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The Royal Hotel,
Mrs. Hollingworth 1866

The Royal Hotel, Royal Town, Cooma, was established over sixty years ago, and is an ideal home for tourists, travellers and visitors, and is only two minutes' walk from the sports ground. Hot and cold water service, electric light, four garages, large roomy stables and loose boxes, two dining-rooms, spacious verandahs and a large ballroom, where 160 parliamentarians were seated and accommodated when they visited the town in connection with the "Hydro Electric Scheme." Patrons at The Royal Hotel will feel at home and enjoy themselves during their stay with Mrs. Hollingworth, who is the proprietress.

Royal Town is ideally situated being only a few minutes walk from Cooma proper, and writer contends, without fear of contradiction, that there is a wonderful opportunity awaiting an energetic and congenial person to open up an up-to-date general store.

From "BACK TO COOMA" Celebrations, Felix Mitchell 1926, Page 125 - Transcribed by Pattrick Mould June 2003


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