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Henry Agnew
Numeralla 1833

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Mr Edward Agnew - Cordial Factory

Mr Hugh Agnew - Crimean War Veteran

HENRY AGNEW came to Sydney from Castle Dawson, County Derry, Ireland, in 1833. Twelve months later he sent for his wife and family, and upon their arrival met them at Sydney and walked with them to Manaro, where he entered the employ of Mr. William Bradley as shepherd. When the Bendigo goldfields broke out, Henry Agnew was attracted by them, but after a few years returned to Cooma. He purchased a property originally called Warren's Corner, but now known as "The Corner," at Numeralla. Here a grandson, Adam John Agnew, still resides. 

Henry Agnew had four sons - Hugh, who fought in the Crimean War; Edward, who for many years carried on a cordial factory at Cooma, and died in 'Sydney at the age of 89; Adam and James. Many of his descendants still reside at Numeralla and the grandson Adam John, before referred to, has been a member of the Manaro Shire Council for twelve years, and has filled the Presidential chair.
"BACK TO COOMA" Felix Mitchell 1926 pp72

Descendants of Henry Agnew
Submitted by David Smith

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