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Census of New South Wales November 1828 

Edited by Malcolm R. Dainty & Keith A. Johnson. Sydney 
Library of Australian History, 1980. ISBN 0908120311

Extract: Residence given as Monaroo, Goulburn Plains in Nov.1828.
Contributed by Syl.Aldred <saja-at-emailme-com-au>

REF         NAME                      OCCUPATION                EMPLOYER

A0145     Ahearn, James       shepherd                  Henry York

A0323     Almond, John             herdsman             Mr Wentworth

B3694     Byrne, John               milkman                J.J. Moore

C0836     Chambers, William     herdsman               J.J. Moore

H3032     Hutchinson, William superintendent           W.C.Wentworth

J0531     Johnston, Henry       milkman                   J.J.Moore

M1832     Marshall, George     herdsman                 Alex McLeay

M3404     Mullins, Brian         shepherd                   Hy York

R1430    Rourke, Thomas      herdsman                  J.J.Moore

S1310    Smith, McDonald     bullockdriver              J.J.Moore

T0029    Tailor, James          hutkeeper                 Cooper & Co

T0344     Thanes, Thomas      hutkeeper                A.McLeay

W0687    Waterhouse, James     labourer              J.J.Moore

W0695    Waterson, William     hutkeeper               J.J.Moore

W1158    Whelan, Patrick     dairyman                  J.J. Moore


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