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Monaro Pioneers Newsletter


2015 Number 8






My father and I have recently set up a Facebook Page "Descendants of Richard Venables (1797-1845)" to attempt to join up with fellow descendants of Richard who ended up with a lot of descendants in the Monaro area.

This year also marks the 30th Anniversary of the rededication of Richard's Headstone at Port Botany Cemetery. We are planning a get-together on Sunday 27th September to celebrate this occasion. If possible, could you please include this Facebook Page in your Newsletter:




Advertising of the Reunion on 27th September 2015 and Botany Pioneer Cemetery would also be appreciated. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.


Kind Regards,  Kim Sannazzaro (nee Venables)



MONARO PIONEERS now on Facebook






From: John S. Trengove
Sent: 2015-03-11 2:41 PM
Subject: Monaro history

Dear David Knox,


From one whom has a long held interest in the history of the Monaro, I have recently released a book entitled "Towards Mrs Keefe's Farm", in which your newsletter readers may be interested . 


Please see attachment (Book now available.pdf) announcing the availability of the book - a PDF e-book which brings much of the history of the Monaro of New South Wales, and the life of conditionally pardoned convict Joseph Wild, together in one fully illustrated work of 424 pages.


Thanking you, and Monaro Pioneers for the excellent work you are doing. 


From John S. Trengove (Author)

78 Botha Avenue, Reservoir

Melbourne, 3073

(03) 9469 2990



From: margaret cooper [mailto:landmdcooper@optusnet.com.au]
Sent: 2015-05-21 1:16 PM


Hi David

I still have a few copies left of  the family history I wrote in 2011 - “A Family Began with Love” – John and Martha Love – 220 Years of their descendants and associated families.  Plus updates as an Addendum to the book.

If anyone is interested, please contact me landmdcooper@optusnet.com.au

With thanks

Margaret Cooper






Can anyone please assist Robin who is seeking advice as to which decade it was deemed to be OK to admit to having a convict tucked away in your family history ?

From: Robin Daley [mailto:rdaley@activ8.net.au]
Sent: 2015-08-31 2:15 PM
Subject: RE: Monaro Pioneers Newsletter, May 2015


Hello David,

I am writing an assignment for my Grad Dip in Local, Family and Applied History from UNE and I want to discuss when Australians became interested in finding convicts in their family trees.

I have looked on the internet but I can’t find a year when it became okay to admit to convicts in the family

I am wondering if you would know an approximate year; I’m thinking it might be around the 1960s to 1970s. Would that be correct?

Thanks for your help.

(Mrs) Robin Daley




From: Storey, Susan
Sent: Tuesday, 2 June 2015 10:12 AM
Subject: Brecon to the Monaro and beyond


Good morning Ian .

I am wanting to buy a copy of Brecon to the Monaro and beyond volume two by Lynne Stevens .Would you know where I could get a copy ?

Kind regards Susan Storey

Hi Susan,

We can add your request to our next newsletter and perhaps one of our readers can help you.

Regards,  Ian


From: haylockmaree
Sent: 2015-05-15 6:39 PM
Subject: Grant Reunion


Hello David,
I was pleased to receive your email. Thank you for the promotion - I have received emails from descendants who accessed the information on the Monaro Pioneers website.
Are you planning to attend the reunion?

I am hoping that this reunion will afford us the chance to record details of our family lines to the present day children. We appreciate the opportunity the website affords us to spread the word so that hopefully we will achieve this task.
My apologies for the time lapse between emails but we have been refining the plans for the reunion.
I am sending two attachments with this email.
The first is the planned program for the Grant Reunion on the 3rd, 4th and 5th November 2015 at Wyndham NSW.
Please circulate this information to as many descendants as you have contact with. Also if you have any documents on the Grants, which you would be willing to share, please bring it on the weekend. We plan to have a copier (as original documents are precious) and the copies would be added to the displays.
Work on the grave of Henry Grant at the Wyndham Cemetery is planned and will be dedicated on this weekend and the second attachment is a request for donations for the cost of this work.
Is it possible to add both these attachments to the web site?
Contact details are:
Maree Haylock       0419578412       You have my email address
Nancy Grant        
pjncgrant@msn.com        0264942127
Barbara Grant                                                0264942124
If you have any further questions please email me.
Kind regards
Maree (Grant) Haylock



From: Sue Zammit
Sent: 2014-09-26 7:28 PM


Hello David

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Sue Zammit and I live in Gisborne, Victoria. My fathers mothers family were the Smith family from Braidwood NSW. The father was Joseph Smith Born in 1843 in Pinxton, Derbyshire England. He married in 1867 in New Zealand to Mary Jane Granger She was born in 1853 in Surrey, England. They went on to have 16 children. The moved to Braidwood New South Wales, Australia in 1891 and Mary Jane went on to have another3 children, one of which was my grandmother Ethel Dorothea Louisa Smith. One of the Smith girls married into the Willoughby family that was settled in Braidwood. That is where the reunion starts. The Willoughby reunion is to be held at the RSL Club in Braidwood on 26,27,28 Sept 2015 There is a Facebook page under Willoughby reunion. I was wondering if you may be able to put a notice on your web site adverting for any descendents of John Willoughby and Mary Ann Mills. She was a half cast aboriginal. I have loads of information on the whole family if your are interested. I can be contacted at email suzyq14@bigpond.com There should be a very healthy turnout as the Willoughby clan is huge.

Many thanks for your time, hope to hear back from you .


Kind regards   Sue Zammit  (Gisborne, Victoria)







On 01/09/2015 17:31, Ros Weston wrote:

Proposed Change: Thompson,  Alfred Ernest (I66674)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I66674&tree=MP


Description: We have a photo of AE Thompson's head stone in France courtesy of my Aunt who just returned from there. How do we go about including the photo or would you rather not.

Regards,  Ros

Hi Roslyn,

Yes please, I would very appreciate a photo of the tombstone, just attach it to an email and send it me.

Thank you,  Ian

Hi Ian,

I don't know if you mention who supplies the photo - however it came from my Aunt Greta Jones who is the lady that has been heavily involved the soldiers memorial at Jindabyne and beyond. She has just returned from Singapore - France & Gallipoli.

Alfred Ernest Thompson was my Grandfather's William Hugh Thompson first cousin - so a distance relation.

Leave it with you.


Thank you Ros,

Perhaps you could mention to your Aunt Greta that if she has any more headstone photos from her trip, it would be a privilege and an honour to be able to add them to the respective records of the fallen heroes in our database.

Regards,  Ian



From: Quita Leslie
Sent: 2015-08-31 1:27 PM
Subject: D Connollys - Michael Snr and Michael Jnr


Hi David, 

Can you please publish the following information in the newsletter?  I have found that many family trees, particularly on Ancestry.com have incorrect information pertaining to the death dates for my great grandfather, Michael Connolly and his son, my great uncle, Michael Connolly.

Many thanks,  Quita Leslie


Hello Connolly Cousins!  This is important information for descendants of Patrick Connolly and Julia Donoghue of Queanbeyan:  I have noticed that many trees, particularly on Ancestry.com have errors in the death dates of my great grandfather, Michael Connolly and my great uncle, Michael Connolly (son of Michael Connolly and Mary Kennedy).  I am wielding my cranky old genealogist’s stick in reminding everyone that in undertaking your family history research and ascribing information to your trees, you should either:


a.  Obtain the primary source, i.e. birth, marriage, death certificates etc. or b.  Only copy information from someone whose research you know is accurate.


Simply looking at an index and assuming that the person you find is the correct one is not good enough, particularly when we are dealing with names that are very commonly found among our Irish ancestors, including the likes of Michael and Mary.


1.  The correct death date for Michael Connolly (Snr), son of Patrick Connolly and Julia Donoghue is 10 August, 1920.  His place of death is Southbrook, Queensland.  I have seen many trees with his death recorded as 1886, which is incorrect. 


2.  Re his son, Michael Connolly born in Umbirom, Queensland in 1883:  His death is recorded in many trees as being in 1915 in West Maitland, NSW.  This never sat well with me when I saw it, as Michael is noted on his father's 1920 death certificate as still being alive.  There is a Michael Connolly recorded in the NSW Index of Births, Deaths and Marriages as having died in 1915 in West Maitland with parents of Michael and Mary.  I ordered this certificate and it’s contents proved that this was NOT my great uncle, Michael.


The relevant details on this death certificate are as follows:


Date and place of death:  25 January, 1915 in “Clifton Lodge” Private Hospital, West Maitland, NSW.

Age:  78 years.  My Michael was born in 1883 and would be 32 years old in 1915 NOT 78 years old.

Name of father and mother:  Michael Connolly and Mary MORAN.  My Michael’s mother was Mary KENNEDY, not Mary Moran. 

Where born:  Co Galway, Ireland.  My Michael was born in Umbirom near Toowoomba, Queensland NOT Galway, Ireland.


I am still looking for further details of Michael Jnr, and when I find them I will add them to my tree.


If anyone would like copies of any certificates as mentioned above, I am happy to scan and email them to you.  You can contact me on qaleslie@optusnet.com.au


Quita Leslie



From: Christined01
Sent: 30 August, 2015 4:51 PM
Subject: Addition to WW1 enlistee

Hi Ian


I have attached a photo of Wallace Tingey who is listed as a WW1 enlistee. I have also provided information for his brother, Charles Tingey who also served in WW1. for inclusion in the list.  


Charles Lewis Tingey

Service Number: 2865, Rank: Private

Date of enlistment: 6 November 1916

Date of Discharge: 28 October 1918

34 Infantry Battalion - 1 to 6 Reinforcements

Date of embarkation: 25 November 1916

Place of embarkation: Sydney, Ship embarked on: HMAT Beltana A72


Kind regards,  Christine Darlington

Thank you,

Regards,   Ian



On 29/08/2015 15:13, Michelle wrote:

Proposed Change: Boate,  Myrtle M. (I169668)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I169668&tree=MP


Description: Myrtle Mary Boate passed away 19 June 1937 Cootamundra-interred Anglican section Cootamundra Cemetery.


Husband Frederick John Smith passed away 22 Jun 1988 in Sydney.(Cremated at Woronora)


Cheers,  Michelle


Regards,   Ian



On 27/08/2015 12:44, ramona wrote:

Proposed Change: Family: /Gun Hung,  Pearl (F115518)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/familygroup.php?familyID=F115518&tree=MP


Description: full name: Maud Pearl Gun Hung date of birth: 22.11.1890 in Craige date of death: 1965 in Orbost date of marriage: 27.5.1921 in Bombala to George Smith.

parents: father  Walter Ah Hung

          mother  Ellen Jackson

children:1.Claude Gun Hung 26.5.1912(Delegate)-25.2.2006       (Hobart)

2. Ernest Edward Smith 18.10.1921(Delegate)-1945(Morwell)

3. Dorothy may Smith 19.1.1923(Delegate)-12.2.2007(Melbourne)

4. Eric Lloyd Smith 3.10.1924(Delegate)-9.4.1991(Melbourne

5. john Douglas Smith 26.7.1933(Orbost)-8.11.2010(Melbourne)

6. Walter George Smith abt 1931(Orbost)-1950(Orbost)



Thank you,

Regards,   Ian



Subject: Re: Comments


On 26/08/2015 10:52, Lizzie Leech wrote:

Comments: I am looking for a contact name or email address for someone to help me trace my Great Grandmother's (Minnie or Millie Amelia Feltis born

25/01/1877 Little Plain near Bombala NSW) Aboriginal roots on Monaro Pioneers Reference Number MP88477. She was married to George

Walker13/09/1897 then William Thomas Haggar 25/06/1921 died 23/06/1956 Bombala NSW.

I believe her Family were on Cambalong Station. Her Birth Certificate has no Father named  Mother Jane Feltis born 1854 Bendoc Vic I think the Ngarigo Aboriginal were in that region.

I hope you can help me with many Thank. Lizzie Leech

Hi Lizzie,

We can include your request in our next Newsletter and hopefully one of our readers may be able to help you.

Regards,  Ian

Hi Ian

I Have added some more details to below enquiry married, Born, Mother etcI hope I am not to late for the next Newsletter once again thanks.

Regards,  Lizzie Leech



From: Charles Cervone
Sent: 26 August, 2015 7:17 PM
Subject: Barry and thompson Families

Dear Ian,

I have tried to contact Veronica Rushbrook (nee Barry) regarding a very old photograph on the Barry Family site in which she feels that many of the people photographed are the Thompson in-laws.  I agree with her as I am a descendant of the Thompsons and I recognize some of them. I have tried to use her email on a few occasions but to no avail. Perhaps you have another contact email address or can suggest another alternative action.

Looking forward to your advice.

Yours sincerely,  Eleanor Cobain

Hi Eleanor,

The only email address we have for Veronica is … XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

But Veronica's contribution was 10 years ago and we have not received any notification of a change of email address from her in the intervening time.

Perhaps if you could send me a more descriptive caption for the photo identifying some or all of the subjects I could at least update our website to be more accurate.

Regards,  Ian



From: kellie bourk
Sent: 23 August, 2015 9:11 PM
Subject: Looking for info on my dads 1st cousins



Dear Ian,

                   Thank you for excepting me onto your site,  I have been searching for any information on my dads first cousins Shirley and Valmer O,connor originally from Cathcart who if still alive would be in their eighties now. Dad is 87 and is in early stages of dementia, He often sits and thinks about his childhood and always talks about going to live in Cathcart with his Uncle Eugene, Aunt Rose and their daughters Shirley and Valmer and would love to know what became of them, The only information I had was their names however your site has provided me with Eugine’s date of birth 13/09/1880 and the year he married dads Aunty Rose Bourk in Randwick NSW in 1924, after this there is no record of Shirley and Valmer being born, any suggestions you could give me on finding out this information would be wonderful!


                                                                                    Regards Kellie.

Hi Kellie,

Cyril Eugene O'Connor and Rose Eveline Bourk both died in the ACT and were buried in the Woden Cemetery, ACT.  The Electoral Rolls show they moved from Cathcart to the ACT after WW2.  I can find no information on the marriages of their daughters, much too young for the privacy restrictions to permit access.

I suggest you contact the ACT BDM department to see if they can help.

Regards,  Ian



From: Brigid Lowe
Sent: 23 August, 2015 6:24 PM
Subject: Thomas Francis, Crisps Station, Monaro 1844

Hi Ian,


I was trying to contact Bev Francis whose name appears frequently throughout the Monaro Pioneer website and appears to have access to many publications.


You may be able to help me.


I am looking for details about my ancestor Thomas Francis (b abt 1820).


He married Mary Kilroy in 1844 at Numbla Station.


I am heading to Canberra in 3 weeks for a friends birthday and was hoping to find out more about where this station and general area was.  


The married couple ended settling in Gippsland Victoria.


I know it is a longshot, but if you have any details or would be able to contact me, that would be wonderful.


Thanks in advance,


With warm regards,  Brigid Lowe

Hi Brigid,

The only address we have for Bev is what is displayed on our website.

The following map does show the location of the Numbla run.

Regards,  Ian



Thank you so much for the map Ian,


Approximately in todays terms, were would this area be near?


Also, have you heard of Crisps Station.  I think it was owned by Amos Crisp.  Is these a Historic Society in the area that I can visit while I am in Canberra to see early maps or other information.


Do you have access to anything earlier as my ancestors were married in 1844.


Sorry to keep disturbing you on a Sunday evening.


Thanks,  Brigid

Hi Brigid,

The area is near Bombala/Delegate and the Bombala History Society would probably be your best chance.  The Cooma Public Library is also a possible reference source.

Amos Crisp owned the property Jimen Buen  …  http://www.monaropioneers.com/runs.htm

Regards,  Ian

Thanks so much Ian for your time and information.


I will get onto the Bombala Historic Society.


If you think of anything that may be of interest to me, could you please forward it on.


Thanks again,  Brigid



On 23/08/2015 16:42, Peter Donohoe wrote:

Proposed Change: Rowe,  Christine (I365713)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I365713&tree=MP


Description: Although she was buried as Christine Rowe, she was christened Anne Christine Clarkson, with Isobel Clarkson being her mother.  As such there is no real ancestry link showing here of her parents. That ancestry is shown on Isobel Clarkson's profile.


Peter Donohoe

Thanks for letting us know,

Regards,  Ian



On 23/08/2015 08:32, Sharon Williams wrote:

Proposed Change: Smith,  Sarah Jane (I122183)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I122183&tree=MP


Description: Hi my husband is a descendant of James Williams and Sarah Jane Smith.  James and Sarah's sons were Herbert Williams and his elder brother, James Arthur Williams.  I can provide updated info on James Arthur.

B; 28 Feb 1854 in Queanbeyan and D; 5 Mar 1934 in State Hospital and Home, Lidcombe. He is in an unmarked grave in Rookwood Sydney.  He married Annie Melville 1877 and they had about 5 children;  one of their sons was Frederick Allerton Williams born in Scone 1887 and died in Lakemba NSW 1974.  Frederick m in 1913 to Sarah Bandy in Broken Hill. 

They had 4 children; Frederick Arthur, Leslie William, Florence May and Albert Allerton.  My hubby is the one of Leslie's sons.  Hope this info helps out


Sharon Williams

Thank you,

Regards,   Ian



> From: Bronwyn Wright

> Sent: 20 August, 2015 8:49 PM

> Subject: Proposed Change: Family: Wright, Edgar Percy/Nicholas, Hilda Rix  (F115256)

> Proposed Change: Family: Wright,  Edgar Percy/Nicholas,  Hilda Rix (F115256)

> Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

> Link: http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/familygroup.php?

> familyID=F115256&tree=MP

> Description: Hi.

> Hilda Rix Nicholas died 3rd August 1961 in Delegate Hospital.

> Hilda was born 1st September in 1884 in Ballarat.

> Her father was a school inspector Henry Finch Rix. Her mother was Elizabeth Sutton.

> Died in London March 1916.

> Hilda's sister Elsie died of typhoid in London 1914.

> Hilda's maiden name was Emily Hilda Rix.

> Her first marriage was to Major George Matson Nicholas in 0ct 1916. 

> He was killed at Fleurs November 1916.

> Posted by her granddaughter.

> Edgar and Hilda had one son: Rix Wright. Born 25th Sept 1930 Rix died in Oct 2009.

> Rix m. Sandra von Sneidern in 1953.

> Rix Wright and Sandra had three children:

> Bronwyn, Rowan & Bruno.

> Bronwyn Wright

> Thank you,

> Regards,  Ian

Thanks for all your work getting these things updated Ian.

I added extra details in case they were of interest.




Cheers,   Bronwyn



From: Margaret Beach
Sent: 20 August, 2015 2:41 PM
Subject: George Grant's Daughter.

Dear Ian


My Daughter Kirsten contributed to your site in 2006. 

Back then I printed pages for the Grant, Robinson lines and I am amazed at the history of these families and I thank you for all the work compiling everything and all the contributors sharing their stories for other descendants.    No doubt there will be increased interest with the relatives at tomorrows funeral for my Aunty Olwen.


I am a grand daughter of Eva Grant (daughter of Eva).  The last of her five children has just passed away this week and I would like to list their deaths on that page.

Eva Renabell REA          b  1909 -  d  1962  Perth

Robert Ambrose           b  1911 -  d  2000      "

George Christopher     b  1914 -  d  2014      "

Olwen Marie                 b  1915 -  d  2015      "

Gleneva                          b  1921 -  d  2015      "


Thank you for the opportunity to have a New User Account.

Kind Regards, Marg Beach

Thank you Marg,

I am not sure if you are aware of the Henry Grant/Janet Campbell Family reunion to be held in Wyndham, NSW on 3rd, 4thand 5th of October.  Might be a bit difficult to attend from Perth.

Regards,  Ian



From: haylockmaree
Sent: 20 August, 2015 10:37 AM
Subject: Clan Grant Reunion

Hello Ian,
Hope you are well. Just a few notes relating to the reunion.
Arrangements for the Clan Grant Reunion are becoming finalised.
I shall attach the final notice of the program for the weekend. I have circulated the family questionnaire sheets that you sent and hopefully there will be some completed ones to collect on the weekend or are being sent to the Monaro Pioneers site.
Do you still plan to attend the reunion?
Look forward to meeting you if you are attending.
Regards,   Maree Haylock (Grant)


From: Robert Duggan
Sent: 19 August, 2015 11:15 PM
Subject: Andrew Law Family Line


Ian, I wish to send a photo (about 1914) of Eliza Law (nee Williams) and her son Clive (age 7 years) Eliza already appears twice in Pioneers and Clive once. I gave the postcard photo to Toni law who is Clive’s Daughter. The postcards were going to and from my grandmother and her cousins in both Kangaroo Valley and Monaro in about 1914. I am no relation to my Grandmother’s cousins but this photo may be of some value to other families. Toni Law was very happy to have her father’s photo, as she had no photos of him at such a young age.  I have reproduced this photo from the postcard.


Cheers Darcy Duggan

Thank you,

Regards,   Ian



From: familytreetrond
Sent: 19 August, 2015 10:37 AM
Subject: Eden Monaro Pioneers - Francis Bailey Person ID I133869

Hi Ian

Getting back into the family tree and have just joined the new website you maintain.  Please note the following info relating to this family member -

Date of Birth:  17 Dec 1863
Date of Death: 6 Feb 1935

I have some original birth/death certificates etc for a number of the Bailey family so if I come across any more info for you I will send it on.

Kind regards,   Christine Robertson

Thank you,

Regards,   Ian



From: robyn summerrell
Sent: 18 August, 2015 5:06 PM
Subject: koppman family

Dear Ian


I am writing my family tree, I cannot get a start on my ex mother in laws side.


Her name is Lynette Georgina Koppman she married Patrick Brian Schofield.


My ex husband was Brian George Patrick Schofield born 27/2/1964.


I been able to find Pats family back to 1803 but not Lynettes.


If you can assist me that would be appreciated.


Sincerely,  robyn summerrell 

Hi Robyn,

Unfortunately, we don't have any information that will help you, much too recent to be able to trace online.

Brian Patrick Schofield married Lynette Georgina Koppman in 1963 (Cooma  19423/1963) you could obtain a transcript thereof and that should give you Lynette's parent's names.

Regards,  Ian



On 16/08/2015 21:44, warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Rule,  Isabella Ann (I166361)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:     http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I166361&tree=MP


Description: Death


GOSLETT       Isabella Ann   Death notice   16AUG1985    Death  92      late of Hall,

ACT    Goulburn Post 16AUG1985




Regards,  Ian



On 16/08/2015 15:31, Robert Heanes wrote:

Proposed Change: Heanes,  Isabella (I224332)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:     http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I224332&tree=MP


Description: Birth 28th December 1886 at Jingera NSW.  Certificate obtained number 27119/1887.


Robert Heanes

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian



On 16/08/2015 15:36, Robert Heanes wrote:

> Proposed Change: Heanes,  Isabella (I224332)

> Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

> Link:    http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I224332&tree=MP


> Description: Marriage 12th January 1910 Waterloo Congregational Church.

> Certificate obtained 3101/1910.


> Robert Heanes

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian



On 15/08/2015 21:56, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Tickner,  Noel Granville (I202574)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:    http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I202574&tree=MP


Description: death

TICKNER        Noel Granville Death notice   24MAY1975    Death  53      late of

Abbotsford     Sydney Morning Herald        28MAY1975




Regards,  Ian



On 15/08/2015 21:39, Warwick McCall wrote:

A Canberra wedding: Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Kilby, who were married on April

11 at the Reid Methodist Church, Canberra, leaving the church after the wedding. The bridesmaids are Miss Thelma Tickner and Miss Grace Kilby.

Mrs. Kilby was Miss Gweneth Eileen Tickner, of Canberra.

The Australasian (Melbourne, Vic) Saturday 2 May 1931 page 11


Cheers,  Warwick


Regards,  Ian



On 15/08/2015 16:31, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Short,  Avis Gladys (I329538)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:    http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I329538&tree=MP


Description: SOUTHWELL, Avis Gladys (Birdie).  June 27th, 1982 at Allambee. Formerly of Wakefield Gardens, Ainslie. Widow of the late Arthur Samuel Lewis Southwell. Much loved mother and mother-in-law of Avis Mansell, Rex and Claire, Heather and Cor Gorter. Nanny of 11 grand children and 8 great-grandchildren. In her 90th year.

The Canberra Times, Tuesday 29 June 1982 page 19




Regards,  Ian



From: Warwick McCall  

Sent: 15 August, 2015 4:28 PM

Subject: Husband of Avis Constance Southwell?

Hi Ian


Hoping you can help me with your vast resources. I know the attached is the daughter of Arthur SL Southwell and Avis Short and she obviously married a Mansell.  Do you happen to know his Christian name and the marriage date and place? Nothing in the papers that I can find.


Cheers,  Warwick

Hi Warwick,

Thanks for the photo.  Avis Constance Southwell (10/4/1922-13/1/2011) married George Stanley Mansell.  I found his name on the 1963 Electoral Roll as a Newsagent living with Avis Constance Mansell in Griffith, ACT.  He served in WW2 in the Merchant Navy and was previously married to Joan Bruce Polsen and they Divorced in 1960.  Therefore, I deduce that George Stanley married Avis Constance about 1961-2 in the ACT.

Regards,   Ian



From: Terry Irvine  

Sent: 15 August, 2015 12:13 PM

Subject: Re: From: Harry Napthali,Sent: 2014-04-22 3:00 PM,Subject: tjilbees travels & history

Hi Ian,

This email on your web site is of interest to me as a Napthali descendant, but their is no way of contacting Harry Napthali. Are you able to facilitate my contacting Harry regarding his book?

Regards,  Terry Irvine

Hi Terry,

Sorry, I no longer have Harry Napthali's email address, however, this email will be included in our next newsletter and perhaps one of our readers may be able to help you.

Regards,  Ian



From: Laurie Williams
Sent: 14 August, 2015 9:44 AM
Subject: LBW William Sidwell



Have been updating my family knowledge and checking out info.

Re: William SIDWELL ID: I152597.

Monaro Pioneers site records him as having married Mary Hegarty in the Braidwood Presbyterian Church, 27 Nov 1841.

My information is that they married at the Catholic Cathedral in Sydney 11 Oct 1841  ref: NSW BDM marriage certificate number V1841425 130/1841 – though the date of the marriage seems to be before he applied to marry Mary.

Is it possible that he went through two marriage ceremonies in order to satisfy authorities ?

Would appreciate any comments you might have.

Many thanks,   Laurie

The Familysearch website now has a transcription of the marriage of William Sidwell and Mary Ann Hegarty which shows they were married November 27, 1841 in Braidwood.  It certainly is possible they were married twice, particularly if the bride and groom were of different religious persuasions.

We have received no information about an earlier wedding at St. Mary's Cathedral.

Regards,  Ian

Thank you for your very quick response.

Attached is a Transcription of the Marriage in Sydney for William Sidwell and Mary Hegarty.

Good wishes,  Laurie Williams


Regards,  Ian


From: Warwick
Sent: 13 August, 2015 9:17 AM
Subject: Proposed Change: Mitchell, Jane (I22642)


Proposed Change: Mitchell,  Jane (I22642)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I22642&tree=MP


Description: Probable marriage

8268/1897  MCINNES JOSEPH A                 MITCHELL JAMES             NEWTOWN


Joseph Archibald  McInnes I suspect




Mrs. Jane McInnes


The death occured at Queanbeyan District Hospital yesterday morning of Mrs. Jane McInnes, aged 57, wife of Mr. A. J. McInnes, of Morrisset Street Queanbeyan.           

Mrs. McInnes was born at Ginninderra, and was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Mitchell, who now reside at Hall. She spent practically the whole of her life in the district, and was a keen worker for the Methodist Church. During the past five weeks Mrs. McInnes had been seriously ill, and the end was not unexpected.

She is survivied by her husban, and three daughters, Kathleen (Mrs. W. J. Hill) Doris, and Phyllis, also a grand-daughter (Patricia Hill).     

A short service will be held at the Methodist Church at three o'clock, after which the funeral will take place to the new cemetery, Tharwa Road.

The Canberra Times, Friday 15 February 1935  page 4



Hi Warwick,

Thanks, yes her husband was Joseph Archibald McInnes....


Regards,   Ian



On 12/08/2015 22:35, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Mitchell,  Edith (I22641)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:    http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I22641&tree=MP


Description: found marriage



Obit of husband:




John Ogilvie Clark


The death occurred at Queanbeyan hospital on Sunday of John Ogilvie Clark, aged 69 years, and late of Morrissett Street, Queanbeyan.  Mr.  Clark was born in Scotland and came to Australia as a young, man.

He married Edith Mitchell, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. W?lliam Mitchell, of Hall, and about 35 years ago went to Fiji where he was identified with the dairying industry on the islands, and practised as a veterinary officer. He was also associated with the management of sugar plantations.

About three years ago Mr. and Mrs. Clark returned to Queanbeyan hoping to spend the evening of their lives close to their relatives. However, Mrs. Clark's father and mother both died shortly after the Clarks returned to Australia, and two sons also died recently. As a result of an accident Mrs. Clark sustained a broken leg, and the late Mr Clark suffered from ill health during the past year.

The funeral took place to the Tharwa Road Cemetery yesterday, services at the Methodist Church and at the graveside, being conducted by Rev.

R.:D. McKinnon. A large number of members of the Masonic Lodges and Queanbeyan Bowling Club, of which the late Mr. Clark was a member, attended the services.

The widow, and one son, Archie, have the sympathy of a wide circle of friends.

The Canberra Times, Tuesday 31 May 1938 page 3




Regards,  Ian



On 12/08/2015 12:23, Michelle wrote:

Proposed Change: Smith,  Elizabeth E. A. (I26985)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:    http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I26985&tree=MP


Description: Hi Ian,

The NSW coroners report notes her name as Elizabeth Emeline Ann Smith.

She died 26 August 1891.


Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : 1881 - 1940) Tuesday 1 September 1891 page 4 GUNNING. (From our Correspondent.) INQUEST.-An inquest was held on Thursday last before Mr. N. T. Collins, J.P., coroner, and a jury touching the death of Elizabeth Smith, who died the previous day from the effects of burns caused by her dress catching fire. It appears the deceased was engaged washing clothes in the open air, when her dress became ignited. She endeavoured to extinguish the flames, and, failing, called her mother, who ran to her assistance, and was herself badly hurt in her efforts to save her. The poor girl resisted both the efforts of her mother and brother to help her, and in her pain and excitement ran hither and thither. Before she could be secured almost every vestige of clothing was burnt off and her body was literally roasted, presenting a frightful spectacle. Dr. Hart attended and was with the sufferer until her death, which took place 24 hours after. Deceased was the only daughter of Mr.

George Smith, Bellmount, Gundaroo road, at which place the sad event occurred. She was about 15 years of age. The funeral took place on Friday and was largely attended. Much sympathy is expressed for the bereaved parents.




Regards,  Ian



On 12/08/2015 09:01, Warwick McCall wrote:

Hi Ian

Any idea of Dorothy's maiden name?


MORRIS, Darcy Cecil William.   July 15 (suddenly) Canberra, dearly beloved husband of DOROTHY loved father and father-in-law of Sylvia and Kevin, Graham, Judith, John and Sue, Winifred and Max Rigby-Meth, Robert and Joan, Lynn and Bob Martin, and Jennifer. Grand-father of their children loved son of Henry (de-ceased) and Mrs Winifred Morris.

Aged 62 years. RIP.

The Canberra Times, Friday 18 July 1975 page 8


Cheers,  Warwick

Hi Warwick,

Thanks for the photos, Darcy Cecil William Morris married Dorothy May Webster December 22, 1937 in Canberra according to the ACT Historic BDM indexes.

Regards,  Ian


From: janettefrancis
Sent: 8 August, 2015 4:32 PM
Subject: monaropioneers.com
Importance: High

Dear Ian,


I wish to update my contact detail on your web page www.monaropioneers.com/bunyan/history.htm


Regards,    Janette (Jenny) Gail Francis

Thank you for letting us know.

Regards,   Ian



From: Peter May  

Sent: 8 August, 2015 4:37 PM

Subject: Photo2


Walter Locker, son of John Locker and his nephew, Frank Clugston, son of Edith Clugston nee Locker.

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian



From: Peter May  

Sent: 8 August, 2015 4:35 PM

Subject: Photo 1


Ann and Thomas Locker

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian



From: Peter May  

Sent: 8 August, 2015 4:29 PM

Subject: Monaro pioneers

Dear Ian


Now that I have finally got into the site I am amazed and what a great job you have done in putting it together. It must have taken a lot of hard work but preserves a lot of information for future generations.  I noticed that you had small photos of my aunts Daisy and Ethel Locker next to their data. I am attaching a couple of other photos that you may be able to use.


The first photo is my grandmother, Edith Francis Clugston nee Locker and the second is her sister Alice Josephine Locker.


I will send a second email with another couple of photos.


I am currently in the process of putting together a book on Hazelwood. Not a history just a record of life there and a drawing together of photos of the many items that were in the house before my father sold it.  It's a slow process.


Regards Sandra May

Thank you Sandra, your photos are now in our database attached to the records of the individuals concerned.  If you click on the photos displayed another page will open to show the image in actual size.

Regards,  Ian



From: Margaret Stewart

Sent: 6 August, 2015 8:54 AM

Subject: Patrick Mould


Dear Ian,

My name is Margaret Stewart and I am researching my family.

I sent an email recently to xxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.com which I got from your website.

Unfortunately the server did not recognise the address.

My enquiry is about the best publication to purchase with any information about Dr Reid's hut keeper William Stanton in Reid's Flat in 1835.


I would really appreciate any advice you might have to give me.


Kindest regards,  Margaret

Hi Margaret,

We can add your request to our next newsletter and perhaps one of our readers may be able to help you.


Pattrick Mould's last known email address is   xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.com.au

(note the spelling with double t)


Regards,  Ian



On 05/08/2015 21:27, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Masters,  Elias Charles (I121115)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I121115&tree=MP


Description: OBITUARY


The death occurred in Queanbeyan District Hospital this morning, of Mr.

Elias Charles Masters, aged 82 years, a well known resident of the district. Deceased had enjoyed good health all his life and had not been in hospital before his last illness. He was in hospital only 10 days before his death.

The late Mr. Masters spent the greater part of his life in the Bungendore area, where he carried on grazing pursuits for many years.

He is survived by his wife, four sons, Kevin, Harold, Winston and Peter, all of Bungendore, and three daughters, Nellie (Mrs. W. Scott), Doris (Mrs. Burrows Sydney) and Norma (Bungendore). He is also survived by three brothers, Arthur (Dapto), Curtis (Goulburn), and Harry (Narrabri), and five sisters, Mrs. Lumsden (Sydney). Mrs. Griffiths (Sydney), Mrs. Walker (Bungendore). Mrs. Thompson (Braidwood), and Mrs. Gardner (Queanbeyan).

The funeral will leave St. Phillip's Church of England, Bungendore, to-morrow afternoon, for the Church of England portion of Bungendore Cemetery.


Goulburn Evening Post, Friday 18 September 1953 page 7




Regards,  Ian



From: Warwick  

Sent: 5 August, 2015 4:29 PM

Subject: Proposed Change: Daniel, Patricia (I121141)


Proposed Change: Daniel,  Patricia (I121141)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I121141&tree=MP


Description: Death


BARRINGTON Patricia May    Death notice   15FEB1965     Death  35      late

of Greenacre  Sydney Morning Herald        17FEB1965






his death

BARRINGTON Geoffrey Ralston       Death notice   04MAR1965    Death  43

late of Greenacre     Sydney Morning Herald        05MAR1965




Regards,  Ian



On 05/08/2015 15:46, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Daniel,  Joseph Thomas (I45849)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I45849&tree=MP


Description:  OBITUARY.




One by one our fine old pioneers are drifting across the Great Divide, the latest to set out on the last long journey being Mr. J. T. Daniel, a life-long resident of the Braidwood and Bungendore districts. He died at his home, '.'Maltone,' Bungendore, on 13th September, after having been in failing health for the past couple of years.

For the greater part of that time, however, he was able to get about. 

Such was the spirit and courage of the fine old pioneer that, despite his great age, he could not be compelled to give up his work, and was usually to be seen attending to some odd job or other about the home.

The deceased was a fine type of Australian, manhood, hardy, resourceful, as honest, as the day, and a man who' loved the bushland.

Timber was his hobby, and few men knew more about 'it than he. During his lifelong residence in the district he built up a fine reputation for integrity and industriousness, and it was not surprising that he made hosts of firm friends. Everyone liked this quiet old timber man, 'and there were 'many sincere expressions of regret when news was received of his passing. 'Tom' Daniel, as he was known everywhere, was a man and a Christian in the strictest sense of the word. He retained his faculties right to the end, and often inquired of his old friends of Braidwood and of happenings here. A son of the late Edward and Mary Daniel, who came to this country from England in 1856, he was born at Ashfield 86 years ago, coming to Bungendore when only about 12 months old. At an early age he began saw milling at Rossi and Forbes Creek, and came to Braidwood in 1908, where he and his partner, the late Mr. Joshua Wilder, bought out the late Mr. Geo. Crandell at Reidsdale. The pair ran the Monga mill, as it was known, until about 1915, when Mr. Daniel went back to Rossi to take over the Jineroo mill, which he worked until he retired. By the way, his brother, Samuel, still runs the mill. The letter's twin brother, James, is still living, at the age of 82.

They were long livers, these Daniels, another brother, George, being 84, while Alfred, who died recently, was ,88. They were members of a family of nine. Deceased leaves a widow, two sons (George and Joseph) and four daughters, viz., Mrs. T. Wilder (Braidwood), Mrs. R. Thorpe (St.

Peters), Mrs. H. Harrison (Bungendore), Miss Ethel (Bungendore).

One son, Bob, who was at the Great War, died some four years back.

There are 35 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. Evidence of the esteem in which deceased was held by all sections of the community was furnished by the large and representative attendance at his funeral on September 15th. At his request his mortal remains were laid to rest in the little old Carwoola cemetery. The Rev. Mr. O'Hara officiated.


The Braidwood Dispatch and Mining Journal, Friday 25 September 1942 page 2




Regards,  Ian



From: Warwick

Sent: 5 August, 2015 3:50 PM

Subject: Proposed Change: Daniel, Joseph Thomas (I121127)


Proposed Change: Daniel,  Joseph Thomas (I121127)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I121127&tree=MP


Description:  OBITUARY




After a brief illness, Mr. Joseph Thomas Daniel, 67, passed away in Queanbeyan District Hospital on 9th October. He was born near Captain's Flat and lived in the district all his life. Deceased married Lillian Overend, of Bungendore, in 1911, and the couple made their home in Bungendore.

Mr. Daniel was noted in Bungendore for his kindness and generosity, especially during the depression. He was on the staff of the Captain's Flat mine for 20 years and had a black smithing business in Bungendore for some years.

He is survived by his wife and daughters Dulcie (Mrs. Fletcher, Lidcombe), Trixie (Mrs. Masters, Bungendore), Nola (Mrs. Dowley, Lakemba), Helene (Mrs.

Freeman, Canberra), Pat (Mrs. Barrington, Lakemba), Valerie (Mrs. Lopez, Strathfield), Judith (Mrs. Logan, Captain's Flat), and sons William

(Lakemba) and Robert (Bankstown). One son Jack and daughter Marjorie predeceased him.

The funeral left St. Philip's Church for interment in the Church of England

portion of the Bungendore   Cemetery after a service commencing at 3 p.m.

conducted by Rev. Pyke.'97 'Age.'


The Braidwood Review and District Advocate, Tuesday 19 October 1954 page 1




Regards,  Ian



From: Paul Fergus
Sent: 4 August, 2015 4:52 PM
Subject: Eileen Mary Fergus Descendant of James Fergus No.142

Dear Ian

I was just looking at the latest newsletter and the information on the Fergus family. I note that the information on my sister, Eileen Mary Fergus, states only that she was born in March 1944.  The actual date was 20 March.

Again thank you for your consistently good work maintaining this resource.

Yours sincerely,  Paul Fergus
Thank you Paul,

Regards,  Ian



From: Jenny Morris

Sent: 4 August, 2015 4:27 PM

Subject: Immigration Lists

Dear Ian

What an amazing job you have done!


I have looked at the list and can see my ancestor and one sister are missing.  They were part of the Irish Orphans scheme so I don't know if they qualify, but they are on the NSW State Archives Shipping Lists.  I am also giving you a bit more biographical information about her.


Jane NANNERY. Born Horseleap, Westmeath , Ireland. Parents Michael and Jane NANNERY both deceased by 1850.  Jane aged 16 and her sister Bridget aged 17 left for Australia on 8 April 1850 on the "TIPPOO SAIB", arriving 30 July 1850.  Both dairymaids, neither able to read or write, no relatives in the colony.  They were probably from Mullingar Workhouse.


Jane married Mark ROLLAON in 1851 and died aged 63 in 1896 of cancer.


Bridget married Jospeh HEYWOOD in 1852. She died in 1888 age 55.


Their younger sister is Catherine NANNERY- who is on the list having arrived on "TUDOT" and been sponsored by Mark ROLLASON. She married David POWER.


Thank you again for the incredible work,   Jenny Morris=

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for your kind words.

If you now look again at Bridget and Jane Nannery's records you will find the Passenger List image for the Tippoo Saib.


Regards,   Ian



From: Warwick McCall  

Sent: 4 August, 2015 3:49 PM

Subject: Gallagher Gregory Edward


Do you know who Gregory's  parents where? Also have a son of theirs in Bungendore too, Peter Edward.


Cheers,  Warwick

Sydney Edward Gallagher and Rachel Agnes nee Carroll.

Regards,  Ian



From: Jenny Morris

Sent: 4 August, 2015 3:54 PM

Subject: Lindsay family in latest newsletter

Hello Ian. 

I cannot find a contact for Peter WILLIS who wrote 2 pieces in the latest newsletter about William LINDSAY, baker, MP 13021. 


It may be a very long bow to draw but one of my original relatives to

Australia was Anne/Mary Ann LINDSAY.    She was single, age about 35 in

1839, a convict on MINERVA (6) and left 2 male children in Ireland.  She was a Roman Catholic, native of Wicklow, tried in Kildare.  She married John COREY and they lived in Cooma.  They are on Monaro Pioneers


I wonder if Peter has any information about William LINDSAY's background.

In a perfect genealogy world William may be her son/brother who followed her to Australia. 


I am happy for you to give Peter my contact email.


Thank you for your wonderful services,   Jenny Morris=

Hi Jenny,

The email address for Peter Willis is ... 'Peter Willis'


Good luck.

Regards,  Ian



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