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Dodd's Family Hotel, 
Mrs. Mowbray (nee Dodd)

Dodd's Family Hotel, Cooma. This leading tourist house is on the road to Mt. Kosciusko, and is connected by regular motor service. Hot water is laid on in all bedrooms Dodd's Hotel is the keystone to all other districts, and a trip to The Caves at Yarrangobilly would not be complete without paying a visit to this hotel. Mrs. Ryan purchased the business about six years ago and erected a new wing, also made extensive improvements, and renovations for the comfort and accommodation of guests. First-class meals are served in the spacious dining-room, where attention and civility are most prominent. Mrs. Mowbray (nee Dodd) was the original owner, hence the name Dodd's Family Hotel. Motorists, tourists and travellers are specially catered for at this modern hotel, which possesses twelve lock-up garages, electric light, sewerage, etc.


From "BACK TO COOMA" Celebrations, Felix Mitchell 1926, Page 125 - Transcribed by Pattrick Mould June 2003

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