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2016 Number 9



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On 2016-10-09 07:16, Pauline wrote:

Proposed Change: Shegog,  Anne (I277532)

Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Link: http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I277532&tree=MP


Description:  Death date for Anne (Annie) Shegog


Australia, Death Index, 1787-1985

View Record

Name     Annie Gaunson

Birth Year     abt 1872

Age     76

Death Place     Prahran, Victoria

Father's Name     Robt Hahilton Sheggg

Mother's Name     Penelope Manson

Registration Year     1948

Registration Place     Victoria

Registration Number     4545


Quite a few spelling mistakes but it is as I found it online.

Regards,  Pauline

Thank you,

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-10-07 01:09, Kristine Howard wrote:

Proposed Change: Dennis,  James Thompson (I249675)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Hi Ian
James Dennis was born in 1798 in Toseland, Huntingdon Shire, England.  He married Sarah Richardson on 22 February 1818.  He died in Gundaroo, NSW in 1870.
James and Sarah had 8 sons and 4 daughters born in Hail Weston, Huntingdon Shire, England:

Eliza was baptised on 11 April 1819.  She married Charles Darby and migrated to Australia with her family on the Wilson Kennedy in 1852. She died in Gundaroo, NSW in 1871.
James 1820
Elizabeth baptised on 17 March 1822.  Married John Hardwick and migrated to Australia with her family on the Wilson Kennedy in 1852.  She died in Gundaroo NSW on 3 August 1864.
James buried on 1 September 1824 aged 5 months.
Samuel was born on 2 October 1825 and died on 1 May 1827
Jane was baptised on 3 August 1828 and was buried on 12 September 1831.
Ann was buried on 29 September 1841 aged 18 months.
George was born in 1832 and died in Gundagai NSW in 1898 (Charles twin).  George drowned in the Murrumbidgee near Gundagai.
Charles was also born in 1832 and died in Wagga Wagga NSW on 16 March 1903 (Georges twin) - our ancestor
    William was born in 1833 and died in infancy
    Samuel was born in 1835 and died in Petersham NSW in 1909
    William was born in 1839.

James and 4 surviving sons migrated to Australia arriving in NSW on the Bengal in 1855 Charles was accompanied by his wife Elizabeth (nee Allen).
Eliza (Darby) and Elizabeth (Hardwick) had migrated to Australia earlier with their husbands and families on the Wilson Kennedy in 1852.  James sisters Frances (Crowe) and Elizabeth (Smart) also migrated to Australia with their families in 1852 on the Wilson Kennedy.  

Charles Dennis and Elizabeth Allen
Charles married Elizabeth Allen in 1854 in Huntingdon Shire, England.  Elizabeth was born on 5 March 1836 in Huntingdon Shire, her parents were Thomas and Hannah Allen (nee Moran).  She had 3 brothers and one sister.  

Charles and Elizabeth arrived in Australia on the Bengal in 1855 accompanied by Charles father James and twin brother George and younger brothers Samuel and William. Charles was 22 years of age and Elizabeth 18 years of age.

The family firstly settled in Richmond, NSW where Elizabeth gave birth to George in 1857 and William James in 1859.  George died in 1857 and there was one other son born who did not survive (this baby could have been born and died on the voyage to Australia).  Elizabeth gave birth to a daughter Henrietta after separating from Charles.  

William was brought up by his father Charles.  Henrietta was brought up by Elizabeth and her second husband.

Elizabeths parents Thomas and Hannah and siblings George, William, Thomas and Mary Ann immigrated to Australia on Chance arriving on 13 July 1860.

Charles and Elizabeth separated in about 1861.  Charles moved to Adelong and Gundagai taking his son William James Dennis.  Elizabeth was pregnant and gave birth to Henrietta Dennis in 1861 (birth unregistered).  Elizabeth married Henry Townsend in 1871. They had 7 sons and 2 daughters.
Charles married Hannah Eurell (nee Maloney) at Adelong in 1878.  
Charles and Hannah (Annie) had 2 children Charles born in 1872 at Adelong NSW and Samuel John born in 1873 at Adelong NSW.

Thank you,
Regards,  Ian



On 2016-10-06 22:27, Cheryl Moore wrote:

Hi Ian,


Would you please be able to change the death date for William Tonge b 1861. The date shown in the database in Marrickville in 1936 is incorrect. He died 30 April 1925 at 111 Carey Street, Leichhardt and was buried in the C of E Section of the Rookwood Cemetery on 2nd May 1925. Also missing is his eldest son Charles. Can't find his birth record at the moment it is probably there but misspelt. He is mentioned as the eldest son in both his parents death notices.


Regards,  Cheryl Davidson/Moore

No trouble,

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-10-06 18:04, Kristine Howard wrote:

Proposed Change: Crisp,  Jane (I82828)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Hi Ian
Jane Pooley (nee Crisp) married a Mr Greenwood in 1874 after Robert Pooley's death in 1873. Mr Greenwood died the same year.  In 1875 she married a William Smale in Newcastle. She died in Newcastle in 1876 from euteric fever. She was buried at Christ Church burial ground in Newcastle.  (Apparently it is now a park).
Thank you,
Regards,  Ian



On 2016-10-06 17:57, Kristine Howard wrote:

Proposed Change: Cane,  Mary Anne (I158625)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Hi Ian
Henry Cane was born in Ballinderry, Ireland in 1824 and died in Queanbeyan in 1902. He is buried at the Riverside Cemetery, Queanbeyan.
Mary Cane (nee Delaney) was born in Dublin in 1831 and died in Sydney in 1877 she is buried at Petersham, Sydney.
Mary Anne Pooley (nee Cane was born in 1858) (I presume in Queanbeyan I need to check the Baptism Records in Queanbeyan).  She is buried at the Waverley Cemetery, in Sydney.
Robert Pooley died in 1963 in Sutherland, Sydney.
Thank you,
Regards,  Ian



On 2016-10-06 07:24, Bronwyn wrote:

I hope you can help, I am trying to find an email address for my husband's aunt - Betty Raffaele.  My husband passed away 2 days ago and I am trying to contact her to advise her.  I did have an old email address for her, but it is no longer valid.
Regards,  Bronwyn Campbell

Can you tell me your husband's details please?  Otherwise I cannot attempt to connect the right family to try to help you.



His name is Stephen John Campbell (born 22/1/1958 Cooma), son of Victor William Campbell (brother of Betty Raffaele) and Patricia Helen Kershler.  The reason I asked on this site is that Betty Raffaele had contributed to the site and I thought you would have her email address. 

Regards,  Bronwyn Campbell

Hi Bronwyn,

Sorry, I don't have an email address unfortunately.  You could try putting a post on our Facebook Page.

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-10-06 07:35, gildas menier wrote:

Proposed Change: Family: Menier,  Jean Louis / McGregor,  Doris Theresa May
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Hi, Jean Menier was the brother of my grand father, and we lost the contact with him when he left France to Australia. I just find you site (many thanks) and found that he founded a family in Australia (after a few letters).

1. I have a (big) genealogy tree for Menier Jean. Is it of interest for your site ? (that means 10 generations in Europa)

2. I am trying to contact his local family here. It seems difficult to find them because Jean and Doris had 2 daughter (as found in dead notices) that changed their names (hannaford and Nunn). Is there a way to leave my email address anywhere anyhow so that they may contact me, if they are curious about this world's side of family ?
gildas.menier@univ-ubs.fr  I can understand that your web site is not designed for that (again thank you for your site), but I frankly have no idea how I could let them know I am willing to share data about the past. Thank you for any suggestion.
Regards,  Gildas Menier
Hi Gildas,

We have a facebook group page which you can join and place your request and hopefully that will be of help to you.

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-10-04 20:17, gildas mnier wrote:

Proposed Change: Menier,  J.L. (I36858)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Jean Joseph Louis
born 24/8/1916
Birth Place: Dinan, Brittany, France
(could you link my email to this item - public. Thanks !)

gildas mnier
Thank you,

Regards,  Ian

Many thanks Ian,

Jean Ménier was the brother of my grand father. He left France in 1957 and we lost contact with him after he moved from Launceston to Queanbeyan.

I have many information about the ascendents of Jean Menier - Tell me if these informations are of interest for you and your site.

You may use this picture of him (in Australia) if you want to.


I wonder if you could send my email adress to the other contributors : I'd like to provide all the information I have. They may be interested of his side of family in France.

Thank you very much for your site !

Jean Ménier left this world in 1994 and thanks to your web site, we know that he built a family :-)
Regards,  Gildas Ménier

Thank you, could you tell me who Jean's parents were?

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-10-05 15:35, Janet Heffernan wrote:

Hi Ian,

I am researching The Smiles family.


Wondering if you can help me with William Smiles 1813 - 1872.

I cannot find how he arrived in Australia.


His parents travelled as convicts. Mary Errington travelled as Mary Smiles on the Friendship.


The closest I could find is William Smailes who arrived in Australia as a 20 something year old!


Thanks Janet

Hi Janet,

Sorry, I don't have any information on when William Smiles arrived in Australia or how.

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-10-04 22:37, Kelli Byrnes wrote:

Comments (Shiels,  A.): Hi,

I am the grand child of A. shiels and James Kitchener Gaunson of Bombala.  My mother is Judith Gaunson, their daughter.  I have been trying to trace the family tree of A. Shiels.  It states on my grand parents marriage certificate that she is the daughter of Mary Gillon and Arthur Shiels? However your website does not indicate this.  Her ID no. is 1376259.  According to your website she has no connection to these people and on a search, she has "at least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld".  I was wondering if you could explain the meaning of this in relation to your website.  

Thanks  Kelli
Hi Kelli,

Amonica Shiels - we had no information on her other than the marriage to James Kitchener Gaunson and we presumed she was still living thus the reason for the details withheld response.

Perhaps you could provide the specific details for Amonica for our records?  I have now linked her to her parents.

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-10-04 20:17, gildas mnier wrote:

Proposed Change: Menier,  J.L. (I36858)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Jean Joseph Louis
born 24/8/1916
Birth Place: Dinan, Brittany, France
(could you link my email to this item - public. Thanks !)

gildas mnier
Thank you,
Regards,  Ian



On 2016-10-03 04:08, Daniele Hromek wrote:

Hi Ian,


I'm contacting you regarding your amazing website, what a resource!


I am the great great granddaughter of one of the people listed on the site and I notice there was some incorrect information regarding my ancestor Margaret Ann Brown http://www.monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I258689&tree=MP


It mentions she married John Dixon however this is incorrect, it was her aunty Margaret Brown (sister of Patrick Brown, daughter of Thomas Golden Brown + Hannah Annie Nicholson - you don't have her listed however she was born 1859-1909) who married John Dixon. Margaret Ann Brown married John T Clegg in 1909. It is a common mistake we have found people have made, thought I'd start correcting it.


One question I have about Margaret Ann Brown is in relation to the name you have listed as her great grandmother on her paternal side, Coomee Nullanga http://www.monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I331318&tree=MP. This is the first time we have heard this name in our family. Are you able to reveal where you received this information from? 


Again thanks for the incredible resource, it's absolutely brilliant.


Best regards,  Danièle Hromek

Hi Daniele,

Thank you for letting us know.

The information we have is as supplied to us and we have no contact information unfortunately.

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-09-28 20:18, Liz Smit wrote:

Comments (Gleeson,  Mary Hannah d. Yes, date unknown): On your website there is an article "The Underhill Family by Jack Burgess". One of the paragraphs starts:Still speaking of the children of Thomas and Jane Ill go back and tell you who they married: ... Samuels first marriage was to Emmaline Cuvington daughter of Sims Cuvington the man that was with Darwin on the Beagle. Their marriage did not last long, Emmaline died in a sense tragically and then Samuel married Hannah Gleeson whose mother was Barbara Spence, early settlers of this district."
Looking at the death of Mary Hannah Underhill in 1928 the index gives : 7185/128 "Father: John ;  Mother : - Spence. Age 76". I think this makes Mary Hannah Gleeson the first child born, abt 1852,  to John Gleeson and Barbara Spence. Their second child, Robert was baptised on 25 July 1855, the same day as his cousins Robert and Jane Burnett (dob 25 May 1854 as already known). best regards ... Liz
Thank you,
Regards,  Ian



From: Cheryl Venables
Sent: 2016-09-28 6:57 PM
Subject: Re: July 2016 Monaro Pioneers Newsletter

Hello David


Can you tell me how you allow people to access the family tree via your website. I am trying to help the Wright family first fleeters to add their database to a webpage using Legacy 


Many thanks for publishing the Venables convention in France 2016 it was a wonderful experience. Perhaps can send some photos for others to inpsire for next time?


Regards,  Cheryl Venables

Hi Ian,

Can you advise Cheryl with her query.

Thanks,  David

Hi Cheryl,

Anyone can access the family tree information in our database by registering a username and password and using same to login and search for individuals/families.


I am not entirely sure what you're asking with the second part of your question but if you mean you want to upload a tree from Legacy to a specific website then the normal method is via a gedcom file exported from Legacy.  That is assuming the website allows the importation of information that way. 


If you mean you want to add information to our database, then the same applies except you send the information to me and I will do the necessary importation.


Regards,  Ian



On 2016-09-27 04:17, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Muffett,  Elizabeth (I81922)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: SAD FATALITY NEAR BUNGONIA. BURNED TO DEATH. The Goulburn Coroner (Mr. Harold O'Brien), hold an inquest on Tuesday touching the death at Yarralaw, in the Bungonia district, of Mrs. Elizabeth Reader, wife of Mr. John Reader. Deceased was 66 years of age, and was born at Roseville, in the Bungonia district. She was a daughter of the late Mr. Muffett, a pioneer of the locality. On Monday Mrs. Reader was sitting on a deck chair in front of a large open fireplace. Mrs. Larkham, a married daughter, who lived at the house, saw her mother sitting near the fire, and the old lady appeared to be all right. Mrs. Larkham went to the kitchen, which is a few yards from the main building, and a short time afterwards a four-year-old grand-daughter of the deceased raised an alarm that her grandmother was in the fire. Mrs. Larkham rushed in, found that her mother was partly lying in the fire, and pulled her out. A telephone message was sent to Goulburn for a doctor, but the deceased had been so badly burned that on the doctor's arrival she was beyond aid. Mrs. Reader died at about 8.30 on Monday evening. Dr. Buchanan's evidence at the inquest was that the back and front of deceased's chest and her face and arms were a good deal burned, and that death was the result of shock to the system; caused by the burns. The Coroner found accordingly. It is presumed that the old lady was seized with a fit or dozed off.
Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : 1881 - 1940), Thursday 11 May 1916, page 4

Thank you,
Regards,  Ian



On 2016-09-27 01:49, Karilyn Pawley wrote:

Proposed Change: Family: Hincksman,  Ernest Creamore / Collett,  Ada Emily
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: George Arthur Hincksman b. 1911 Queanbeyan d. 8 June 1972 at Hospital, late of Croydon Park, NSW. Married Edna May Campbell 1932 at Newtown.  Edna was born 1914 in Sydney d. 13 November 1982, at Hospital, late of Croydon Park, NSW

Sydney Morning Herald Friday 9 June 1972 p31
HINCKSMAN, George Arthur.  June 8 1972 at hospital, late of 3 Blenheim Street, Croydon Park, dearly loved husband of Edna, beloved father of George and Kevin, dear brother of Tom, Eric (deceased), Harry and Mary (Mrs. Long), and fond brother in law and uncle and their families.
HINCKSMAN. The relatives and friends of the late GEORGE ARTHUR HINCKSMAN of Croydon Park are kindly invited to attend his funeral to leave the West Chapel of the Metropolitan Funeral Home, Railway Parade, Burwood, this day (Friday) after service commencing at 2.30 p.m. for the Church of England Lawn Cemetery, Rookwood.

Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday 16 November 1982 p15
HINCKSMAN, Edna May. November 13 1982, at hospital, late of Croydon Park, dearly beloved wife of George Arthur (deceased), beloved mother of George and Kevin, mother in law of Helen, dear sister of Florence and Daisie, aged 68 years.  Rest in peace.
HINCKSMAN.  The relatives and friends of the late EDNA MAY HINCKSMAN of Croydon Park are invited to attend her funeral service, to be conducted in a chapel of Rookwood Crematorium, tomorrow, Wednesday at 11.20 a.m.  

Children of George and Edna Hincksman
1. George Ernest b.   d. May 24 1992 at Hospital late of Stanmore.
Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday 26 May 1992 p37
HINCKSMAN. George Ernest.  May 24 1992, at hospital, late of Stanmore, loved son of George and Edna (both deceased), much loved brother and brother in law of Kevin and Helen, will be sadly missed by Steven, Ros, Barbara and Manning. Aged 59 years.  At peace.
HINCKSMAN. George Ernest. May 24 1992, dearest friend of Kenneth. Always remembered.
2. Living Hincksman

Karilyn Pawley
Thank you,
Regards,  Ian



On 2016-09-25 06:53, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Asbury,  Thomas T. (I183255)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Death of Constable Asbury. On Saturday night, 21st June, at 9 o'clock, the death occurred of Constable Thomas T. Asbury, at the age of 28 years, the cause being an attack of double pneumonia. The deceased was a son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sherd, of the Dudley Refreshment Rooms, Gosford, and the circumstances surrounding his death are particularly pathetic. Some few weeks previously his wife came on a visit to her parents at Gosford, and on the 6th a little son was born. Being anxious as to the welfare of his young wife, he also visited Gosford, where he contracted a severe cold, which eventually developed into pneumonia. Dr. Paul was in attendance, and on the Friday pronounced his case as critical, and advised that his relatives be acquainted, as there was very little hope of his recovery. His parents, who reside at Oak Swamp, in the Tamworth district, were communicated with, and arrived on Saturday morning, only to find their son in a semi-conscious condition. Later in the day he rallied and recognised them, but, sinking fast, passed away as stated above. Constable Asbury, who was a fine stamp of Australian, had been a member of the force for five years, and at the time of his death was attached to Police Headquarters at Braidwood. The indifference of his grief stricken wife's health is at present causing her relatives a deal of anxiety, and to them all we offer our sincerest sympathy. The remains were interred in the Point Frederick cemetery on the Sunday afternoon. Father Kelly, who was constantly at the dying man's bedside, impressively conducted the burial service, while Mr. R. H. Creighton had charge of the mortuary arrangements -Gosford "' Times."
Queanbeyan Age and Queanbeyan Observer (NSW : 1915 - 1927), Tuesday 1 July 1919, page 3


Regards,  Ian



On 2016-09-25 06:54, Warwick McCall wrote:

Proposed Change: Sherd,  Uneta Melville (I183254)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Wedding.
A quiet wedding was celebrated last night when Miss Una Sherd, only daughter
of Mr. Thos. Sherd of this town, was united in the holy bonds of matrimony to
Constable T. T. Asbury, only son of Mr. Asbury of Tamworth. Only the relatives
and immediate friends of the young couple were present. The Rev. Father
Haydon officiated, and Mr. T. Sherd, father of the bride, gave her away. Constable Asbury has during his sojourn in Queanbeyan proved himself a most efficient police officer, and we understand he will shortly be moved from  Queanbeyan. The young couple left for Tamworth last night carrying with them the best wishes of a host of friends.
Queanbeyan Age and Queanbeyan Observer, Fri 7 Feb 1919, Page 2

Warwick McCall

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-09-24 02:07, Trent Paterson wrote:

Gday Both,

My father John is planning a trip through the Monaro District and very interested in visiting/experiencing the area of our ancestors. Dad is the Great-great grandson of Dougald McDonald, through his son David, and Grand-daughter Isabella Ann, so we naturally hold a close attachment to the Clan and their heritage.

I have used the site to research places of importance that may worth visiting, but thought you guys might be able to add better insight into which locations are of most importance? For example, original homesteads, cemetery locations and places of importance for the McDonalds.

Any help would be much appreciated. Also I have further information regarding subsequent generations/descendants of Isabella, my great-grandmother who sadly I never got the chance to meet.

Regards,  Trent Paterson

Hi Trent,

I personally am not related to the McDonald Clan so cannot really advise you unfortunately.  This email will be included in our next newsletter and that may bring forth help from our readers.  I also recommend you post your request on our Facebook Page.

The Bombala Historical Society could also be worth a try.

Thanks for the offer of additional information, please sent the details to me and I will update the database.

Regards,  Ian 



On 2016-09-23 05:58, Patricia Meany wrote:

Proposed Change: Tarlinton,  Hazel M. (I391881)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Ian, would you mind putting my Aunt's date of death in her file?

Hazel Mary Carlile died on 9th May, 1999.

Thank you,  Patricia Meany
Hi Patricia,

I have updated the DB as you requested.  Who did she marry and when and where?

Regards,  Ian

Thanks for that Ian.


Hazel married Noel Carlile, I am not sure when she married, but she married in Sydney.


They had three children: Brian, Terrence and Margaret.


Patricia Meany


Regards,  Ian



On 2016-09-22 00:42, Donald & Carolyn McCarthy wrote:

Hello Ian

About 2 yrs back i forwarded to you information on Reginald Reeves McCarthy  son of the subject pairing.

I note his name or details are not yet included in the list of children however they do appear in the information on Richard Moore and family.

Reginald was born 15 Sep. 1879 at Faithfulls Creek NSW and died 16 June 1959 at Goulburn NSW

He married Elizabeth Margaret Moore 27 Dec. 1912 in Queanbeyan NSW.

Hoping the above info. can be included.

Regards Donald McCarthy grandson of Reginald

Hi Folks,

I checked our database and Reginald Reeves McCarthy is shown as child of Michael and Mary Ann nee Ryan with no connection Richard Moore.

Regards,  Ian 



From: susan
Sent: 21 September, 2016 10:10 AM
Subject: Re Jane Stalker nee Smith

Hi Ian


I would like to share the info I have re Jane Stalker nee Smith. Jane was actually born in 1838 to Parents, Richard & Charlotte Smith. The census for 1841 has this family living in Wrangle, Lincolnshire, England.


In 1844 Richard, Charlotte and children, George 17, Stephen 16, Mary Ann 13, Elizabeth 10 and Jane aged 5 years arrived in NSW as assisted passengers aboard the "Briton". Jane's father, Richard was contracted to work for 6 months to John Mackay of Dungog as a brickmaker and labourer. Both George & Stephen were contracted to work for Henry Dangar. I come down the line from Stephen Smith, Jane's brother.


Janes mother's maiden name was Charlotte Powdrell/Powdrill/Powdrile (many different spellings on other documents to hand). However on Jane's and one of her sister's DC's she is listed as Charlotte Bee so we are still trying to work this out.


On the 1841 census there is a William Bee aged 12 who was also in the household when the census was taken. It is believed at this stage he may have been a nephew of Charlotte's.


Richard and Charlotte Smith were married in 1823 at Croft, Lincolnshire, but Charlotte had a son out of wedlock in 1822 approx. 5 months before her marriage to Richard. His name was William Powdrell/Powdrill and he is also in the household in the 1841 census. William aged 21 and his wife, Hannah aged 29 years were also on the ship "Briton". So it looks like all the family came together on the same ship..


I've managed to trace most of the family except Jane's parents Richard & Charlotte. They seem to have just vanished after stepping off the ship in 1844 and I don't know where else to look for them. The only clues I have is that Jane's other siblings all married in the late 1840's to mid 1850's around the Paterson /Dungog area and I now have Charlotte as witness on her granddaughter, Mary Jane Stalkers DC in Pitt Street, Sydney in 1857.


Charlotte was born c1800 and Richard c1802 both in Lincolnshire, England. All of Jane's siblings were baptised in Lincolnshire but I don't know about Jane as I haven't managed to find a baptism in this area for her as yet, so maybe she was born in London but  as I've also found heaps of incorrect info on Death Certificates so I don't know if it was her birth place or not. I guess the informants on some documents just have a guess on some of the info they are unsure of at the time. I've often seen siblings as spouses and parents etc on some of BDM's.


I hope I have been able to give you some new info re Jane Stalker nee Smith for you website. I do have all BDM's for the above info as sources.


I also come down the line of John Pendergast Snr and his daughter, Bridget Reed/Reid/Riley nee Pendergast on my other side, it's amazing how these families are interrelated isn't it?


Kind regards,  Susan

Thank you Susan,
Regards,  Ian



From: Susan Henshall

Sent: 21 September, 2016 10:41 PM

Subject: Help

Dear Ian,


I have contributed information on the Jess Family which you have published.

Thank you.  Now I would like to ask for help.


James and Catherine Jess (Lyons) had 8 children.  Two died.  The other six end up being bought up in the Bega area.  Here they meet and marry, having many children.

My problem is that no matter how hard I look, I cannot find how the 6 children came to live in Bega, having been born in Hobart and Sydney. 

As there is no record of either parent's death, plus the records of both parent's problem with alcohol, it seems likely that the children were removed from their parents' care and ended up in the Bega area.  But how?


I wondered if any of the numerous decendants of the Bartleys, Shuback, Power, Thornton, Neilson, Lumsden, Weinert, Longmore, Head, Rootsey, Jess families, had any stories of how their relatives came to live in Bega, or any stories about James or Catherine's life and death.


I have records showing that James and Catherine obtained a Bounty from Government in aid of their means of Emigrating (from Cork Ireland in 1836).

I have records of their arrival in Tasmania, leaving in 1840 to move to Sydney, birth of all children born in Australia, marriages, death and children of same.

Records of Gaol times for Catherine, of Bankruptcy of James.  The last record of Catherine is 1859.  After that nothing.  Catherine is in and out of Darlinghurst Gaol all through the 1850's.


I know this is a long winded question, but if you could find a way to put something into your next Newsletter I would be most grateful.


Thank you,  Sue Henshall

Hi Sue,

Your email will be included in the next newsletter.  I suggest you also put your questions on our Facebook page.

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-09-20 22:29, Gavin Kearney wrote:

Hi Ian,


I’m conducting a research project into my great grandparents, Samuel and Ellen Kearney, former residents of Adaminaby.  I have gleaned some information from your site in the early days of this project but since then I have amassed a considerable amount of information of their lives in the town, largely through Trove and the Lands Department.


What I’m looking for now is information regarding their time in Adaminaby/Seymour in from the early 1860’s to the late 1870’s.  I have evidence that Sam was the Innkeeper of the Seymour and Empire Hotels.  I don’t know if these were the same hotel with a name change or if there were two hotels in the town during this time.  Sam also bought a block on the corner of Grave and Cooma Streets in 1875.  He also had a store and the post office in Adaminaby during the time.  Are you able to tell me where in Adaminaby these premises might have been.  I have copies of Adaminaby town maps from the time but the blocks only show names on them but don’t indicate where the business premises were located.


A big ask but do you have any early photos of the town.


I would greatly appreciate any information at all you could give me.


Gavin Kearney

Hi Gavin,

All the information we have is available on our website.  I suggest you try the Cooma Historical Society for the detail you seek.

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-09-20 19:45, Ann Lynette BROWN wrote:

Proposed Change: Elliott,  Thomas (I357847)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Please correct errors.
Parish Records read by me show:
Thomas Elliott bap. 7 APR 1793 Bodiam, Sussex
married Sarah Mays on 19 JAN 1814 Ickklesham, Sussex. by Banns. Thomas was buried on 10 NOV 1822 Whatlington, Sussex, aged 29 years.
his wife Sarah married 2 William Symes on 31 OCT 1831 at Whatlington, Sussex.
Sarah and family arrived NSW on Orient.
William and Sarah said they were 40 (when they were older (possibly to fit in with migration requirements)
Son Thomas Elliott aged 20, William aged 16 and Mary Ann aged 12, Bounty Immigrants brought out by John Marshall. Ref: AO NSW Reel 1305, shelf 4/4847.

Ann Lynette BROWN
Thank you,
Regards,  Ian



On 2016-09-18 21:54, Julie Reynolds wrote:

Proposed Change: Higgs,  Josiah (I230743)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: The death of Anne Higgs - nee Cunningham

The death date you have for Anne Higgs is incorrect - 1872.

I have the death certificate (searching for my Ann!), and found it is the young wife of Thomas Higgs (Joshua and Ann's son)... I can forward this death certificate for your records if required.

As yet still unable to locate a death for Ann Higgs (nee Cunningham)

Also, Joshua and Ann had one other daughter, Mary Ann, who was born approx. 1842 at Braidwood. .... registration still not located.

Mary Anne Higgs is my 3 x great grandmother and her death certificate states her father's name as "Joshua Higgs" and mother's name as "Annie Cunningham" ... (I can provide this certificate if required as well)

One last fact. Anne Cunningham arrived here as 'free'.
I am still researching at this point, however I believe she was with her mother who was a prisoner on the ship.

Hope this is OK to send?
Kind regards,  Julie :)
Thank you Julie,

Your offer to provide the death certificates is very generous and we would definitely appreciate receiving the copies please.

Regards,  Ian

Hello Ian,

Thank so much you for replying so quickly .... and also for adding Mary Ann to your page so quickly as well!

On Mary Ann's death certificate, her father's occupation is given as 'jockey' which all fits in part with Joshua's description of himself.

Another clue is that Joshua mentioned in his chat to the newspaper is that he had a daughter in England who was to return soon. This was in 1883 and at that time Mary Ann was in England with her 2nd husband, William Eagle, their daughter Emma, as well as one of Mary Ann's daughters from a previous relationship,  Annie.

Mary Ann Higgs herself is a very interesting character to say the least - she must take after her father!

I am descended from her via her son James McCoy (b. 1859 Indigo, Victoria).
Her other two surviving children to James McCoy were:

·         Annie McCoy born 1861 at Wodonga, Victoria and

·         Elizabeth McCoy born 28 March 1862 at Growlers Creek, Victoria.

·         My James McCoy is my my 2nd great grandfather and was born 1 November 1859 at Indigo, Victoria.

Even though I already knew James birth date, actually finding it was a mammoth effort!  I finally found it and was absolutely stunned!! ... as I said earlier, our Mary Ann was a bit of a character! ... on James birth registration, his mother is listed as Mary Ann Seddon - maiden surname Higgs.  I have not been able to find ANY 'marriage' whatsoever to a James Seddon.
However, the father on this certificate is listed as James Sparkes. James Sparkes is the alias for James McKay(McCoy). Before you ask, yes I know this is the correct James McCoy as he used several aliases during this period ... it is well documented through records I have obtained. In fact, I have documented evidence that James was married to someone else from 1853 to 1861 --- and in an official document dated 1861, this first wife is named as 'wife'.

It also states on Mary Ann's death certificate that she married James McCoy(snr) in 1858 in Victoria, however I have been unable to find any registration of a marriage at all.

In total it appears she had 6 children to James McCoy (even though I have documented proof he was married to someone else as late as 1861!), yet on her marriage to William Eagle in 1869 she gives her age as 21 and status as single! At least by the time of her death she appears to have come to terms with her correct age!

I will attach the

·         death certificate for Ann Higgs (nee Rankin) - Thomas' wife, not Joshua's

·         the death certificate for Mary Ann Eagle (nee Higgs);

·         and a copy of the 1881 UK census (in 2 parts, as it went over the page).

I am currently trying to track Ann Cunningham. Some records state she arrived on the "Marquis of Bristol", others state she arrived on the 'Margaret". I have found a record on the "Margaret" for an Ellen Cunningham (convict) who arrived with daughter Ann Cain (free)  --- (a shortened derivative of Cunningham perhaps?) .... anyway, I'm having a look at this line before looking into the "Marquis of Bristol" records!!!

Can I ask your connection with the Higgs branch?

My line is: 
Joshua Higgs/Ann Cunningham
--> Mary Ann Higgs/James McCoy (1) (born 1835, Cook's River NSW)
--> James McCoy(2)/Matilda Mary Alice Dalmas
--> Mary Ann Elizabeth McCoy/Horatio Hastings Spence
--> Janette Faye Spence/Byron Stanley Smith
--> me, Julie-Ann Reynolds (nee Smith)

If you would like any other information, please ask.
I have a lot of information on the various McCoy branches along with the Elphick branch (Elizabeth McCoy's family)

Cheers,  Julie :)

Hi Julie,

Thank you, the DC for Ann Higgs nee Rankin was a great help and enabled a number of loose ends to be resolved.  I have no connection with the Higgs family.

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-09-18 04:19, Glenda Chapman wrote:

Hi Ian,

The Monaro Pioneers website is fantastic.

I'm researching my descendants and am wondering if you can shed any light on William Skipper and Mary Jane Gorman.

My great grandmother, Mary Ada Skipper, was their first born child.  I'm curious as to why she was born 5 years previous to them getting married.  Once they were married in 1881 they had 3 children, each born 2 years apart (which was quite normal for those days).  

I attended a family reunion quite a few years ago and there were rumours that my grandmother, Clorine Letitia Mugridge, may have had  aboriginality.

Any information would be useful.  Thanks.

Glenda Chapman

Thanks Glenda,

All the information we have is on the website.

Regards,  Ian





2016-09-15 17:16


Jann Burrows


An Account of the Life of William John Horne ( 1833 - 1898)


Hello Ian,

I thought the attached account of the life of William John Horne of Bibbenluke might be of interest to some of your readers. He is listed in your index and has many descendants still living in Australia.

Kindest regards,  Jann Burrows

Thank you Jann,

Regards,  Ian


On 2016-09-13 02:44, Graham Fisher wrote:

Hi Ian


Just writing to thank you for the Monaro pioneers site.  It has been a great help to me in tracking down information about my family.  I am hoping to visit Braidwood next year which is my grandfather’s place of birth.


Kind regards,  Graham Fisher

Thank you Graham, glad you found our site useful.

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-09-11 23:57, Robyn Pike wrote:

Hi Ian
I have just been doing some work on my family tree and referred back MP. Someone has done a lot of work on one line of mine Emma Burgess b 1866 married John Thomas Dunn and family follows. But what is not included is a younger brother to John Thomas Dunn, William Henry b 1874 and the fact that about the time or soon after the birth of Emma and John's last child was born they separated and Emma took up residence with the younger brother William Henry in Tumbarumba and went on to have another family. Is there any reference on the website to this at all?
Cheers,   Robyn

Hi Robyn,

Thanks for the information, can you please provide any of the details for the Family of William Henry and Emma?

Regards,  Ian



On Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 8:17 AM, Monaro Pioneers <ian@monaropioneers.com> wrote:

Hello Helen Tinnock,
Your genealogy user account has been activated.
Ian Harvey

Good Morning,

Am I speaking with Ian?


You certainly are.

Regards,  Ian

Thank you Ian, as you can see by my name we don't have any ancestors in this area.

We moved from Syd. 40 yrs ago and bought a property next door to Bill and Gail Fitzgerald, so after all this time and Bill now deceased, Gail and I are travelling around the countryside looking at all the cemeteries/churches etc in the whole district.

As I had been doing my family history for about 12 years, I had a good idea on research, so just recently offered to do the Fitzgerald's for them. 

Of course your website is a very good place to start with the John Fitzgerald name.

His father being Patrick, it shows all the details of his death certificate at Crankey's Plains near Bombala, could you put me in touch with the person who may have the actual certificate.

For Patrick's son John who married Jessie, I have found another couple of children who were not registered at birth.

I just wanted to say what a wonderful website you have, 30 years ago we built the 2 storey house that overlooks the old pioneers cemetery at Nimmitabel and I remember wandering around the old headstones taking it all in.

We actually found an 1824 sixpence when the grader was making our driveway off Stanton Street, which I still have.

Regards,  Helen

Hi Helen,

Sorry, I don't have any contact information for Patrick Fitzgerald unfortunately.

Are you able to supply the details of the missing children so that I can add them to the database?

Regards,  Ian.

I'll try and be brief Ian, I just received the death certificate for Jessie Fitzgerald, wife of John REF: MP42939, 

All the children are listed by name on the certificate, I'll just give you the 2 extras. 

#1. Kate born 1859, someone I know has it as Catherine, but in keeping with the facts I guess you should put it down as Kate, the informant was Renie? Franklin, grandaughter, in the newspaper OBIT for Jessie it says she was living with her daughter in Kensington (Sydney),  Dollenia was at Mullumbimby, so Kate is the one she lived with. Also says she leaves 5 sons and 2 daughters. 

Your record: 1. William 2. John F were already dead, so that told me there was another son.

I found him, it was Patrick, born 1871-72 presume Bombala. OBIT in Wagga Wagga Express: died 16 October, 1902, accident at Ganmain, shearer, road his horse into a tree, smashing his head, native of Cooma, NSW B.D.M's has it, parents Jessie and John, registered at Narrandera.

Before I go, No. 1 son William who died 1911, buried Cooma cemetery, he shares his headstone with Mary Jane Fitzgerald who died 1939, she was born 1854, so about 7 yrs older than William. A MYSTERY, she had to be a relative and my guess was confirmed when I got her death certificate. William and Mary Jane had the same father, JOHN, she was born to John in Victoria, long before John married Jessie in 1859, shows her mother as Mary Unknown.

Also on Williams OBIT is says he had 3 sisters, Mary Jane was his half sister.

It's a bit long winded but I just wanted you to see I only go by facts.

Hope this is satisfactory for you. I have been able to collect a folder full of information just in about 3 weeks, although I do hate mysteries. Gail Fitzgerald has told her kids and a few of them are all excited at getting more info, I got all the documents for the convict records of the first 4 arrivals.

I do a lot of research on Trove, that's where you find all the OBIT's which mostly have a brief history of the persons life.

Regards,  Helen

Thank you Helen, do you have any details on Kate and her family.

Regards,  Ian.



From: Ramona de Niese
Sent: 12 September, 2016 11:18 AM
Subject: Re: Proposed Change: Jackson, Ellen (I308453)

Hi Ian,

I will scan and send you all that I have on Ah Hung's and Jacksons. Ellen was my fathers grandmother. He is the son of Maude and George Smith. It is a hard task to try and track them all down. I have had some input from Bombala Historical Society and what I have sourced on the NSW'& VIC BDM site and the transcripts and certificates that i have purchased. It seems to be an impossible task to track them all down and link them together. My cousin who was raised by Maude and George says that Maude told her Ah Hung abandoned the family and returned to China. He was on Maude's birth certificate dated 1890, but on her marriage cert of 1921 he was listed as deceased. So he either died between 1890 and 1921 or he took off and left them all.

There are a lot of Trove articles on a Walter, who is described as a young fellow with cripple legs. They did a lot of fund raising for his medical treatment. My cousins who remember Walter Ernest said he had polio as a boy. I cannot find the birth of Walter anywhere but maybe he took his fathers name when he left them? James Walter who was born in 1880 may be Walter. I have birth confirmation for James Walter but no death.

I will send scans first that relate to Ah Hung and Ellen and their children.

I may have to send scans in a few emails.

cheers Ramona

Thank you,
Regards,  Ian



On 2016-09-11 11:07, ramona wrote:

Proposed Change: Jackson,  Ellen (I308453)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers


Description: Ellen had 2 children out of wedlock, they were Georgiana 1870- ( I believe she married Austin Baldwin)and no death date. She also had Wilhelmina 1872- ( we believe she was known as Jessie and married John Coote) she died abt 1944. Ellen also gave birth to William Ah Hung before she was married to him. After she married Walter Ah Hung they went on to have George, James Walter, (who maybe Walter Ernest), James & Charles Henry maybe the same child,Grace and Maude Gun Hung is in fact Ah Hung's daughter. I have some certificates and transcripts if you want me to scan and send to you.

Hi Ramona,

Thank you, that information was very helpful in linking those two daughters to Ellen.

I would be very appreciative if you could scan and send copies of the certificates and transcripts you have please.

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-09-11 10:41, Ramona wrote:

Proposed Change: Gun Hung,  Maude Pearl (I299456)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Maude Pearl's father was Walter Ah Hung. On her birth certificate he is listed as Walter Gunhung.
Her parents are Ellen Jackson & Walter Ah Hung who married in 1876. They had William 1875-1875,George 1877-1878,James Walter1880-(thought to be Walter Ernest Gunnang, who died in 1951)
James 1883- Charles Henry (thought to be James died 1813), Grace Ah Hung aka Gunnang 1884-1956 and Maude Gun Hung aka Gunnang 1890-1965

Hi Ramona,

The information we have shows Maude born to Ellen Gun Hung (Ah Hung) nee Jackson.  The birth was registered with the father's name of Walter according to the BDM Index but as William/Walter is shown as dying in 1886 the child was fathered by a unknown person.

You could obtain a death transcript for William/Walter to prove or disprove the death information we have. 

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-09-11 10:30, ramona wrote:

Proposed Change: Ah Hung,  Grace Evelyn (I367165)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: you have listed as Grace's father William Ah Hung. That is not correct his name was Walter Ah Hung. We think he was born in China but we have not found either his birth or death dates. The family in fact think he returned to china leaving his wife and children.

Hi Ramona,

His given name is shown as William on some of the children's birth registrations as well as his death on the BDM Indexes and Walter on the other children's Birth registrations.  Thus we have listed him with both names.

Regards,  Ian



Proposed Change: Harper,  Charles Adrian (I104740)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Is this a possible marriage?

Cheers,  Warwick

Without a certificate it is impossible to tell.

Regards,  Ian

Have just started on the Woodhart (Woodward) family. It seems highly probable as Nora Florence remarried Thomas Burke 1928 Ashfiled as a Harper  and dies 30 11 1976 Chatswood with correct parents.


BURKE NORA FLORENCE  29569/1976  EDWARD  ELLA (these are the correct parents)

BURKE Nora Florence    Death notice    30NOV1976    Death   late of Chatswood    Sydney Morning Herald    01DEC1976


Excellent detective work.

Regards, Ian



From: Robyn Jones
Sent: 11 September, 2016 1:34 AM
Subject: William Ferguson Thomson Marriage


Hi Ian

This is the marriage. A bit difficult to read. It was also on Ancestry.

I also put some comments on the suggestion page.

I also found his death, 18 April 1894 Liverpool NSW.

He was in the Liverpool Asylum for a time and died there.

It confused everyone for a while as on Agnes’ death cert it said she was a widow (she died 1889).

Anyway just keeping us on our toes...


Thank you,
Regards,  Ian



From: Robyn Jones
Sent: 11 September, 2016 1:22 AM
Subject: William Ferguson Thomson Baptism


Hi Ian

This is the baptism of William Ferguson Thomson.

I would assume it is from Scotlands People. I found it on Ancestry.

I added some comments on the suggestion page. Not sure if it goes to you.


Thank you,
Regards,  Ian



On 2016-09-10 10:50, Robyn Jones wrote:

Proposed Change: Carsewell,  Agnes (I61597)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: I found a marriage for Agnes & William. Her parents are named as Arthur Carswell & Susanna Mills. His parents are named as Henry Foster Thomson & Helen Ferguson. The registration says he was 20 and she was 24. I have found a baptism for him and he was actually 22. I can't find a birth or baptism for Agnes. I did find a marriage for Arthur Carson & Susan Mills in 1830 Monkton Ayr Sct. There has been some conjecture in our family about the use of Carson & Carsewell, but no one came to any conclusion. Two people in the family have the 2nd name of Carson, so I'm inclined to think my ancestors knew more than they let on. I will forward the marriage & baptism separately in another email.

Robyn Jones
Thank you,
Regards,  Ian



From: Zeenat Miners
Sent: 2016-09-06 12:20 PM
Subject: Re: Monaro Pioneer's Newsletter - August 2016

To Dear David,


My Uncle Daniel Miners passed away on the 15/12/2012. He was the Son of late Mrs Kathleen Clermont (Lewis) and Mr Gordon Henry Miners


Could this please be added to the MINERS family tree? 


I also was told that the Monaro Pioneers are related to Banjo Patterson? Is this tale true?


Kind Regards,  Zeenat Nisha Miners

Hi Ian,

Would you be able to investigate this request from Zeenat Miners.

Thanks,  David

Hi Zeenat,

Thank you for the information.  There may be a person or family from the Monaro region related to Banjo Paterson but I am not aware of any.  However, Banjo Paterson's famous poem "the Man from Snowy River" is definitely based on one or more Monaro locals and their dare devil exploits.

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-09-08 06:44, Gregory McInnes wrote:

Proposed Change: Robinson,  Albert Edward (I10394)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Married 1: Christina Mary Matilda Edlington, 1908, Vic. VIC BDM 1908/3875

Christina Born 1874, Bairnsdale, Vic. VIC BDM 1874/20571.
Christina Died 1938, Orbost, Vic. VIC BDM 1938/16838

Child of this marriage:
Thomas Edlington ROBINSON, Born 16 January 1913, Orbost, Vic. VIC BDM 1913/6531. Died 1998, Orbost, Vic

Married 2: Evelyn Rose BUTTERS, 1940, Vic. VIC BDM 1940/9486

Gregory McInnes

Regards,  Ian



On 2016-09-03 17:59, jaydermoo194 wrote:

Hi Michael,


I came across your wonderful site yesterday while trying to find information regarding Ernest and Emily Kidman, my great grandparents. Your site has exploded my tree further. 

Thank you to everyone for your time and effort. I have photos of Ernest and Emily with their children if your interested.


Again thanks,  Pam Greenhalgh

Hello Pam,

Thank you for the kind words, and we are glad you obtained information that was able to assist.

Any photos or additional information you can contribute would be greatly appreciated.

Regards,  Michael



On 2016-09-06 15:30, Paul Smith wrote:

    I just stumbled across your site.  I am a descendant of David McKee, b. 24 May 1782, Loughgilly, County Armagh, Northern Ireland, and his wife Lucy Chapman.  Are these the ancestors to whom you are referring?  If so, I could help by tracing the McKee line in England for you.
Please let me know.
Paul Thomas Smith
Hello Paul,

Thank you for your offer, anything you can supply would be greatly appreciated.

Regards,  Michael



From: Tania Charters
Sent: 7 September, 2016 11:14 AM
Subject: Waldrons

Hi Ian,

I am back on the trail of my family hunt. I was looking on your website and was going through all the photo’s.

I am trying to find ANY photo’s of the Waldron’s. I have not got one. George King Waldron or any of his family. Is it possibly to pose a question somewhere about any photo’s. The photo’s we once would have had, went up in a house fire back in the 1980’s. So, hence, there are none to be found. There is a lot to be said for have copies and stored in different places. Once there gone, there gone.

Regards,  Tania Charters

PS. Glad you have a FB page now. Always interesting.

Hi Tania,

The only information and images we have is on our website.

Regards,  Ian



Hi Ian


Love the website! THANKS!


I'm researching Australian author Louis Becke at the moment.


He had some family who lived down somewhere in the Monaro.


Have you heard this name???


I've asked around and Neville Locker, a good friend, recalls the name but not where etc...


Would appreciate any info you may have.


I have attached some info re Louis Becke fyi.


He is buried in the same cemetery as Henry Lawson. (Waverley in Sydney).


Regards, Allegra Marshall  

Hi Allegra,
Sorry, we have no information on any Becke's in our database.
Regards,  Ian


Proposed Change: Love,  Emmeline Molly (I96215)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Description: Emmoline Deane nee love died 24th November 1998  funeral held a Scotts head Anglican Church 27th November 1998, her ashes are at Liverpool cemetery on her parents grave 
I am her granddaughter
Thank you,
Regards,  Ian



From: Gavin Spicer

Sent: 3 September, 2016 11:13 PM

Subject: Proposed Change: Lovelock, M.J. (I96105)


Proposed Change: Lovelock,  M.J. (I96105)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I96105&tree=MP


Description: Mervyn James Lovelock born 17 July 1923 in Cooma and died in Newcastle 24 April 2016 buried in the Methodist section of the Mittagang Cemetery at Cooma on the 2 May 2015


Gavin Spicer


Regards,  Ian



From: G.wen Hubert

Sent: 4 September, 2016 1:54 PM

Subject: Proposed Change: Wheeler, William (I46672)


Proposed Change: Wheeler,  William (I46672)

Tree: Eden Monaro Pioneers

Link: http://monaropioneers.com/TNG/getperson.php?personID=I46672&tree=MP


Description: Adopted child of William Wheeler was Monica, natural mother Sheila Wellsmore.

Sheila Wellsmore was daughter of Henry Whalan Wellsmore and Olive Teresa Sheils


G.wen Hubert


Regards,  Ian



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