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Patrick Thomas (Thomas) Hayes
Nimmitabel 1858
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William Hayes
About 1930

Sarah Anne Morris
About 1900



Len, Linda, Jerry, Von, Frank, Nana, Imelda, Elva, Kevin, Yolande and Pat

The "Nana" in the photo is Sarah Ann Margaret Smith , nee Hayes who was born at Cooma in 1890.  Her marriage into the Smith family was in Erskinville when she married Isaac Leonard Smith and they both were born in Cooma. An interesting thing came up when speaking to an older member of the family is the fact that this was the first time that all the siblings had been together since the death of Isaac in 1933 and I think you will agree that from 1933 to 1962 is a fair time.
Ted Washbrook <ted-at-nscom.net.au>

From: Ted Washbrook
Sent: Monday, April 05, 2004 2:33 PM

Subject: William Hayes
Hello Pattrick,
I hope I haven't bothered you before but seeing the name William Hayes on your site intrigued me.
My name is Ted Washbrook and I live in Perth Western Australia and if you deem it necessary you can get my email address off this email.
I have been doing the family research for some time now and there is one point at which I keep running into a brick wall, I have a copy of the birth certificate for my maternal grandmother Sarah Ann Margaret Hayes who was born at Commissioner Street Cooma on 17th April 1890 and her father is given as William Hayes and her mother as Sarah Ann Morris. The certificate records the marriage at Bombala on 16th January 1888 and I have written to several places to try and find evidence of this occurrence to no avail.
I have the birth or death certificates for all their children and there were 5 children and all of their certificates bar one give the same place and date and the one that is different has only one years difference to he others and I think that can be ignored.
The thing that intrigues me is the fact that I can find no evidence of the marriage although this was not unheard of it is unusual in this case because they were both of the roman catholic persuasion and were buried in the catholic section of the Waverly cemetery.
The birth certificate I have indicates that William was born at Lake George in 1858 and Sarah was born at Sutton Forest in 1868 and for many years they lived in the Monaro area and all the children were born at either Cooma or Nimmitabel and for as long as I have researched the whole family followed the roman catholic faith yet I can find no record of the marriage, the BDM sections of the registrar generals department have no record either.
Do you have any records that I could research, I have been through HAGSOC and they could find no record . Any help you can give will be appreciated.
Ted Washbrook <ted-at-nscom-net-au>


Sent: Monday, April 19, 2004 6:22 PM
Subject: The Monaro
Hi Pattrick,
I hope you don't mind but I thought I would send you a copy of the birth certificate for the son of William and Sarah Hayes, his name was Monaghan Raymond Hayes.  He was in the light horse and was killed at Gallipoli, it seems that if you could stay on a horse that is the unit you ended up in, I wonder how many men from that area ended up in the unit.
It is also interesting that Sarah's place of birth moves around a bit from Sutton Forest to Marulan which aren't far apart, perhaps she was born in the back of a dray between the two places.
Very Best Wishes,
Ted Washbrook <ted-at-nscom-net-au>

Isaac Leonard Smith, with Tom the horse, about 1925

Hello Pattrick, 
This may be a bit later than the other pictures you have, but it was taken around Cooma somewhere and from the research I have done Isaac married William Hayes and Sarah Anne's daughter Sarah Ann Margaret who was born at Cooma in 1890.
 They must have been tough old buggers as he gave up Droving and moved to the Newcastle area and he became a coal miner. I have the original notice from the Newcastle paper and it seems that he died only age 43 from Thyphoid Fever and the more I researched that it is now called Hepatitis and is direct result of eating or dinking something that was bad, I think I have a copy somewhere on file that I will try to find and send,.
Best Wishes,
Ted Washbrook <ted-at-nscom-net-au>

Hello Pattrick, 
This is a copy that I have made to send you, as I say, tough men, we don't know what work is.
Ted Washbrook <ted-at-nscom-net-au>

From Ted Washbrook
Sent: Monday, August 02, 2004 2:35 PM

Subject: Hayes Family--
Hello Pattrick,
 I did a lot more research on Monaghan Raymond Hayes and as you probably know there is a memorial in Vale St. Cooma called Monaghan Hayes Place, I have been to Cooma several times and I don't think it was there in the 70s.
 I was checking the War Memorial site and they had quite a bit if information on him, you already have his birth certificate on the site  but he went to Holy Cross Convent school in Cooma his " Calling" was put down by William Hayes as "Painter".
 The reason the memorial place is named after him was that he was the first person from the area to be killed in WW1 .  He enlisted on the 23/8/14  and he was in the 1st Light Horse Regiment, he was killed in action on the 31/7/15 so he never made his 21st and was only in the service for about 11 months.
  I will attach a photo I received from the War Memorial and you can see that he was little more than a boy although he would have been about 19 yars old when the photo was taken as he was killed age 20. If one looks carefully at the photo he is wearing a watch and it can only be speculated if it was a going away gift.
 Take Care and thanks for a great site.

Ted Washbrook <ted-at-nscom-net-au>

Sarah Anne Margaret Smith (nee Hayes)

My maternal grandmother, she was William and Sarah's daughter and she married Isaac Leonard Smith. I believe this photo was taken in 1933 while she was visiting her sick mother in Sydney and Isaac died. It must have been a hard year for her as she lost her husband, mother and her father in the same year.

Ted Washbrook <ted-at-nscom-net-au>




Hello Pattrick,
Ted Washbrook from Perth again.
I searched high and low for the marriage of William Hayes and Sarah Anne Morris but I could find no registration but I did get hold of a wedding photo taken at Erskinville Sydney of their daughter Sarah Anne Margaret and Isaac Leonard Smith , my maternal grandparents. The photo was taken on 19th April 1911, they were both born in Cooma he in 1888 and she in 1890.
They had 10 children but moved to the Newcastle area some time after the marriage and from research it must have been around 1913. He passed away from Typhoid fever in 1933 and was buried at Cessnock,  she lived until 1967 and passed away in Sydney and is buried at Northern Suburbs Lawn Cemetery.
I hope this helps and congratulations with your site I look forward to reading the news.
Best Wishes,

This is the only writing I have with William Hayes writing on it, the top of the page is not real good and it is only a copy off the war memorial site and the re-writing at the top was done previously but I don't know by whom.
 At the bottom it clearly shows William's signature, he died as I said in 1933 but after his wife Sarah , her death certificate says "Fatty Degeneration of the heart", and today that I believe that is called cholestrol and he fell down a flight of stairs at Bondi . They were both buried in the same grave at the Roman Catholic Section of the Botany Cemetery.
Ted Washbrook <ted-at-nscom-net-au>


Image supplied by Ted Washbrook [ted1-at-iinet.net.au] 11.07.11

The following photos were supplied by Michael Povey <mpovey-at-tpg.com.au> 18.09.11

Descendants of Patrick Thomas (Thomas) Hayes

David Smith 01.03.06 
Ted Washbrook <ted-at-nscom.net.au>  20.08.06 

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