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John Yelds
Bombala c1858
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Susannah Payten Yelds nee Martin
She was born 23 Feb 1878 and died 28 oct 1951.
Photo supplied by Doreen Pennell <pennell-at-xtra.co.nz>

James Andrew Yelds with wife Mary Ann nee Black and Children James Andrew and Rebecca
1. Susannah Payten Yelds nee Martin, 2. Nathaniel Payten, 3.Aunty Maggie

Oliver, James and Leslie Yelds

Photos supplied by Barbara Head [b.g.head-at-bigpond.com] 9.09.10

The following photos were supplied by Berice Lawson [brron26-at-bigpond.com] 1.04.12

Joseph John Yelds (1877-1955)

Eliza Mary Yelds nee Watson


Geoffrey Basil Yelds

Yelds and Pheeney familes.  Taken c1918 in NSW.  (L-R) Royce Yelds, Geoffrey Basil Yelds, Nina Josephine Yelds, George Ernest Pheeney, Pheeney, Eliza Mary Yelds nee Watson, Valerie Beth Yelds, Sarah Ann Pheeney ne Watson, Pheeney.

Descendants of John Yelds

 Robyn Sutton <robyngaesutton-at-yahoo-com-au> 
Rhonda England <dressmaker4229-at-hotmail.com> 06.04.06
Doreen Pennell <pennell-at-xtra.co.nz> 19.06.06
Michelle Mousdale <mousdale-at-internode.on.net>  22.08.06
Irene Rowan <rowans2-at-tadaust.org.au>  21.10.06
David Smith <dvsmithau-at-yahoo.com.au>  22.11.06

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bericea26-at-yahoo.com.au>  19.08.08
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