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Cooma Pastures Protection Board

The Pastures' Protection Board for the District of Cooma has jurisdiction over a large area.

The first sheep brands and ear marks were registered in 1878, and four years later Mr. C. K. Hudson was appointed Stock Inspector, which position he occupied until the assumption of office in 1905, by Mr. H. M. Bloomfield, the present inspector. Following upon the increase in the number of rabbits and the consequent necessity for rabbit proof netting fences, the Board has, since July, 1907, advanced to settlers 11,968 rolls, equal to 665 miles of wire netting. In times of drought when western sheep are taken to the Manaro snow leases and mountain country, the Inspector has a busy time, as many as 2,000,000 sheep from other parts coming into his area.

The following figures are of interest, as showing the stock from time to time in the district.

1891    1895    1904    1911    1924   
Sheep  997,211 744,341 718,221 917,642  779 507
Cattle  37,211 48,161 41,204  37,366 30,573
Horses 8,907 9,234  6,278 6,936 6,612

For the year ending 1924 the Revenue and Expenditure have been:

General Fund
Reserves Improvement

733 8 7
1153 14 5

 1031 8 4
 1871 10 9

whilst for wire netting, 1592 7s4d. was received, on account of principal advances 631 4s ld for interest charges, and 58 deposit on new applications.

There are 62 Pastures' Protection Boards in the State, and of these the rates assessed by Cooma Id. per head for large stock, and 1/5d. for sheep, are the lowest.

A notable feature of the administration of this Board is that neither the Chairman nor any one of the Directors draws the allowances to which be is entitled.

Since 1908 the Chairmen who have held office are:-
William Cosgrove, 1908-1910; 
John Crisp,19 11-19 18; 
John A. Sellar, 19 1 9 - April 1923; 
E.Crisp, Nov. 1923, and still in office.

C. J. Walmsley was appointed secretary in 1911 and still holds the position.

"BACK TO COOMA" Felix Mitchell 1926 Page 104 - Transcribed by Pattrick Mould 2003



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