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Parliamentary Representatives

On 4th April, 1854, it became necessary to elect a representative to the Legislative Council. A meeting was held at the Court House, and it was minuted that it was proposed by Robert Cassells, Esq., J.P., and seconded by John Boucher, Esq., J.P., "That Charles Kemp is a fit and proper person to represent the Pastoral District of Maneroo in the Legislative Council." An opposition resolution nominating Daniel Egan, Esq. was proposed by William Hibburd, Esq., and seconded by Patrick Clifford, Esq. Mr. Kemp requested a show of hands. The greater part of the electors present being in favour of Mr. Egan, it is naively stated that Mr. Kemp withdrew from the field, when the Returning Officer, William Adams Brodribb, Esq., proclaimed Daniel Egan duly elected.

On the 24th April, 1856, a further election was held, Daniel Egan being elected without a poll.

On 26th January, 1858, the nomination of a member for the District of Maneroo in the ensuing Parliament took place.

Daniel Egan was proposed by William Hibburd and seconded by Alexander Montague.

George Hebden was proposed by Robert Cassells, J.P. and seconded by Henry Hogarth.

A poll was demanded by six electors on Mr. Hebden.'s behalf, and was fixed for 5th February, on which date the voting was - Egan 34, Hebden 21. Total votes at Cooma, 55.

On 23rd June, 1859, nominations were received for candidates for election to the ensuing Parliament, the candidates being Daniel Egan and Alexander Hamilton.

A poll was taken on the 30th June, the voting being:

Cooma . . . 
Bombala . .



Resulting in a majority for Hamilton of 193.

On the 4th July the poll was declared by William Grahame, -the Returning Officer.

The following is a complete list of the Parliamentary Representatives of Monaro (now Goulburn), in which is included Cooma, from 1858 to date:

Daniel Egan - 5th February, 1858, to 11th April, 1859.
Alexander Hamilton - 30th June, 1859, to 10th November, 1860.
Thomas Garrett - 11th December, 1860, to 10th November, 1864.
James Martin - 24th December, 1864, to 7th March, 1865.
William Grahame - 30th March, 1865, to 15th November, 1869.
Daniel Egan - 14th January, 1870, to 16th October, 1870.
James Hart - 17th November, 1870, to 3rd February, 1872.
William Grahame - 15th March, 1872, to 28th November, 1874.
Alexander Montague - 5th January, 1875, to 12th October, 1877.
John Murphy - 2nd November, 1877 to 9th November, 1880.
Robert Lucas Tooth-2nd December, 1880. to 8th July, 1884.
Henry Septimus Badgery - 2nd December, 1880. to 7th October, 1885.
David Ryrie - 18th July, 1884, to 7th October, 1885.
Henry Wilberforce, Hindmarsh Stephen - 30th October, 1885, to 26th January, 1887.
Henry Dawson - 30th October, 1885, to 25th June, 1894.
Thomas Chrysostom O'Mara - 25th February, 1877 to 19th January, 1889.
Henry Wilberforce, Hindmarsh Stephen - 26th January, 1887, to 7th February, 1889.
Gustave Thomas Carlisle Miller - 17th December 1889, to 20th October, 1918.
The Hon. Augustus George Frederick James - 20th March, 1920, to 21st September, 1920.
William Millard - 19th December, 1920, to 8th October, 1921.
John Bailey - 23rd November, 1918, to 18th April, 1925.
Lieut.-Col. Thomas Lloyd Forster Rutledge - 20th March, 1920, to 18th April, 1925.
John Arthur Perkins - 22nd March, 1921.
Patrick Vincent Stokes - 30th May, 1925.
John Moran Tully - 30th May, 1925.

In Federal Politics, Sir Austin Chapman, who at various times held a portfolio in different Ministries as Minister of Customs, Postmaster-General, and Minister of Defence, and who was ever an ardent champion of Manaro, represented the Electorate of Eden-Monaro, in which Cooma is included, from the inception of Federation till his death in January, 1926.

Transcribed by Pattrick Mould, May 2003, from the book "Back to Cooma" Celebrations, Felix Mitchell, 1926, p99


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