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Mount Cooper Cemetery

Burial list Compiled by Wendy Crouch



The Following information and images were supplied by Phyllis Dowling [pdowling7@hotmail.com] 18.10.10


It is located at Ando between Nimmitabel and Bombala. It is on private property and permission from the owner needs to be obtained before entering. It is off the road and you need to walk through the property to get to it. Below is a list of all the known burials. It is an extract from the Cooma-Monaro Express  8th August 1962.




Alexander, Nicholas 1877
Aston, Sarah 1869 (Father - Thomas Aston - Shepherd)
Barber, Edwin 1869
Barber, John 1873
Baker, John 1891
Barton, William 1880
Bell, Idalia M V 1885
Bird, George 1875
Bourke, Elizabeth 1872
Buchanan, Fulton 1869
Buchanan, James 1882
Caedwell, David 1878
Caldwell, David 1905
Caldwell, Janet 1883
Caldwell, Joanna 1861
Caldwell, Martha 1870 Drowned in the McLaughlin River)
Campbell, Francis R 1886
Campbell, Grace 1867 (Father - George Campbell - Overseer)
Chambers, Isabella 1862
Cummins, H 1862 Found drowned in Jincumbilly Creek
Depter, Charles 1883
Harvey, Alice 1877
Harvey, Elizabeth 1875
Harvey, William John 1885
Hutchin, Abigail 1858
Jones, John 1859
McKay, Alex 1877
McKay, John 1879
McKay, Louis M 1896
Miles, E 1860
Miles, Sarah A 1880
Mudie, Alexander 1889
Mudie, Elizabeth A 1884
Mudie, Helen 1867
Mudie, John 1874
Ocksenbein, Fred 1867
Oslington, Mary 1888
Preston, Mary J 1895
Ramsden, James 1879
Rankin, Angus 1883
Rankin, Anne 1874
Rankin, Donald 1864
Rankin, John 1857
Rankin, Mary A 1885
Rankin, Mary A 1898
Rankin, Samuel 1856
Rankin, Sarah 1877
Rankin, Stewart H 1897
Rayner, J H 1863
Rayner, Margaret 1863
Rumpf, Elizabeth 1871
Rumpf, George 1876
Rumpf, Michael 1913
Rumpf, Williammina 1871
Rutherford, J 1864
Sweetman, Richard 1884
Summerell, John 1898
Summerell, William 1896
Tindall, A J T 1874
Tindall, Mary 1889
Tindall, Sarah J 1875






















Mount Cooper Cemetery Ando 1999.
Headstones recovered and set in stone wall
Mount Cooper Cemetery.  The cemetery runs from the tiny little lone tree in the centre in the distance to the fenceline on the right.


The lone tree on the left is the one just visible in the distance photo. It is just an open paddick now with the headstones removed and attatched to a wall 


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