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Mining Industries on the Monaro


In March, 1900, The Kiandra Gold Dredging Co. commenced operations on old and abandoned areas in Pollock's Gully. In that year the yield was 687 oz. I 6cwt., valued at 2613 pounds 13s. In 1901 1805 oz., valued approximately at 16950 pounds were recovered. At the close of the first year's operations in 1901 the company paid dividends amounting to 13,000 pounds. During the latter portion of 1901 the dredge was removed through the gorge to Jackass Flat, and in 1902 the yield of gold amounted to 1408 oz., valued at 5876 pounds. The dredge was operating on poorer ground during 1903, and only 652 ozs. worth, approximately 2510 pounds were obtained. Towards the close of the year the ground became unpayabIe, and work was suspended, and the plant, which was under the direction of Mr. E. Seaborn Marks, was removed to Tumbarumba.

Transcribed by Pattrick Mould in 2003, from the book "Back to Cooma' Celebrations" page 56


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