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2020 Number 05
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Hi Folks, 

I received from Jane Hughes quite a number of scanned images of the RC Baptism registers for the Cooma Parish. These images cover the period from the 1860s to the 1890s but are not complete and some are in two parts to show the full information. I have entered all the relevant dates into the individual records in the MP Database for you to search. Hundreds of exact birth dates have now been added. These scans DO NOT tell where the baptisms actually took place so I have used Cooma as the place name. I have added the images to the website for your use ...

You can also use the Search capability in the DB to view the new information, just use "Cooma" as the search parameter in the Christening Place field and you will see all christenings for Cooma using this method but which will include all denominations.
Regards, Ian Harvey


2020-05-09 15:55, Henry Wellsmore wrote:

Dear Ian, Hi. My name is henry wellsmore and I have been researching my family for many years. Gwen Wellsmore sparked my interest in the late 1980s. My is on the James Wellsmore line. My grandfather was Henry Whalan (1884 - 1949). My dad was Don (1920 - 1981).
I discovered that my father was sent to live with a Mrs Dainer in abt 1932 and  went to school at Adaminaby. I have wondered what the connection was between the two families. I know that James and Thomas Wellsmore were contempories of W Finn and that Emily Finn married John Dainer in 1906 and I am guessing that Emily was the woman my dad lived with. However I am still left wondering how this arrangement came about.
So I noticed that a web site 
www.monaropioneers. com dated 7th july 2015 made mention of a lady Eliza Dainer and I wonder if it is possible to contact her to see if she can shed any light on the puzzle of why my father went from his family in Cooma to Dainers in Adaminaby. Herb Mould gave me this information in the early 2000. He had gone to school with my dad.No one in the Wellsmore family had any further information. I discussed these circumstances with Gwen but even she had no extra information
Ian would it be possible please for you to forward this email to Eliza asking her if she would contact me. Maybe in her research she has come across some clue which could possibily head me in a direction to solve this puzzle. I have come to a full stop. I have a few ideas as to how this came about but no solid information. I would be most grateful if you could facilitate.
Ian once again thank you
Sincerely henry wellsmore
Hi Henry,
Sorry, we don't have any contact information unfortunately.  However, I recommend you put your enquiry on our Facebook page which will have the best chance of success.
Regards, Ian


On 2020-05-11 22:20, George Thomas wrote:

Hi Ian

Have stumbled  across an interesting gap in the Adam Sutherland record on your data base.

Am attaching file “1880 1224” that shows a third son of Adam Sutherland buried at Kiandra. In the report of the brother who dies March 1881 it indicates he is buried over his brother who predeceased him. It seems it has been assumed the earlier burial is the oldest brother who died in 1875 but I contend the grave dug three months earlier will be the site. For some reason a headstone for the 1875 and the 1881 deaths is created but Frederick Donald is omitted. All three are the children of I401254 and his first wife Ann. The newspaper reports are conclusive that the three are brothers although why Frederick Donald was not included in the headstone is a real riddle.

As the notation in “Small Cemeteries & Isolated Graves of the Tumut District” explains Adam and family were from Tasmania, went to New Zealand where wife Ann died. Adam and children return to Tasmania and Adam and boys then come to Monaro. On the way he married Margaret Ann Wilson in Eden (2344/1873 SUTHERLAND          ADAM   WILSON               MARGARET ANN                EDEN) and came to Monaro shortly after. I suspect he held the lease on west Pinbeyan Pastoral Run until mid 1880s but have not established this for certain yet.

The Adam Sutherland married to Margaret Ann Wilson is I192391 in my opinion. Thus, In my opinion I192391 and I401254 are the same individual.

The had a daughter  SUTHERLAND  AGNES MAUD IDA 9868/1875 ADAM                MARGARET ANN              COOMA

Margaret was still in Lobs Hole in 1882 as she was midwife to a birth (which is what created all this scratching around) 

I2987 Adam Sutherland smells like a connection but I cannot find a death of Margaret so I will continue to wonder.

Let me know if I haven’t explained anything clearly – thanks for the fine work you maintain !

Regards,  George T 

Thank you George,
I have amended our records accordingly.
Regards, Ian


On 2020-05-11 20:36, GORDON PAULINE wrote:

Comments: hello,wondering if you know any thing about a world famous meteor that was found in your area. my great grand father found it at saw pit creek (n east of delegate) and passed it on to the mines department and from there it ended up in Sydney at the museum. samples of it have ended up all around the world, but a lump of it was in a box that was lost when my cousin moved to Sydney, (along with the family bible etc).
if you would like more details as I have some, please contact me
Gordon pauline (great grand son)

Hi Gordon,
I personally have no knowledge of the event.  I suggest you put the request on our Facebook page.
Regards, Ian


On 2020-05-31 14:57, Kevin and Helen McSweeney wrote:

Dear Ian,

You may be able to update your wonderful website with the following information about Margaret Girvan.

Died:    1 Aug 1890 at Jimenbuen, NSW.

Cause:  Epileptic coma.

Occupation:  Shepherdess

Buried:  3 Aug 1890 at Boloco Cemetery
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2020-05-17 20:13, David Andersen wrote:

Hi Ian
a few additional children and dates of death etc for children


Lillian May Wealands 

Lillian had two illegitimate children
Arthur Edward Wealands born 13th January 1905 at Tumburumba [8372/1905] only his mother Lily Wealands recorded on the birth certificate He married Eva M Hartnett on 12th January 1929 in Ashfield.  Arthur continued to use the Wealands surname throughout his life.  His death certificate dated 18th June 1976 at Woy Woy indicates that his parents were Ralph and Eliza (his grandparents) He could not have been brought up by his grandparents as Eliza had died before he was born.


Olive Wealands was born to Lily at Tumburumba [39810/1906]. Olive Adams married Clive De Barberie in 1923 at Adelong [8323/1923]
However unlike Arthur Olive was brought up by her mother and William Adams. Olive died 18th July 1985 at Batlow


Children with William Adams


George Henry Adams
Born 28th October 1910 at Tumburumba 
Married Dorothy Mary Tonking on 4th April 1936 at Adelong,  
Died  5th April 1977 [8932/1973]


Ernest Arthur Adams


Robert Edwaed Adams
Born 12th July 1913 at Tumburumba 
Married Georgina Cobden on 11th November 1936 at Adelong. 
Died 18th April 1975


Alma  May Adams
Born 10th September 1915  at Tumbarumba[37469/1915] 
Married Theodore Wolter in 1933 
Died 30th April 1983.


Martha Monta(Matie) Adams
Born 5th July 1917, Glenroy, Tumbarumba
Married George Robert McGeachie  (July 1913 Cootamundra-6th March 1976 Batemans Bay)
Died March 1985 at Batemans Bay


Ralph Charles Adams
Born 10th January 1919 at Tumburumba
Married  June Patricia Hawkins on 5th July 1944 [ June died 3rd March 2011 at Tumut at the age of 88 [Tumut and Adelong Times 8th March 2011]
Died  28th June 2009 at Tumut at age of 90  [Tumut and Adelong Times 17th July 2009 and Wagga Wagga Daily Advertiser 1st July 2009]


Eleanor (Lena) Adams
Born 29th June 1920, Glenroy, Tumbarumba.
Married Albert Henry Grady 29th Aug 1940, [Albert was born April 1908 Adelong and died 16th September 1965 in Batlow] 
After his death Lena remarried in 1968 to Raymond John Lampe [born 1928 he died in Batlow in 2012] 
Lena  died in Batlow 10th Feb 2004


Clive Adams
Born 27th September 1922. 
Married Ellen Smith on 25th July 1941 and divorced in 1950. 
Married Shirley Isobel L Davis in 1954 at Cooma[ 26786/1954]. 
Died 5th April 1988 at Nyngan


John Ronald Adams
Born 1st November 1923 at Tumburumba
Married Agnes Hair in 1957
Died  9th January 2005 at Narromine at the age of 81 [Tumut and Adelong Times 1st September 2005 and Tumbarumba Times 2nd February 2005]


Regards,  David Andersen
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


From: Jen Streatfeild 
Subject: Re: New to area - question?
Date: 21 May 2020 at 8:12:17 am AEST

On 20 May 2020, at 3:39 PM, <Jen> wrote:
Hi David 


Apologies as my enquiry is not necessarily regarding the newsletter. 
We have recently bought a small block near Murrell’s crossing and I am interested in the history of the crossing and landholdings close by. 
Do you perhaps know who settled the area near Murrell’s crossing? I have googled but to no avail.
Any suggestions welcome. And congratulations on a great pioneer website. 


Jen Streatfeild 
Hi Jen, 
Thank you for your email.
I would advise you to go to the Monaro Pioneers Facebook page and list your enquiry there. I understand that this facility is very active and you should receive comments within a short period of time.
Good luck.
David Knox
MP Newsletter Editor
PS. This email will be published in the next Newsletter edition.
Thank you David . Will do.


On 2020-05-29 13:35, Gregory McInnes wrote:

Proposed Change: Brooks, Louis William (I170159)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: The Monaro Post 26 May 2020

BROOKS, Louis William
Passed away peacefully on Sunday, 24th of May 2020 at Cooma District Hospital, formerly of 
9 Nambucca St, Cooma.
Aged 74 years.

Dearly loved husband of Margaret. Father and Father in-law to Gina-Maree and Rick, Michael (Dec), Stephen (DEC), Sonia, Kristy and Clancy, Matthew and Jodi.
Adored Pop to Taylah, Kate, Sami and Gemma.
A private burial was held for Louis.

Gregory McInnes
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2020-05-23 16:45, Myles Hannan wrote:

Proposed Change: Cook, Walter Henry Ernest (I323739)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Death and Burial Details for Walter Henry Ernest Cook -
Died 15 Oct 1949, Lambton, NSW (NSW BDM Index 29651/1949). Mother's name on Death Certificate is not the same as Mother's name on Marriage Certificate, but Mary Ellen Greenwood features on both certificates. Walter was cremated on 16 Oct 1949 at Beresfield Crematorium, Newcastle, NSW.
After the death of Mary Ellen on 6 Dec 1921, Walter married Alice Oakley on 20 May 1922 (8697/1922). Alice was born in 1888 at Waratah, NSW (33225/1888), parents - John Oakley and Elizabeth Hardiman. Alice died in 1966 (death registered at Islington, NSW (33062/1966))

Myles Hannan
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2020-06-03 07:58, Leah burke wrote:

Proposed Change: Cross Roads New South Wales
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: The birth of these two babies of John Glass and Emma Kelly/McCormack has long mystified me. here is what I have.
Emma Glass. I havnt found a birth certificate but you have her birth as 30th May 1875 at Cooma. do you have a Birth certificate??????
Death certificate for Emma (I have a copy) 14th Sept 1875 age 5 months. at Rosebrook.

Ann Maria I have the birth certificate born 30th May 1875 at Coura Monaro. 
Death of Ann Maria. I havnt got a death certificate for her but you have her dying at Cross roads NSW, which according to you map reference is near Mudgee, (also note that Andrew McCormack died at Cross Roads 1872).
I have looked on BDM but cant find a birth certificate for Emma, or a death certificate for Ann Maria. can you confirm the birth certificate of Emma???
I have the death of Emma at Rosebrook in Sept 1875, but you have the death of Ann Maria the same time but at Cross Roads??? can supply the two certidficates if needed. Cant see where to add them here

Leah burke

Hi Leah,
The information we have is as supplied to us.  We don't have any copies of certificates unfortunately.
I think it is quite probable that Emma and Ann Maria are the same person but I don't have any evidence to prove this theory unfortunately.
I have changed the place from Crossroads for both individuals you reference.
We would definitely appreciate copies of any certificates you can provide.
Regards, Ian


On 2020-06-05 17:31, Warwick wrote:

Proposed Change: Corbett, Mary Agnes (I239214)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: OBITUARY
Mrs. Mary Lowe, who passed away at St. John of God Hospital, Goulburn, on the 1st inst., was the relict of the late Mr. Ned Lowe, who predeceased her by twelve months. Her home in Goulburn was "Ethelville", Clinton Street, where she had resided for five years. Her former home was "Pineville," Binda Road, Crookwell. 
Although the late Mrs. Lowe did not enjoy perfect health during the past two years her passing was unexpected and came as a great shock to her family. The loss of her husband twelve months previously and the death, shortly afterwards, of her brother, imposed a heavy toll on her declining health. After a fortnight's illness in hospital she passed on to her divine reward strongly fortified in the spiritual rights of her faith. The late Mrs. Lowe, who was 69 years of age, had lived practically the whole of her life in the Crookwell district. 
She was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Corbett, of Grubben Gullen. and after her marriage she lived until five years ago with her husband and family at "Pineville," Crookwell. The late Mrs. Lowe took a keen interest and assisted materially in the pioneering and improvement of their property. Being of a quiet and unassuming disposition she never took a very active part in public affairs of the district. She was essentially a home lover and lived for her husband and family, but her warm hospitality and her cheery personality had won for her a very large circle of friends in Crookwell and the surrounding centres, all of whom mourn her passing. 
It was only five years ago that the late Mr. and Mrs. Lowe decided to relinquish active interest in their affairs in the Crookwell district and live in retirement in Goulburn. A devout Catholic the late Mrs. Lowe always offered a charitable hand to the priests and nuns and all the institutions associated with the promotion of her faith. 
On the morning she entered hospital she, as usual, attended her monthly duty with her own section of the Goulburn Branch of the Sacred Heart Society. Four sons, two brothers and a sister survive to mourn her passing. The sons are William (Roslyn), Harold (Taralga), John ("Pineville," Crookwell), and Reginald (Bondi). Messrs. Gus and Eugene Corbett, of Grabben Gullen, are brothers, and Miss K. Corbett, also of Grabben Gullen, is the sister. The funeral, which was largely at tended and representative of the whole district, moved from St. Mary's Church, Crookwell, on the 2nd inst. for the Catholic section of the Crookwell cemetery, where the remains were laid to rest. Rev. Father McKenna officiated at the graveside. Her four sons acted as pall-bearers.
Crookwell Gazette (NSW : 1885 - 1954) Wed 22 Oct 1941 Page 2

Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2020-05-29 14:55, Gregory McInnes wrote:

Proposed Change: Eastaway, Francis Charles (I276686)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Birth: 1917. Vic BDM 23331/1917
Parents: Joseph EASTAWAY and Elizabeth Ethel WORLEY

Death: 1984. NSW BDM 201313/1984

Married: Mavis Lorraine SLY (I276687), 1940, Victoria, Vic BDM 1999 / 1940

The Monaro Post 6 May 2020

Mavis Lorraine (May) Eastaway
January 4, 1920 - May 5, 2020

Beloved and loving mother and mother-in-law to Louise and Viv Littlewood, Susan and Raymond Peters-Smith and Gail Eastaway.
Adored grandmother of Wesley and Angie Smith and Nicole Wortley, loved "old nanny" of Cori, Austin and Archie.
Left us gently and peacefully and now dancing with the angels.

Gregory McInnes
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2020-05-05 22:09, Kevin Wallace wrote:

Proposed Change: Family: Wisbey, William Matthew / Jennings, Mary Ann Ellen
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Date of death for Mary Ann Wisbey (nee Jennings)

Braidwood Dispatch and Mining Journal (NSW: 1888 - 1954), Friday 11 January 1918, page 9


WISBEY — In sad but loving memory of our dear mother, Mary Ann, who departed this life 12th January 1917.

We think of her at early morn,
We think of her at noon;
We did not think our dear mother 
Was going to die so soon.
Only those who have lost are able to tell
The pain in our hearts at not saying farewell ~

— Inserted by her loving daughters, Ruby Smyth and Kttis Church, Tamworth.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Braidwood Dispatch and Mining Journal (NSW: 1888 - 1954), Friday 9 January 1925, page 3

In Memoriam

WISBEY. — In sad but loving memory of my dear mother, Mary Ann Wisbey, who departed this life January 12th, 1917. 

Far and oft my thoughts do wander 
To a grave that's far away, 
Where they laid my darling mother 
Just eight years ago to-day. —

Inserted by her loving daughter Ruby Smyth, Murrurundi.

Kevin Wallace
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2020-05-22 16:48, David Garratt wrote:

Proposed Change: Freebody, Francis Joseph (I63707)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Mabel Maria Freebody (Malcolm) d 20 July 1974 in Canberra Hospital, aged 95. She is buried in the Woden Cemetery

Annie Mary (Nancy) Fleming (Freebody) d 5 March 2005 in Newcastle, NSW aged 90 and is buried at Maitland, NSW

Johanna Ellen (Joan) Garratt (Freebody) d 25 Feb 2003 in Canberra, ACT and is buried at Palmdale Lawn Cemetery, Wyoming, NSW

Doreen Maria Weeks (Freebody) b 4 Aug 1921, Cooma, NSW d 7 Apr 2001 Canberra, ACT 

David Garratt
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2020-05-29 14:19, Gregory McInnes wrote:

Proposed Change: Hedger, Morton Biilmann (I62774)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Add Child: Paula Hazel HEDGER (1928-2020)

Married: 1948, Richard Henry SEEARS (I282856)

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 16 October 1948 pg 30.
SEEARS-HEDGER - Paula Hazel,
youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
M. B. Hedger, Numbla, Dalgety to
Richard Henry, eldest son of the late
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Seears, Booroola,

Died: 4 May 2020

The Manaro Post 13 May 2020

Paula Hazel SEEARS "Hazel"
Passed away 4th May 2020, aged 92 years.
Late of Cowra and formerly of Cooma.
Loving wife of Richard (dec) and a beloved mother and mother in-law to Trish and Graham Berry, Michael and Lin Seears and a loving grandma and great grandma of their families.
Sister of Enid (dec), Beryl Seears (Cooma) and Ron (dec).

Due to the current restrictions, Hazel was privately farewelled by her immediate family at St Raphael's Catholic Church Cowra,
followed by interment within the Cooma Cemetery.

Gregory McInnes
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2020-05-29 13:57, Gregory McInnes wrote:

Proposed Change: Ingold, Elizabeth Colleen (I317864)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: The Monaro Post 13 May 2020

22 June 1935 - 6 May 2020

Our beautiful mother went to heaven after hearing our goodbyes.

Now reunited with her beloved husband Bill (5/11/21 - 10/5/91) after 29 years apart.
Loving daughter of Jean and Clinton Ingold ( both dec).
Cherished sister to Ted & Jim (dec).
Loved sister-in-law to Di, Bern, Jack & Clare (both dec), Mary & Theo (both dec).
loving mother and mother-in-law of Garry & Margaret, David & Carol, Cathy & Dave, Liam & Catherine, Lizzy & Mark, and Michael.
Much adored and loved by her 14 Grandchildren and 5 Great Grandchildren.
Treasured by her nieces & Nephews.

A private Funeral Service will be held at Michelago.
A Memorial Service to celebrate Mum's life will be held at a date to be advised.

God saw that you were weary,
The hill too steep to climb,
He gently closed your tired eyes,
And whispered "Peace be thine".

Gregory McInnes
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2020-05-29 13:41, Gregory McInnes wrote:

Proposed Change: Jones, Veronica Rose (I76334)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: The Monaro Post 21 May 2020

BATTEN, Veronica Rose
Passed away peacefully on Wednesday, May 13th 2020
at Sir William Hudson Memorial Centre, Cooma.
Aged 89 years.

Dearly loved wife of LESLIE (dec), mother of PETER (DEC) AND LEONARD.
Adored Grandmother and great Grandmother to all her Grand children

A private Burial was held for Veronica.

Gregory McInnes
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2020-06-04 13:15, Therese JOHANSON wrote:

Proposed Change: McTernan, Laura (I109573)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Laura McTiernan died 3 Aug 1982, St Kilda East; Vic BDM 18208/1982; + Ryerson Index.

Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2020-05-29 16:06, Gregory McInnes wrote:

Proposed Change: Moore, Barbara Mary (I251368)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: The Monaro Post 16 April 2020


Passed away peacefully on 6 April 2020 aged 85
at St Agnes Hostel Port Macquarie, formally of Adaminaby.
Eldest of ten children of Richard and Alice Moore, dearly loved wife of Ralph (DEC) and dearly loved mother of Robyn (DEC), Brenda, Trevor (DEC), Tracy and grandmother to Lee.

Cremation service will be held at
Innes Gardens Port Macquarie on Tuesday 14 April 2020
and a further graveside farewell in Cooma, date to be advised.

Gregory McInnes
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2020-05-29 13:03, Gregory McInnes wrote: 

Proposed Change: Wallis, Robert (I264309)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: Died: 25 May 2020 at Tura Beach, NSW

The Monaro Post 27/5/2020

Passed away peacefully on May 25th 2020 at his home in Tura Beach.
Formerly of Cooma, Stumpy is survived by his wife Lola, daughters Bronwyn and Michelle and his 
grandchildren Kala, Taylor, Mitchell, Danni, Chloe and Tommy.

"We will miss him every second of every day for the rest of our lives.
We love you Poppy Stump"

Gregory McInnes
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2020-05-24 10:07, Mark Rand wrote: 

Proposed Change: Wiegold, Anne Jane (I128215)
Tree: SE NSW Pioneers and Settlers

Description: From NSW BdM :

married #2 : 

death : JANE DIED 11/06/1919


Mark Rand
Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2020-05-22 14:59, bbevans wrote: 

Hi Ian, You have a Great site 

Here is a bit of information for your records, any questions please contact me, I have some follow up on this I will send latter.

I have a question .. is there any documentation available that shows that Robert Henry Crawford 1844 ( my G/Grandfather ) was actually born on Gibraltar, I believe he was but are the dates correct or is it speculation.

My Grand mother was Lillian Catherine Crawford 1881.

Thank You

Regards,  Brian Bevans

Thank you Brian,
We have no documentary evidence for the birth of Robert Henry Crawford unfortunately.
Regards, Ian


Diane Me 
Subject: Robinson Genealogy
Date: 15 May 2020 at 10:52:35 am AEST

John Barnes born abt 1778 & Mary Robinson born about 1785 I do believe his family was from Massachusetts.
Son Charles Barnes born Aug 24 1810 Boston Massachusetts.  He was baptism just before his marriage to Eugenie Marie Seguin on Apr 30 1839 Vaudreuil, Quebec.
Charles was baptist as an adult just before his marriage. So my assumption was that he was not Catholic.
Mary Robinson died  born in Port Royal Acadia Nova Scotia.  16 Oct 1865 her name was Mary Barnes husband John parent Gideon Robinson born 05 Sep 1755Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA & Elizabeth her last name could be Geber, the mother was also from Nova Scotia.
I’ve hit a brick wall nothing past his parents.  Anyone have any ideal.  Every site I go to won’t allow me because I am not USA.  Thank you for your help

Hi Diane,
Sorry, we have no information on these people.
Regards, Ian


On 2020-05-15 21:23, George Thomas wrote: 

Hi Ian 

Have been sorting out some overlap confusion in my Frederick & Elizabeth Thomas dependants.


1.Frederick John Thomas married Elizabeth Keown  and were active around Kiandra and Lobbs Hole then Tumut then Leeton where Fred J dies. He is unrelated to my mob of Thomas’. He was a butcher.

2. Frederick Thomas married Elizabeth Fraser and was active around Kiandra Lobs Hole then West Wyalong. He was involved in mining.

Tumut Advocate and Farmers and Settlers' Adviser Tuesday 7 April 1908, page 2

Lobbs Hole.

Mr. F. VV. Martin is here inspecting the several sites advocated for the township, and also surveying for the improvements to the road from the main Yarrangobilly road into Lobbs Hole, on which £600 is about to be expended On Messrs P. A. Chapman & Co's block a butcher's shop is in the stage of completion for Mr. Fred Thomas, one of the well known slaughter and smallgoodsmen of the State. We are waiting to see some of his tradescraft now that 'the weather is cool and smallgoods will be a relishable change from the average plain meat and salt junk.

Suggested system additions:

I196678 Herbert Thomas Born to 1. above, around 1895. His enlistment papers (copy attached) 3076 Dvr Herbert Thomas on 24MAY1916 shows age 21 indicating approximate birth date. He married Mary A Sefton NSW BDM 9279/1933. Herbert died NSW BDM 4828/1976. 

Attached chart has Irene (1910) and Madeline M (1915) as additional children.

The obituary in 1915 says the eldest son is in the Middle East. Herbert enlists 1916. It suggests Ernest George had enlisted but I find no record in the WW1 enlistments.  The only matching name is a WA enlistment.

Regards,  George T 

Thank you,
Regards, Ian


On 2020-05-18 11:56, Deborah J Freebairn wrote: 

Dear Ian


I notice Laurence Donoghoe MP172331 seems to have begun life in Australia as "John" according to the manifest of the ship "Bee".   If so he was born in Paisley, Renfrewshire Scotland rather than Ballinsorrow, Ireland. 


The various forms of his name, Donoghoe, Donoghue and Donohoe as well as Laurence and Lawrence make him interesting to track! 


Mary Anne Donoghoe, his uncle John's wife, saw fit to write to the Freemans Journal in 23 April 1898 to go someway to explaining family relationships.


With regards,  Deb
Thank you,
Regards, Ian