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On 2020-01-02 14:54, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: MacInnis, Angus Donald (I169568)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: The Monaro Mercury publishes the following from its Jindabyne correspondent : — Jindabyne has lost a good citizen, and a very efficient officer, in the person of Mr A. D. Macinnis, senior constable, who has been promoted to Delegate. The residents of Jindabyne are recognising his services by a presentation which will follow Mr Macinnis. The time available was too short to make a public presentation. On Tuesday, March 17th, a few friends met to wish Mr. and Mrs. Macinnis and family 'health, wealth, and prosperity'
Delegate Argus (NSW : 1906 - 1943) Thu 2 Apr 1914 Page 2

MACINNIS.–April 21, 1923, Angus Donald Macinnis (Sergeant of Police), dearly loved husband of Florence M. Macinnis, and father of Douglas, Alan, Ian, and Lindsay, aged 58 years.
The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Mon 23 Apr 1923 Page 8

Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2020-01-02 11:31, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Evans, Florence Maude (I169569)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: MACINNIS.-March 12, 1945, at a private hospital, Manly, Florence Maude, relict of the late Angus Macinnis, of Waratah Street, Balgowlah, beloved mother of Douglas (A.I.F.), Alan (Gilgandra), Ian (R.A.A.F.), and Lindsay (Bill, R.A.A.F.).
The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wed 14 Mar 1945 Page 18

Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-12-22 12:53, Keith Smith wrote:

Proposed Change: Knight, George (I91687)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: William Alfred Knight married Charlotte Henne. Charlotte's maiden name was Charlotte May Day and she married Adolph Henne on the 7/12/1907 (BDM cert 9819/1907). Read article Bombala Times Friday 29/8/1913 and Friday 31/10/1913.

Keith Smith
Thank you,
Regards, Ian

From: Allen Gibbon
Sent: Saturday, 21 December 2019 11:20 AM
Subject: Death of Peter John Feilen (1923-2019)
Hi Ian,
Peter Feilen died in Taree on 5 December 2019, aged 96. Peter was a grandson of gold fossicker and pioneer Monaro grazier, John Feilen. He was also the son of Jacob Feilen who was employed as an irrigation engineer at Dromore Station. He was the youngest and last member of the third generation of Feilens in Australia. More details will be sent to you in the coming weeks. 
Regards,   Allen Gibbon 
Thank you Allen,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-12-15 19:10, Leigh Coyle wrote:

Proposed Change: Grealy, Mary Ann (I105483)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Hi there,

I believe (through family knowledge and from location) that Mary Ann Grealy is the sister of John James Grealy (ID - I58803). She emigrated later than her brother, and was married in Greendale NSW (the same place John James Grealy died).

A baptism record has been sourced for her:
Baptism notes - Ancestry
Mary Anne Grealey
Baptism Age
Event Type
Birth Date
Baptism Date
Baptism Place
St Paul's, Dublin city, Dublin, Ireland
Parish Variants
Arran Quay, Old Glasnevin, St. Paul's, Arran Quay
Household Members
Mary Anne Grealey
National Library of Ireland; Dublin, Ireland; Microfilm Number: Microfilm 08828 / 05

Could you please connect her to John James Grealy, so they become brother and sister.

Thanks,  Leigh

Thank you Leigh, the connection has been made.
Regards, Ian


On 2019-12-15 18:51, Leigh Coyle wrote:

Proposed Change: Plowright, Mary (I40529)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Hi there,

Her full name was:
Mary Dolores Plowright

Mary Plowright married Dr William Humphries Jamison
Date - Jan 1911, Wyong NSW
At "Sunnyside" the residence of Mr J Plowright.
Source - Twofold Bay Magnet: and South Coast and Southern Monaro Advertiser, Mon 9 Jan 1911

They moved to Queensland, which is where she died:
Death date - 12 May 1929, Dalby, Queensland
Source - Obituary Dalby Herald, Tue 14 May 1929, P2

No known children.

Thanks,  Leigh
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-12-15 18:42, Leigh Coyle wrote:

Proposed Change: Plowright, Ann (I40525)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Hi there,

I suggest that the name "Murcell" could be an error on the marriage record, and Ann's husband's surname is actually "Averell".

If this is the case, then Ann (Annie) Averell (nee Plowright) died:
13 September 1955 - Sydney

Her husband (Samuel Ross Averell) died in 1933, Dunedoo NSW

Thanks,  Leigh
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-12-15 18:31, Leigh Coyle wrote:

Proposed Change: Egan, Patrick (I125503)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Hi there,

Patrick Egan, was actually called Patrick Horace Egan.
He was born 26 Feb 1870
Source - Refer BDM - 9332/1870. Lochiel, Pambula. EGAN PATRICK 9332/1870 JOHN MARGARET EDEN
He died - 1957, Bombala, NSW

Thanks,  Leigh
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-12-15 18:10, Leigh Coyle wrote:

Proposed Change: Family: Finnegan, Patrick / Egan, Bridget Marion
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Hi there Ian,

Could you please add some additional children to this family (Finnegan/Egan):

Mary Constance Finnegan 
Born 9 Feb 1892
Died 1982 (NSW, Australia)
No marriage, as she was professed in the Order of Saint Joseph.

Bridget May Finnegan
Born 14 Nov 1898
Died 1981 (NSW, Australia)
No marriage

Kathleen Finnegan
Born 7 May 1902
Unknown death date
Married - William Duffy (1944)

Thank you!  Leigh
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On Sat, Dec 14, 2019 at 10:55 PM Kerry D wrote:

Marriage: 8566/1902  FLOYD JOSEPH T   BROWN EDITH B    SYDNEY


Sydney Morning Herald_Tue 11 Mar 1969

Floyd, Edith Bradbury, ─March 10, 1969, at hospital, late of 122 Alfred Street, Granville, dearly loved wife of the late Henry Joseph Floyd, loving mother and mother-in-law of Thornhill and Marjorie, Everard (deceased), and Eileen, Mona and Reginald Parker, James and Joyce (deceased), loved grandmother of their children. (The husband’s name was Joseph Thomas, not Henry Joseph)

SMH Wed 10 Sep 1919

FLOYD.—September 9, at Lewisham Hospital, Joseph Floyd, aged 43, dearly loved husband of Edith Floyd.

Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930), Thursday 11 September 1919, page 4

FLOYD. — The Relatives and Friends of Mrs. EDITH FLOYD, of George and Regent Streets, Sydney, are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of her late dearly beloved husband, Joseph Floyd, to move from William Metcalfe and Co., Funeral Parlors, 117 Church Street, Parramatta, THIS (THURSDAY) AFTERNOON, at 3.30, for the Catholic Cemetery, Parramatta……FLOYD. — The Relatives and Friends of Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE HART, of Harris Park, Mr. and Mrs. JOHN STEIN, of Petersham, are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their late dearly beloved brother, Joseph Floyd….FLOYD. — The Relatives and Friend of Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAM FLOYD and FAMILY, and Mr. WALTER FLOYD and FAMILY, are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly beloved brother, and their uncle, Joseph Floyd……FLOYD.— The Relatives and Friends of JOHN FLOYD, of Petersham, are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of his dearly beloved brother, Joseph Floyd.

Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate (Parramatta, NSW : 1888 - 1950), Saturday 13 September 1919, page 11

Mr. Joseph Floyd, a member of a well-known Parramatta family, passed away at George and Regent-streets, Sydney, on Tuesday, at the age of 43 years. His funeral (in the care of William Metcalfe and Co.) took place on Thursday morning, to the R. C. Cemetery, Parramatta. The deceased was the husband of Mrs. Edith Floyd and brother of Mrs. George Hart, Harris Park, and Mrs. John Stein, of Petersham. 

Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-12-14 01:30, Info Pioneer Women wrote:

Good morning,


I work as a researcher at the Women's Museum of Australia (formerly the National Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame) in Alice Springs.  As part of our collection, we hold a comprehensive "HerStory Archive," which is a collection of stories and photographs of over 1500 pioneering women in the traditional sense or those who are first in their field.  Apart from preserving many often previously untold stories, the archive is useful for future researchers, as well as inspiration for future exhibitions at the Women's Museum of Australia headquarters in Alice Springs and online.  The information comes to us through many avenues:  from our staff and volunteer research and from information supplied by visitors, authors, scholars and friends and family of the pioneer women.


One of our current projects is an upgrade to the HerStory Archive, where we are working towards updating basic information, attaching photos and providing additional information on each of the women in the Archive.


One of the women in the Archive is Ella Vivian WILKINSON.  I have found information online about Ms Wilkinson at FamilySearch.  Elizabeth Cook referred me to  Contact links indicate to contact you regarding photos.  I am interested in including a photo, such as the attachment, from in our online Archive and am seeking permission to use it in our online HerStory Archive upgrade.  Many thanks for your time on this query.


Kind regards,   Carda Traunero

Hi Carda,

The websites you reference are not managed by me and as such I am not able to give you permission to use any images therefrom.

However, the same image is displayed on the Monaro Pioneers website which I manage and therefore I can give you permission to use that image.  Please source reference the Monaro Pioneers site for any images you use.

Regards, Ian


On 2019-12-12 18:27, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Greenwood, Robert Percy (I208917)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: MARRIAGES.
On June 22, at the Church of England Church, Gundaroo, by the Rev. P. G. Smith, Mr. Robert P. Greenwood, oldest son of Dr. Bryan Greenwood, late of London, to Susannah, third daughter of Mr. John Hardwicke, of Gundaroo.
Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875) Mon 29 Jun 1874 Page 1

Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On Thu, Dec 12, 2019 at 10:56 PM Kerry D wrote:

Braidwood Independent (NSW : 1867), Saturday 31 August 1867, page 4


RUSTEN—GIBBS—At Christchurch, Queanbeyan, on the 28th instant, by the Rev A. D. Soares, JOHN THOMAS, eldest son of Mr William Rusten, of Queanbeyan, to LOUISA, eldest daughter of Mr John Gibbs, of Primrose Vale, near Queanbeyan.

Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Saturday 5 September 1868, page 1


On the 18th of August, by the Rev. Dr. Bailey, of the Free Church of England, Mr. BENJAMIN SALKILLD, of the Government Railway Department, to CAROLINE AMELIA, daughter of WILLIAM RUSTEN, Esq., Queanbeyan, both of Picton.

Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Thursday 6 May 1869, page 1


On the 25th December, 1868, at Picton, at the residence of the bride, by the Rev. James Carter, LUCIEN STANISLUS, second son of the late LUCIEN STANISLUS (Count) DE PLATER, of Lithuania, Poland, to LUCY CLARA, youngest daughter of WILLIAM RUSTEN, Esq., of Queanbeyan, N. S. W.

Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Saturday 4 December 1869, page 1


On the 25th November, by special license, at Christ Church, Queanbeyan, by the Rev. A. D. Soares, WILLIAM, only son of THOMAS BROWN, builder, late of Queanbeyan, to MARY ANN, second eldest daughter of WILLIAM RUSTEN, of Queanbeyan.

Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Friday 22 January 1875, page 1


RUSTEN.—January 5, at her residence, the Queanbeyan Hospital, of which she was matron for upwards of twenty-one years, Mary Ann, the beloved wife of Mr. William Rusten, and the adopted mother of Mr. John Mellor, cordial manufacturer, Wollongong (whom she took at 6 days old and reared as few mothers can), aged 63 years, leaving a husband and 5 children to lament their irreparable loss. She was a mother indeed.

Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : 1881 - 1940), Tuesday 28 August 1883, page 4

DEATH OF A VERY OLD RESIDENT.-In this issue is announced the demise of Mr. William Rusten, who, at the advanced age of 84 years, died at the residence of his son-in-law at Redmyre, last Sunday. Mr. Rusten was almost the first resident in Queanbeyan, having arrived here before any houses were built or township formed. For many years he and his wife, (who died here some years since) had charge of the local hospital, which institution they very ably managed. After the death of his wife, Mr. Rusten took up his abode with his married daughter, Mrs. W. Brown, and removed from Queanbeyan with her some eighteen months ago, he was in feeble health at the time and many thought the journey to Sydney would prove too much for him, but his days were yet lengthened. Mr. Rusten was deservedly held in esteem by all who knew him.

Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-12-11 23:49, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Greenwood, Robert Percy (I208917)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Have a Walter D1983 A91 and what I would assume a brother Charles D1988 A89 buried together at Gundaroo, will send headstone.

Charles death, makes mum a little old?

Walters Death

Thanks Warwick,
Charles was a half brother, Mother Susannah had a dalliance after husband's death.
Regards, Ian 


On 2019-12-10 19:38, Jenny Lock wrote:

Hello Ian
What a great job everyone has done to add information to the website about those originally from the Monaro who served in WW1 and WW2. From the WW2 records, we were surprised to discover that another Britten relative Lawrence Thomas Britten is buried in the same war cemetery in Port Moresby as our relative Sidney David Britten (they are second cousins).
I also noticed a couple of errors with birth date and death date for Sidney David Britten (Person ID is I179844). He was born in Kilcoy on 22nd July 1921 (I think the military record has a different date - not sure why?). He was Killed In Action in New Guinea on 18th December 1942. He was 21 years old when KIA.
I'm thinking that these dates on the 2nd World War Enlisters table are integrated with the Descendants database as the dates are also incorrect there so perhaps only one change is necessary. Please let me know if you need any other information.
Kind regards and many thanks,  Jenny Lock

Thank you Jenny,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-12-09 21:02, Robin Astbury wrote:

Hi Ian
Robert Charles Porter  Person ID I5850 
Bridget E Hawes  Person ID F80648
I found a need to further investigate Robert Charles Porter because numerous researchers on MyHeritage have a wrong Robert Charles Porter as Bridget Ethel's husband. The included Trove reports fully clarify the correct situation.
Regards,  Robin
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-12-09 15:20, Leigh Coyle wrote:

Proposed Change: Sheehy, Patrick Maurice (I96492)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Hi there,

I have now found the baptism record for PM Sheehy (from the Catholic Registers in Ireland).

His baptism date was 27 December 1845.

Reference - Shanagolden Records. Microfilm 02418 / 04 | Page 32
Shanagolden; County of Limerick; Diocese of Limerick. Baptisms, Dec. 1845 to Jan. 1846

Could you please amend this date?

Thanks,  Leigh
Thank you Leigh,
Regards, Ian


On Sun, Dec 8, 2019 at 8:02 PM Kerry D wrote:

Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 - 1907), Saturday 30 December 1882, page 40

NELSON—REX.—September 7, at the Sacred Heart Church, by the Rev. Dean Leonard, John Nelson, second eldest son of the late John Luke Gore Nelson, timber merchant of Young, to Ellen Rex, second eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas Rex, of Braidwood. 

Braidwood Review and District Advocate (NSW : 1915 - 1954), Tuesday 17 November 1942, page 3


The Braidwood district lost another of its old hands on 25th October, when Mrs. Ellen Nelson passed away at the great age of 88 years. She was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rex, of Brushy Hill, where she was born. When only a young woman she left Braidwood, and later married Mr. John Nelson, who predeceased her many years ago. The old lady, who resided at Auburn, where she was cared for in her home by her niece, Mrs. Barrett (sister of Mr. Fred Rex), ever since the death of her son and daughter, was, despite her years, very active, and was in full possession of all her faculties. She could relate all the happenings of the old times, and often spoke of the big corroboree at Brushy Hill by the blacks, who in those days were in considerable numbers in the district. There were many different tribes, each one having its own king. The late Mrs. Nelson was an excellent horsewoman in her young days, and could hold her own with any of the crack men riders. The death of her only two children, a son and a daughter, which occurred suddenly and within about five months of each other, was a terrible blow to the old lady. The son was a returned member of the first A.I.F. and the daughter had been in the Education Department for many years. Both were single and lived with their mother at Auburn. The late Mrs. Nelson, who often visited Braidwood, was a good Roman Catholic and a woman of very high Christian ideals. A brother, Mr. Richard Rex (Sydney) survives. The late Mr. Jas. Rex, of Brushy Hill, was a brother. 

SMH Mon 26 Oct 1942

NELSON.—October 25, 1942 at her residence, 42 Macquarie Road, Auburn, Ellen Nelson, in her 88th year. Requiescat in pace.

NELSON.—The Relatives and Friends of the late Mrs. Ellen Nelson are invited to at tend her Funeral to leave her late residence, 42 Macquarie Road, Auburn, This Monday, at 2.30 p.m., for the Catholic Cemetery, Rookwood, No. 2 Mortuary.

SMH Mon 20 Sep 1937

NELSON.—September 18, 1937, at Royal North Shore Hospital, Horatio John, beloved son of Mrs. Ellen Nelson, and loved brother of Amanda, of 42 Macquarie Road, Auburn, aged 50 years. R.I.P.

Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate, Thu 23 Sep 1937


A resident of Auburn for many years, Mr. Horatio Nelson, of Macquarie-road, died in the North Shore Hospital on Saturday at the age of 50. Deceased, who was a returned soldier, was well-known in the Auburn district. His father conducted a ham and beef store at Auburn for several years. Many members of the Auburn sub-branch of the R.S. & S.I.L.A. attended the funeral in the Rookwood Catholic Cemetery on Sunday.

Sun (Sydney) Sun 6 Feb 1938

NELSON. — The Relatives and Friends of MRS. ELLEN NELSON, of 42 Macquarie-road, Auburn, are invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly beloved DAUGHTER, Amanda Alice, to leave her residence, THIS AFTERNOON, at 3 o'clock, for Catholic Cemetery, Rookwood. 

SMH Tue 11 Jun 1929

NELSON.—June 10, 1929, at his residence, 42 Macquarie-road, Auburn, John Nelson beloved husband of Ellen Nelson, and father of Amanda and Horatio Nelson, in his 80th year. R.I.P.

Thank you,
Regards, Ian



Hi Peter, 
RE:Edward Henry Richardson and son Amos
Some information for you ....
I suggest you obtain the QLD death certificate for the possible Edward Henry Richardson to see if that sheds any further light on him.
Regards, Ian

The Telegraph, Brisbane 3 May 1880, page 3.

Assault with Intent.— Edward Richardson and Charles Jenkins, on remand, charged with assaulting a black gin named Topsy, were brought up. The evidence of Amos Edward Richardson, a son of one of the prisoners, was taken, and was to the effect that he bought 12 flasks of powder from Wm. Butler, the manager of Kilcoy Station. Kept them all locked up but one in use. Wm. Butler stated that "Topsy" was brought to him suffering from extensive burns, and he dressed her wounds. A remand till to-morrow was granted in order that the Bench might consider their course of action. Wm. Butler also gave evidence as to character in favour of the prisoners.

Death Registration in Qld, of the son, Amos Edward RICHARDSON.

Amos Edward
Edward Henry Richardson
Louise Swifts

Lutwyche Cemetery.

Age 55 Years
Date of Service 09-11-1912
Service Type Burial

No Date
No Date
15 Years

The Brisbane Courier, 8 Nov 1912
FUNERAL NOTICE.-The Friends of Mrs. A. E. RICHARDSON and FAMILY are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of their deceased husband and father, Amos Edward Richardson, to move from his late residence, Lutwyche-street, Wooloowin, TO-MORROW (Saturday) FORENOON, at 10 o'clock, for the Lutwyche Cemetery.

The Queensland Times, 14 Nov 1912.
Obituary of Amos Edward RICHARDSON.|||l-year=1912

Maybe the death of Edward RICHARDSON, who once lived at Yass and Tumut, in Qld in August, 1895?

Edward Henry Richardson
Edward Richardson
Hanna -

The Gundagai Times, 9 May 1868. Page 2.

Tumut Court
Monday, May 4th.— Before the Police
Edward Richardson, alias Yankee Ned, who appeared on summons, pleaded guilty to using a cow the property of Patrick Geary, of Wyangle, and was sentenced to pay a fine of £5, and costs. 6s., within fourteen days, and in default to be imprisoned in Goulburn gaol for three months with hard labor. It appears that Geary lost three milking cows some months ago, and as they had never left the
place before he concluded they were stolen.
From information he received he went to Richardson's place and found one of the cows in question, with a large heifer calf at foot muzzled. Richardson admitted he had milked the cow and muzzled the calf, and said he did not know to whom the cow belonged. He saw her in the bush, merely took her to milk, and had turned her out some time before Geary came to his place to look for her. His worship said defendant might not have intended to steal the cow, but he should like to know what became of the increase of cattle treated in this way. He was determined to put down this system of people working the horses and bullocks and milking the cows of owners without their consent; …. stealing, to say nothing of the injustice of depriving the owner of the services of his beast just at the time it was of most value to him. He thought defendant was very lucky to escape a prosecution for cattle stealing, and trusted the sentence he had received would act as a caution to him in future.


On 2019-12-08 16:52, Michael Andrews wrote:

Good Afternoon,

My great grandparents were Louisa Greenwood and Michael Terrence O’Reilly, they married at Braidwood in 1901. Would you know if any family reunions of either family are on the horizon?

Regards,  Michael Andrew.  

Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2019-12-08 13:39, Gary McKinnon wrote:

Hello Ian

I have been researching my McKinnon relatives and noted that some are on the MP website database. In doing so I have been cross referencing against NSW BDM and any other source possible. I believe there may be an error with George Napier (your ID = I272575) McKinnon's wife. From NSW BDM there is one marriage of George N to Annie Northfield. MP has his wife as Teresa May McCormack which in NSW BDM matches with a George W. The former marriage is in Woonona where this McKinnon family were and the latter marriage was in Goulburn, an unlikley location.

Comparing births and deaths for a George and Annie, the deaths reveal that there are 4 instances of father being George Napier and the names match. the births to George and Annie.

George Napier is son of George McKinnon, Whose mother was Agnes Napier (husband of Hugh McKinnon) and her father was George Napier (Scottish, and Agnes born Scotland). The name Napier is the compelling evidence so I thought you may want to check if my research is correct.

Hugh McKinnon came to Australia on the "BRILLIANT" along with his brother Hector, and sisters Mary McFadyen (nee McKinnon) and Julia (aka Anne) McKinnon who married Matthew Sherlock. Hector and Julia remained on the south coast, whilst Mary went to the Hunter region. You have Julia in MP, but not Hector. I can provide his family names and ancestors of these immigrants if you wish (although still a work in progress).

kind regards, gary mckinnon (also a Sproats descendant)

Hi Gary,

Sorry but I have to disagree with your conclusions unfortunately.  There is a death notice for George Napier McKinnon ...

Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : 1881 - 1940) Thu 9 Nov 1933 Page 2
Mr. George Napier McKinnon, a former resident of the Goulburn and Crookwell districts, where he spent some years as a school teacher, died in hospital at Nowra on Tuesday last at the age of 72 years. He leaves a widow and family of two sons, Thomas Harold (Nowra) and Robert Lindsay (Sydney); and three daughters, Mrs. M. Hayes (Lidcombe), Mrs. Harding (Faithfull Street, Goulburn) and Mrs. Harvey (Victoria Parade, Goulburn). His eldest son died while in military camp at Armidale in 1916.

Which conclusively shows the George Napier McKinnon in our DB is definitely the husband of Teresa Mary nee McCormack.

Regards, Ian


On 2019-12-07 22:47, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Chalker, James (I401945)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: MR J. H. CHALKER. 
Mr. James H. Chalker, a well-known resident of Greenwich Park, died suddenly near Chatsbury at 7.30 on Tuesday morning, the cause of death being heart failure. Mr. Chalker was walking to work in the bush, accompanied by Mr. Peden, when be fell dead without preliminary warning, his hands actually remaining in his overcoat pockets. His body was carried to a neighbour's and the Taralga police and the coroner notified, an inquest being dispensed with. Mr. Chalker, who had never had a day's illness in his life, was 51 years of age, and was well known and respected throughout the district, where he owned a small farm. He leaves a widow, nine daughters, and one son, four of the family being adults. One daughter is a nurse at the Goulburn District Hospital.
Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : 1881 - 1940) Thu 7 Jul 1921 Page 4

THE Relatives an Friends of the late James A. Chalker and family are kindly invited to attend his
funeral, to leave Mr. McKerrell's Residence, Chatsbury, 10 a.m. Thursday, arriving Catholic Cemetery, Kenmore, about 2.30 p.m.
Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : 1881 - 1940) Thu 7 Jul 1921 Page 3


Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On Sat, Dec 7, 2019 at 11:03 PM Kerry D wrote:

Rex, Thomas Matthias (289583):


Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 - 1907), Saturday 28 June 1884, page 44

REX—HOPE - June 3, at St. John's Church, Wellington, N.S.W., by the Rev. Dr. Black, Thomas M. Rex, of Braidwood, to Eliza, second daughter of Jonathan Hope, of Wellington.


Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Saturday 19 March 1932, page 12

REX. —March 18, 1932, at his residence, 4 Leon-avenue, Eastwood, Thomas Matthias Rex, aged 74 years.


Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Saturday 19 March 1932, page 11

REX. —The Relatives and Friends of Mrs. E. REX, CECIL and FLORENCE and Miss VERA HOPE, Mr. RICHARD REX and FAMILY, Mr. JAMES REX and FAMILY, of Braidwood, Mrs. ELLEN NELSON and FAMILY, Mr. and Mrs. C. NASH and FAMILY, Mr. WILLIAM HOPE and FAMILY, Mrs. LEY and FAMILY are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly beloved HUSBAND, their FATHER, BROTHER, BROTHER-IN-LAW, and UNCLE, Thomas Matthias Rex ; to leave his late residence, 4 Leon-avenue, Eastwood, THIS AFTERNOON, at 2.30 o'clock, for Church of England Cemetery, Northern Suburbs. 

Rex, Eliza Amelia (nee Hope) (289607):


REX.—January 21 at 4 Leon avenue Eastwood, Eliza Amelia Rex, aged 74 years widow of the late Thomas Rex and beloved mother of Florence Rex.


Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Thursday 24 January 1935, page 9

REX.-The Relatives and Friends of Miss FLORENCE REX are invited to attend the Funeral of her beloved MOTHER, Eliza Rex; to leave her late residence, 4 Leon-avenue, Eastwood, THIS MORNING, at 10 o'clock, for Church of England Cemetery, Northern Suburbs.

Rex, Alfred Cecil:

Birth: 16 Feb 1887


REX-July 18, 1933, at Braeside, Stanmore, Alfred Cecil beloved son of Eliza and brother of Florence.


Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Thursday 20 July 1933, page 8

REX-The Relatives and Friends of Mrs ELIZA REX, Mrs LEY and FAMILY, Mrs NASH and FAMILY, Mrs NELSON and FAMILY, and Mr and Mrs RICHARD REX and FAMILY are invited to attend the funeral of her beloved SON and their NEPHEW and COUSIN, Alfred Cecil Rex to leave his late residence, 4 Leon-avenue, Eastwood, THIS AFTERNOON at 2.30 for Church of England Cemetery, Northern Suburbs.

Rex, Florence May:

Birth: 12 Apr 1885

Marriage: Ian Elliott Ranken

Death: 29 Mar 1963

Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On Fri, Dec 6, 2019 at 10:51 PM Kerry D wrote:

Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Saturday 13 July 1895, page 1

Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Saturday 13 July 1895, page 1

TOCQUEVILLE—REX.—June 29, 1895, at St. Patrick's, by the Rev. Father Rennetel, Frederick, only son of Frederick Tocqueville, of Cambrai, France, to Anna, third daughter of Thomas Rex, of Braidwood.

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Braidwood Review and District Advocate (NSW : 1915 - 1954), Tuesday 3 March 1936, page 2


At St Bede's Church on February 15th last, Miss Anna Rex, youngest daughter of Mrs. J. Rex, of Brushy Hill, and Mr. Harry Masters, son of the late Mr. W. A. and Mrs. Masters, of Araluen, were married with Nuptial Mass, which was served by the bride's nephew, Master Horry Rex. Rev. Father Devine performed the ceremony. The bride, who was given away by her brother, Mr. Fred Rex, was dressed in saxe amure, with hat and shoes to tone, and carried a bouquet of pink aster dahlias and asparagus fern. Mrs. F. Rex was matron of honor, and wore navy silk faconne, with navy accessories, and carried a bouquet of tiger lilies and asparagus fern. The bouquets were the artistic work of Sister M. Loyola Mr. P. Collins was best man. After the wedding the close friends and relations attended a dainty wedding breakfast at the Institute, Rev. Father Devine being chairman. The bride and bridegroom spent their honey moon on a tour of the South Coast.

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