in the Hall district, and was an active worker for the Methodist Church at Wattle Park.

She is survived by her nine children.

The Canberra Times, Monday 8 December 1947 page 2




Regards,  Ian



On 29/12/2015 22:03, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Southwell,  John (I17456)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I17456&tree=MP


Description: OBITUARY


The funeral of the late Mr. John Southwell, of Ainslie, was held on Wednesday at Hall general cemetery, following a service at the Wattle Park Methodist Church, at which Rev. D. A. Trahan officiated, assisted by the Rev. A. J. Arthur of Queanbeyan.

The pall-bearers were four sons of the deceased, Messrs. Ira, Jock, Hazell and Tamerlane. The chief mourners were Mrs. Ada Southwell (widow), daughters Amy (Mrs. A. Gregory), Vida, Nora (Mrs. L. R. Smith), Iia (Mrs. W. Walmsley), Edna (Mrs. J. Shepherd), brothers of the deceased, William, Sam and Edward Southwell, and a sister, Lucy (Mrs. W.

Munday). One son, Neal, was unable to return from Tamworth to the funeral.

The Canberra Times, Friday 30 January 1942 page 4




Regards,  Ian



On 29/12/2015 21:50, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Brinsmead,  Lilian May (I18415)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I18415&tree=MP


Description: Possible alternative death




The christian name more closely matched marriage name.




Regards,  Ian



On 29/12/2015 19:26, Narelle Walsh wrote:

Proposed Change: Mary (I6510)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I6510&tree=MP


Description: Mary was Mary Westropp, only daughter of Arthur Kiely Westropp of Forthaine, Tulla, County Clare and Margaret O'Hehir, also of Tulla, County Clare.  Margaret was daughter of John O'Hehir (farmer) and Mary McMahon.


Narelle Walsh

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian



From: greg shepherd
Sent: 29 December, 2015 3:57 PM
Subject: Arthur John Cronk.


Hi Again Ian.


Attached is a PDF on my Family tree the Cronk/Shepherd & Sparrow & White/Robinson


I noticed that the Monaro Pioneers has very little about them so I thought that I would forward you my information.


This is from my point of view. All I ask is that I be mentioned in the Source details and the same goes with the Pendergast family tree.


Regards Greg

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian



From: Greg Shepherd
Sent: 29 December, 2015 9:38 AM
Subject: Reginald John Pendergast

Hi Ian.


I thought you might like some additional information about the Pendergast family.

Especially from Reginald John Pendergast’s  Son  Terence Joseph Pendergast’s point of view, Reference Number MP48190


Please attached a PDF file for Reginald John Pendergast.


I hope you can use it


Regards Greg Shepherd

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian



On 27/12/2015 15:11, Susan wrote:

Proposed Change: Laing,  William Allan (I54100)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I54100&tree=MP


Description: William died 11-3-1974. He is buried at North Rockhampton Cemetery, Queensland.




Regards,  Ian



On 27/12/2015 14:47, Susan wrote:

Proposed Change: Coman,  Jack (I54101)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I54101&tree=MP


Description: Jacks name is John Thomas Coman. He was born (1895     B56117)

He died Feb. 1967 (1967      B87362) aged 72 years. John & Emma Jane are

buried together at Mt. Gravatt Cemetery, Brisbane.




Regards,  Ian



On 27/12/2015 01:37, james mcmillan wrote:

> Proposed Change: McMillan,  John Durras (I185752)

> Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

> Link:  http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I185752&tree=MP


> Description: married to sarah date unknown, father of john, gibson, stella and linda


> http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/27936936


> james mcmillan

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian



From: Harry Napthali
Sent: 18 December, 2015 11:54 AM
Subject: H Napthali


I wish to advise that Mr Harry Napthali passed away on 31 October 2015.


Kevin Napthali

Hi Kevin,

Our sincerest commiserations on your loss, thank you for letting us know.

Regards,  Ian



From: Gregory McInnes

Sent: 17 December, 2015 6:53 PM

Subject: Proposed Change: Robinson, John Adam (I10392)


Proposed Change: Robinson,  John Adam (I10392)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I10392&tree=MP


Description: Died: 1971, Sale, Vic; VIC BDM 7637/1971 Married 1: Rose Ann ANSWER, 1906, Vic; VIC BDM 4632/1906 Rose was Born 1885 Bairnsdale, Vic; VIC BDM 14922/1885 and Died 2 July 1907, Orbost, Vic; VIC BDM 9770/1907


Child of John & Rose: Millicent Ida Rose ROBINSON; Born 19 July 1907, VIC BDM 21249/1907; Married Hugh MATTHEWS 28 April 1924 in Vic; VIC BDM 3080/1924; Died 1971 Fitzroy, Melbourne, Vic; VIC BDM 24930/1971


Married 2: Florence Ellen BUTTERS, 1912, Vic; VIC BDM 4818/1912


Children of John & Florence;

1. Florencce Ellen ROBINSON Born 1913

2. John Kenneth ROBINSON Born 2 Feb 1915 3. Bruce Alexander ROBINSON Born 5 May 1917 4. Bernard Richard ROBINSON Born 1918


Gregory McInnes


Regards,  Ian



On 17/12/2015 09:43, Gregory McInnes wrote:

Proposed Change: Robinson,  Robert Clive (I11082)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I11082&tree=MP


Description: Delegate Argus (NSW) Thursday 25 December 1930 Page 2





A very enjoyable party was held at Craigie on Saturday night, in the form of a Kitchen Tea to Miss Hilda Elton, whose marriage to Mr. Robert Robinson is to take place shortly. About sixty people came along, and the presents, about 50 in number, looked really nice arranged on a large table on the stage.

Dancing continued till 12 p.m., when several short speeches of thanks were given, and the young couple honoured with "For they are Jolly Good Fellows." Miss Elton was presented with a bouquet of flowers by the children. It is desired to thank Mrs. W. Ivill and Mrs. Forrest, through whose energy the little function was so successful.



Children of Robert and Hilda

1. Robert Arnold ROBINSON

2. Rodger Ronald ROBINSON

3. Alan Clive ROBINSON


Gregory McInnes


Regards,  Ian



On 13/12/2015 11:53, Kerry Donaghy wrote:

Proposed Change: Burke,  James (I214)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:  http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I214&tree=MP


Description: Baptised 17 August 1851, Ballinabrackey, Co. Westmeath


Kerry Donaghy


Regards,  Ian



On 12/12/2015 09:10, warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Mack,  Henry (I301470)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I301470&tree=MP


Description: Are you sure on this death date, there seems to be two Henry Mack's in Adelong: (deaths)

  6461/1921 MACK HENRY    87 YEARS     ADELONG

  16912/1916 MACK   HENRY HENRY         WINIFRED     ADELONG


The 1916 death is related to a shooting incident:




ADELONG, Tuesday.


The inquest on the body of Henry Mack, grazier, of Adelong, was opened at the Adelong Police Court to-day, before the Coroner, Mr. W Roche, J P. James Mack, a brother of the deceased, who was remanded on the previous day on a charge of murder, was present in custody. Inspector Butler watched the case on behalf of the police. The accused is a man of spare build.

Dr. Finley said that on receiving a message from Constable Jones on the 5th inst he proceeded to the residence of the deceased. He there saw the body of Henry Mack, and found life extinct. Death was, in his opinion, caused by haemorrhage and spinal cord injury, caused by gun-shot wounds.

He thought the shots had been fired about five yards away. In reply to the accused, witness said the deceased's right hand was clasping a stick about nine inches long.

Accused: Do you think there were any symptoms of insanity in our family?

I cannot express an opinion. Death would be practically instantaneous.

Sergeant Bolton said that on November 5 James Mack came to his office and said, "I have shot Harry, sergeant, up at the house, You had better come up. " On arrival there he saw the body of Henry Mack lying on the

ground near the veranda. Deceased was   dressed in shirt,  trousers, and

socks. He had no boots on. The body was lying face downwards, and there was a large jagged wound in the neck, from which blood was flowing. He then cautioned the accused, and asked what started the row. Accused

replied, "It was over a land court case. The row   started in the

kitchen. He picked up the tongs and tried to hit me. He then went outside, and said, 'Come out here ' I told him I would not fight. Mother stood at the door, and Harry struck the door with the axe several times.

He finally forced the door and knocked me into the corner shouting 'I'll do for you. ' I got hold of a potstick, and said, 'No fighting ' I then went to the bedroom, picked up a stick, and threw it out of the the window. I took a double-barrelled gun, and pointed it at him through the window from the bedroom " Witness asked him, "Did you know it was loaded'" He said, "Yes, I pointed it at him through the window, and it went off. I cannot say that I saw the deceased when the shot went off" . The sergeant then took possession of the gun, and examined it in the presence of the accused. He found two empty cartridges recently discharged, and said to the accused, "You have fired two shots " He said, "No only one " I said, "How then do you account for two empty cartridges in the gun". He appeared surprised, and said, "I must have fired two shots. A man gets excited " Witness then arrested him on a charge of murdering Harry Mack. Later, in company with Constable Jones, witness returned to the house with the accused. After cautioning him witness said, "You told me you put the gun out through the bedroom window." He then took him to the kitchen window, pointing out the broken pane, and said "Do you see these shotmarks?" He replied, "Yes." Witness said it would be impossible to hit those posts from the bedroom window, and the shot must have been fired from the kitchen window. He then asked accused to show how he took aim, and from the position in which deceased was lying it would have been impossible to have fired from there. He asked him to account for the marks on the post. Accused replied, "I don't know, sergeant. I must have been mad I do not remember ." The longest stick produced witness removed from the fingers of the deceased.  By the Inspector: Accused could have got out by another door had he wished to.

The Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday 8 November 1916 page 13



James Mack Discharged.

The jury in the case against James Mack, who was charged with murdering

his brother, Henry Mack, of Adelong   (N.S.W.), on November 5, found the

accused guilty of manslaughter, with a strong recommendation to mercy, considering that he thought he was in danger of his life. The point was taken immediately by Mr. J. W. Abigail (who appeared for the defence) that his honor would rule the verdict to be one of not guilty, because clearly it was a verdict of homicide in self-defence. On Friday morning his honor, is giving his reserved decision on the point, said that he had decided to discharge the prisoner, and Mack was accordingly liberated.


The Farmer and Settler, Tuesday 12 December 1916 page 4



Hi Warwick,

You are correct, there were two Henry (Harry) Mack's.  Father and son and I have adjusted the database accordingly.

Regards,  Ian



From: Janeece
Sent: 11 December, 2015 12:00 AM
Subject: Re: Haigh-Price

Dear David,

The query you have received from Bill Streat re: William Haigh and Mary Ann Price has a few strange assumptions in it.  I’m not sure if I have had contact with Bill Streat before but his name seems familiar.  On your records you have their son William Haigh, his wife Emily Hall and their descendants which was supplied to you from Judy Gill.  Unfortunately Judy is not very well at present having had a stroke recently and is in still convalescing.  If you wish you may pass my email address on to him and see if I can explain the research Judy and I have done over the years as he seems quite confused.  Maybe he doesn’t live in Sydney and have access to the State Records etc.


Hoping this doesn’t give you too much work David but hope I can be of some help in this instance.  I really enjoy your Pioneer Register which I receive it.


Kind Regards,  Jan Stoker

Hi Jan,

The email address for Bill is …  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am sorry to hear about Judy, please pass on our good wishes to her and hope she makes a full and speedy recovery.

Merry Christmas.

Regards,   Ian



From: Susan Henshall
Sent: 9 December, 2015 10:22 AM
Subject: Birth Details of Johanna Schuback nee Jess

Dear Ian,

Johanna Jess was Born on the 7th September 1845 (Source Early Church Record Baptisms 719V62).   Father, James Jessie;  Mother, Catherine Lyons
She was Baptised on the 1 October 1845 in the Parish of St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney.  Her sponsors were James and Hanah Dwyer.  Next to the comments is another reference number (2332 V134 - Johana)

Also born to the same parents.  Mary Jessie (Early Church Record Baptisms 904 V61)  Date of birth 11 March 1842.  Father Jas. Jessie; Mother Cate Lyons; at St Mary's Church.  No sponsors.  Mary died in 1861 when she drowned off Bradley's Head.  Age 18.  On the NSW Death Registry 00962, no parents are mentioned.  Although next to occupations it says "Adopted Daughter of A Anderson (who ran a boarding house in Sussex Street) and who also drowned on the boat.

Timothy James James married to Eliza bartley was either born in Sydney on 5th December, 1843. Father, James Jesse; Mother Catharine Lyons.  OR he was born about 1836, arriving in Hobart January 1837 aged 1 on board the William Metcalf as free immigrants.  There was another child John aged 2 on board.   They travelled to Sydney in 1840 on the Mandarine with 4 unnamed children on board, as Unassisted Immigrants.  This John George is probably the same who died in Murwillumbah aged 101.

Re the parents of Timothy James Jess who married Elizabeth Bartley and Johanna Jess who married Sebastian Schuback, I have found some records that may belong to them.
When I am convinced that these records do belong to these particular Jess, Jessie, Jesse family I will contact you again.

I hope this information is in a format that you can use.  I'm not good at scanning documents and sending them by email.  I could copy them and post them if you wish.

Kind Regards,   Sue Henshall

Thank you Sue,

I am happy to received photocopies of documents and I can scan them and attach to individual records in the database.

Regards,  Ian


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