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Red Cross War Efforts and Memorials

This material has been meticulously researched and formatted by Sandra Young.  All memorial photos have been taken by Sandra and remain her intellectual property and are subject to Copyright.  The Monaro Pioneers Project displays this material with Sandra's kind and generous permission and anyone seeking to reproduce any of this material must obtain Sandra's written permission before doing so.

1914 was not only the year when WW1 began, but it was also the formation year for the Australian Red Cross Society, which celebrates its Centennial Year this year, in 2014.  To mention Australia's War Efforts, without also mentioning the War Efforts of Australian Red Cross, seems to paint an incomplete image of our overall Australian War Efforts.  Red Cross was an inclusive, inventive, dedicated and conscientious Society that concerned itself with the welfare of veterans and their families, and in WW1, this was well before such organisations as the RSL had formed.  These same WW1 and WW2 regional Red Cross Efforts of Red Cross branches were repeated throughout Australian towns and the numerous Red Cross members and helpers ranged from small school children, including boys, who knitted socks and other items for veterans, to the elderly.

I hope these regional glimpses into some WW1 and WW2 Australian Red Cross branch War Efforts will help illustrate the amazing War Efforts of the Australian Red Cross Society.  The Australian Red Cross Society earned a well-deserved and esteemed reputation, in WW1, and some appreciation letters written to Queanbeyan Red Cross branch have been included in the 1920 Queanbeyan Banquet document to  help illustrate the high regard that veterans especially, and the overall population held for the Australian Red Cross Society.

I am an individual NSW Red Cross member. Regards, Sandra Young



Gininderra and Hall

Michelago Red Cross WW2


    Queanbeyan WW1 and WW2 Reports

    Australian Red Cross Day and the Red Cross House Badge

    Queanbeyan Red Cross, its 1920 Homecoming and Presentation Banquet for District WW1 soldiers.

    The History of Queanbeyan Branch of the Red Cross Compiled by Gladys Hart

    Queanbeyan Red Cross 95 years of Service

Yass Red Cross WW1 and Memorials






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