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Patriotic Funds

By mid 1914, many communities were setting up Patriotic Funds, with people donating everything from money to sheep and wool bales.

The 'Delegate Argus' 27 Aug 1914 edition & Sept 10th edition provides the names, the amounts (which I won't bother about here) and goods provided. Some of the names have the properties on which they lived beside their names (probably because there was more than one family of the name in the district.  The list is not definitive, but certainly gives one an idea of the families in the district at this time.  The district of Delegate, by the way, included Delegate River, Bendoc, Dellicknora, Brown's Camp and Bonang.
Attached are a list of those donating to the fund.  The list may help people to place particular families, or indeed identify a family.

Kind regards

Judy McCutcheon

NOT IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER -use 'Ctrl-F' to find the name you are looking for

A A Effland

A Epplestun

A G Tooth

A H Wright

A Macarthur & Co

A P Newton

Adam Oliver

B Bryant

C Commons

C H Underwood

C J Lamb

C M Burton

C Skipper

Charles Hayden

D Wilson

Dr Ponsford

E Wright

Edward Booth

F Bowey

F Mullane

G D Walnott, senr.

H J Gallop

H J Walker

Heyde's Motors

Hugh Deeney

Ingram Brothers

J McDonald and Sons

J R Walker

J W Stokes

J W Stokes
(half proceeds dance)

James O'Hare

James Walker

Jno Commons

John Morrison

L H Britten

Liddle Brothers

M Bartley & Sons

M Goodman & Sons

McKay Brothers

Mrs C Skipper

Mrs D A Campbell

Mrs E Hayden

Mrs Goggin

P Joseph

R Faff

R T Mackay

R Walker

Richmond Bros.

S Mead

T Carnell and P Bates

T Martin & Sons

T Ryan

Thos. Oliver (Raceview)

Thos. Rodwell

V Hobbs

W Hore

W Whitby

A A Cummins

A B Rodwell

A Baldwin

A Cairns

A G Davidson

A J Ashby

A J Oliver

A Jamieson

A Jamieson

A M Leslie

A Mead

A Morrison

A Preston

A S Cunnington

Adam Oliver (Quinburra)

Alf Ingram

Alf Rodwell

Allen White

Angus Cameron

Arthur Ingram

B H Allen

Bert Rodwell

C C Price

C E Richardson

C Hayden

C Ivill

C Ryan

Cameron Bros

Charles Richardson (Bonang)

Chas Richardson (Bendoc)

Coulson Mudie

D McNee

E Bryant

E E Watling

E F Jones

E Hobbs

E M Norris

E W Connelly

Ed Baragy

F B Walcott

F Kellond

F L Walcott

F P Crawford

Fin. Oliver

G & A Hutchison

G I Johnson

G P Reed

George Red

George White

H Clarke

H Legge

H N Mudie

H R Reed, Junr;

H Shinfield

H T Mead

Harold Watling

Hy Preston,

Hy. Burke

J C Cotterill

J Deeney

J J Nichol

Jas Callaghan

Jas. Eppelstun

Jno Campbell

Jno Dunn

Jno Guthrie

Jno Jones (McLeod's Crossing)

Jno. Walcott

Jos Bartley

Keith McKay

L & R W Legge

L C Grant

Lou Brown

Miss B Walcott

Miss D Walcott

Miss E Marriott

Miss Furniss

Miss Madeline Campbell

Mrs Cameron & Family (Bendoc)

Mrs Forrest and Sons

Mrs Thos. Stokes

N J Cameron

P Ivill

R A Ingram

R A Monaghan

R Cameron

R Roberts

R Walcott

Robt Sivewright, junr.

Robt Sweet

S Mead, Junr;

Star Delegate Lodge

Stokes Bros.

T Begley

T C Walker

T Ford

T J Hutchison

T Johnson

T Marriott

T Stokes

T Stokes, Junr

T W Rodwell

Thos Wolfe

Thos. Oliver, Junr.

Vincent Clear

W Baragry

W E Roberts & Sons

W Girvan, senr;

W Groves

W J Reed

W Lucas

W Oliver

W Stokes

W Watling

T E Rodden,

Jno Nichol

Mrs M Campbell (Quinburra)

H Forrest

S Lawson

C Lawson

Jno Eppelstun

Mrs J E Stormont

Mrs Peterson

F Crawford, senr;

Mrs E Pleydell

A McDonald

Mrs Wilbers

T Smith

E Walsh

C Ryan

F Whitehead

Paul Wolfe

F Wolfe

Charlie Ah Chin

P Foley, Jnr;

M J Murray

A Stuart

Mrs Walsh, Snr;

Mrs G Walsh

W Flett

Mrs Roberts

Miss M McDonald

J G White

H Robinson

G J Barthelemy

Max Rozynski

J Keith

Geor Sivewright

Gus Wetzel

F Matthews

J Begley

Mrs J Clancy

Mrs T Rodwell

F A Rodwell

T Caldwell

Wm Mustard

Wm Stagg

Thos. Hayse

W H Cameron

H E Sellars

J Windle

P Downey

Glen Brown

M Smith

Mrs W Roberts

W Lawson

E Lawson

S Crawford

W Clear, Jnr;

W Eppelstun

D Smith

F Stokes

W A Lock

J J Jamieson

Erest E Jamieson

F Lock

Dan. Stokes

M Collins

N Begley, snr;

C Folks

Chas Wolfe

G Beasley

Mary A Jamieson

Mrs T Hepburn

G Matthews

H Hobbs

L Peterson

E Wilbers

P D Foley

Wm Collins

Wm Reed

J Elton

Mrs Scott

Mrs W Reed

W E Gunnang

J Coote

Miss Sivewright

M A Groves

Charles Oliver

S Thompson

M Smith

A Simpson

A G Marriott

Albert Farr

J Hutchison

Wm Velt

A Kimber

R Richardson

Mr Wm Stagg

Jos. Marriott

W Brown

M Mealing

W Mealing

G Holmes

J Jackson

Mrs Lawon

Mrs Dalton

F Bates

J Bates

A J Preo

Olive Clark

C H Beasley

Wm Stone

Jno Ryan

B Skipper

D Crawford

J Crawford, Senr;

M Rankin

A Ingram, Junr;

A J Groves

A Seears

Ada Beasley

Albert Campbell

C J Manning

Chas H Morrison

D H Summerlad

E Gunnang

Eph. Johnson

H E Raine

H Thompson

Jas. Manning

M Heyley

R Clark


R Goggin

Roy Stagg

S Richmond

Thos. Jones

W Campbell

W Campbell


World War 1, Exemption Court

When conscription became an issue in the 1st World War and young men were being called up, some, because of personal and family circumstances, applied for an exemption of service through the Exemption Courts.  The proceedings and findings of the courts was published.

I have transcribed some of those proceedings and findings from the 'Delegate Argus', 16 Nov 1916 edition, although not all, as part of the page did not print out.  I find the article most useful, as not only does it name the applicants, but quite often the applicant's father, the size of properties and the family circumstances, including family relationships.
I have included a copy of the report below.
Judy McCutcheon <jmc93375-at-bigpond.net.au>

Exemption Court – Bendoc – sitting 10 November 1916 

Mr Grey, P.M. presided over a sitting of the Exemption Court at Bendoc on Friday.  Altogether 22 applications were dealt with, and of these four were granted conditional exemptions, 14 temporary exemptions, three adjourned, and one refused.  Lieutenant Mays represented the military authorities. 

The following cases were dealt with:- 

Donald Cameron, engaged in farming, an only son with a mother seriously ill – Temporary exemption granted to 31 Dec 1916. 

Harry Allen applied on the ground that he was medically unfit – adjourned to 17 Jan 1917 to enable applicant to report to the Medical Referee Board. 

Joseph Francis Begley – Temporary exemption to 31 Dec 1916. 

Norman McDonald and William J Allen, half-brothers, engaged in farming, etc. – The P.M. said one of them would have to go, and he left it to them to decide which one.  Allen stated he would go into camp, but wished to attend to his crops before doing so.  Temporary exemption was granted.  In the case of McDonald a conditional exemption was granted. 

Henry Roy Manning, three other brothers; one enlisted, and the others aged 14 and 9 respectively.  His father was an invalid and unable to do any work, and applicant was the only other man on the farm.  His father was over 70.  There were also two girls aged 16 and 12 respectively.  His sisters did the housework.  His other brother enlisted in Queensland about a month ago.  In reply to the P.M., Constable Shannon said Manning’s father was quite unable to do anything, and applicant was the only man about the place.  The P.M. said Manning’s position was a peculiar one, and he would adjourn the case till January 17th

Alfred Sellars, three brother beside himself and all married; none enlisted.  He was on his own place, but had no one depending on him.   He had cattle and sheep at Combienbar to attend to.  Temporary exemption granted for one month. 

Arthur St John, three brothers, two of whom had enlisted.  Lieutenant Mays did not oppose the application, and conditional exemption was granted. 

Ernest Henry Stevens, only son, and produced statutory declaration in support.  Exemption granted. 

William James Stevens, two other brothers, one 18 and one 16.  Former had enlisted.  Father owned a property of 200 acres; nearly all cultivation at Wangrabelle and applicant practically managed it.  There was about 45 acres they were now commencing to scuffle, and it would take till the end of January to do it – Temporary exemption to December 31st

William Russell Taylor, five other brothers, two of whom are on service, two married, and one 16 years of age.  In reply to the P.M., applicant said he was a labourer and generally worked away from home.  (Next section missing)

James Charles Marriott said he was a farmer.  There were three other sons, one on service, one married and one over 35.  Applicant was the only one at home on his father’s place, which was about 200 acres.  His father was over 70.  They had crop and would be getting it off shortly - Temporary exemption granted for one month. 

Matthew Gough Murray, State School Teacher at Delegate River wished to sit for examination in December.  Four other brothers, two of whom were married, one aged 42, and another 18.  None had enlisted  -  Granted temporary exemption to December 31st

Herbert Farmer – temporary exemption to December 10th

Joseph Farmer  -  temporary exemption to December 10th

John Edward Miles – adjourned to January 17th

Henry Herbert Hayse – temporary exemption to December 31st

Delegate – A sitting of the Military Exemption Court was held at Delegate yesterday before Mr S B Gunn, P.M.  Lieutenant Punter represented the military authorities.  In all, 34 applications were dealt with, the decisions being as follows:- 

Absolute exemption – Alfred John Eppelstun, Theodore O’Hare, Frederick Lyons Walcott, and Arthur Duncan; 

Conditional exemptions – George Thomas Willgoose and Walter Wright. 

Temporary exemptions, ranging from six to 18 weeks, were granted the following:- George Alexander Bartley, Ernest James Collins, John Edward Collins, Edward Raymond Caldwell, William Edward, Andrew Hayden, Wallace Hayden, James Claude Jackson, Frederick William Mead, George Henry Ivill, George Henry Roberts, Richard Rupert Robinson, Arthur Ryan, Edward Daniel Ryan, Charles Ryan, Bertie Rodwell, John William Stokes, Alexander Sieveright, William Frederick Stokes, Thomas Creaton Walker, George Edward Walsh, Walter Henry Willgoose and Allan William Crawford. 

The applications of the following were dismissed:- John Adam Bates, George H Bruce, Arthur Graham Collins, Adam Mason Leslie, Donald Creaton McLeod, and Edward Oslington.  A report of the proceedings will be published next week.  (My comment – this is missing).

Judy McCutcheon <jmc93375-at-bigpond.net.au>
Delegate War Memorial - photos from Wayne O'Mara

The following photos of Delegate were provided by Iain MacInnis <iainmacinnis-at-optusnet.com.au>

Thought to be of Delegate at time of Northcote’s visit.  Names on buildings may assist:
left building = A Stewart; right building = M Foley.

Delegate:  Police cottage:  Snr Constable MacInnis on right; probably Florence, his wife, on left; 
Delegate, circa 1916-18 (based on size of Marcus). 
L-R Donald (at rear), Ian, Alan, Marcus & Florence Macinnis;
then Mrs Connolly (wife of Postmaster) and daughter Edna.

Dated 21 Dec 1918.  From L-R: Constable Beck (probably); Mr Connolly, Postmaster; unknown.

Small boys against fence are Alan & Ian Macinnis; horsed, L-R, Jack Macleod, Tracker;  Snr Constable Macinnis; Constable Beck (probably).

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