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Mining Industries on the Monaro


Is a mine situated 17 miles W.S.W. of Cooma, and originally attracted the attention of a party of Cornish miners, who in 1872 were working at the Cootralantra Mine, four miles distant. After sinking about 40 feet, the prospectors abandoned the mine, which was reopened in 1907 by Lowe and party. Assays from a picked sample gave copper 13.95 per cent., gold 7 dwt. 15 grs., and silver 11 dwts. 23 grs. per ton. It was afterwards leased to Dr. Leighton Jones, representing a Moss Vale Syndicate. Bulk samples of ore from the Mine were hand-dressed up to:
(1) 7.7 per cent of Copper and 3 dwt. 7 grs. of gold per ton, and
(2) 6.15 per cent of copper and 3 dwt.of gold per ton.
Gegederick and Kyloe are by competent authorities said to be in the one belt.

Transcribed by Pattrick Mould in 2003, from the book "Back to Cooma' Celebrations" page 51


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