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2019 Number 2


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Over the last fifteen years or so of doing Genealogy, this would be the one most common error (be it an assumption) that people make when doing their family history research.

"Grandma said" or, "Grandpa said"

Believe it or not people, grandparents lied too.

Just like everyone else on this Earth, when it came to hiding dirty family secrets or scandals, grandparents lied too.

Grandparents were never immune to the gossip, ridicule or shame being splashed around fervently during their era in regards to illegitimate children, marital affairs, secret adoptions, spousal abuse, child abuse, arrests/convictions or anything else that bored women, hung over back fences, prattled on about for hours each day.

Countless times descendants declare their ancestors birth was never registered as it cannot be found on the relevant BDM site when it takes one simple search using the grand/mother's maiden name to find the birth in question.

Yes, grandmother's and even great grandmother's had sex before they married, often times with someone other than their husband-to-be and produced illegitimate children.

Our grandfather's and great grandfathers did it too.

Where do people think the term "shotgun wedding" came from?

It wasn't because people dressed up cowboy style and everyone brought along a shotgun to the wedding.

Yesteryears young men were really no different from young men of today.

They were still as eager to "sow their wild oats" but it was just kept quieter.

It was whispers between themselves and their mates about 'who was easy' and 'who they'd tried' and what that girl was willing to do.

No different from today, except now they don't whisper as the days of the 'shotgun wedding' began disappearing with the war eras.

If you check illegitimate births during the war era you would be astounded

So many young heroes, off to fight for Our Country and just wanting to 'make love' ONCE before they leave, just in case they never make it back and so many young girls feeling mighty proud this young hero chose them.

Not to mention if you check the war records.

I see so many Service Records where men (single or married) are admitted to hospital for STD's as many times if not more than for wounds.

The rate of illegitimate pregnancies overseas began to grow.

Our men, while overseas were really whooping it up while on "Leave".

They were leaving behind pregnant women, without support and they never batted an eyelid.

Do people really expect granddad to sit everyone down and be totally honest about his life?

Do they expect grandma to explain how many times she had sex before marrying granddad and mention any pregnancies/children she may have had?

Time again, I get requests to find a death of someone who must have died around a certain date as that was the last time anyone can remember them and my research finds them listed in Police Records as deserting their family without support and further research finds them beginning a new family in another town or state.

Usually when this happens a quick check back to the marriage shows it may have been a shotgun wedding so chances are that one or both of the participants were not in love, but forced to marry to hide the shame.

Some people are fine with this and even get excited as now they have a broader family to research and new family members they previously did not know existed.

Others get disgusted and abusive.

I guess the shock of knowing that sweet grandma who baked cookies and knitted jumpers had, in her youth, a habit of sleeping around is too much for some people to come to grips with.

Or that funny silly grandpa who played tricks on all the grandkids had a few spare kids just around the corner is too hard to understand.

Believe me, if your research comes to a halt, a brick wall, it is generally due to the information you have being incorrect, NOT due to the records not surviving or being lost.

Broaden your search and open your mind to the fact that maybe somewhere, someone told a porky.

If you still have problems finding the record do NOT go to a Professional Researcher right away, no matter how highly recommended they are. 

For some reason, the general public assumes Professional Researchers are ALL honest, upfront, hard working and trying to "get you results", when the bottom line is many are no more honest than any other business person who is only in it for the mighty dollar.

The examples I always use for this are:

"If you go to a mechanic and can 'speak mechanic' you'll get your car fixed for the lowest/correct amount as the mechanic knows you will catch on if they try to rip you off"

"If you go to the mechanic and you have no idea and it is apparent you have no idea then chances are you will be billed for everything from a cracked bra strap to torn rotator cuff."

Every single case I have taken on where the client states "I have already paid a Professional Researcher and there are no records" I have cracked within twenty minutes.

Yup, read that line again, twenty minutes is usually what it takes to find the correct records, which someone has already paid a Professional Researcher between $700 - $1,200 to research and found a NIL result, with various reasons from said Professional Researcher, the most common being: they didn't keep records in that period due to the war, all those records were lost in a fire, those records have been missing for a hundred years.

Do you really think the Professional Researcher even looked? No!

You had the $$$ to pay and could not 'speak researcher' so they charged you for a cracked bra strap and torn rotator cuff.

Always post on free message boards first.

There are heaps of them out there now and even if the helpers cannot access the 'exact' record you are looking for, they will certainly be able to find enough for you, so that if you do require the services of a Professional Researcher you'll be armed with enough information and knowledge to be able to 'speak researcher' long enough to save being ripped off.

Lastly, remember, everyone told porky pies.

I have never researched a family line without uncovering 'skeletons'.

Each and every family line has it's own set of skeletons hiding somewhere and the key to unlocking them is to remember EVEN GRANDPARENTS LIED.


From: Maureen Davy 
Date: Monday, 11 February 2019 at 4:09 pm
Subject: Re: Monaro Pioneer's Newsletter - January 2019
Good afternoon David,
Is it possible to print out a copy of a family tree contains all the relevant information. I know I used to print out the original family tree. However when Looked to do so the other day, you have to access individual family members.
My ancestors are John Farrell, a convict from Ireland and then the tree goes to the Green- Alcock family line.
I was wanting to know what I had put in and what I needed to add also.
Thanks for the work you put in for this very involved newsletter. .
Maureen Hamilton ( nee Farrell)
Hi Maureen,
The Genealogy Software package (TNG) that runs the database does not have the same comprehensive reporting options that a package like Legacy offers.  Most people have  a package like Legacy or an equivalent on their computer to manage their individual family trees.  The MP database does allow the creation of a gedcom file (genealogy information exchange) that enables users to take the comprehensive information for a Family and load it into their genealogy software on their computer and then use the reporting of same to create the type of reports you are seeking.
It would be nice if the TNG software did have all the power and sophistication of Legacy and perhaps it will in the fullness of time.
If you want to add more information, please send the detail to me I will update the database accordingly.
Regards, Ian



On 2019-03-03 04:49, Errol Jobsz wrote:

Hi Ian

Regarding the family of Charles Harold UMBACK:

Charles (Charlie) married Margaret (Maggie) HALL, 11 December 1912 (NSW Marriage Reg # 13296/1912), and had six children ( your records only show 4  - Margaret, Ellen, John and Frances) and should also show Thomas (5) and Emily (6) as shown below;

1. Margaret Anne (Topsy) UMBACK    b. 19 October 1913 Pambula, NSW:  d. 18 November 1999, Bega Hospital, Buried Bega Cemetery.    

2. Ellen  UMBACK    b.1 November 1914  Candelo NSW:  d 4 November 1914  "Thornhill" Candelo, NSW (NSW Death Reg #16651/1914). Buried Candelo NSW.

3. John Charles UMBACK   b.23 January 1916 Pambula d. 19 April 2007 in Pambula NSW. 

4. Frances (Fran) Claire UMBACK  b.7 March 1917 Bega d. February 1998 Bega Hospital, Bega NSW.  Buried Bombala Cemetery, Bombala, NSW.

5. Harold Thomas (Tom) UMBACK  b. 23 September 1919 South Wolumla d 18 May 2006, Bega Hospital, Bega NSW. Buried Wyndham Cemetery NSW.

6. Emily May UMBACK  b. 6 September 1933 Bega NSW  d. 30 December 2014 Bega.  Buried Bega Cemetery Bega NSW.

Cheers,  Errol
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-03-02 18:10, meika loofs samorzewski wrote:

Gday Ian,
please update and share.
The National Library of Ireland's Catholic Parish Registers for Duagh in County Kerry have provided a couple of entries, for the youngest brother of John Sheehy AKA John Keane, probably transported for involvement in the Rockite Rebellion in 1820-21 in Counties Kerry, Limerick and Cork. 
This has been a  brick wall for many researchers.
MARRIAGE details
1840-01-22 in Duagh Parish, Country Kerry.
Roger Sheehy Person ID I43899 
Catherine Graney Person ID I43920 
 My transcription:
 [i dem as[...] a harmanio] Roger Sheehy et Catherine Graney de Trienearagh, Testes Patricius Graney Emilia Curtin et Ellena Graney
The celebrant was parish priest [A. O'leary], the couple were described as from Trienearagh (Trian Iarthach) and witnesses listed were Patricius Graney, Emilia Curtin, and Ellena Graney[1] No indication with the witnesses of their actual relationships.
Page/image Title: Duagh | Microfilm 04282 / 07
Repository address : https://registers.nli.ie/
In addition, for their third child,
Patrick [Joseph] Sheehy Person ID I43966 
 Baptism Details
1844-08-02 in Duagh Parish, Country Kerry.
My transcription:
[To dem] die, Patricium filium  legitimum Rogeru Sheehy et Catherinae Graney, de Scrahan, Patricius Sheehy et [Ar[uh[...] [?????Arabella Stratton?????]]
The celebrant was parish priest Timothius Harnett, parents described as  of Scrahan, Duagh Parish,  County Kerry. 
Page/image Title:  Microfilm 04282 / 07 | Page 84
Repository address : https://registers.nli.ie/
 Cheers,   meika
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-03-02 22:58, John SmIth wrote:

Proposed Change: Austin, Elizabeth (I153222)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description:  The Catholic Press (Sydney, NSW )  Sat 15 Jun 1901  Page 9 

Mrs. M. G. M'Cauley, Clyde River.

We have to report the death after a painful illness of Mrs Elizabeth M'Cauley, wife of Mr. Michael George M'Cauley, of Currawan, Clyde River. Some three months ago Mrs. M'Cauley sought medical advice, and acting upon it came down to Sydney to the Lewisham Hospital. But it was too late, and, fortified by the rites of Holy Church, at the age of 56 years, she passed away on Friday of last week. Bright's disease was the cause of death. The deceased lady was the eldest daughter of the late Mr. William Austin, Runnymede, Clyde River, and was a native of that district. She leaves a family of six grown up children. Mrs. M'Cauley was a devout Catholic, and at her late residence Mass was frequently celebrated during the year by the visiting priests of the parish. The funeral took place on Saturday last at Rookwood, and there were a large number of friends and relatives present, amongst whom were Mr. Michael George M'Cauley (husband), Mr. Harold M'Cauley (son), Misses Georgina and Cecilia M'Cauley (daughters), Mr. Patrick M'Cauley (nephew), Mrs. Cooper (Forest Lodge), Mr. Rapp (Leichhardt), Miss and Mr. J, Bishop (Balmain), Mr. N. Meaney (Lilyfield), Mr, Hitchcock, and Mr. T, W. Meaney (Lewisham). The Rev. Father Phelan attended deceased in her last moments.- R.I. P.

John SmIth
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-03-02 11:06, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Casey, John Joseph (I211991)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description:  Northern Star (Lismore, NSW )  Tue 7 May 1946  Page 4 

MR. JOHN J. CASEY. Mr. John Joseph Casey (80), of Woodburn, who died in St. Vincent's Hospital on Saturday night after a short illness, was buried in the Roman Catholic portion of Lismore cemetery yesterday. Rev Father Troy officiated at the Cathedral and also at the graveside. Pall-bearers were Messrs. M. Mccormick, P. Sullivan, J. Casey (nephew M. Bale, J. Butler and P. Ronan. 
The funeral arrangements were carried out by James Sweeney.

John Smith
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-03-02 10:54, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Casey, Richard (I179769)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: The Border Star (Coolangatta, Qld)  Fri 8 Jul 1938  Page 5 

The death occurred in a Murwillumbah hospital yesterday of Mr Richard Casey (73), of Uki. The late Mr. Casey, who had been an invalid for about 40 years, was born at Bega and had managed sawmills in the Woodburn and Eleven Miles districts. He had been a resident of Uki for 20 years.
He is survived by his wife, two sons, six stepsons and four step-daughters. The sons are: Messrs, Cecil Francis, and Oliver Raymond Casey (Babinda Q'ld); stepsons, Messrs. George (Murwillumbah), William - (Newcastle), Charles (Crabbes Creek), Anthony (Uki), Michael (Glasshouse Mountains) and Fred. Tunsted (T. Heads); stepdaughters, Mesdames R. Roberts (Sydney), J. McCalman (Crystal Creek), E. Laycock (Casino), and G. Zeitsch (Doon Doon). Two brothers, Messrs. Albert and John Casey (Woodbum), also survive.
The funeral will move from the Church of the Sacred Heart, Murwillumbah, at 2 p.m. today for the Catholic cemetery, Uki Road.

John Smith
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-03-01 05:23, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Casey, James Joseph (I211967)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description:  Northern Star (Lismore, NSW )  Sat 22 Aug 1942  Page 4 

KYOGLE, Friday.A verdict of death from drowning on or about July 19, but how or by what means the evidence did not enable him to say, was returned by the District Coroner (Mr. E. C,. Vincent) at an inquest on James Joseph Casey, 50, whose body was found in the Richmond River, near Wiangarie, on July 24. Constable A. Forbes and brothers of the dead man, John Clyde Casey and Richard Daniel Casey, said Casey, who had returned the previous day from Brisbane, where he had been for nine months for treatment for nicotine poisoning, left the home of his sister, Mrs. Lavelle, Wiangarie, about 2 p.m. on July 19, and went in the direction of some saccaline, with a piece of paper in his hand. When he had not returned by night, Kyogle police were advised and search parties organised. His body was found floating in a swimming hole in the river about 350 to 400 yards from the house the following Friday. There was a steep bank on the side of the stream from which Casey had apparently approached it. and it would have been easy for a person to slip into the water, which was between eight and 10 feet deep at the soot.

John Smith
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-03-01 03:15, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Casey, Bartholomew (I211964)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description:  I believe the wrong wife is recorded for Bartholomew please see details below.

CASEY  JOHANNA 17975/1953 JEREMIAH MARY PARRAMATTA ( Death Reg for the Wife MP has recorded.

http://austcemindex.com/inscription?id=10393567 ( Resting place of the Wife MP has recorded )

 The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW )  Sat 22 Aug 1953  Page 42 

CASEY, Johanna.-August l8, 1953, late of 14 Talbot Road. Guildford, dearly loved wife of the late William Casey, loved mother of Mollie, Edward. William. John (deceased), and Arthur, aged 86 years.
R.I.P. Privately Interred Rookwood Cemetery. ( Death notice of the wrong wife - please note names of loved ones don't match the loved ones of Batholomew )

Please see below the death regs, obit and inquest details for both Bartholomew and what I believe is his actual wife and an additional child not recorded on MP.


 The Kyogle Examiner (NSW )  Fri 9 Aug 1935  Page 4 

An old and respected identity in the person of Mr. B. Casey died on
Sunday, July 28. The late Mr. Casey was born at Bateman's Bay 75 years ago, but had been a resident of the Richmond for 30 years. While living at Woodburn for six years he worked with his brothers who were the owners; of the Woodburn sawmills. Later, he came to Roseberry and followed the occupation of timber hauling to the mill for about three years where he had the misfortune to lose his wife. From there he moved to Grevillia where he worked in the employ of Messrs. Munro and Lever till about eight years ago when he met with an accident and broke his arm which put him out of active work. Since then he had resided with his widowed daughter Mrs. Moy and two of his sons at Wiangaree. During the past two and a half years or so he had to have medical aid on several occasions and just 12 months ago was an inmate of the Kyogle Memorial Hospital where he was very ill. He improved sufficiently to return home but never got really well again. During the last three weeks he had been getting weaker and weaker and the doctor gave very little hope for his recovery.
He was attended to by the parish priests from Kyogle, Father Henderson being with him in his last moments and all his family being also present when he died. He left five daughters and four sons to mourn his loss Mrs. Moy (Nellie), Mrs. Lavelle (Eva), Mrs. Wood Elvina), Mrs. Lavelle (Maggie), Mrs. Hines (Jean), and Jack, Jim, Battie and Dick. The four sons and two of the sons-in-law acted as pallbearers. His wife predeceased him 21 years ago, and a son and daughter are also dead.

CASEY  JOHANNA L 17228/1913 JOHN KYOGLE ( Death Reg of who I believe is Bartholomew's actual wife )

CASEY  MARY E 17229/1913 BARTHOLOMEW JOHANNA L KYOGLE ( Death Reg of additional child )

 The Richmond River Express and Casino Kyogle Advertiser (NSW )  Tue 18 Nov 1913 

Double Drowning Fatality.
An inquiry into the circumstances attending the death of Mrs. B. Casey and her infant daughter (Mary Ellen), whose bodies were found in the river near Roseberry, was held by the District Coroner (Mr. R. K. Alcorn) at Kyogle on Friday, when the following evidence was adduced : Bartholomew Casey, teamster, residing at Roseberry, stated Johanna Louisa Casey was my wife, and Mary Ellen Casey my daughter, I last saw them alive at about 5 a.m. on 12th November, they were then in bed, and my wife called my son to get up, I dozed off and when I awoke she and the baby had gone, I got up and made a search for her, and found her in the river. She was lying face down in the water, and the baby was in her arms, they were both dead. I took the bodies out of the water, and made every effort to revive them, and sent for the doctor. At times I have noticed my wife has been a bit quiet, and I used to Keep an eye on her, there were no matlas of violence on the bodies. My wife was 46 years of age in August last, and the baby was about three months old, neither my wife nor baby was insured, nor did they own any separate property. I always lived on very happy terms with my wife and family, I have no idea how she got into the water. I believe she first stepped over the bank and was dead before striking the water, I don't think she was drowned. My wife left no will.
Thomas Charles Cann Evans, medical practitioner and Government medical officer, residing at Kyogle, stated : On the 12th November I was called to Roseberry to see the deceased, the subjects of this inquiry. I found both bodies by the river bank. Mrs. Casey had been dead some time, she was blue and quite cold, and I was told she had been drowned, and the condition in which I found her pointed to the fact of her having been drowned, the baby, between three and four months old, showed the same signs; I was told she was found in her mother's arms, and underneath her; the child was dead, and nothing could be done for either of them. I have no doubt it was a case of getting into the river. The Coroner found that Mrs. Casey and child met their death by drowning on November 12th but how or by what means they got into the water the evidence adduced did not enable him to say.

Thank you for reviewing this information

Kind regards John Smith
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-02-26 01:50, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Austin, Charles Albert (I168837)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description:  The Ulladulla and Milton Times (NSW )  Fri 21 Apr 1905  Page 4 

A young man named Austin died at Nelligen on Friday last. He had been ailing for some time, and some months ago was an inmate of the Braidwood Hospital.

John Smith
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-02-25 23:48, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Tracey, Margaret (I177218)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description:  South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW)  Sat 24 Aug 1907  Page 6 

 Mrs. E. Corrigan, one of the oldest residents of this district, and who for some time had been in a precarious condition, passed away last Thursday night at her residence in Campbell-street, at the age of 78

John Smith
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-02-25 23:30, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Corrigan, Luke (I211958)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description:  The Braidwood Dispatch and Mining Journal (NSW)  Fri 22 Nov 1935  Page 2 


One of the district s oldest identities, in the person of Mr. Luke Corrigan, passed away on Wednesday at the residence of his sister-in-law, Mrs. J. Corrigan. Born at Batemans Bay about 78 years ago, he was the youngest son of the late Mr. E. Corrigan, the well-known proprietor of the mail line of coaches between Braidwood, Moruya and Bega. Before there was any vehicular' traffic, and where there was only a bridle track between the settlements, Luke conveyed the
mails by pack-horse. In his younger days be was a great horseman, particularly over the hurdles. He was exceptionally honest in all his dealings, and was ever ready to do a kind action. He had resided in many towns along the coast, but in the evening of his life, being in indifferent health, he returned to Moruya. 'Examiner.'

John Smith
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-02-24 23:41, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Harken, James Joseph (I165912)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

HARKEN   JAMES 12309/1945 WILLIAM BRIDGET REDFERN ( two different spellings for James passing )

http://austcemindex.com/inscription?id=10372683 ( Resting place for James and his wife Alice )


HARKINS  FRANCES P 27043/1916 JAMES J ALICE REDFERN (Children of Marriage )

HARKINS  ALICE MAY 1936/1955 (ARMSTRONG) FIVE DOCK ( Alice's death Reg )

John Smith
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-02-22 16:48, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Stephens, Susan (I195704)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: OBITUARY
 It is with deep regret that we have to record the death of Mrs. Susan Hughes, which occurred on Tuesday last. The deceased lady, who was a native of the district, was 78 years of age. She had been ailing for some time past. She was a sister of Mr. Jas. Stephens, of Manar. Mrs. Hobby, of Araluen, was a daughter. The funeral took place in Braidwood on Wednesday afternoon, her remains being interred in the Methodist portion of the cemetery. The Rev. R. C. Russell officiated at the graveside. 
The Braidwood Dispatch and Mining Journal (NSW : 1888 - 1954) Fri 7 Aug 1931 Page 2

Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-02-22 16:42, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Hughes, Owen E. (I195745)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: We regret to announce the death of Mr. Owen Hughes, of Araluen, who died in the Moruya Hospital on Friday last. Some five weeks ago he had a number of teeth extracted, and this led to septic poisoning of the mouth, which was the cause of his admission to the hospital. The deceased was 70 years of age. He came to Araluen from Victoria when dredging was first established, and had resided there ever since. While in. Araluen he was a good citizen, and was prominent in sport. He leaves a widow and grown-up sons. The funeral took place in Braidwood on Saturday afternoon. 
The Braidwood Review and District Advocate (NSW : 1915 - 1954)  Tue 27 Aug 1929  Page 2

Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-02-21 02:18, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Gann, James William (I117447)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: OBITUARY
 MR. J. W. GANN 
The death occurred in a Goulburn hospital on Saturday afternoon last of Mr. James William Gann, aged 81 years. The late Mr. Gann, who was a former well-known resident of Tarago, had been in ill-health for about five weeks. 
A native of Tarago, Mr. Gann was the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Gann. He spent the greater part of his life at Tarago, where he was a farmer for 20 years. Following the death of his wife about 13 years ago, he retired and took up residence in Goulburn. 
He is survived by a daughter, Mrs. N. Fines (Goulburn), and four sons, Thomas (Tarago), Sylvester (Bungendore), George (Temora) and William (Queensland). He also leaves two brothers, Bernard (Tarago) Patrick (Queensland) and five sisters, Margaret (Tarago), Nora (Bungendore), Annie (Sydney), Emma (Victoria) and Brigid (Sydney). 
The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon, leaving Goulburn at 2 p.m. for the Catholic Cemetery, Tarago. Rev. Fr. Blakeney officiated at the graveside.
 Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : 1881 - 1940) Mon 29 Jun 1936  Page 3

Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-02-21 01:32, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Buckley, Ellen (I349949)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Northern Star (Lismore, NSW )  Wed 1 Nov 1950  Page 4 


The death occurred recently at Byron Bay of Mrs. Ellen Condon, 81, who lived there for the past 14 years. Coming from the Bega district 47 years ago with her husband and young family, they settled at Ewingsdale, where they engaged to dairying. Later they moved to Tyagarah before retiring and settling at Byron Bay.
She is survived by her husband, eight sons  and three daughters. Sons are Michael, Edward, Maurice, Bede, Thomas, Leo, John and Gabriel, and daughters are Sister Colman, Mrs. R. Downes and Miss Annie Condon. Monsignor Scott and Father O'Byrne officiated at services prior to interment to the Catholic portion of Mullumbimby cemetery. Funeral arrangements were handled by A. Beekinsale & Son.

John Smith
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-02-21 01:18, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Condon, William Patrick (I340908)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

http://austcemindex.com/inscription?id=10361612 (Resting place for William ) 

The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW)  Sat 23 Mar 1940  Page 5 

Man Found Hanged In Racecourse.

While, taking horses into Randwick racecourse yesterday morning George Whitton, horse trainer, saw the body of a man hanging from a tree just in-side the course. The body was later identified as that of William Patrick Condon, 40. Police where told that Condon was worried by a business he just purchased.  
Police took possession of a note.

John Smith
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-02-20 08:27, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Condon, Michael (I405166)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Child of Michael Snr and Mary Condon



http://austcemindex.com/inscription?id=9162422 Resting Place for Michael and his wife Mary Ellen )

(3714/1914 Condon Mary E Michael Maria Condobolin Michael's Wife Ellens death reg)







Michael came to Colombo in 1884. He was a dairy farmer for 6 years, then a coach builder for 15 years. He established the 'Bemboka Advocate and edited and published 340 editions from 1904 to 1911.
Due to his wife's illness, he moved to Condobolin in 1911 and owned a paper, the 'Lachlander', until he was 89. 
http://www.bemboka.net/pioneerswalk.html?fbclid=IwAR3BI0GYSwq2XA8RIsGYdHKgrQMIQjRf5KaBlMNohzer5sUUXnNIc0ZyqEg ( source )

https://www.condobolin.nsw.au/condobolin/history/1017762_10152126313702776_7999795988708338112_n/ ( Photo of Michael and family at his Condobolin newspaper.

 Lachlander and Condobolin and Western Districts Recorder (NSW : 1899 - 1952)  Wed 15 Apr 1914  Page 6 


The writer (M. J. Condon) has written many obituary notices, for strangers. dear friends and relatives, but the present is an occasion far transcending, all others in its penetrating grief and overburdening sorrow. Still there is a demand, a call of duty, and I do my best to answer, in response. Mrs. Condon was the second daughter of the late Michael Reynolds, J.P., of Berry, and was born at Shoalhaven on the 22nd April, 1864, so that she would have been 50 years of age next Wednesday, Reared in a home where such Church Dignitaries as the late Cardinal Moran, Archbishop Higgins and Kelly were guests when on Confirmation and other Church tours, it goes without saying that her religious training was such as to firmly establish an undying devotion to her Church, implicit reliance in the Great Creator and that broadness of mind that not only cultivates a toleration of other creeds, but a true Christian unity of feeling and recognition of all that is good in the lives and hearts of mankind generally. Indeed, it was acknowledged by all who had her acquaintance that her life was a living example of the wonderful influence for good that obtains in the soul of one imbued with these fine attributes. In all trouble, and it can be readily understood that the life of a mother who had given birth to 10 children, suffered the death of two (boys) and reared eight, apart from the many trials inseparable from this world, must naturally be punctuated with periods of trial and pierced with many lances of sorrow, but in every case consolation was sought and found in the Higher Atmosphere; and where infliction weighed upon others she was ever ready to render solace regardless of her own discomfort, caring only for the relief of those whose condition she sought to relieve. Married, at Berry on the 19th April 1887, she went with her husband to Bega district and for over 23 years resided there, making friends with all of whom she came into acquaintanceship. Though otherwise of good health, for many years she suffered from asthma, which year by year became more oppressive, till eventually doctors finally advised a change of residence from the coastal climate. As a result of that medical command Condobolin became our home, arriving here on February 13, 1911. The change had the desired effect, so far as the asthma was concerned as she never had a sign of it, though it never failed to recur on her visits to the city and coastal districts during the past three years. but always to leave on returning to Condobolin. However, it was decreed that the relief from sickness was not to be long, for gallstone troubles set in, which finally proved too fatal. During her final 16 days illness everything that medical and nursing skill could provide was availed of, Dr. Quirk, whose kindness and constant attention shall never be forgotten, devoted special attention to the case, which he correctly diagnosed from the outset and regarded as very serious. From five to three times per day he made visits and gave directions to Nurse Condon, who seemed to be endowed with supernatural endurance to enable her to day and night tend to her loving mother. An operation was discussed as a last resource, but as quite 90 per cent of operations such as would be necessary in this case have proved fatal, it was readily and wisely decided not to attempt it. As is now generally known, that the end came at 8 o'clock on Monday morning of March the 30th, It was a peaceful and beautiful ending, surrounded by the whole of her family presence and fortified by all the spiritual comforts and sacraments of the Church of which she was a devout member. Her last moments were truly an exemplification of the truth of the text that as one lives so shall one die. To the sorrowing husband and family who witnessed it, it must ever prove a powerful factor in promoting a constant endeavour to persevere in the same faithful footsteps, to perpetuate the hallowed memory of the one dearest in life and to look forward with holy consolation to the brighter re-union to which we hope fully aspire by the grace of a merciful God. So strengthened, we shall strive to carry our cross in a Christian spirit. On the Monday evening the body,  encased in a magnificent coffin of polished ceder with massive silver mountings, and covered; with beautiful wreaths and crosses, was taken into the church, where the Rev. Father Dunne was in attendance and conducted the Church's ceremony for such occasions. There was a large congregation present, and evening devotions were held. Mass for the repose of the departed soul was celebrated next morning, at which there was an unusually large congregation present, During the day up to the hour of the funeral, 3.30 p.m., there were many visitors to the Church, including the children of both the Convent and Public schools. At the appointed hour of the funeral, the church was crowded and the street outside packed with vehicles and persons in charge. Another Church service was read and then the coffin placed in the hearse. The procession, which moved through the main streets of the town was headed by the Children of Mary in blue cloaks marching in front of the hearse. Four little altar boys, Masters Jack and Tom Brady, Willie Dunn and Bobbie Turner, marched two each side of the hearse, holding each a ribbon in hand. These rich broad ribbons were suspended one from each top corner of the hearse, two white, in front and two black at thee back, and were the gift of the Rev. Father Dunne, who so arranged matters and, whose kindness throughout was beyond measure of appreciation. The funeral cortege is classed as one of the largest (said to be second only to that of the late Mr J. F. Dawson,) while the attendance at the graveside is referred to as the greatest seen in Condobolin. The Rev. Father Dunne officiated, and the tearful scenes were of such a nature that few if any eyes remained dry. The whole funeral arrangements were carried out by Undertaker F. W. Marlin in a manner that shows Condobolin in a position in this regard second to no other town.
And the interment gives consummation to an inspired presentiment which, the writer had to hold within his breast stills after the death of the dear departed one. It is briefly this: when I came out to Condobolin just before the xmas, of 1910, with a view of buying THE LACHLANDER, I was driven round one afternoon by Mr. Gordon Bennett, amongst Other places to Potter's mine. Passing the cemetery on return I was seized with a lonely feeling, instantly followed by a mental vision of Mrs. Condon being buried in a certain spot of the cemetery that then riveted my attention. Despite my pleasant company I remained momentarily dull, in an effort to banish the thought. It almost afterwards prevented me from closing for the purchase, and I never passed the cemetery since without a recurrence of the haunting vision, nor would it ever fail to force itself on me whenever Mrs. Condon became ill. Despite all effort the conviction grew that it was to be, but at what period. I had no conception, other than to earnestly wish it may be far in the distant future. When the allotted time arrived I went out with Mr. Marlin and without doubt selected the exact spot previously presented to me and there lay the body of the dearest partner in life. May she Rest in Peace !
With the bereaved husband, and family and only sister (Miss K. Reynolds) who under the train circumstances could be present, the kindness of the people of Condobolin must ever remain fixed in their minds. 

Another child of Michael Condon Snr

CONDON MAURICE 1511/1937 MICHAEL MARY PETERSHAM ( Maurice's death reg )

4068/1875    Condon    Maurice    Francis    Sarah    Shoalhaven  (Marriage Reg)

http://austcemindex.com/inscription?id=10388638 (Maurice's and his wife Sarah's Resting Place) 

The Catholic Press (Sydney ) Thu 11 Feb 1937 Page 28

Mr. Maurice Condon.

On Friday last Mr. Maurice Condon passed to his eternal reward. Of excellent parents, he was born at Jerara, in the Shoalhaven district, in 1852. The family has been for over a century a household word in that fertile land. He was a man of ability, prudence, humanity and piety, without ostentation, giving kindly advice to those who sought it, and assisting those whose worldly progress met with reverses. Always scrupulous in his religious duties, he set an example worthy of great praise. For many years he was a resident of Rozelle, where he carried out the duties of church secretary to the great satisfaction of the late Monsignor Moynagh and the parishioners. In his presidency of the St. Vincent de Paul Society he manifested genuine zeal for the poor. For a long period he was a commercial traveller. The late Mr. Raleigh appointed him his executor. His wife, who was Miss Sarah Francis, predeceased him by 15 years. Six of his children are living, and two died some time ago. They were Tom (manager for Foley Bros:, at Goulburn) and Margaret. Seven years ago he was stricken with a malady which he bore with Christian fortitude and hope, and which ended his most useful life. During this period his granddaughter, Irene, gave devoted service to his needs. A few days before his death one of his brothers died. Rev. Father Bond, P.P. recited the prayers in St. Mary's, Concord, and also at the grave. The chief mourners were his daughter, Mrs. Ryan, and her son, Vincent; Mr. and Mrs. Curry (son-in-law and daughter), Mrs. Tom. Condon (daughter-in-law), Miss Irene Condon, Miss Patricia and Sheila Condon, Mr. M. Condon, Mr. Reg. Curry, Gerald Condon, Mr. and Mrs Adams, Mr McCarthy, Mr. Carroll, Mr. Heydon, Messrs. Meany, sen. and jun., Mr. J. B. Irwin, Mr. Mitchell, Dr. H. Leigh Deck, Mr. and Mrs. Tierney, Mr. and Mrs. Prendergast, Mr. Scahill, Mrs. and Miss Glanz, Mrs. Ewen, Mrs. Mulligan, Mr. and Miss Gallagher, Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald, and Mr. J. Connolly. His four sons, Maurice, Edward, William and Bede, were unable to be present, as they are in New Zealand. His brother, Michael, is the proprietor and editor of the 'Lachlander,' one of the most influential papers in the western part of this State. James, another brother, is valuator in Lismore district, and William is on the land on the North Coast. W. N. Bull and Co. made the funeral arrangements. R.I.P.

Children of the marriage







John Smith
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On 2019-02-18 00:41, Keith Saunders wrote:


I have over the past few years spent a great deal of time researching Thomas Benham (134658) ,Mary Jane Benham (74206) and Catherine Benham (58144).
While I can produce no absolute proof I believe there is ample evidence to say that Thomas Benham was actually Thomas Baynham a convict transported to NSW in 1832.
Thomas Baynham married a Catherine Dalton an Irish convict in Maitland and in 1843 their daughter Mary Jane was born in Morpeth on the Hunter River.
There is no registration that I can locate of the birth of Catherine (b1847) but there is strong circumstantial evidence to suggest that she also was the daughter of Thomas and Catherine Baynham and sister to Mary Jane Baynham.
It is true that the death certificates of both Mary Jane and Catherine indicate that they were born in Bega BUT a perusal of the birth registrations of both Mary Janes and Catherine's children indicate they were both born in Sydney. I suggest it is more reliable to rely on the children's birth registrations as the mothers were the informants at the time.
Calculating back from the age given for Mary Jane on her death in 1929 a birth year of 1842 is indicated BUT her ages stated again on her children's birth registrations all indicate a birth year of 1843 i.e. the year Mary Jane Baynham was born in Morpeth.
We know that Mary Jane Benham was in Bega in 1855 and that her father was Thomas Benham by the remarkable discovery of a advertisement placed in a Sydney newspaper n 1855 calling for Thomas Benham to call for or send for his daughter Mary Jane at the home of the larger than life character Jack Hayden more widely known as Big Jack after whom the mountain and road near Bega are named.
Both Mary Jane and Catherine arrived in Araluen in the 1860 where Mary Jane married Thomas Greenwood and Catherine married William Geilvoet (I descend from Mary Jane and Thomas Greenwood).
There is no registration I can find for the death of Catherine nee Dalton but we find Thomas alone in Sydney in the 1850's working in his trade as a butcher and perpetually running afoul of the law until in 1869 he is involved in a rather tawdry episode in which his erstwhile defacto partner is murdered in Druitt St in Sydney. After 1869 Thomas disappears from the records obviously wanting I think to make himself scarce. (I have to come to terms withe fact the i carry this mans genes!!)
I think it is beyond the scope of this letter to present the whole argument but I would be very happy to discuss my conclusions with any interested party (email pls contact editor).
In summary my research leads me to believe the following:-
Thomas Baynham a butcher is convicted of theft in London finds himself in the Hunter Valley in 1832/1833 where after obtaining his ticket of leave he marries Catherine Dalton in 1843. Mary Jane Baynham is born in the same year in Morpeth where Thomas is working as a butcher.
A second child Anne is born in 1845 in Morpeth but dies in the same year.
Ever the rogue Thomas loses his ticket of leave and is reassigned as a butcher in Windsor and subsequently in Sydney.
At about this time Thomas changes his name to Benham.
Around this time Thomas finds his way to Bega where he is employed as a butcher by Peter Imlay whose pastoral pursuits have great need of butchers.
Catherine Benham  is born in 1847 and her mother also Catherine disappears around the same time with neither the birth or the death registered. Is this because no registrations of births and deaths exist for Bega at that time? Is Catherine the child so named because her mother dies in childbirth? I understand this was the custom in such circumstances.
Both Mary jane and Catherine are then left under the protection of Big Jack Hayden  until they depart for the Araluen goldfields in the 1860's.
Thomas decamps to to Sydney (perhaps after the great storm of 1852 lays waste to the Bega area).
I have no idea of whether Thomas ever saw or was in touch with his daughters again but the family of Mary Jane knew her father was a butcher when she died in 1929 ad the family of Catherine knew her father's name was Thomas in 1905 when she died.
I would love to hear from anyone who can add to this story.
I trust this is of interest.

best regards,  Keith Saunders
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-02-15 06:24, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Hoskin, Amelia Emily (I118258)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: WEDDING. CROKER--HOSKIN. On Wednesday morning, March 22, a very pretty wedding was solemnised at Windellama Church, when Mr. James Samuel Croker, third son of Mr. and Mrs. James Croker, senior, of Oallen, married Miss Millie Hoskin, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hoskin, of Cooma. The Rev. S. Robinson officiated. The church had been nicely decorated by friends of the bride. Miss Vennie Croker played the Weeding March and "The Voice that Breathed o'er Eden." The bride, who was given away by her brother, Mr. Harry Hoskin, was gowned in a most charming white silk dress, trimmed with lace, wore the customary wreath and veil, the latter of hand embroidered tulle,and carried a shower bouquet, a gift of the bridegroom. Miss Rose Croker (chief bridesmaid) and little Ada Croker were in attendance on the bride. Miss R. Croker wore pale blue silk striped voile, with overdress, and little Ada Croker wore white embroidered voile, relieved with touches of blue. The bridegroom's present to the bride was a gold bangle, set with diamonds and sapphires, and to the bridesmaids he gave gold brooches. Mr. Lindsay Croker acted as best man. The wedding party adjourned to the residence of the bride's parents, where the usual toasts were honoured. Dancing commenced at 8 p.m., and a very enjoyable evening was spent. The presents were numerous and costly. Mr. and Mrs. Croker's future home will be near Oallen.
Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : 1881 - 1940), Thursday 30 March 1916, page 4

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On 2019-02-14 01:38, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Dengate, John Charles (I132905)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Another son
WWII-  Dengate, William Ernest; Army Number - 434254; Date of birth - 29 January 1920

Discharged medically unfit - Epilepsy  26 Oct 1939

Queensland Fatality 
William Ernest Dengate, 22, a former resident of Goulburn, who was working in Queensland with the Civil Construction Corps, was drowned in the Cape River, about 50 miles from Charters Towers, on Tuesday. The son of Mrs. E. Dengate of 5 Arcadia Lane, Goulburn, he was educated at the South Goulburn and Bourke Street Public schools, after which he worked on the Railway Department. On leaving the railway he was employed on construction work, being called up by the Labour Corps some time ago. He worked in New South Wales for a short time, but was later transferred to Queensland for important war work. 
The first news of his death came to Goulburn relatives by means of the police on, Wednesday afternoon, when It was stated that he had been drowned. He was very well known in Goulburn, being a keen sportsman, football, soccer, boxing and other sports occupying a great deal of his time, until his health forced him to retire. 
Besides his wife, who lives at 11 Shepherd Street, he is survived by two children, Kay, 3, and Douglas, 18 months. His mother and two brothers Jack and Harold, A.I.F. and three sisters, Mrs. E. French, Edna and Evelyn also survive. So far the relatives have received no information as to the details of the drowning or funeral.
Goulburn Evening Post (NSW : 1940 - 1954), Friday 23 October 1942, page 1

Marries Dulcie Clements 7/3/1914 dies 16/6/1994 Pomeroy, NSW
from headstone, buried at Merrilla


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On 2019-02-13 21:14, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Gumley, Henry S. (I406116)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description:  The Manning River Times and Advocate for the Northern Coast Districts of New South Wales (Taree, NSW : 1898 - 1954)  Sat 26 Jul 1913  Page 6  MR. HARRY GUMLEY.


The death is reported from Jervis Bay of Mr Harry Gumley, who was accidentally drowned there Sunday last. Deceased was 27 years of age and was well-known on the Manning, more especially about Wingham, where he was employed on the third section of the North Coast railway. His father (Mr. W. G. Gumley) was also well-known about, this district, having held important positions in connection with the construction of the railway line.

 The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW )  Fri 25 Jul 1913  Page 10 


NOWRA, Thursday. Lieutenant Charles G. Fothergill, of the warship Cambrian, found the dead body of a man in the water of Moon Creek, Jervis Bay. The body was later identified as that of Harry Gumley, aged 26, who was for a time employed as a labourer's assistant at the naval college construction works, Captain's Point, and had been missing since June 29. The coroner, Mr Watson, recorded a finding of accidental death by drowning. The deceased leaves a widow.

15168/1911 GUMLEY HARRY S SMAILLS ROSE WINGHAM ( suggested marriage reg ?? )

John Smith
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On 2019-02-12 23:45, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Thistleton, Charles (I106438)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description:  Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954)  Thu 23 Nov 1939  Page 8 


Charles Thistleton (63), a single man, employed by Mr Lindsay Cooke, of Bexhill, was found drowned in a creek on Mr Cooke's property yesterday morning. He was last seen alive by Mrs Cooke about 2 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon, walking in the direction of the creek, presumably for a swim, as he had done on previous occasions.
No notice was taken of his absence at night, as he had been in the habit of going to Lismore late in the afternoon, but when he did not make an appearance yesterday morning, Mr Cooke became alarmed and made a search. Later he found the deceased floating face downwards in the creek, His clothes and. false-teeth were nearby on the bank.
Detective-Sergeant Snowden and Sergeant Love visited the scene of the drowning and the remains were then conveyed to the Lismore morgue and viewed by the Government Medical officer (Dr. R. Kellas) and the Deputy Coroner (Mr. A. C. Joubert), who issued an order for burial.
Mr. Thistleton was a returned soldier. He had served in France with the 47th Battalion and suffered from the effects of gas. He had been in Mr Cooke's employ since early last month and was well known in the Nimbin district. He was born at Ulladulla. Mr E. A Thistleton, of Eltham, is a brother of the deceased.
The funeral will leave W. Riley and Son's funeral parlour to-day at 12 noon for the Methodist portion of the Lismore cemetery.
An inquest will be held at the Lismore Court House on Saturday, December 2.

 Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954)  Mon 4 Dec 1939  Page 6 

Body Found in Creek.

A finding that death was due to suffocation from drowning, but the
evidence did not enable him to say by what means he came to be drowned, was returned by the deputy Coroner (Mr. A. C. Joubert) after hearing evidence concerning the death of Charles Thistleton whose body was found in Cooper's Creek, near Eltham, on November 22.
Mr Joubert said that he was of the opinion that drowning was accidental. There were no marks of violence on the body. Sergeant C. Love said that on November 22 he went to Bexhill where he met Lindsay Cooke who took him to Cooper's Creek where Thistleton's body was floating. Thistleton's feet were entangled in weeds and his hands were clutching weeds. On the bank was deceased's clothing.
Lindsay Cooke, farmer, of Bexhill, said that Thistleton had worked intermittently for him for 16 years. Deceased was a returned soldier. He had been gassed at the war and suffered from shortage of wind. On November 21, Thistleton did not appear for milking and witness's wife remarked that she had seen him going towards the creek the previous day. He later heard a dog barking and went to the bank and saw the body. Evidence was given also by Dr. R. Kellas. Elsie E. Cooke, wife of a previous witness and Ernest A. Thistleton, brother of deceased. The witnesses were examined by Det. Sergt. H. E. Snowden.

John Smith
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On 2019-02-12 23:01, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Thistleton, Sowerby Gooderham Harvey (I106434)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description:  The Shoalhaven Telegraph (NSW )  Wed 18 Feb 1914  Page 11 

The death occured on Saturday of Mr S.J Thistleton, at East Milton. The deceased a few months ago went to Sydney to consult a doctor concerning a malignant growth then apparent. They where unable to do anything for him, and he returned to Milton. His condition gradually grew worse and for some days before death ended his suffering, his end was expected. The deceased was a brother of Mrs. J. Ingot sen and was a native of England. 

John Smith
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On 2019-02-12 22:11, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Lyneham, Blanche Stella (I117662)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: The Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 - 1995)  Sat 9 May 1970  Page 32 

GUMLEY, Blanche Stella. May 8th. Late of 63 Uriarra Road, Queanbeyan. Loved mother and mother-in-law of Cedric Cooper (Qbn), Joan and Charlie Sykes (Goulburn), Garney and Eddie Cooper (Canberra), Viv and Gwen Cooper (Surfers Paradise), Doreen and Keith Lee (Qbn) and loving grandmother of their children, aged 79 years. At rest.


GUMLEY The relatives and friends of the late Mrs Blanche Stella Gumley of 63 Uriarra Road, Queanbeyan are  respectfully informed that her funeral will leave Christ Church, Queanbeyan after service to commence at 11am Monday, May 11, for interment in the Tharwa Road Cemetery.
M. H. O'Rourke Funerals,
Canberra - Queanbeyan.

Tharwa Road Cemetery
Queanbeyan, Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council, New South Wales, Australia

John Smith
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On 2019-02-12 19:07, jimwalford@westnet.com.au wrote:

Proposed Change: Kohn, Kenneth Casper (I151110)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: DOB 10 Aug 1922 South Grafton as Per WW2 Records Served 1 Aug 1942 - 15 Feb 1946. Married abt 1943 in Queensland to Josephine Agnes Campbell.Born 1916/12834 at Murwillumbah NSW, Parents are John Malcolm Campbell and Eleanor Margaret, Josephine Died 28 Jun 1978/104335 Murwillumbah NSW
james walford
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On 2019-02-12 02:41, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Gumley, Oliver Franklin (I305157)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description:  Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954)  Tue 15 Sep 1953  Page 4 


Oliver Franklin Gumley, who died in St. Vincent's Hospital, Lismore, was born at Milton, on the South Coast, 89 years ago. On leaving school he was apprenticed to the butchering trade. He married Susan Hewitt, also of Milton. He came to the North Coast in 1910 and went farming in the Bangalow district. After a number of years he bought the butcher's shop at Federal, which he later sold to farm at Eureka. On retirement he went to live with his son Oliver, of Ruskin St., Byron Bay.
 He was predeceased by his wife and one son, Norman, and a daughter, Mrs. W. Clark. Surviving members of his family are: Nell (Mrs. Lee, Sans Souci), Jean (Mrs. Robbins, Bangalow), Oliver (Byron Bay), Les (Greenslopes), Harry (Southport), Bob (Lismore) and Frank (Lismore).
The funeral moved from St. John's Presbyterian Church, Bangalow, for burial in the Bangalow cemetery. Rev. J. S. Buck conducted the service at the church and the graveside. The pallbearers at the church and graveside were four sons, Les, Harry, Bob and Frank, and two grandsons, Jack and Leo Gumley.
The funeral arrangements were carried out by A. J. Beckinsale.

John Smith
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Proposed Change: Gumley, William George (I305156)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

http://austcemindex.com/other-sources?id=15573942 ( William's resting place with his 2nd wife Miriam.)

3299/1900    Gumley    William G    Emmott    Miriam A ( Marriage Reg )






(Children of the Marriage )

The Methodist (Sydney, NSW : 1892 - 1954)  Sat 1 Jun 1929  Page 18 


Miriam Annie Gumley was born in Yorkshire, England, and came to Australia in 1884, with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Emmott, who settled in Balmain, Sydney. Her father was a prominent worker in the church, and rendered great service as a local preacher. Mrs Gumley followed in her parents' footsteps, and showed her faith in Christ by her love for the House of God, and earnest Christian service. For 17 years she was organist of the Balmain Church, and
taught in the Sunday School. After leaving Balmain she and her husband and family lived in various suburbs, eventually settling at Merrylands, where they were a source of strength to our cause. About three years ago they moved to Queanbeyan, and at once entered whole-heartedly into the life and work of our church. Mrs Gumley, although suffering from ill-health, was a regular attendant upon the means of grace, rendering splendid service as a member of the choir, and officiating very often as assistant organist. As a member of L.C.A. Society she assisted very materially towards the success of succeeding flower shows, and had already been appointed to a stall at the next. She rendered splendid service as collector for the church renovation and organ fund, one of her last acts being to
hand in a splendid contribution. The Guild also owed much to her service and influence, and her call to higher service has left a gap in the ranks of our workers which will be hard to fill. Her home was her palace. She lived for those she loved, and exercised a gracious ministry of love and helpfulness right to the last. The end came with startling suddenness, and on the evening of the 15th May, in the 50th year of her life, her soul was ushered into the presence of Him Whom she loved to serve. She leaves a sorrowing husband, two daughters, and three sons, together with three step-daughters, and a host of friends, to mourn their loss. But they do not mourn as those without hope, for their loved one has 'departed to be with Christ, which is far better.
On Friday, the 17th May, her body was laid to rest, the large congregation at the church and graveside, and the many beautiful floral tributes, testifying to the love and esteem in which she was held.

Registration number ( 3rd marriage )
Groom's Family Name
Groom's Given Name(s)
Bride's Family Name(s)
Bride's Given Name(s)

 The Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 - 1995)  Fri 27 Nov 1953  Page 2 

GUMLEY.At Rossmoyne Private Hospital, Burwood, on 23rd November in, his 92 year, William George, husband of Stella and father of Harry
(deceased), Esme, May, Irene, Bill, Queen, Edd, Charl, and Ann Privately cremated.

John Smith
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On 2019-02-12 01:05, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Gumley, Elizabeth Annie (I305155)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description:  The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW )  Sat 25 Apr 1931  Page 10 

SUTTON- April 24, 1931, at a private hospital, Petersham, Elizabeth, beloved wife oi William Sutton. 35 Edith-street, Leichhardt, and loving mother of Irene Sister Mary Plus (Sisters of Mercy, Auckland), Oliver and Hughie aged 67 years Requiescat In pace.

http://austcemindex.com/inscription?id=10336661 ( Resting Place of Elizabeth )

John Smith
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On 2019-02-12 00:06, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Sattler, Charles Martin (I154883)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: The Cumberland Argus (Parramatta, NSW )  Wed 27 Sep 1950  Page 1 


Mr Charles Martin Sattler, prominent in Masonic circles for 50 years and secretary of Lodge Resurgo, Parramatta, for nearly 49 years, died at his home, Macquarie Street, Parramatta, recently, in his 87th year.
Born at Bega, Mr Sattler joined the Department of Public Instruction as a youth and taught at schools on the South Coast before coming to Baulkham Hills to take charge of the local school. For many years he was headmaster of the Meadows School, Toongabbie. He retired from the Department 21 years ago.
Mr Sattler was a former secretary of Parramatta School of Arts and for 45 years was auditor of Parramatta Starr-Bowkett Society. He was a warm supporter of St John's Church, Parramatta, and for a considerable time was a member of the choir. Fond of sport, Mr Sattler played cricket with several teams in this district, and for some years played bowls with the local club.
He is survived by his widow and four daughters, Mesdames Millard, Brown, Bartlet and Carter. Prior to the funeral leaving for the Crematorium, a service was conducted at St. John's by Rev L. R. Buckman, and later a Masonic service was held.

 The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW )  Thu 14 Sep 1950  Page 22 

SATTLERThe Relatives and Friends of the Family of the late CHARLES
MARTIN SATTLER, are invited to attend his Funeral to leave St John's 
Church, Parramatta, this Thursday, after Service commencing at 2.45 p. m, for Rookwood Crematorium.

John Smith
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On 2019-02-11 23:43, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Sattler, Anton Joseph (I154878)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description:  Southern Star (Bega, NSW : 1900 - 1923)  Wed 10 Oct 1906  Page 2 


The news of the death of Mr Anton Sattler, on Saturday last, caused a big surprise, it being thought that deceased's illness was only slight, he had only been ill about a week, and previous to that, although he was in his 73rd year, he showed no signs of feebleness or failing health. Indeed, he had been most active of late about his home and garden, and expressed the opinion that he never felt better. On Friday afternoon, however, his medical adviser, Dr Evershed, saw there was no hope for him, and his two sons, Charles, who is a school-teacher at Parramatta, and Alfred, who was at Dubbo, were summoned. Unfortunately, they did not arrive here till Sunday evening, after his death. He passed peacefully away on Saturday afternoon.
Deceased was one of our oldest and most familiar residents. He arrived at Merimbula in 1855 from Germany, his native country. He was first engaged with the late Mr. James Manning for work on Kameruka, afterwards removing to Sydney for a couple of years. He then returned to Merimbula, and took a position with Mr Page, who was shipping agent there. He also worked at his trade of tailoring, and between the two he earned fair money. He after wards dairied at Warragubra, and also ran a tailor's shop on the road side, just beyond Spring Hill bridge. Later on Mr Page put him in as manager of his store in the premises now used as a boarding house opposite the Presbyterian Church, Bega, subsequently he started a store on his own account, he being the originator of the Albion Stores, now conducted by Wickham and Co. Little by little be acquired landed property about the town, securing the large block at Newtown, where Bismarck House, Mr Rosenthall's, and his own residence stands, at 11 per acre. At the time of his death he was one of the largest property owners in the town, his rents bringing a big sum weekly.
He was twice married, first to Miss Caroline Sturah, who died many years ago, and then to Miss Mary Caldwell, who still lives. He had six children by the first marriage, two of whom, Louis and Anton, died some years ago, while two sons, Charles and Alfred, and two daughters, Amelia and Lena, survive. By the second marriage he leaves two children, Edith (who is a nurse at the Coast Hospital), and Adolf.
Deceased was a thrifty and industrious man, and worked hard for whatever he had. In the early days he took an active interest in public matters, but for many years he lived a retired life. The funeral on Monday was largely attended, the remains being interred alongside those of his first wife in the old Church of England cemetery. The Rev. Mr. Briscombe, to whose church he owed allegiance, conducted an impressive service in the Methodist Church, and referred to deceased's many fine qualities, and his true Christian bearing when he knew the end was near. He also held a service at the grave. A number of the bretheren of the Manchester Unity Oddfellows, of whom deceased was one of the oldest members, joined in the procession. So passes away another of the makers of Bega. The bereaved family have the sympathy of all.

John Smith
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-02-11 22:04, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Condon, Walter H. (I305148)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description:  The Farmer and Settler (Sydney, NSW )  Fri 11 Feb 1916  Page 4 


A single man, named Walter Condon, aged about forty years, was run over by a train at Outimhah early on Tuesday morning, and was killed instantly. The driver of a goods train from Newcastle found the body at daylight next morning lying alongside the rails close to the railway station. Deceased had no relatives in the district; his mother is supposed to reside at Milton.

 The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW )  Wed 9 Feb 1916  Page 10 


GOSFORD, Tuesday. Walter Condon was run over and killed by a train close to Ourimbah station some time during the night. The body was found lying near the rails at daylight. Deceased was about 40 yearn of age, and was employed by J.P Tooby. There where no relatives in this district, and the parents reside at Milton. This is the third fatal railway accident at Ourimbah during the past nine months.

John Smith
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-02-11 22:39, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Condon, Thomas A. (I305150)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: 2836/1909 CONDON THOMAS LEEDS ADA WATERLOO (?? Marriage Reg )

CONDON  RUBY M 2882/1901 THOMA SADA E CROOKWELL ( child of marriage)

https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/251743345?searchTerm=condon%20bulli%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20&searchLimits=l-state=New+South+Wales ( Ruby goes missing )

CONDON  THOMAS E 8790/1904 THOMAS ADA E WOONONA ( child of marriage)

http://austcemindex.com/other-sources?id=1139770 ( Resting place for Thomas Jnr)

CONDON  GLADYS J 41038/1906 THOMAS ADA E WOONONA ( child of marriage)

CONDON  STANLEY 24164/1912 THOMAS ADA E WOONONA ( child of marriage)

CONDON  LEO G 43744/1909 THOMAS ADA E WOONONA ( child of marriage)

http://austcemindex.com/other-sources?id=6154728 ( Resting place for Leo and his wife Ellen )

 Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954)  Thu 8 May 1919  Page 2 


Thomas Condon, who died on Wednesday at Bulli from pneumonic influenza, was buried on Saturday. He leaves a widow and family. His case was particularly sad, as no one could be found to carry the coffin from the inside to the outside of his late residence but his wife and daughter. The undertaker had much difficulty later, in getting assistance to remove the coffin from the church."Daily Telegraph." ( Obit of Thomas Snr )
John Smith
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-02-11 21:35, Helen Day wrote:

Proposed Change: Day, Alfred Ernest (I297)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Alfred Ernest Day died on 20/3/1963 at Rockhampton Base Hospital and was buried at Baralaba Cemetary, Baralaba, Queensland.  His death certificate No. is 1083. I am his granddaughter.

Rgds,  Helen Day
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


 On 2019-02-09 14:12, sandra rolls wrote:

Proposed Change: Stephens, John Richard (I186479)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: John was born 2/2/1858 at Larbert NSW
He married Florence on the 14/2/1888
and Died Jan 1929 at "larbert Homested" Larbert NSW 
Berried 26/1/1929 at Braidwood Cemetery

Braidwood Review And District Advocate (NSW) - Jan 29 1929 
Another one of them, in the person of Mr. John Stephens, of Larbert, passed to 'that other bourne whence no traveller returns' on Saturday last. He was born 70 years ago in the house in which he died. The deceased gentleman had always been remarkably hale and healthy. In fact, he has never had any need to consult a doctor. About twelve days ago he contracted pleurisy. Nothing serious was expected.  His heart however failed, and he succumbed rather suddenly. The deceased took no part in public affairs, but he always assisted them, and was highly esteemed as a good citizen by all who knew him - and few in the district didn't know John Stephens. He leaves aa widow and five sons and three daughtersto mourn his loss, vig.. Messrs, W and A Stephens (Larbert), Charles and Cecil (South Coast) Marsh (Junee) Mrs Hopkins (Tallong) Misses Alma and Olive (Larbert). The funeral, which took place at Larbert yesterday morning, was well attended. The Rev. H. F. A. Champion officiating. Thus another of our citizens, who helped to make two blades of grass grow where only one grew before, has gone, and left the district poorer as a result.

i am the great grandaugher of John and Florence

sandra rolls
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-02-08 16:23, Robyn Jones wrote:

Proposed Change: Jones, Maria (I94326)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: More children for Maria Jones & William Wilton.
Edna Eileen b 12 Mar 1919 Bombala, NSW & d 17 Mar 1921 Bombala, NSW
Doreen Mavis b 28 Dec 1923 Bombala, NSW, d 23 Mar 2014 NSW & m 7 Jan 1948 Queanbeyan, NSW to Leo James Morrison (b 30 Oct 1921 Canberra, ACT & d 6 Aug 1983 Young, NSW)
Betty Margaret b 14 Aug 1934, d 9 May 1993 NSW & m 1954 Bombala NSW to John Jeffrey Crawford

Robyn Jones
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-02-05 05:44, Gregory McInnes wrote:

Proposed Change: Ulrich, George Henry (I47391)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Add additional children to George & Daisy:
2. Elsie ULRICH born 1918, Bombala, NSW. NSW BDM 9836/1918
3. Clare ULRICH born Bombala, NSW
4. Betty Hyles ULRICH, born 1925, Bombala, NSW
5 June ULRICH born Bombala, NSW

Gregory McInnes
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-02-04 05:57, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Breen, Annie (I200194)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

http://austcemindex.com/inscription?id=10407362 ( Resting place for Annie )

http://austcemindex.com/inscription?id=10407363 ( Resting place for Michael Corrigan, Annie's husband.

There is an obit for Annie in the Sydney Morning Herald Friday, June 24, 1938 - page 12 ( I found it very confusing )

John Smith

Thank you,

The orbit does make sense - step siblings.

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Fri 24 Jun 1938 Page 12
CORRIGAN - June 17 1918 Annie - widow of the late Michael Corrigan, mother Mrs H O'Connor sister of Father H Morris (deceased), Mother Veronica, Mrs Montgomery, Messrs Hugh, Jack, Thomas (deceased), Fred (deceased) Privately interred.

Regards, Ian


On 2019-02-04 05:27, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Corrigan, Leo J. (I200196)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description:  Bombala Times and Manaro and Coast Districts General Advertiser (NSW : 1899 - 1905)  Fri 18 Oct 1901 

Two Boys Drowned.

BEGA, Saturday. A drowning accident occurred yesterday in a lagoon under the small bridge at Tarraganda lane, tho victims being Leo Corrigan, 12-year-old son of Mr M Corrigan, a well-known coach proprietor here, and Clive Underhill, 5 years of age, a son of Mr. Robert Underhill, building contractor. Nobody was present when it occurred, but it is supposed that the younger boy fell in, and Leo Corrigan, in trying to rescue his companion, also lost his life. The first to notice anything was a boy who was passing, and seeing some boots and a hat and cap on the shore quickly drew the attention of Lieutenant Jackson and Private Russell, who happened to be returning that way from the rifle range. They quickly rode to town, giving the alarm to the police, who were soon on the scene, with plenty of assistance, when Corrigan's body was recovered with grappling irons. After many attempts by diving and grappling by civilians and police, Underhill's body was also recovered by Mr. Rixon.  All efforts to revive life failed. Hundreds of people excitedly hurried to the scene, and formed a mournful procession as the bodies were conveyed to town. Many mothers were anxious to find the whereabouts of their boys. Mr R Underhill was away at Braidwood in connection with building the court house there. The scene of the fatality is about half a mile from town. The boys, who were companions, had wandered there together. 

John Smith
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-02-04 04:55, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Corrigan, Michael (I200197)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description:  South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW)  Fri 5 Aug 1932

News of the death of Mr Michael Corrigan, which occurred in Sydney
last week, at the good old age of 78 will occasion sincere regret through out Bega and Moruya districts and in every hamlet and home for many miles around, where he figured for a generation or more in the old coaching days. He was a native of Moruya, being a son of the late 'Teddy' Corrigan, who was one of the first coach proprietors. in the Moruya district, away back in the gold and bushranging days, when roads were only bush tracks, and bridges were few and far between. Mick Corrigan assisted his father from the time he was able to hold a rein, and until he left Bega for Sydney some years back he was the best known of all the old-time coachies, and his name was a household one throughout the Far South Coast..

John Smith
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-02-03 21:58, John Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Honan, Patrick (I161099)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: The Waterford Mail -  Saturday, March 8, 1834


Michael Honan, Thomas Honan and Patrick Honan, where put forward for assulting Samuel Croker Esq,  county inspector, in Feburary 1833, and hindering the apprehension of a man by the police near Carrickbeg.

Mr Croker disposed that he went to apprehend Micheal Honan, against  whom there had been a warrant a long time. When he attempted to bring off Honan, Michael Honan Jnr, then ran to the village when witness and one policeman come to Tinhalla, Michael Honan and others overtook him; Honan caught hold of him, both fell in the struggle, Honan fired one barrel of his gun; the other remained loaded; witness could have shot Honan if he thought proper; witness was endeavouring to persuade the people to let old Honan come with him; when one of the prisoners and another struck him; the gun was taken away; several blows where made at him; and so stunned was he that he could not know how he got away; witness identified the three prisoners; witness was confined a fortnight in consequence of the blows he received.

Cross examined by the Recorder - Witness believes that the warrant against Honan; was issued of resistance made by the parties to a distraint for rent. Marshall, the policeman who attented Mr Croker on the day in question, corroborated that gentleman's evidence; witness was also severely injured, and confined in consequence; he knew the prisoner long, previously to the day of the assult; he met a man on the road, on his return from Carrick, wither he went for assistance, bringing Mr Croker's gun he believed for the purpose of returning it.

Dr Purcell, from Carrick, deposed that Mr Croker was very seriously injured in consequence of the assult.

A man named Rowe, the person who was bringing home the gun, said that Mr Croker was a most Honorable man, and so was the person who gave him he gun, " whosomever he was " ( a laugh )

Michael Honan guilty on all counts of the indictment. Thomas and Patrick Honan also guilty.

His Lordship severely animadverted on the conduct of the prisoners, and sentenced each to be transported for seven years. The prisoners retired in tears.

http://snap.waterfordcoco.ie/collections/enewspapers/waterford_mail/1834/waterford_mail_03_mar_08.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3vZXNS60uC61VYIO0BpBLWBBv1lVvqYGO3pLdeT2NxbebrT_GuNgJLKKA page 2, column 1, about 10th paragraph.

John Smith
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-01-20 16:43, Robi Clark wrote:

Hello agian Ian. I now have further documented information re my Grandmother Mary Anna Field.
Source: BDM Victoria certificate # 14515/78.
B: 11th Feb 1889 @Tearney Flat near Dry Plains NSW
D: 29th June 1978  @ East Coburg Vic. (Aged 89 yrs)
First Marriage to: Frederick Henry Viles
Second Marriage: George Henry Field
Children: in age order - Oldest to youngest:
Linda May, Josephine (Joy) Mary , Evelyn Amy, Beryl Irene, Valerie Vera, Frederick Henry Neil, Nancy Leah
( and one previous Keith who died in infancy) 
hope this helps
i have more to add to the lovelock line as and  when  i research 
On Thu, Jan 17, 2019 at 2:21 PM <ian@monaropioneers.com> wrote:

Thank you,

Regards, Ian

On 2019-01-16 04:39, Robyn Clark wrote:

Proposed Change: Lovelock, Mary Ann (I96137)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: hi there. My name  is Robyn Clark and i am the grandaughter of Mary ANNA (not ANN)  Lovelock ( nee Viles and remarried to George Henry Field after Frederick Henry viles passed away tragically) 

Her Birth certificate No: is 26598 as issues from NSW BDM. 
All her children were:
1. Viles, Linda -children: Beverly and Jan 
2. Viles, Josephine - deceased
3. Viles, Valerie - deceased - children: Neil (deceased), Elizabeth and Debbie.
3. Viles, Keith,deceased 
4. Viles, Beryl Irene,(smaith) deceased - children: John, Garry (deceased)
5. Viles, Frederick Neil (never married)- deceased
6. Viles, Nancy Leah ( Clark- my mother - deceased - children:
Robyn Lorraine, Darryl Graeme, Merrill Annette, Lynne Michelle, Kerrie Maree ; all living.  

i have more info but cannot remember her date of death so am applying for it as we speak. many thanks for this site as it is helping put the pieces together for me and i can add some things as i get them to help others  

Robyn Clark
Thank you,
Regards, Ian

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