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Monaro Pioneers Newsletter


2016 Number 6





Hi Folks,


I am delighted to announce that the Monaro Pioneers website and database now has a new permanent home.  What does this mean?  The website is now located on a new web hosting service but to anyone using the site there is no visible or functional change.  There may have been some disruption for a short time during the transition for which I apologise but everything is back to normal now.  I can now pass the baton to Michael Povey satisfied that the Monaro Pioneers Project will live on and remain free to all who wish to use the resources available.


I would like to thank Ted Brennan of www.aussiemedia.com.au for his generosity in providing the new web hosting service at no cost ensuring the ongoing availability of www.monaropioneers.com.

Whilst, I am not going away just yet, I would like to again express my sincere gratitude to all those people who have contributed information and images to make the MP site possible.  Without your generous support there would be no MP project.  So please keep your information and images coming, there is still so much more that could be added so please continue to use the DB Suggest facility or send your material direct to ian@monaropioneers.com.


Ian Harvey

Hi Folks,


As a follow on to the announcement of the new web hosting facility I have to announce that I will potentially have to turn back on the database login requirement.  When a new version of the database software was installed, I was confident there would be no security comprise by allowing anyone to access the database without the need for a userid and password.  On the old web hosting facility, this was working very well.


On moving the Monaro Pioneers domain and all its webpages, images and the MP Database to the new site the popular web search engines have "found" the new location and have been methodically trawling through the site to discover the information contained therein to index the pages for their search engines.  Now, normally this would be good thing but unfortunately these "crawl bots" use the bandwidth of the site to do their insidious and mysterious work.  Google is the worst offender and has been loose on the MP site for nearly a month now nonstop and shows no sign of finishing its indexing process, gobbling up the bandwidth of the MP domain as it goes.  At the current rate of progress all the available bandwidth for the site will used by the 3rd week in July and that would result in the entire site becoming unavailable to anyone until the beginning of August.  Ted Brennan was very generous and doubled the bandwidth limit available for the MP site when the new facility was setup, much more than previously needed or so I thought.


There is a simple way to stop this unwanted activity and that is to reinstate the need to login to the database with a userid and password.  However, I would prefer not to do this if possible so I will be monitoring the bandwidth usage and if the amount available diminishes to a point where I believe the entire website could be temporarily suspended I will reinstate the need for the login again.


So if in the near future you are asked for a username and password when accessing the database you will hopefully understand that I have had to  exclude Google and the other annoying trawling software bandits from accessing the MP database.




Ian Harvey

Now only the MP Database coordinator.


MONARO PIONEERS now on Facebook









On 2016-07-04 16:48, Chris Ellison wrote:

Proposed Change: Family: Ellison,  Ross George / Twigg,  Annie Eileen

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:  http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/familygroup.php?familyID=F95473&tree=MP


Description: My eldest sister was Susan Patricia Ellison she was the eldest, then Mark Ross Ellison, Timothy Ellison died at 18 months old, Michael Joseph Ellison  and the myself as the youngest. Can't recall all the birthdates and mark or Sue's date when they deceased will update when I check my records.


Chris Ellison

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-07-03 17:53, lynette shaw wrote:

Proposed Change: Family: Robin,  John

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/familygroup.php?familyID=F81452&tree=MP


Description: Jenett Robin,s father was "John Robinson" as per her death certificate. (John Robinson of "The Honeysuckle " farm. Jenet was linked to this family all through her life. Many years of research has gone into finding "the non existent John Robin" although I believe through research Mr. Robinson may have also been k/a John Robin. Jenetts mother is "Unknown" Oral stories have suggested she was Aboriginal. Jenett also has NO birth certificate nor baptism cert.  I am desperately trying to piece together my family history. My mother was Jenett Robin,s Great  Grandaughter. John Stephen Jones (Jenet,s son was my Mothers Grandfather and my Great Grandfather. I am keen to speak with anyone in your area that may have knowledge about Jenett and her elusive father/mother.

lynette shaw

Hi Lynette,

I suggest you put your inquiry on our Facebook page and see what comments may come therefrom.

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-07-03 17:31, Beth Gibson wrote:

Hi Ian,

I have been researching the birth of Emma Rose M and Rose M Barber, twin daughters born  in April 1893 of James and Jane Barber. Using NSW BDM and a process of elimination re dates of Birth of Emma and Rose and then the Death of Rose I have ascertained that the two girls were born on 19th April, 1893 and that Rose died on 28th April 1983  ie at 9 days. I actually entered date 'fields' into the date range until I could identify a particular date for both births and Rose's death.

I just want to confirm with you that the NSW BDM Register does record the actual date of Birth or Death and not the date on which they are registered.

Many Thanks, Beth

Births Search Results

Births Search Results


Registration Number

Family Name

Given Name(s)

Father's Given Name(s)

Mother's Given Name(s)


PDF Availability

















Deaths Search Results


Registration Number

Family Name

Given Name(s)

Father's Given Name(s)

Mother's Given Name(s)


PDF Availability










Hi Beth,

I think you need to ask the NSW BDM organisation that question.

Regards,  Ian


On 2016-07-02 11:59, Beck Stevenson wrote:

Proposed Change: Read,  James Richie (I351443)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I351443&tree=MP


Description: Hello

My sister found your website while researching our great-grandparents.

Thank you, it is very interesting. We were wondering if we could have our nan and great aunt added? For Lila Mary Jubb (ref#MP155352) and Richie Hind C. Keir (ref#MP221408) their sons Guy and James have been recorded, but not their daughters.

Margaret Goldie Read's (our nan) info is as follows:

DOB: 20/03/1921

Married: David Charles Stevenson 2/11/1947

Died: 12/07/2003


Nancy Jean Read (our great aunt) is:

DOB: 13/12/1929

Married: Raymond Morgan (he is not either of the entries for this name on your site).

Nancy died a few years ago.

Also, their brothers Guy Hastings Read (ref#MP351439) and James Richie Read (MP351443) were twins, their correct DOB is 18/06/1919. James'

(uncle Jim's) wife's name was Jill Lawler.

Thank you again for all your work on this site. I didn't know the records went back so far for Lila's family.

I have/can find more information for our family, if you would be interested.

Best Regards,  Beck Stevenson

Thank you,  I would be happy to add any additional information you wish to provide.

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-07-01 16:35, Greg Kirk wrote:

Proposed Change: Family: Dyason,  Hamilton / Teague,  Ada Katherine

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/familygroup.php?familyID=F51304&tree=MP


Description: Hamilton Dyason born 1871


Greg Kirk

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-07-01 16:32, Greg Kirk wrote:

Proposed Change: Dyason,  Hamilton (I173003)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:  http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I173003&tree=MP


Description: Died 10 March 1961, Papakura, New Zealand.


Greg Kirk

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian


On 2016-07-01 16:30, Greg Kirk wrote:

Proposed Change: Teague,  Ada Katherine (I172966)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I172966&tree=MP


Description: Birth date 2 February 1871. Married 19 July 1893, Redfern.

Died 26 June 1962 Papakura, New Zealand.


Greg Kirk

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-07-01 10:47, milton alchin wrote:

someone is looking for parents of henry thompson/ schutt of braidwood

i have henry thompson parents as hans schutt 30/12/1822 –germany died 3/11/1906 bendigo married 22/6/1861 bendigo christine reisz born 6/11/1836 oldenberg germany died 16/9/1926 tara qld have other info if you need it –

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian


On 2016-06-30 22:04, Julie Seager wrote:

Proposed Change: Peters,  Jane (I147691)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I147691&tree=MP


Description: Jane Peters was born in Corryong, then part of NSW


Julie Seager

Hi Julie,

Familysearch records show she was born in Goulburn ...




do you have a copy of the Baptism?

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-06-30 22:01, julie seager wrote:

Proposed Change: Metcraft,  Charles (I147690)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I147690&tree=MP


Description: Charles Metcalf was born at Grampian Hills, Bungonia, the property belonging to William Shelley where his mother and father were working.  The baptism was performed by the rector of the church in Goulburn, but most likely on the property.  It is most likely that William Metcalf and Catherine O'Neal moved to  Tumut Station, owned by William Shelley's brother George when William Shelley died.


julie seager


Regards,  Ian


On 2016-06-30 00:14, Michelle wrote:

Proposed Change: Bopping,  Florence E. (I208973)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:  http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I208973&tree=MP


Description: Hi Ian

Florence Evelyn Bopping died 16.07.1994. Interred in Braidwood Lawn Cemetery with her husband, Arnold Edward Hartin died 02.05.1981.


Cheers,   Michelle


Regards,  Ian


From: Jasmin Russell

Sent: 29 June, 2016 6:24 PM

Subject: Rita Hannaford and R.A Johnson


Hi there I searched the the Eden Monro pioneers. On R.A Johnson's page it says he has a relative alive. I'm related to Rita Hannaford and R.A Johnson and we would like to know if there are any relatives out there from R.A Johnson's tree.


Would be awesome to get to know them and our family.


Hi Jasmin,

Any contact details we have for that family would be listed on the page you reference.  You could also try our Facebook page which has proved an excellent way of making contact with other family descendants.

Regards, Ian



On 2016-06-28 07:51, Robyn McCarthy wrote:

Proposed Change: McCarthy,  Gustave William (I43789)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I43789&tree=MP


Description: Gustave William McCarthy's son, Gustave John Michael McCarthy saw service in WW2 as well (Service Number NX170243) and is buried in Derby, WA having died on 29 May, 2000


Robyn McCarthy

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-06-27 22:41, Belindah Harland wrote:

My name is Belindah and I am searching my family history and I am wondering if you would be able to help me discover some information bout my ancestors.
I am related to the Muldoon, Caldwell, Reynolds, Wells family from monaro, queanbeyan, young, yass, braidwood.
I have found  document that says Eliza Muldoon is a native of monaro. What does this mean please?
Would you have information you could and would be happy to share with me please?
My pop was raised by another man and I am unable to find all of my missing connections.

Kind regards,  Belindah

Hi Belindah,

The term "native of Monaro" normally means born in that location or district.

You need to provide more information before I could be of any help.  Parents, dates, marriages, spouses - the more the better.

Regards,  Ian

Hi Ian

I don't have a great deal of concrete facts at this stage.

I have attached things I have found.

In my family oral history it is said that Albert Francis Reynolds was of Aboriginal origin.

I m sorry that I don't have a great deal of info as I am feeling rather lost with it all at the moment. I'm not sure what I am looking for.

Kindest regards, Belindah

Hi Belindah,  

The information we have in our database shows Elizabeth/Eliza Muldoon was the daughter of Thomas Muldoon and Susannah James ….


Regards,  Ian

Thank you Ian



On 2016-06-26 05:41, Warwick McCall wrote:

Proposed Change: Langan,  Catherine (I209577)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I209577&tree=MP


Description: Name    Catherine Langan

Gender          Female

Christening Date       14 Dec 1851

Christening Place      Queenbeyan, Murray, New South Wales, Australia

Father's Name         Patrick Langan

Mother's Name         Ann Kavanagh

Citing this Record


"Australia Births and Baptisms, 1792-1981," database, FamilySearch https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:XTDL-9VZ : 11 December 2014), Patrick Langan in entry for Catherine Langan, 14 Dec 1851; citing New South Wales, Australia; FHL microfilm 993,979.


Warwick McCall


Regards,  Ian



On 2016-06-26 02:47, Myles Hannan wrote:

Proposed Change: O'Reilly,  Michael Terence (I14602)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:  http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I14602&tree=MP


Description: From his Death Certificate (Qld 2227/1954) Michael Terence Riley was born at Bungendore, NSW.

On his Marriage Certificate (NSW 3375/1901) his age was incorrectly stated as 21 (from his Birth Certificate (NSW (30660/1884) and as stated on his Death Certificate) he would have been 17 when he was married.

The Marriage Certificate states his name as Michael Joseph O'Reilly (rather than Michael Terence O'Reilly), though it is clearly the same person, based on the names of his parents.

His death certificate states that he died on 8 June 1954 at Mercantile Wharf, Bulimba, Queensland. His occupation was Watchman and it is written (in hand writing) that he fell off a ship. He died from a cerebral haemorrhage and a fractured skull.

He was buried on 10 June 1954 at Lutwyche Cemetery (Kedron, north of Brisbane).

The informant was Rees O Reilly, son of Michael Terence O Reilly, 7 Holmes St, Kingsford, NSW.


Myles Hannan


Regards,  Ian



On 2016-06-24 07:16, Gregory McInnes wrote:

Proposed Change: Robinson,  George Prosser (I11061)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I11061&tree=MP


Description: Full Name: George Prosser Charles Robinson

Married: Doreen May Caldwell, 1935, Bellingen, NSW. NSW BDM 1293/1935

Died: 7 Jul 1060, Dungog Cottage Hospital, NSW

Funeral: 9 Jul 1960, Christ Church, Dungog, NSW

Cremated: 9 Jul 1960, Beresfield Crematorium, NSW


Gregory McInnes


Regards,  Ian



On 2016-06-23 07:35, Maree Pead wrote:

Proposed Change: McTernan,  Ellen (I109625)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I109625&tree=MP


Description: Name:  Lila Ellen McTernan

It said on her holy card when she died that she was 94 She died on 11 May 1985. So I think her year of birth 1891


Maree Pead


Regards,  Ian



On 2016-06-23 07:50, Maree Pead wrote:

Proposed Change: McTernan,  Francis James Bernard (I44674)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I44674&tree=MP


Description: Francis had two daughters with first wife the eldest was Mary Joan born 6 August 1919 (known as Joan) Died 16 January 1994

Second daughter was Marie Carmel born 1925 died 9th October 1975 aged 50 years (known as Bub)


Maree Pead


Regards,  Ian


From: Maree Pead  

Sent: 22 June, 2016 11:05 PM

Subject: Proposed Change: McTernan, G. (I364288)


Proposed Change: McTernan,  G. (I364288)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I364288&tree=MP


Description: G. McTernan

Should be

Harold Gregory McTernan (known as Greg)

Born 4 April 1927

Died 19 July 2012


Maree Pead


Regards,  Ian



From: Jean Proctor

Sent: 2016-06-20 19:28

Subject: Praise

Hello Michael,

I recently found your site through a person on Ancestry who'd put an old photo on there. I couldn't believe what a wonderful site you have. I'd been looking for records of the 'Gatehouse' family who emigrated to Cooma back in 1856 as I've been doing the family history. (My husband's Mother was a 'Gatehouse'.) Well, I was astounded at the amount of information that's been put on the site. I discovered my husband's Grandfather at first thought he was the only child (though I found one more in Ancestry) I found he had eight more siblings though some had died young. The photos of the ancestors were wonderful too. It's really opened up a Pandora's box and I wish to thank all involved in putting this fantastic website together. Now the Gatehouse family history is complete.


With kindest regards and praise, Jean Proctor


On 2016-06-18 21:30, deborah hayes wrote:

Hi Ian

Hoping you can help. I am after contact details for the Cootamundra Cemetery.

I am from Picton NSW and after out recent devastating floods a head stone was found in Menangle street Picton, the headstone belongs to Thornleigh Cameron Whitby who died in 1980 aged 45, after some  research i have discovered that he is buried in Cootamundra and need to confirm this as soon as possible. The people who found the headstone will be going to Wagga in a few weeks and said they are able to return the headstone if it does belong there A speedy reply would be most welcome

Regards Debbie

Hi Debbie,

Sorry, I don't know any contacts for the Cootamundra Cemetery.  It must have been one helluva flood to wash a headstone from Cootamundra to Picton!

Regards,  Ian



From: lurline thorp  

Sent: 14 June, 2016 5:06 PM

Subject: bugtown


Hi Ian, Did someone named Stephen Doggett get in touch with you about the name Bugtown? There never was a guest house and whoever the "former local" is who told him this it is all a heap of rubbish!  Bugtown was only ever an area, there was nothing there that would warrant  a guest house.  I believe the name does not refer to bedbugs. Yours, Lurline Thorp.

Thank you Lurline,

Regards,  Ian


On 2016-06-13 21:58, dingojo7 wrote:

---- monarop <monarop@monaropioneers.com> wrote:


Thanks, Ian for answering, The problem is this end, not you. The NBN has been installed here, it's hit and miss if it works. everyone around here is having the same problem. Just been sent a new modem, that's the second one. Dosen't seem to have made much difference.

Would you please ask Michael to get in touch with me, lost all his details when my P.C. crashed. I'm sure he is going to do a good job on the Monaro's site. Each and everyone of us owe you a giant thank you, for the job you have done, The Monaro Pioneers site has to be the best of it's kind, anywhere. ! Thank You, just dose not cut it. I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way. I can't really remember when I first stumbled across the site, it must be around 10 years ago. Where you have taken it from there is just amazing, I do remember saying to you once.

''when do you find time to eat and sleep''. Now maybe you can. Maybe


Kind Regards  Jo Jennings


On 2016-06-11 07:15, dingojo7 wrote:

If anyone gets this could you please reply, I'm having trouble getting an account set up to talk to you.

Regards  Jo Jennings

Thank you Jo,

Regards,  Ian



From: June Love
Sent: 14 June, 2016 10:22 AM
Subject: Re: John Love descendancy - My great grandmother, Mary Ann Kay marriage to Charles Steptoe Love is now officially listed on Ancestry as taking place 1855 - Monaro, New South Wales, as under:


KAY, Mary Ann


Australia, Marriage Index, 1788-1950

Birth, Marriage & Death



1855 - Monaro, New South Wales


Charles Love


Mary A Kay


Nice to have affirmation from another source.

With thanks.


Hi June,

Interesting that you regard Ancestry as the "official listing", my experience has shown that Ancestry is not very reliable.  However, in this case it is almost right.  The marriage took place November 19th, 1855 in Eden.  I don't have an Ancestry subscription so am unable to follow your links.

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-06-12 21:34, Jilly Pascoe wrote:

Hello Ian

My name is Jill Pascoe.  My mother was Sylvia Pascoe born Leonard, first born child of Frederick Leonard.  Frederick's father was Patrick Leonard

- DOB. 1823 County Cavan Ireland, DOD. 24th Oct 1899, buried 26/10/1899 Mittagang Cemetery Cooma NSW.  His father was Patrick Leonard born 1795 County Cavan, died 10/1/1853 Bombala.

Family oral history tells of a land grant to Patrick Leonard from Governor Lachlan Macquarie.  The property was known as "The Coppermine"

so they say at Cooma.  I can find no record of such a  property. 

Perhaps you can assist, or it may be incorrect information from the old and now deceased members of the Leonard family.

I remember also being told that Patrick was Governor Macquarie's chauffeur??

Can you help please Ian, either by debunking this notion or finding other evidence?

Love your site.

Kind regards,  Jilly Pascoe

Hi Jill,

Sorry I have not heard of that property nor do we have any information on any property, station or lease by that name unfortunately. This email will be included in our next newsletter and perhaps one of our readers might be able to help.

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-06-10 05:51, Anne Dwight wrote:

Hi Ian,

Re: Monaro Pioneers site reference S Mills ID 1309651

I am new to searching your site and a novice at family history.

My grandfather Kevin Frederick Keenan ID F119199 (my mother Shirley's father) was not a Keenan from birth.  His mother Florence Skein had Kevin 1904, two years before she married James Keenan.

Keenan family history only a few years ago added his real father after many years of showing James Keenan as his father. His fathers name was added as Frederick Russell. I don't know anything about Frederick Russell. The only trace I can link may be a Frederick Russell born 1885 Cooma. Not sure. I notice there name S. Mills ID 1309651 links Family as Kevin Frederick my grandfather.

Not much info there other than his name.

Any assistance appreciated.

I'm sure you are kept busy enough with management of enquiries. Thanks in advance.

My grand parents and parents have all passed on so no person to ask.

Kind regards,  Anne Dwight

Hi Anne,

Thank you for the information, everything we have is available on our website.

Regards,  Ian



From: Vicki Ryan
Sent: 10 June, 2016 10:49 AM
Subject: Another Question

Hello Ian

I am not sure if you are the person I should ask these questions or not but if not can you point in the correct place.

At the moment I am doing an online Family History Uni Course at the Uni of Tas and it is a Convict course.   I have created a Time Line of William Blyton and now trying to fill in some gaps to add to my story that I need to create.   I am trying to get a feel of the area and the era.

William Blyton had the lease of The Horse & Jockey Inn in Commission Street in 1875.  Can you supply me with some information about the Inn.  Where it was situated and how long it was opened for and what is on the site now.

Also I am looking to find out where about's is the property Eagle Vale and Rock Lodge that the Blyton family owned. 

Lastly do you have any history books from Cooma that may have the Blyton family in them?

Many thanks, Vicki Ryan
Hi Vicki,

I suggest you put your questions on the Monaro Pioneers Facebook page, I am sure one of our readers will be able to help you.

Regards,  Ian



From: Warwick McCall

Sent: 9 June, 2016 11:53 PM

Subject: Proposed Change: Mooney, Susan (I15319)


Proposed Change: Mooney,  Susan (I15319)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I15319&tree=MP


Description: Obituary.

MRS. ISAAC FISHER. This lady died a St. Vincent's Hospital, Sydney, on Thursday night, 26th January, from shock to the system, subsequent to an operation that was performed for the removal of an hydatid cyst. The deceased lady had been in the hospital about six weeks, and after the operation every hope was entertained of her recovery ; but she suddenly collapsed and died as stated. She was a daughter of Mrs. Mooney and sister of John Mooney Esq. of Cooma. Her remains were brought to Spring Valley R.C.

cemetery for interment. She leaves a husband and three children to mourn their loss.

Goulburn Herald, page 2 Monday 6 Feb 1899



Obituary. A correspondent writes:--The mortal remains of the late Mrs. Isaac Fisher were interred in the Spring Valley R.C. cemetery on Saturday evening.

Deceased died on Thursday, nine hours after under- going a successful operation for hydatids on the liver. The remains were brought by rail to Bangalore, and from thence to Spring Valley cemetery. Deceased was the eldest daughter of the late Mr. John Mooney of Rock Flat, Cooma, and is survived by her husband and three children, also her mother, brother, and sister, for whom the deepest sympathy is expressed on all sides, more especially as her brother, Mr. John Mooney, buried his devoted wife a fortnight previously. Mrs. Fisher's gentle, courteous manner gained for her the esteem of a host of friends, who were surprised and deeply grieved at her early death. The funeral was a very large one, and would have been greater had the news of her burial been received earlier. Deceased was 32 years of age.

Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : 1881 - 1940), Saturday 4 February 1899


Warwick McCall


Regards,  Ian



From: Warwick McCall

Sent: 9 June, 2016 11:51 PM

Subject: Proposed Change: Fisher, Isaac (I15324)


Proposed Change: Fisher,  Isaac (I15324)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:  http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I15324&tree=MP


Description: MR. ISAAC FISHER

Mr. Isaac Fisher, a well-known retired grazier, of "Homeville", Spring Valley, died in a Goulburn hospital late last night. The late Mr. Fisher, who was 83 years of age, had been in ill-health for the past six weeks and had been a patient in hospital for a month.

Mr. Fisher, who was the third son of the late Isaac and Elizabeth Fisher, pioneer residents of Spring Valley, had resided it that district practically all his life. He carried on grazing pursuits for many years, retiring about 10 years ago. In his younger days he was a keen sports man and was interested especially in cricket. He was well known through out the district and was highly esteemed.

The late Mr. Fisher was twice married. He is survived by a widow and also a son and daughter by his first marriage, Mr. Percy Fisher, of Montana station (Peelwood district), and Mrs. M. Hogan (Peelwood). Another son by his first marriage, John, died several years after his return from the Great War. Mr.

Fisher also leaves two sisters, Mrs. J. Speer (Woodhouselee) and Mrs. J. Lewis   (Croydon Park). Mass for the repose of his soul was celebrated in SS. Peter and Paul's Cathedral at 7 o'clock this morning by Rev. F. Favier, and the funeral took place this afternoon, leaving the Cathedral at 3 p.m. for the Spring Valley cemetery.

Goulburn Evening Penny Post , page 4 Monday 7 December 1936


Warwick McCall


Regards,  Ian



Subject: Proposed Change: Mooney,  Robert (I315056)

Date: 08/06/2016 14:09

From: Warwick McCall


Proposed Change: Mooney,  Robert (I315056)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I315056&tree=MP


Description: OBITUARY.

Robert Ignatius Mooney.

The death occurred recently at his residence, 'Mountain View,' Goolagong Road, of one of Grenfell's oldest residents in the person of Mr. Robert Mooney, who was 83 years of age. The late gentleman came to Australia in the early sixties, and arrived, at Grenfell over 60 years ago. He was born in West County Mead, Ireland, and came out here with his parents on the Lady McDonald; they had previously booked on the Red Jacket, but missed this ship which went down with the loss of all hands.

His wife predeceased him some twelve years ago. The late Mrs. Mooney was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Toohey, of Dalton. One son (John) and six daughters survive, the latter being: Mrs. Brogan (Mary) of Leichhardt; Mrs.Carlon (Frances) of Redfern; Mrs. Rollanson (Elizabeth) of Kingsgrove; Mrs. Rice (Gertrude) of Earlwood; Mrs. Toms (Julia) of Fairfield; Miss Agnes Mooney, who resides at 'Mountain View' with her brother. There is one great grandson (Robt. Near).

Mrs. Carlon and Mrs. Toms were unable to attend the funeral. There are nine grandchildren and one great grandson.

The late Mr. Mooney was a very popular man and highly esteemed. He claimed to be the oldest resident of the district. The services at St Joseph's and at the cemetery were conducted by Rev, Father Comans. [The above is republished by re quest so as to include further particulars and the correction of one or two errors].

The Grenfell Record and Lachlan District Advertiser, Thursday 8 January

1942 page 1


Warwick McCall


Regards,  Ian



Subject: Proposed Change: Toohey,  Honorah (I315050)

Date: 08/06/2016 14:08

From: Warwick McCall


Proposed Change: Toohey,  Honorah (I315050)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I315050&tree=MP


Description: DEATH

MOONEY  On Sunday, July 14th, Annie' ' Nora .' Mooney, aged 72, years, wife of Mr. Robert I. Mooney, of Mountain View, The funeral will leave' St.' Joseph's Roman ' Catholic Church, Grenfell, at 3 p.m. to-morrow

(Tuesday) .

The Grenfell Record and Lachlan District Advertiser, Monday 15 July 1929 page 3


Mrs. Mooney.

The death occurred on the 14th ult. of a very old and highly esteemed resident of the Grenfell district in the person of Mrs. Mooney, wife of Mr. Robert J. Mooney of Mountain View, Grenfell. Although she had been in delicate health for many years, her condition had not been serious, until a few days before her death. She was receiving medical attention and whilst being brought into town she collapsed and died in the car, a few miles from Grenfell.

The late Mrs. Moouey was a daughter of the late Mr. Stephen Patrick Toohey, of Dalton, and was married at Gunning 45 years ago. She resided in the Grenfell district ever since. A widower, six daughters and one son, also eight grandchildren survive.

The daughters are Mrs. V. Brogan (Annandale), Mrs. M. Carlon (Enfield), Mrs.T. Rollanson (Belmore), Misses J. and G. Mooney (Peterson), and Miss Agnes Mooney (Mountain View). The son, Mr. John Mooney, resides at Mountain View.

On Monday 15th ult., a Requiem Mass was celebrated by the Very Rev. Father McAlroy, P.P., at St. Joseph's Church. On. Tuesday prior to the funeral the remains were conveyed to the church, where prayers for the dead were recited by Father McAlroy, who also officiated at the graveside. ' The funeral was one of the largest seen in the district.

Letters, cards, and telegrams were received from all over the State, as well as many beautiful floral tributes. R.I.P.

The Catholic Press,Thursday 15 August 1929 page 37


Warwick McCall


Regards,  Ian


From: Joye Walsh
Sent: 2016-06-08 9:59 PM
Subject: D Re: Monaro Pioneers Newsletter - May 2016

Hi David/Ian


May I pass on my heartfelt thanks for all the wonderful work which has been done with this amazing resource.


It is terrific to know that the work will be continued by someone who has been a keen contributor & supporter of the site so will understand how valuable it is to be maintained.

Thank you Michael for volunteering to do this.


Cheers,  Joye



Subject: Proposed Change: Corey,  William (I44462)

Date: 07/06/2016 22:16

From: Warwick


Proposed Change: Corey,  William (I44462)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:  http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I44462&tree=MP


Description: Double wedding of son Simon and daughter Ellen.






Regards,  Ian



Subject: Proposed Change: Corey,  Simon (I84450)

Date: 07/06/2016 22:10

From: Warwick


Proposed Change: Corey,  Simon (I84450)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:   http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I84450&tree=MP


Description: A detailed story of his death





Regards,  Ian



From: Susan Henshall

Sent: 6 June, 2016 11:12 PM

Subject: Date of John George Jess' Death

Dear Ian,


John George Jess born 1860 died in 1938 at the age of 78 (Death Certificate No. 24470) not aged 103 as shown on your data base.  His father was John Jess, born probably 1835 in either England or Ireland. 

I have records of John Jess's arrival, aged 2 on the William Metcalf in 1837.  Travelling with his parents James 25 and Mrs Jess 25, John 2 and Timothy 1.

James Jess is described as a Cooper and on the 1st May, 1837 he was assigned as Constable in the Hamilton District of Hobart where he remained until resigning on the 15th April 1839.  I have the records to support these dates.


This John Jess married Janet Power, had 10 children.  John George is the second child.  On the DC  date of death is 2nd Nov. 1938.   Age 78, confirming that John George Jess was born in 1860.


I believe that the father,  John Jess, abandoned his family shortly in 1876, moved to Victoria and died there.   (Based on memories of Ken Percival, a descendant of  John Jess's  eldest daughter, Mary Anne Catherine Jess  B 1864,)


In summary:


John Jess b 1835 d unknown

John George Jess b 1860 d 1938


Thank you,  Sue Henshall

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian



On 06/06/2016 11:32, Paul Fergus wrote:

Hi Ian

Apropos of Myles Hannan's email pointing out that Kevin Anzac Darmody was born in the Federal Capital Territory, what is now the Australian Capital Territory was called the Federal Capital Territory until 1938. 

In fact, the first 3 children of William Joseph Darmody and Mary Barron, Michael James, Kevin Anzac and my mother, Eileen, were all born at the family property, "The Pines" on the Majura Lane, which the family acquired sometime after they arrived from Ireland in July 1853.

The Monaro Pioneers website might be updated to show that Kevin Anzac Darmody's wife, Florence Audrey Clare Gannon, died last Saturday morning, 4 June, in Bathurst.

I'm delighted that Michael Povey has volunteered to take on some of the work you have been doing so well.

Regards,  Paul Fergus

Thank you Paul,

Regards,  Ian



On 06/06/2016 11:18, Ann & Phil Lopez wrote:

Hello Ian,

I was delighted to read in the latest newsletter a story about my 2x great grandfather Joseph Bailey. I would love to make contact with John Bailey who wrote to you about Joe's adventures in the the bush back in 1887.  Its the first new piece of information we have had to tie our family stories together and provide some substance to the "legends" we had been told about for so long.


I would also like to add some additional details to the family details of Joseph's family.  He married his wife Louisa Butler (b.3 November 1860) from Patricks Plains, NSW ,in Queensland (we believe in Normanton) on 3 September 1888.  Louisa had travelled there by sea on her own to meet him in Normanton.  I still haven't work out how they could have met and made contact initially and for it then to have led to marriage since they were both from regions some distance from each other.  They returned as a family of 4 to NSW around 1892/3 with 2 young children, Queenie Norma and Reuben William John (my great grandfather) who had both been born up at Normanton. They then had a third child born in Singleton, Louisa's family's hometown, in 1893 and who subsequently died at Glebe in Sydney in 1893.  Joseph and Louisa then settled in the Leichhardt area where they lived until their deaths in 1928 (Joseph) and 1939 (Louisa).  Joseph worked as a butcher during that time. They also built two houses at Lawson in the Blue Mountains that they holidayed in quite regularly - they named after my grandmother and her sister - Dorrieville and Elsieville.  I remember staying there on holidays as late as the 1970's!  Their portraits hung on the walls looking down on us and so their stories have followed me ever since.


I would also like to clarify some of the details about my great grandfather Reuben.  I note that the records on your website name him as Rupert, when in fact he was named Reuben - named I believe after his maternal grandfather - Reuben Butler, a convict settled in the Patricks Plains region near Singleton, NSW.  He was born in Queensland in 1891 and died in Sydney 0n April 1, 1949.


Many thanks with all your efforts maintaining the site.

Regards,  Ann Lopez

Hi Ann,

Thanks for the information.  The email address for Joh Bailey is ...  xxxxxxxxxxx

Regards,  Ian


From: Sylvia Aldred
Sent: 6 June, 2016 9:39 AM
Subject: Thank you for all your hard work over the years.

Hi Ian,


I’d just like to thank you for all your hard work over the years.

Family history researchers are a bit obsessive and can be a tad protective of their subjects.

I imagine that it could have been quite an unrewarding task at times.

The site seems to have expanded amazingly from the early days as well so must have been an enormous amount of work.  I do hope though that all’s well with you and yours and you enjoy your ‘retirement’ as it were.


Syl. Aldred

Hi Sylvia,

Thank you for the kind words, I am not "retiring" just passing the website responsibility to younger more vigorous hands.  I will continue to maintain the database until I find someone as crazy as me to take that on.

Regards,  Ian



On 05/06/2016 22:09, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Masters,  Ann Ada (I189493)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link:    http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I189493&tree=MP


Description: GARDNER-MASTERS. At St. Saviour's Cathedral on Wednesday Miss Annie Masters, third daughter of Mr. Charles Masters, of Gundaroo, was married to Mr. William Gardner, eldest son of Mr. E. Gardner, of Bungendore. Rev. J. W. Ward officiated. The bride, who was given away by her brother, Mr. Curtis Masters, wore a costume of white silk, with silk trimmings, shower bouquet, and wreath-and veil. She also wore a gold-bangle, the gift of the bridegroom. Miss Addie Masters, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid. Her dress was white embroidered muslin, and she carried a bouquet of forget-me-nots. Her present from the bridegroom was a gold brooch. The bride's present to the bridegroom was a silver shaving set. The breakfast was held at Costley's. The honeymoon is to be spent at Taralga. The bride's travelling dress was a navy blue coat and skirt.

Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : 1881 - 1940) Thu 28 Dec 1911, Page 2




Regards,  Ian



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