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Berridale is the only village between Cooma and Jindabyne, and Cooma and Dalgety. It is between the holdings of Gegedzerick and Coolamatong, taken up by Messrs. Brooks and Ryrie in the pioneering days. It is 21 miles from Cooma, 14 from Jindabyne, and 12 from Dalgety.

It is an admirable agricultural and pastoral district, and a number of years ago Mr. W. H. D. Avery, by arrangement with the Department of Agriculture, carried on there an Experimental Plot of about 20 acres. Turnips for sheep, rape, artificial grasses and lucerne were sown, but dry seasons and late sowing contributed to unsatisfactory results.

The original settler at this village was Mr. William Oliver, whose descendants still live in and around Berridale, and gave the place its name in memory of Beresdale, his old home in Scotland.

In 1892 Berridale had a Pastoral and Agricultural Society, and for a few years held shows.

Transcribed by Pattrick Mould in 2003, from the book "Back to Coma' Celebrations" page 39

The following photos were supplied by Sandra Young [sy690600-at-westnet.com.au] 29.01.12

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