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2020 Number 02
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On 2020-03-09 20:46, Myles Hannan wrote:

Proposed Change: Daly, Catherine (I165837)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: The NSW Death Certificate 13158/1901 is for Mary Greenwood, age 19, single, daughter of Edwin Greenwood and Mary Ann Elizabeth Priest. I have been unable to find a Death Certificate for Catherine Greenwood, previously married to a Mr Daly. From the Headstone in Araluen Cemetery we know that Catherine Greenwood died on 21 Feb 1901 and was aged 59. From her marriage certificate we know she married John Charles Greenwood in 1880 at the Catholic presbytery in Araluen. But we don't know where she was born or where she died. We have a definit date for her death and, based on the headstone.we know that she was born in 1841 or 1842. 

Myles Hannan
Thank you,
Regards, Ian 


On 2020-03-09 16:17, John Anderson wrote:

Comments: In reading through my father's wartime army records, I see that my mother's address was changed to 'The Ranch, Cathcart'.
Can anyone throw some light on what this was/is?
Thanks,  John Anderson
Hi John,
Please put your request on our Facebook page.
Regards, Ian


On 2020-03-06 18:55, Heather Stevens wrote:

Hi Ian
Could you please correct a few things:
1. The death 1876 Berrima, New South Wales is incorrect. I suspect it is a death of a child of a couple who lived in Berrima: death MACKENZIE  JAMES 5033/1876 JOHN CHARLOTTE BERRIMA and I suspect this is the birth: Birth: MACKENZIE  JAMES 8148/1875 JOHN CHARLOTTE BERRIMA
James Goodlet Mackenzie Esq and his siblings Charlotte, Caroline, Andrew, - their estates were probated at the same time as their mother Charlotte's in 1879, administered by brother Hugh (see previous page of the above link)
3. His death is 18 Aug 1869 Gladesville, New South Wales, Australia, from the above probate calendar index. The NSW death registration is NSW BDM 5955/1869  MACKENZIE  JAMES G  AGE 46 YEARS  DIED RYDE  RYDE
4. His place of birth is incorrect: it is given as Scotland and I have always wondered how his father could have had most of his children born in Scotland if he was stationed at various places around the planet. The military birth registrations are on findmypast and I had a look for Mackenzie: 
There is a listing for 'McKenzie, James Goodlett, Grenada 1825 page 702', so I ordered the certificate via Joy Murrin Family History Services. The certificate had the following information: 'James Goodlett, son of Lieut. John Kenneth McKenzie and Charlotte his wife born 2nd May 1819 baptised 30th May 1819'. the certificate also specifies the name of the regiment '4th Regt. of Foot'. It is titled 'Return of Marriages and Baptisms in the Garrison of St Georges Grenada from July 31st 1806-July 31st 1824'.
I suspect there are other siblings born overseas, such as Andrew and Kenneth who are also listed at Grenada '1825'. I would love to get the birth records of the other siblings, but it is too expensive.
I have noticed a minor error, this time for his father MacKenzie, Lt. Colonel John Kenneth 1793 - 1857
In Notes there is 4th Queen's Own Regiment - it should be  4th King's Own Regiment (also known as 4th Regiment of Foot).
Kind regards,  Heather Stevens

Hi Heather,

Thank you for the information.  The following link provides a Regimental History for the 4th Regiment of Foot from which can be gleaned the probable birth place for some of the children.

Regards, Ian


On 2020-03-04 09:38, Jayne Gibson wrote:

Dear Ian,
Firstly, my thanks for admitting me to Monaro Pioneers!
I have been trying to do some research in to my husband's ancestry, concentrating at the moment on his maternal grandmother's side.  His maternal grandmother was 
Elizabeth Mary Flanagan MP165425.
My questions at this time relate to her Great-grandparents, namely
Michael Flanagan MP157008
Mary Flynn MP157009
I have found it difficult to find any information about this couple and Monaro Pioneers is the first place I have found any information, other than their names.  
I noted that you are the person who produced the pages relating to this family.
I am interested in how you found a place and year of death for Michael (Rob Roy, Queanbeyan 1886).  I haven't been able to find a record in NSW Births Deaths and Marriages to match that, nor a burial record.  
I am also curious to know where to find Michael's and Mary's place and year of birth.  
Michael's county and year of birth, 1811, corresponds with records I have found of a Michael Flannagan (and other spellings) of Kings County, who was transported from Ireland in 1825 aged 14, aboard the "Henry Porcher".  Apparently Kings County is the former name for County Offaly.  
Are you able to share some information with me?
If you are interested I would be able to provide the names of extra siblings of Elizabeth Mary Flanagan, their spouses and most of their their dates of death.  All of these siblings are deceased now.  
Thank you for reading this email.  I look forward to hearing from you.
Regards,  Jayne GIBSON, Canberra

Hi Jayne,

All the information we have on Michael Flan(n)agan is available on our website.  The information we show is as supplied to us and I have no source material to support the death date shown.

Any additional information you can provide would be most appreciated.

Regards, Ian 

From: Carl Thomas Rees 
Subject: Goward Family
Date: 1 March 2020 at 10:41:25 pm AEDT

Good evening David 
I am conducting research for my wife, her Mother is Nola Jean Goward .  I have researched your fantastic work on James Wright Goward, however, mine is a little different than yours. 
If you have time could you read the attached two pages the indicate that the first two born children were born in England not Bega NSW  
Carl Thomas Rees
Hi Carl,
The records in our database show the first two children were born in Wicklewood, Norfolk and immigrated with their parents in 1854.  We also show the couple had 12 children, your document has James listed twice.
Regards, Ian


On 2020-02-29 17:20, Phil wrote:

Ian &/or your successor/s :   Hello !

I hope you may be able to assist in the above regard.

Your 2014 Newsletter contained, inter alia, the following :


From: Claire Buchtmann 
 Tuesday, 1 July 2014 10:48 AM
Subject: Alexander Margoschis

Hi Ian

My name is Claire Buchtmann and I have been given a photo album which has alot of old photos in it from the late 1800s, early 1900s.  My Aunt found it at a tip years ago - which I believe was in Queanbeyan.

She thought I might like the album as it was so old...although really it's of no use to me, and being a  very amateur geneologist myself I know if it were my family photos I would want to be reunited with them.

I did a search on and saw the records entered by your group for Alexander and thought I would contact you if you know of any relations of his that I could possibly contact (or they can contact me) as I would really like to reunite these photos with their rightful owner.

Kind regards,  Claire Buchtmann

Hi Claire,

We can put your email in our next newsletter and that may find a contact among our readers.

Regards,  Ian

Is there any chance you kept a record of what happened to this album ?

I am currently researching "Alexander MARGOSCHIS " , whose marriage to " Eliza Elizth HAIN " was recorded in the Cooma district in 1868.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely      Phil Grace

PS   I have yet to check your later newsletters, sorry.

Hi Phil,
I don't personally know what happened to the album.  This email will appear in the next newsletter which may bring forth an answer for you.  I also suggest you put your request on our Facebook page.
Regards, Ian

The Riders on the Range
I am Pauline Downing from Kosciuszko Huts Assn, editor of their newsletter. 
I came across a poem called Riders on the Range (copy attached) among my papers on the High Country that I have used as research over the years.
 It is attributed to HIKER  and this copy published in the Cooma Monaro Express in 1980and by chance I was reading Helen Taylor's new book called
Life on the Currango High Plains and Beyond that has part of the same poem on pp84-85
It was written in 1934 by Beryl Heather at Valentines Hut.  This information is on paperwork held by Helen that belonged to Molly Taylor.   I think it should be attributed to Beryl Heather if you hold any copies.  Its a great piece of history    Pauline


On 2020-02-21 13:20, George Davies wrote:

Hi Ian,

It has been a while since I have corresponded with you. I recently read an entry contributed by Errol Jobsz in Newsletter 2019 where he disputed the death and burial details, supplied by me, for John Michael O'Reilly. I note that the MPR has been altered to reflect Errol's views. I am prepared to stand corrected by Errol's information on the place of death which I now consider to be most likely Rockton. I do not concur with the place of burial being "Nungatta Cemetery". The source of the information that he was buried in the private cemetery on the then property of Alec Brownlee came from my grandfather, George Oswald Bras(s)ington who was a grandson of Dr O'Reilly and attended his funeral at the time. In my opinion this eye witness report constitutes primary evidence. There was a private cemetery at Aston Station that was the property of the Brownlee family. The MPR records show that Alexander Brownlee and his sister Janet and his brother Thomas Waters are buried in Aston Cemetery, as was Alex's father Thomas and Alex's brother in law, Andrew Elton. There is a reference here:

which shows

Aston station  Cemeteries Miscellaneous: Small, Bega Valley Shire Z5.16.05

Thee is more supporting evidence here:

My contention is that my grandfather's report that Dr. O'Reilly was buried in the private cemetery on the then property of Alec Brownlee was accurate in that his report referred to Aston Cemetery which was on Aston Station which was located in Nungatta.

Best regards,   George Davies
Hi George,
Good to hear from you again and thank you for the very clear explanation.  I have restored your original information along with your comments for future researchers.
Regards, Ian

On 2020-02-22 16:14, George Davies wrote:

Hi Ian,                (Late news: see end of this email for surprise ending)

Sorry to have wasted your time with my previous emails. I have done some further research. The death certificate of Dr O'Reilly shows his place of burial as "private cemetery Rockton" and the witnesses as A Brownlee and WH Brownlee. This would seem to reinforce my grandfather's recollections. 

I also came across a number of interesting on-line articles:

This articles states that The school was burned down at Rockton, all the children had grown up there. Others were the Kimbers, Flanagans, Finnigans, Brownlies, Ken and John McCole "


The Rockton post office and telegraph office was formerly know as Bondi or Bundi. This was the property of Captain John Stevenson, who was buried there close to the graves of some other people. The captain's grave has a headstone so it is readily found."

This articles states that 
"Bondi was the name of the area until the first mail service started, when too many hiccups occurred because of Bondi in Sydney and the mail was getting criss-crossed. The name was changed to Rockton."


Families that lived in this area were Fairweather, Finigan, Flanagan, Bruce, Hayes, Rixon, Egan, Umback, Smith, McCaffrey, Piesley, Moses, Dickie, Hogg, McCole, Brownlie, Laing, Brasington, Sinclair, Brotherton, Rodwell, Twigg, Lambert, Baily, Jones, Sweeny, Platts, Farrell, Kimber, Brodie, Franklin, Woodcroft, Atkins, Solgyen, Frietag, Lind, Douglas, Skwara, Litchfield, Critchlow and Ventry.

This article by Sue Sims states "Captain John Stevenson died in 1874 at Bondi, was carried up the hill on his property and according to his wishes was buried standing up so he could look over his land for eternity. I have stood next to his headstone at Bondi, now known as 'Rosebank' (South of Bombala, NSW), gazing out over his land reflecting on his life."

Eureka. I have just located a publication that I forgot I had and have neglected to read, titled Rockton - The Past and the Present by Neil Platts, a prominent local historian.

I've attached 2 scans from that publication showing that Alec Brownlee did in fact own the land previously owned by Captain Stevenson and containing the private cemetery and that Dr O'Reilly is indeed interred in that cemetery. My grandfather's recollection has proved accurate.

Might I suggest that this information might be brought to the attention of Errol. Please feel free to provide him with my email if he wishes further discussion.

Thank you for your patience and the great service that you have provided to all for so many years.

As always, warmest regards

George Davies

Thank you George, 
I have attached the images you provided to the record of Alexander Brownlie, Captain John Stevenson and Dr. John Michael O'Reilly to help researchers better understand the burial location of John Stevenson and John O'Reilly.
Thanks for all your effort and your consideration by providing the explanations.
Regards, Ian


On 2020-02-19 14:26, Jen Chambers wrote:

Just thought I would send updated details of my Mum's family. I have attached a photo of my family tree page which shows her parent's and grandparents plus the name with dates of birth and death for her and her siblings. 
I have also written down names and dates of their marriages with NSW Marriage Index reference numbers. 
Children of Arthur James STUART and Lillian Sarah BUTT
1) Lorna Gwen STUART married Alfred Henry Lewis JACKSON 21 December 1944 at Galong, NSW - Ref No 3848/1944 Registered at Murrumburrah 
2) Jean Victoria STUART married Joseph Raymond FAIRALL 11 April 1942 at Galong, NSW - Ref No 15121/1942 Registered at Murrumburrah   (these are my parents) 
3) Dudley James STUART married Beryl GLASS 22 September 1951, at Singleton, NSW - Ref No 20701/1951 Registered at Singleton
4) Lillian Joan "Joan" STUART married
   1) Henry "Harry"  AYLETT 28 December, 1947 at Galong, NSW Ref No       27471/1947. Registered at Harden.  Henry passed away 28 Sept 1956.
   2) Henry Douglas "Doug" FRANKS 30 December, 1960. Ref No 3674/1961 Registered at Bathurst. Name spelt wrong on NSW Bdm Lillian Joan FYLETT. 
5) Nita June STUART married Gordon Thomas TURNER 9 January 1954 at Galong, NSW - Ref No 4539/1954 Registered at Harden.
All of the above and their spouses are deceased......sadly.
Hoping you can update the information on your website. 
Thank you 
Kind regards,  Jennifer Chambers (nee Fairall)
Thank you,
Regards, Ian 


On 2020-02-16 18:21, Therese Johanson wrote:

Hi Ian,

Joseph Thomas Hogan I109592 was born  7th November 1897.

Attached  is of photo of him as a young man.

He worked for many years as a tram conductor.

Cheers, Therese

Thank you,
Regards, Ian 



From: [] 
Sent: Wednesday, 29 January 2020 5:23 AM
Subject: Re: Comments (Smith, Michael b. 22 Sep 1854 Bathurst, New South Wales d. 14 Dec 1917)
 Hi Pam,

Sadly, we don't have any contact information unfortunately.  Our Facebook page is proving to be a huge success for people wanting to make family connections so you could try putting your request on that.


On 2020-01-28 20:56, wrote:

Hello again Ian. Am I able to contact the person who supplied the information?
Kind regards


On Tue, Jan 28, 2020 at 7:02 PM +1100, <> wrote:

Hi Pam,

The information we have is as supplied to us and I have no confirmation of the death date provided.

We welcome any additional information you can provide.

Regards, Ian

On 2020-01-28 18:43, Pam Corbett wrote:

Comments (Smith, Michael b. 22 Sep 1854 Bathurst, New South Wales d. 14 Dec 1917): Good evening,
I am the great grandaughter of Michael Smith. I have had much trouble finding his death details and would like to know where you found them.

Kind regards,   Pam Corbett
P.S. If there is any information you would like from me, don't hesitate to ask.

Hi Pam,


One of our researchers has looked for the possible death of Michael Smith and provided the following …


It appears that Michael SMITH was left with quite a young family, when his wife died in 1899.
These newspaper article, might be about Michael SMITH?|||l-title=510

The Manaro Mercury, Fri 9 Mar 1900, Page 2.
Michael Smith was then charged with attempting to commit suicide after arrest on 7th February last, and pleaded guilty. It appeared that while in charge of Senior-Constable Lea, the accused was being brought to Cooma in a vehicle. The constable was making enquiries for a person to take charge of the children of accused when the latter left the vehicle and with a pen-knife inflicted a serious wound in his throat, which necessitated treatment at the Cooma Hospital for about three weeks. The Police Magistrate sentenced accused to seven days’ imprisonment in Cooma gaol.

Another article. Same date.|||l-title=510|||l-decade=190|||l-year=1900|||l-month=3

11 May 1900.
Michael SMITH - Court Report.|||l-title=510|||l-decade=190|||l-year=1900|||l-month=5

26 Oct 1900
Michael SMITH - Verdict Not Guilty.|||l-title=510|||l-decade=190|||l-year=1900|||l-month=10

Will keep searching for a death, for Michael SMITH.

Looking at NSW Deaths between 1900 (Court Case of Michael SMITH at Cooma) and 8 Feb 1912 (daughter Annie SMITH's wedding), I seem to have a possible death for Michael SMITH narrowed down to, this one.
9 April 1907 death.
I know his age doesn't match, but maybe there were no close relatives available, to provide the details.
He may have been in the Parramatta Lunatic Asylum?
Really, we can't provide a date of death, without any certificates.
It might be a process of purchasing transcriptions, by the original poster (Pam Corbett), until the correct Michael SMITH is identified.



On 2020-02-13 13:41, Daphne Baker wrote:

Hello Ian,

With reference to John Driscoll husband of Lucy Emmaline Lock could you when convenient edit John Driscoll's  parents as William Driscoll and Rebecca Roberton.  

I have attached a copy of  their marriage certificate in Hobart Town Tasmania  in 1857.   

Also copies of baptisms of  2 children of their marriage.

John birth is registered in NSW births as Number 2227/1860V18602227.

William is from Libraries Tasmania Index to Baptisms in Tasmania and recording of same at the Parish of St Davids in the County of Buckingham in the year 1858.

I have not been able find the date of death of William Driscoll or Rebecca Driscoll,  nor their first born son William.

Mt grandfathers marriage certificate to Lucy Emmaline Lock have his parents "unknown" and the same is listed as "unknown" on his death certificate.

It has taken me many years to solve this puzzle and when speaking with an elder sister last week she confirmed with me my thoughts when asked if she knew why John Driscoll's parents were  "unknown"?.    She confirmed Grandmother Lucy had told her the two children had been left in an orphanage.

The Benevolent Societies records of the Asylum for Destitute Children, Randwick,  confirm William and John were left at their orphanage in 1859 and 1860.   In later years upon the children turning 13 they were apprenticed out to the landed gentry, William to a Monaro pioneer, Mr James Roberts of Towamba, Eden and John to Mr. George Hawke of Byng, near Orange who was a first commercial fruit grower.

Kind regards,   Daphne Baker.
Thank you Daphne,
Regards, Ian 


On 2020-02-12 16:51, Leanne wrote:

Proposed Change: Whitby, Mary Agnes (I16174)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Hi, This article seems to indicate who Mary's father is Sessions.—On Tuesday was heard, before Judge M'Farland, and the Bench of magistrates in Quarter Sessions, an appeal against an order made by the Pambula Bench of magistrates, on December 4th, in favor of Eliza Whitby, against George Sherwin, for payment of 6s a week for 12 months, as maintenance of an illegitimate child. The appellant, Sherwin, for whom Mr. Manby, now sought to set aside the decision. The Crown Prosecutor appeared for the respondent, and opened the case, which was heard as de novo. Eliza Whitby deposed that she lived at Wyndham with her parents; had known appellant for years; on January 26th met him at a dance at Diversi's; witness deposed that at about 12 o'clock on that night she walked in the orchard with Sherwin, who first offered her a silver set of brooch and earrings, which she refused; he then promised to marry her, and she became a consenting party to conduct that resulted in the birth of a child on October 9th. In cross-examination, Mr. Manby went minutely into details, for the purpose of proving consent, and of showing that Eliza had amended the evidence given by her at Pambula Police Court. Sherwin, on oath, denied everything the girl had sworn to; he never promised her marriage; had not danced with her at Diversi's on January 20; did not walk in the orchard, and had never done anything. After the usual addresses, the Bench retired to consult, and soon returned with the deliverance that "the Court was of opinion that the girl's evidence was true, and had been sufficiently confirmed by the testimony of her brother.' The order of the Court below would be confirmed ,* the 5s. would be increased to 7s. 6d., and a further order made, and 8 guineas professional costs would be allowed respondents side.

Hi Leanne,
Well done, that is certainly conclusive evidence.
Regards, Ian


On 2020-02-11 17:43, Therese JOHANSON wrote:

Proposed Change: Hogan, John L. (I415126)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: John Lindsay HOGAN born 02 Jan 1913; 
married Joyce Edith HEARNE 11 Dec 1937 Goulburn NSW 21613/1937;
died 29 Sept 1970 Wollongong NSW 44559/1970.

occupation - grazier 

Thank you,
Regards, Ian 


On 2020-02-11 17:34, Therese JOHANSON wrote:

Proposed Change: Hogan, Anne C. (I415125)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Anne Christina HOGAN born May 1911;
married Henry Owen CARROLL 1936 Crookwell NSW 1266/1937;
died 2006 Bathurst NSW.

Thank you,
Regards, Ian 


On 2020-02-11 17:21, Therese JOHANSON wrote:

Proposed Change: Hogan, Jean K. M. (I415124)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Jean Kathleen Mary HOGAN born 08 Aug 1909;
married Martin McGRANE 26 Oct 1940 Dubbo 977/1940;
died 14 Oct 1983 Toowoomba, Queensland 1983 56572.

Thank you,
Regards, Ian