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Churches on the Monaro


Old Presbyterian Manse - Cooma Creek Presbyterian Church - Round Plain

On 17th April, 1865, the Presbyterians of Manaro held a meeting at the residence of Mr. William Oliver, at Berridale, when it was determined to obtain the services of a settled pastor. A call was given to the Revd. William Baker, of Yass, who, having accepted, was duly inducted. A residence was provided for Mr. Baker at Round Plain, where, on 29th December, 1868, it was decided to build a church at a cost not exceeding 300 pounds. Pursuant to this determination, a contract was let to Mr. William Beattie, and the foundation stone of the building was laid by Mrs. Baker on 30th March 1869. The church was opened for worship on 10th April 1870. On 30th July a residence in Cooma, known as "Rose Cottage" was purchased from a Mr. Burns for the purpose of a Manse, and was occupied by Rev. J. H. Archibald, the first Presbyterian Minister to reside in Cooma.

The Presbyterian Ministers who have officiated at Cooma are:

1865-1872 - Rev. W. Baker.

1877-1882 - Rev. J. H. Archibald.

1882-1885 - Rev. Evan Bissett.

1886-1890 - Rev. George Hay.

1890-1 893 - Rev. James Marshall.

1897 -Rev. W. A. S. Anderson, B.A., called.

1900-1904 - Rev. J. H. Craig, M.A.

1904-1908 - Rev. P. Hope, B.A.

1908-1912 - Rev. George Logan.

1912-1916 - Rev. C. F. W. McAlpine.

192 1-1924 - Rev. Charles Anderson.

1925 -Rev. J. McGee.

Presbyterian Church - Cooma

On 27th June, 1878, a site was selected at the corner of Soho and Commissioner Streets, and adjoining
the Anglican Church, whereon to build a church. It was at first resolved that the building which it was proposed to erect should be capable of seating 150, and should not cost more than 1,000 pounds 0n 25th November, 1879, funds in the meantime having been collected, a contract was entered into with Mr. Treeby, of Cooma, who, however subsequently assigned the same to Mr. G. L. Fisher, of Cooma. The architect was Mr. Elphinstone, of Sydney. The foundationstone was laid on 4th March, 1880, by Joseph Paxton, Esq., J.P., of Sydney, and the church was completed and opened for service on 26th March. 1882, the officiating Minister being the Rev. A. Gardiner, M.A., of Sydney.

The cost of the building was l,545 pounds but including all extras, bell and organ, and excluding the clock, which was donated by Mr. William Jardine, the cost to the community was 2,300 pounds. In 1887 an area of 15 acres on Cooma Creek was purchased as a site for a Manse, but this, with the exception of six acres, was afterwards sold.

In 1891 the present Manse, built of brick, and adjoining the Church, was erected.
The first elders of the Round Plain Church were William Jardine, William Oliver, and Archibald McPhie. Mr, Jardine continued his association with the church for many years, and later Mr. J. C. Ryrie, of Maffra, was one of the principal elders.

From 1872 to the end of 1874 the Rev. Mr. Paterson, though never inducted, dispensed the ordinances of religion in the Cooma District. During 1875-6-7, the congregation had only partial supply from the Rev. G. L. Hain, Queanbeyan, and a Mr. Robertson, from Melbourne.

Following the year 1893 there was a vacancy for four years.

Transcribed from "BACK TO COOMA" Felix Mitchell 1926 pp48-49 by Pattrick Mould 2003

This photo supplied by Michael Povey



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