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THE ROCK FLAT SPRING. This is a natural spring which comes to the surface on the bank of Rock Flat Creek in the Parish of Dangelong, County of Beresford, about ten miles to the southeast of the town of Cooma. The water issues from near the base of a small rocky mount composed of highly inclined beds of quartzite of supposed Devonian age, and the surface of the flat in the vicinity of the spring is tufaceous limestone which has been deposited there by the water. The water is discharged at the rate of about fifty-four gallons per hour; it has a pleasant taste, and is strongly charged with carbonic acid gas. This spring has been known for many years, being close to the main road from Cooma to Nimitybelle, and it was a favourite camping place for teamsters on account of the agreeable taste of the water; some years ago arrangements were made to bottle the water, and place it upon the market under the name of KOOMAH SPA.

The following analysis of the Rock Flat mineral water was made by Mr. J. C. H. Mingaye, Analyst to the Department of Mines:
                          Grains per gallon         In 1,000 parts.
Bicarbonate of:
          Sodium ....       45.29                      0.647
          Potassium . .    17.15                        .245
          Lithium ....       nil                             nil
          Calcium ....      52.08                        .774
          Magnesium       22.40                        .320
          Strontium        strong trace                strong trace
          Iron                nil                             nil
Chloride of Sodium ..    5.04                         .072
Nitate of Soda            trace                        trace
Alumina                     trace                        trace
Silica .......                 .56                          .088
Total fixed matter   142.52                         2.066

"Remarks :- Water highly charged with carbonic acid gas. An excellent sample of table water.
It is said of the' water of this spring that used with flour by the early settlers, it took the place of yeast.

Transcribed by Pattrick Mould in 2003, from the book "Back to Cooma' Celebrations" page 57


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