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Tracing Land on the Monaro


Return of RUNS OF CROWN LAND held under Licence and promise of lease

Arrears of Interest on Conditional Purchases 1862 - 1875

Return of NEW RUNS UNDER PROMISE OF LEASE, obtained and rented under accepted tender-Maneroo
MADDRELL, Robert - Fairfeild
ROSTRON, Joseph - Jacob's River
Return of ADJUSTED, VACATED AND FORFEITED RUNS of Crown lands, rented under tender and under promise of lease - Maneroo
BRODIE, John - Wangurah Creek
BROOKS, Richard - Cobbon
HYLAND, M - Grose's Plain
MOULD G Y & KENNEDY W - Buckenderry
RUSSELL William - Cubmurrah
SOLOMOMS S - Buckenderry
WILLIAMS John - Willis
Return of lands BROUGHT WITHIN THE SETTLED DISTRICTS and at present under Order in Council of 19 June 1850- Maneroo
BRODIE, John - Wangurah Creek
BROOKS, Richard - Cobbon
HYLAND, M - Grose's Plain
MOULD G Y & KENNEDY W - Buckenderry
RUSSELL William - Cubmurrah
SOLOMOMS S - Buckenderry
WILLIAMS John - Willis

From , Amanda Day E-mail Address(es): <ajday-at-tpg.com.au>

In relation to people tracing land on the Monaro I have been using in my research on William Bradley, a number of documents that might be of interest to others from your list.  I have a spreadsheet tracing all of William Bradley's land holdings from the first mention of the land in use which is a story in itself!

1.  The Squatting Directory for NSW 1865 ~ Monaro and Murrumbidgee Districts - this is on Microfilm at the NLA Call NUmber:  MfM N454 (Newspapers), p.84-92 (Monaro) & p.96-110 (Murrumbidgee)  I have a copy of this.
2.  The Australian Squatting Directory 1871 - again at the NLA MfM 454 (Newspapers).  All the NSW Runs are listed in an alphabetical listing of surnames which is not divided into Squatting Districts.
3.  The Pastoral Possessions of NSW 1889, NLA Microfiche Drawer # 6, call # McN 871 - This is a listing of the pastoral possessions, you need to know the name of the property you are looking for.
4.  The Australian Pastoral Directory 1893-1962 (Incomplete series) at the Noel Butlin Archives at ANU in the Menzies Library.  These are extracts for stations in Cooma, Bombala, and other Monaro towns.  The information lists the name of the owner of the property, the name of the station, the nearest postal town, sheep and cattle numbers.
5.  There is also of course the 1848 NSW Government Gazette with the Monaro and Murrumbidgee Squatting Districts Crown Land Leases available at most major public libraries.  The edition was printed on 30.9.1848.
6.  In 1948, Noel Butlin wrote a most interesting introduction to a large rare book, NSW Leasehold Stations, 1865-1900, by C P Alpen at the ANU (Menzies Library).  In this book, which was work carried out for an honours degree, information from various sources was collated and written up.  Butlin, along with other historians acknowledges the lack of comprehensive resources available for full land studies of properties in NSW.  Whilst the NSW Land Titles Office and now State Records NSW hold the Conditional Purchases (which made up a lot of 19th Century land holdings on the Monaro), these are quite difficult to access and find the required runs.  It can, however, be done.  The book aforementioned contains the details of the following Monaro properties:  Bolero, Anembo, Bald Hills or The Gullies, Gingary (Jingerra), Bendethera (Bendeddra - prior to 1884).  Sixty stations were selected at random for this study from across NSW.
7.  I have also used Lhotsky's memoirs as well as John Jauncey's memoirs and Lambie's census.  I have just started looking at the Ryrie records at the NSW State Archives as well in relation to Commissioner of Lands.
8..  Below is a list that I have been using with the sources for tracing Monaro land.
Establishment Date
Lhotsky (1834)
1839 Census Lessee (Lambie)
1848 Lessee (Government Gazette)
1855 Lessee
1865 Squatting Directory Lessee
1866 Lessee (Ballierie’s Gazetteer) 
1871 Squatting Directory Lessee
1889 Lessee (Pastoral Possessions of NSW)
Depasturing Licence 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842, 1843, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1852, 1853, 1854, 1855
Back to Cooma
Cooma Country
History of the Bombala End of the Monaro
Newspaper Article (From Perkins Papers or other source)
Other Source
Year Sold
Conditional Purchase Records
I then cross reference with the Australian Pastoral Directory to ensure that I trace the land all the way through. Whilst I am primarily interested in the William Bradley era of land, I have gone further with some of Bradley's major stations, such as Coolringdon, Myalla and Dangelong. Tracing land use on the Monaro since the early 19th century is not a one-step process.  Hopefully people interested in land use since that time might find some of these sources useful in their research.
Amanda Day


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