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Enterprise Store, 
Henry Gunning 1894

Enterprise Store, Vale Street, Cooma, was established by the late Henry Gunning in 1894, and is now carried on by his son, Arthur, who prefers to trade in the name of his late pioneer father. Arthur is proud to tell you that deliveries were made from the store, in the early days, by bicycle, then per pony and sulky, later by horse and cart, and to-day he can boast as being the only storekeeper in Cooma delivering by motor. Another great feature about the Enterprise Store is that Mr. Arthur Gunning is a great booster of "Australian-Made" goods and is always pleased when customers give them preference when purchasing their goods. Large stocks of -Australian Made" dried fruits, such as apricots, peaches, prunes and nectarines are always on hand.

From "BACK TO COOMA" Celebrations, Felix Mitchell 1926, Page 125 - Transcribed by Pattrick Mould June 2003


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