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Joseph Hain
Rock Flat 1852

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JOSEPH HAIN was born in Somersetshire, England, in 1841, and landing in Sydney with his father, James Hain, in 1849, was taken by him to Goulburn. Thence he accompanied his father to Rock Flat, and assisted him in his work as a shepherd. He later spent a number of years in following up farming and grazing pursuits, but subsequently turned his attention to building and erected many premises in and around Cooma. He was an Alderman in 1886. His eldest son, Mr. John Hain, after some years as an auctioneer in Cooma, established the well-known stock and station agency of Hain and Searight, of Sydney. Another son, Mr. H. R. Hain, has for a number of years carried on a large auctioneer's and stock and station agent's business in Cooma, lately having amalgamated with the business of R. A. McKillop & Co. Mr. Hain died many years ago, and his widow, Mrs. Ann Hain, who still survives, lives in premises erected in the early fifties by Mr. James Hain as an hotel.

"BACK TO COOMA" Felix Mitchell 1926 Page 79 - Transcribed by Pattrick Mould 2003



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