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Arthur Alcock
Doolondundale 1852

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Arthur Alcock c1900


"Christmas 1904, 'Hilltop' Tantawanglo.
 Arthur and Mary and their sons: George, back left; Jack back right"

"Further details on the picture of Arthur Alcock are: 
"Christmas at Tantawanglo" (no year on the back of the picture)
Arthur Alcock (1834 - 1906) His second wife Mary Carloss (abt 1850 - 1941)
Their sons John (Jack) Alcock (1886 - 1952) George Alcock (1888 - 1946)
The picture was taken at Arthur's home - "Hilltop", Tantawanglo. Photo by Morton Studios, and marked Bega.
The photo had to be taken by at least Christmas 1905, as Arthur died in Feburary of 1906. And his boys look as though they would have been in their mid to late teens - so I'm thinking that it might have been closer to 1905 than 1900.
There is another photo that I have somewhere that was clearly taken on the same day. It is of a much larger group - most likely everyone that went to Arthur's for Christmas that year! Photos from Megan Monaro <frankmog-at-bigpond.net.au>

From left to right: Arthur Albert (Albert) (1868 - 1940),
Lavinia (1861 - 1887), Arthur (1834 - 1906),
Martha Agnes (Polly) (1864 - 1943), Elizabeth Jane (1839 - 1880),
Ann Maria (Annie) (1858 - 1930), Joseph Herbert (1862 - 1943),
child standing between Arthur and Elizabeth is Frederick Adolphus
(1873 - 1948) and the infant being nursed by Elizabeth is
Charles Arnold (1875 - 1958).

I found this family portrait under of house (of all places) of Arthur Alcock and Elizabeth Jane (nee Hammond) and their children. I have dated it at about 1875 based on the youngest child, Charles A Alcock, who was born 25/1/1875 at Tantawanglo, NSW.
Megan Monaro <frankmog@bigpond.net.au>

ARTHUR ALCOCK arrived in Sydney in 1852, aged 18 years. He came on almost at once to Doolondundale Station, and in 1857 purchased - from Mr. Patrick Clifford the Greenland Station, - near Nimitybelle, comprising about 15,000 acres. 'he later selected land near Candelo in 1862 ' and built up a property known as "Hilltop. He purchased an estate known as "Springfield," situate near Bobundarah, paying for it and stock 14,000 pounds. This property was at one time owned by his son, J. H. Alcock, but now belongs to Mr. L. Wilton. Mr. Alcock was well-known as a breeder of thoroughbred horses, cattle and sheep. He had a large number of sons who are almost entirely interested in stock.

"BACK TO COOMA" Felix Mitchell 1926 pp72

Thomas Alcock married Martha Wilkinson on the 20th March 1800 at St Bartholomew's, Parish of Tarebigge, Counties of Worcester and Warwick.
Their third son Frederick (baptised 19th July 1807), married Mary Ann Lewis (nee Green) at Redditch on the 3rd February, 1834, and they had a family of eight children:

        Walter born January 1st 1833. 
          Arthur born May 8th 1834. Married Elizabeth Jane Hammond at Cooma on the 16th December, 1857
Ann Maria born February 27th 1837. Married James Green
        Harriet born February 25th 1839. Married Christopher Farrell at Nimmitabel on 8th May 1854.
        Lavinia born March 23rd 1841
        Jonas born December 21st 1843. Married Harriet Tivey in 1867, the had a family of eight.
        Mary Ann born January 10th 1846
        Walter born November 6th, 1849. Married Sarah Poole at Brown Mountain Station on 26th January, 1868.

In April 1852 Frederick and his family sailed for Australia aboard the "Epaminondas", they arrived at Port Adelaide on the 2nd August that year. They went from there via the Araluen Goldfields to "Dolondondo", the Monaro property of Mary Anne's brother John Green.

Mary Anne drowned in the Numerella River at Rose Valley near Cooma on the 17th June, 1864. She was buried at Nimmitabel on the 5th September 1864.

Frederick Alcock died from a carcinoma of the stomach on the 8th August 1869, aged 62 years, at the Brown Mountain, where he had purchased 320 acres in 1862. He was buried at Bemboka on 11th August 1869

Arthur Alcock 
Arthur born at Redditch on May 8th 1834, he married Elizabeth Jane Hammond at Cooma on the 16th December, 1857. In 1857 purchased - from Mr. Patrick Clifford the Greenland Station, - near Nimitybelle, comprising about 15,000 acres. He later selected land near Candelo and the family moved there in 1862 he built up a property known as "Hilltop. He also purchased an estate known as "Springfield," situate near Bobundarah, paying for it and stock 14,000 pounds. This property was at one time owned by his son, J. H. Alcock, and then belonged to Mr. L. Wilton. 
Elizabeth Jane Alcock died from pneumonia at Tantawanglo on 5th November 1880 and is buried at Kameruka.
In 1882 Arthur was made a JP and at that time he was involved in setting up the school. He was also the president of the Candelo Turf Club. Mr. Alcock was well-known as a breeder of thoroughbred horses, cattle and sheep.
Arthur Alcock died at "Hill Top", Tantawanglo on the 19th February 1906 aged 71 years and 9 months.



Mary Ann Green was born in Worcester on Sunday 7th April 1805, she was the daughter of William and Nancy Green (nee Hayley).
On January 13th 1823, Mary Ann Green gave birth to a daughter, Sarah, whose birth is recorded on the same page as her mother's in what appears to have been some sort of family book, perhaps a Bible. Interestingly she is recorded as Sarah Green but later in the story her surname is given as Lewis.

It appears that at some stage, Mary Ann Green married a Mr Lewis whose occupation was given as "Road Superintendent" in a much later official document. It would seem that Mary Ann had a family of four children including Sarah, two girls and two boys to this marriage. This is based on deductions made from her death certificate which lists her as having given birth to four children which have never been listed as being part of her Alcock offspring.
What happened to Mr Lewis and the two brothers and one sister of Sarah is unknown. There is a family story of a child of Mary Ann's being killed in a fall from a willow tree but, whether it was a Lewis child or one of her future Alcock children is not known.
It is generally believed that Mary Ann came to Australia looking for her brother, John Green who had been transported when Mary Ann was only about 13 years old. It is reasonable to assume this to be true as she joined him at his Maneroo property quite soon after arriving in the Colony. 

This material is reproduced from the book 'Tardebigge to Tantawanglo, An Alcock Family Journey' with the kind permission of the author, Judy Winters


Mrs A M Green
Ann Marie Alcock married James Green

An old and highly respected resident of Bemboka passed away on Friday evening last at her residence 'Greenbrook' at the ripe age of 81 years.  The late Mrs Green had been ailing for some time.  Deceased who was one of the fine old pioneering families, was born at Birmingham, England.  She came to Australia with her parents in 1852, in a sailing ship, the voyage occupinying three months.  They came to Dolondondo, Monaro to work for Mrs Green's uncle.  Deceased was married to the late Mr James Green, at Greenlands, Monaro and 55 years ago they came to Bemboka via Tantawanglo (the only road from the Monaro in those days).  The household furniture, goods and chattels and poutry were all brought in a bullock wagon and three children were brought on horseback.  There were few buggies in that time and of course motorcars were unknown.  The late Mrs Green led a long useful life at Bemboka, greatly respected by all who knew her and loved by the members of her large family.  Her husband pre-deceased her twelve years, and two sons and a daughter died some years ago.  Four sons John James, Joseph, Samuel, Arthur Maurice, and five daughters Mesdames H Carpenter, J H Pearson, H Elphick, H Jones and M E Wall are left to mourn the loss of a good mother, and a large number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren, are also left to mourn their loss.  The late Mrs Green was the sister of Jonas Alcock, who is the only surviving member of a family of thirteen.
The funeral was held on Sunday and was the largest ever seen in Bemboka, friends and relatives from Monaro and the surrounding districts being present to pay their last respects.  Rev Hartley Peak of Candelo, conducted the services.
 From the Standard, Bega
(Mr Joseph Green is a son of the deceased lady, and we extend our sympathy to him, and other members of the family - ED NN)

Submitted by Michelle Edwards  <shellmarked-at-bigpond.com>






Another of earth’s friends has gone,

Another spirit fled,

Another that was dearly loved

Is numbered with the dead.


She’s goneto that bright land to be

With Jesus evermore,

Far, far, away beyond the waves

And on that happy shore.


She’s entered into celestial light,

Hath found eternal peace,

Then why, ye mourners, sadly weep

For her whose sorrows cease.


So gently did she pass away,

Her spirit upward fled,

She sweetly bid farwell to all

And these the word she said.


“Dear Lord, remember me,” was all,

With those she closed her eyes,

Closed here to open far away

In the brightness of the skies.


Then cheer ye mourners, weep no more,

For her who’s happy now

For her who wears the snowy robes

And one crown upon her brow.


A wife was she, a faithful wife,

A mother fond and true,

And large the circle is of friends

That she has left behind.


Farewell, farewell, dear faithful friend,

A long farewell to you,

Until we meet in Heaven’s home

I bid to thee adieu.


-         C McCarthy

-         Tantawanglo, Nov 10, 1880









Oh Mother, dearest Mother,

They tell us you are dead;

They say you never more will speak,

You have gone to Heaven they said.


They tell us not to weep for you,

But our grief we cannot hide;

Our aching hearts will long be sore,

Since our darling mother died.


Dearest Mother you have left us,

Gone to your heavenly home,

But you never will forgotten be,

While memory holds it throne.


Yes, you have gone to Heaven,

You met loved ones there they say,

When you left us dearest Mother

At the dawning of the day.


You left behind a husband kind,

A husband fond and true,

And ten fond and loving children,

That will remember you.



- M.A. Lucas

Candelo, 6th Novemeber 1880



Submitted by Michelle Edwards


Descendants of Frederick Alcock

Michelle Edwards  <shellmarked-at-bigpond.com>  27th June 2004
David Smith 06.03.06
Megan <frankmog-at-bigpond.net.au>  22.11.06

 Recompiled from the Monaro Pioneers database by Ian Harvey: 22.11.07
with additional information supplied by:
Trevor Jones [tmjones-at-optusnet.com.au] 10.01.08
Megan [frankmog-at-bigpond.net.au] 1.06.08
Richard Allen [draggate-at-hotmail.com] 30.12.11

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