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Hancock's List

This List is reproduced from:
 DISCOVERING MONARO. A study of manís impact on his environment by W K Hancock.


The list is arranged in five columns, as follows: 
Column 1. The lease number, as given in 1848 and 18 5 0, in the gazetted list of lessees and runs in the Maneroo District. 
Column 2. Name of the run. (Here and in the text of the following chapters contemporary spellings are used.) Column 3. Lessee or lessees. 
Column 4. Residence: 
                R = Resident in Monaro (total, 27) 
                NR= Non-resident in Monaro (total, 71) 
           U = Residence unknown (total, 32) 
Column 5. Livestock: 
                C = Cattle (total cattle runs, 5 7) 
                S = Sheep (total sheep runs, 2 8) 
                CS = Cattle and Sheep (total mixed runs, 44) H = Horses (horse run, 1) 

These labels are rather conjectural. The applicant for a lease was required to estimate the grazing capabilities of his run, and it has been assumed that he did so with reference to the animals actually grazing on his run when he applied for the lease. If this is so, we can deduce from the Gazettes a picture of the grazing use of land in Monaro in the late 1840s.


No.        Name of run                  Lessee                          Residence     Livestock

48         Adamindumee             Cosgrove and York             NR             C

34         Anembo                     Joseph Bull                       NR             CS

30         Arable                       Abram Brierly                    NR             CS

66         Archer's Flat               William Hibburd                  R               C

133        Aston                       Thacker and Co.                NR              S

109        Bald Hill Station          Pickering and Snape           NR              C

16         Bibbenluke                 Ben. Boyd                         NR              C

68         Big Badger                 Edward Haslingden              R                C

82         Biggam                     Wm. F. Kennedy                  U               CS

132        Biggam                    Wm. Thompson                    U               CS

47         Billy Linpepa              Cosgrove and York               NR              S

123        Bobundra                 James R. Styles                   NR              C

138        Bobundra                 Charles Wright                     NR              CS

19         Boco Rock                Ben. Boyd                          NR               C

91         Bolero                      Francis Mowatt                   NR               S

5          Bollera                     Wm. Barrett                         NR               C

80         Boloco Creek            James Keirle                         U                 C

95         Boloka Creek            John McGuigan                      U                 C

41         Bambalo                  Ronald Campbell                    NR               CS

63         Bredbow                 Patrick Harnett (estate of)      NR               CS

24         Bridbow                  Stephen Burcher                    R                 C

54         Bulgar Creek           Thomas Eules                         U                 C

128       Bullumbullong           Joseph G. Thomson                 U                 C

4          Bukalong                 John Boucher                         R                 S

108       Bungarby                Joseph Peters                       NR                 CS

89         Burnima                 Thomas M. Moore                   NR                 CS

12         Burrangandra          James Binnie                         NR                  CS

126       Caddygat               James Stanley                       U                   C

20         Cambalong             Ben.Boyd                              NR                 C

46         Carrott                  David Cassels                        NR                 S

8          Coolamatong          Thomas V. Bloomfield               R                   S

147       Coolringdon            Wallace and Ryrie                   R                   CS

 26          Cooma                Wm. Bradley                          NR                 CS

77           Cooma                James Kirwan                         R                  CS

164          Cooma               John Lambie                           NR                H

131          Cooma Creek       Wm. Bradley                          NR                CS

125          Corrowang          Stanton and O'Hare                 U                 C

118          Cootalandra        Stewart Ryrie, Jun.                  R                 CS

134          Cootalmyong       Thacker and Co.                     NR                S

106         Cottage Creek      John Pendergrass                    NR                CS

57           Countigang          Jeremiah Flynn                       U                  CS

78           Countigeny          James Kirwan                        R                   S

81           Coura                 Thomas Kelly                         R                  CS

83           Craigie                Charles Lawson                      R                  C

155         Creewah              Conlon and Ryan                    NR                CS

111         Curry Flat            Thomas Roberts'                    NR                CS

25           Dangelong           Wm. Bradley                         NR                 S

122         Delegate              George Simpson                    R                  S

37          Deligate               Robert Campbell (estate of)     NR                CS

3           Dog Kennel            Beard and Rolfe                     NR                C

53         Doodle                  John Eccleston                     NR                 C

103        Dundundra            John Nicholson, Jnr.               NR                 CS

159        Dry Plains             Wm. Grahame                       R                   CS

158         Fryingpan Creek    John Fraser                          U                   C

16o        Fryingpan Creek     Wm. Grahame                       R                   CS

59         Geekle J                John Gore                            NR                 C

6           Gejizrick               Richard Brooks                      R                   CS

52          Gellimatong          Robert Dawson Jun.               NR                 C

21          Gennong              Ben.Boyd                             NR                 S

156        Gerangle              John Cutmore                       U                   CS

127        Gingary               James Sherlock                      U                   C

152       Gingerra               Wm. Cooper                          U                   C

71         Glenbog               John Hosking                         NR                 C

117       Glenroy                Donald Ross                          R                   S

50         Good Good           Simpson Davison                    U                   S

137       Greenland            Gilbert Warren                        U                   C

162       Gunning Grach      Hughes and McIntyre               U                   CS

139       Head of Curry Flat John Williams                         NR                  C

112        Hugandree          Thos. L. and C. G. Robinson      U                   C

172        Inchbyra            Ellen Woodhouse                    NR                  C

2           Iron Mungie        Beard and Rolfe                      NR                  C

45         Island Lake         David Cassels                        NR                   S

149       Island Lake         Wallace and Ryrie                   R                     S

38         Jimen Buen         Amos Crisp                           NR                    C

7          Jindabine            Richard Brooks                       R                     C

119       Jindabine            Stewart Ryrie, Jun.                R                      CS

86         Junction            John Langhorn                       U                      C

98         Junction Station James Marsden                      NR                     S

76         Juttabah           Thomas Jones (estate of)        R                       S

168       Kalkite               Wm. Neale                           U                       C

115       Kybean              Charles Throsby                    NR                     C

33         Kydra                George Brown                       NR                    C

102       Little Plain          John Nicholson, Jun.              NR                    CS

14        Mafra                 Ben. Boyd                           NR                     S

114      Maharatta           Charles Throsby                   NR                     CS

22      Matong                Ben. Boyd                           NR                      S

9        McLean's Flat       Henry Badgery                     NR                      CS

113     Micalago              Francis N. Rossi                   NR                      S

169     Middlingbank         John Neale                         NR                       C

94       Mila                    Donald McPhee                   U                         C

35       Mohawk              Wm. Bowman                      NR                       CS

107     Moonbar              John Pendergrass                 NR                       C

36       Mt Cooper           Robert Campbell (estate of)   NR                       S

58       Mt Pleasant         George Garnock                   U                         CS

116      Mt Pleasant         Charles Rootsey                  R                          C

70       Mowenbah           Wm. Holland                       R                          CS

15       Moyallon Downs    Ben. Boyd                          NR                         C

31       Murraumbla          Abram Brierly                      NR                         C

277     Myalla                 Wm. Bradley                       NR                         S

120     Native Dog Flat     D. Rankin                           R                           S

124      Nimithybale         John Stanton                      U                           S

99       Nimitybelle           Donald McDonald                 U                          C

104     Nimitybell             Hugh O'Hara                       U                          C

121     Nimity Bell            Wm. Scott                        NR                         C

171     Nimity Bell            Bruce Reid                        NR                         CS

167     Nimmo                 Austin Maley                     U                           C

39       Nudrum Nadran     Patrick Clifford                   R                          CS

88      Numarella             Joshua J. Moore                 NR                         S 

161     Numbla                James 0. Gorman               U                           C

87      Pawpang              Daniel Lunn                      U                           C

go      Peak Station         Patrick Malady                  R                           C

44       Queeingallery       John Cosgrove                  NR                         S

49       Rock Forest          Peter Curtis                    R                            C

64       Rosebrook            Lawrence Harnett            NR                         CS

I I       Spring Flat           David Bell                       NR                          C

135     Square Range       Morgan Thornton             U                            C

96       Stockyard Flat      Patrick McGuigan            NR                           C

I         Tindreys              Henry C. Antill                NR                           CS

136     Tom Bong            Wm. Whittakers              R                             CS

51      Ucumbean             Daniel Driscoll                NR                           C

85      Umeralla               Daniel Lucy                    U                            CS

28      Upper Rock Flat     Wm. Bradley                   NR                          S
        (includes 28 Lower Rock Flat)

60       Wallandibby          Alexander Gow               U                            CS 

55       Wambrook            Frederick Burchard         U                            CS

140     Warren's Comer     John Waite, Jun.            NR                           S

62      Windy Corner         Wm. Goodwin                NR                           C

18      Wog Wog              Ben. Boyd                    NR                           C

93      Woolindibby           James McEvoy              U                            C

32      Woolway               Abram Brierly                NR                          CS

154     Yarra                   Conlan and Ryan            NR                          CS


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